British Dalmatian Club 2007 Judged by Mr F deRidder & Mrs P Pilgrim
It was a real pleasure to judge the Championship Show of the British Dalmatian Club at the Three Counties Showground at Malvern on Sunday August 5th 2007.
We saw some lovely Dalmatians and not one of them in the dog classes was shy or was not behaving himself. The way the Dalmatians were shown was excellent and quite different from what we have seen in some other countries. There was one thing I find that should have some attention in the future: the length of the tails. There are quite some Dalmatians with rather short tails. This is certainly not a typically English issue but a more general international problem. I also found some lack of shoulder angulation

Class 1 – Minor Puppy Dog (1)

1. Jabbawock the Sorcerer at Ribblehill
– 7 months. Nicely proportioned puppy with a nice pigment - attractive head – dark eye – good ear carriage – would prefer a better rear angulation – movement slightly narrow behind – hope he gets a more outgoing temperament.

Class 2 – Puppy Dog (6)

1 Winflash Harvey Wallbanger
Nicely proportioned dog but rather tall – excellent catfeet – offers a good topline – nice head – would prefer a richer spotting and pigment- offers a good movement.
2. Dalminshi Star Cluster – Nicely proportioned dog – good head and pigment – nicely angulated – topline needs more strength – feet could be stronger – happy temperament

Class 3 – Junior Dog (11)

1. Tumbril Texas Gold by Lilal
– Deep liver color – rich spotting and pigment – excellent catfeet – well muscled – good eye and expression – well laid shoulder – overall nice balance – easy mover and happy temperament.
2. Dalesbred Dreadlocks – offers a nice balance and pigment but needs to develop more maturity – eye could be slightly more dark – moves well.

Class 4 – Yearling Dog (8)

1. Man About Town at Hunderswood JW
– Nice head with dark eye – suffers from dally rash – offers a good substance and is well proportioned and angulated – moves very well.
2. Dalpetro Dettori JW – offers a nice balance and is well angulated – good pigment – moves well – nice type but needs more maturity.

Class 5 – Novice Dog (9)

1. Tumbrill Texas Gold by Lilal (see Class 3)
2. Winflash Harvey Wallbanger (see class 2)

Class 6 – Undergraduate Dog (5)

1. Tollwood Highland Chieftain at Philcarth
– Nice head and expression – lovely dark eye – good spotting and pigment – correct topline – well angulated – feet could be stronger – rather loose in movement.
2. Phadante Supatroupa – nicely proportioned – well formed head – would prefer a darker eye – could have more shoulder angulation – rather narrow rear movement – some more spots would work in his advantage.

Class 7 – Graduate Dog (5)

1. Tollwood Highland Chieftain at Philcarth
(see class 6)
2. Caldeacre Cordeiro Tajada – nice proportioned but richly sized – offers a nice liver color – feet could be more closed – rather narrow in rear movement – good temperament.

Class 8 – post Graduate Dog (8)

1. Sophtspot Sugar daddy at Dvojica JW – CC –
stylish dog with nice coat and well marked spots – nice head which is proudly carried – excellent topline and well balanced – deep black pigment – well angulated – good catfeet – a little bit narrow in the rear movement – moves around proudly and with great style.
2. Sundown’s Chocolate Chip – nicely proportioned and deep brown pigment – rich spotting – feet could be stronger – rather narrow in the rear movement – rather too proud tail carriage.

Class 9 – Mid Limit Dog (2)

1. Hispot Hispirits JW
– nicely spotted dog with good substance – dark eye and nice expression – good lay of shoulder – feet could be more closed – needs more strength in the rear movement – rather loose in front.

Class 10 – Limit Dog (9)

1. Dalmark the Shades Moon at Nospar
– stylish liver dog with excellent topline – proud attitude – nicely proportioned – rich liver color and excellent coat – good head and expression – good pigment – nice catfeet – good shoulder angulation – moves easily around.
2. Oneowun Mr Bojangles at Dalyance – nice proportioned with good pigment – nice head and expression – good catfeet – rather narrow in the rear movement

Class 11 – Open Dog (8)

1. Ch Bell A Mir’s Elegant Envoy resCC
– strong dog with excellent balance and well proportioned – well angulated in front and rear – good feet – good head and pigment moves fluent - a little loose in front.
2. Ch Washakie Chief as Great As JW – a well balanced og with excellent deep black spotting – rich pigment – good head – would prefer a better lay of shoulder – well angulated rear – nice catfeet – alert attitude – moves well – a little narrow in the rear.

Class 12 – Special Memorial Open (6)

1. Ch Tollwood Lionel at Kilndandy
– excellent liver dog with good substance and proportions – nice head – excellent spotting and coat condition – correct topline – sufficiently angulated – moves easily around but slightly narrow in the rear.
2. Elaridge Quincie JW – elegant liver dog – correct head and soft expression – correct topline an tailset – would prefer more angulated hindquarters – slightly narrow in his rear movement.

Class 13 – Special Junior Veteran Dog (9)

1. Ch Marricdale Resurrection
– attractive male with excellent topline and tailset – good head and expression – elegant neckline – well proportioned – excellent spotting and coat condition – nice catfet – happy temperament.
2. Sugardale Sundown – nicely proportioned – correctly angulated shoulder – nice head – good pigment - nice spotting – good catfeet – moves well but a little narrow in the rear.

Class 14 – Special Senior Veteran Dog (1)

1. Saron Edward Fawr at Dakilya
– Liver dog – nicely proportioned and excellent pigment – feet could be stronger – nice head and expression – good condition – rather weak movement.

Frans De Ridder (B) Judge - Dogs



It was a privilege and pleasure to judge the bitches at the British Dalmatian Club Championship Show. I would like to thank my stewards Bill and Jane Gardner and show manager Linda Moore for all their help and support. Also the BDC committee for their hospitality and their memorable gift, not forgetting my co-judge Franz-De-Ridder in that after our deliberations we amicably agreed on all the main awards.

Minor Puppy Bitch (4)

1. Pickups Roadcoach Ribbons and Roses
Well grown puppy of just six months. Large clear black spotting on firm white coat. Dark eye, pretty head framed by nicely broken ears. Strong bone to well padded feet. Nicely angled shoulder and hindquarters. Moved with good strong action from behind.
2. Kaals Caldecacre Celsie. Also just six months old. Quite heavily marked with the “old fashioned” type of smaller liver spotting. Most attractive feminine head. Elegant neck flowing into level topline. Moved very well from shapely rounded hindquarters.
3. Gartons Jabbawock Pepper Up Potion.

Puppy Bitch (16 – 1 absent)

1. Harrison-Stratfords Dalkereve Dark N Divine.
Black spotting, clear and well distributed. Attractive head with ears well carried and attentive to handler. Round bone to cat feet. Good fore chest and well rounded ribcage. Good angles of shoulder and hindquarters. Moved with strong drive from behind. Best Puppy Bitch
2. Kembreys Dalmark The Supersleuth.
Liver spots could have been painted on, so even and clear and of correct size. Feminine head framed by beautifully marked ears. Nice reach of neck into good shoulder and topline. Movement a little apprehensive today. (I understand after a traumatic visit to the vet) but regained her composure in “novice” to move happily and well. A beautiful typical young bitch. In fact two very promising puppies.
3. Pickups Roadcoach Ribbons and Roses.

Junior Bitch (12 – 1 absent)

1. Scott-Allen & Davis Tolutim Zaffre.
Even black spotting on sparkling white coat. Clean cut classic head framed by lovely spotty ears. Well placed lay of shoulder and well rounded ribcage. Substantial bone to tight cat feet. Strong well muscled hindquarters used to advantage in her balanced driving movement – absolutely in harmony with her handler.
2. Thorns Caprillis Elfin Isadora. Well grown junior in a larger cast than 1. Quite profuse, but evenly distributed liver spotting. Lovely neck carriage to firm topline. Good in fore chest with deep ribcage. Well muscled in hindquarters. Her beautiful flowing correct movement gained her this second place in a very good class.
3. Blacks Boval Buduicca

Yearling (12- 3 absent)

1. Lambs Dalpetro Desdemona JW.
Evenly decorated clear black spotting. Nicely marked head. Dark eye and ears well carried. Deep well ribbed chest, strong fore chest and well angulated and muscled hindquarters. Moved very soundly “fore and aft” and in profile, with balanced driving action keeping her excellent topline and tail carriage.
2. Scott-Allen & Davis Tolutim Zaffree
3. Thorns Elfin Isadora

Novice (5 – 2 absent)

1. Harrison-Stratfords Dalkereve Dark & Divine
2. Kembreys Dalmark The Supersleuth
3. Pages Winflash Spring Angel

Undergraduate (9 – 1 absent)

1 Lock-McFadzeans Tyrodal Ultra Violet by Sassafras.
A lovely feminine Dalmatian beautifully decorated of a rich liver colour. Very pretty head and ear carriage – so attentive to her handler. Clean elegant reach of neck to correct lay of shoulder and firm topline and well rounded hindquarters. Sound controlled movement, super in profile. A most appealing bitch in type and balance.
2 Martins Chandhally Snow Drop. On a larger mould than 1. Not so evenly black spotted but excellent in coat condition. Nice head to strong elegant neck into nicely angled shoulders with plenty of fore chest. Well ribbed up body and angulated hindquarters. Moved very soundly but I wish she would put a bit more concentration into her showmanship.
3 Pages Winflash Spring Angel.

Graduate (5)

1. Scott-Allen & Davis Tolutim Zaffre
2. Gibbs Phadante Rockahula Baby.
Black spotted larger type than 1. Pleasing head and ear carriage. Nice reachy neck. Good in fore chest and depth of rib. Strong bone to cat feet. Clean rounded muscle on hindquarters. Correct driving action helped to gain her place in this class.
3. Mc Manus Boschendal Bit Of A Snob

Post Graduate (18 – 2 absent)

1. Storey-Taylors Kesteven Rainbow Chaser .
Immaculately decorated and presented with clear black even spotting. Built on classic lines showing clean strong neck to excellent lay of shoulder and level topline. Strongly muscled hindquarters to well let down hocks. Good bone throughout. Movement correct to and fro, keeping excellent level topline and tail carriage in profile.
2. Willis Cibrith Black Magic. Black spotted, pleasing head with good reach of neck to clean lay of shoulder. Nice spring of rib and deep fore chest. Well rounded quarters, strong over the loin. Moved with correct driving action, but not quite as forward in showmanship as 1 today. Some dogs seemed to be feeling the heat here.
3. Sibsons Olbero Oscala

Mid Limit (11 – 3 absent)

1. Kembreys Dalmark Panda The Peach.
Pretty head and darkest of eyes. Neat black spotting. Stands four square showing elegant head and neck carriage to excellent topline and well angulated hindquarters. A perfect picture in profile, moving in classic correct style completely at one with her handler.
2. Scott- Allen & Davis Tolutim Chartreuse JW. Beautifully black spotted, pretty head and carriage of ears. Elegant clean reach of neck to firm level topline and deep ribcage. Moved out with purpose and precision. A little taller on the leg than 1. Two really lovely bitches.
3. Palmers Cibrith Sweet Chestnut By Dakiluja

Limit (13 – 3 absent)

1. Neath Duggans Buffrey Sprig of Mint JW.
Most beautiful clear even black spotting on this well balanced bitch. Most feminine head framed by almost perfectly spotted ears. Elegant reach of neck into good topline and shoulder placement. Strong round bone to tight cat feet. Nice depth of rib and angulations of stifles. Driving sound movement, looking lovely in profile.
2. St Aubyn-Hubbards Mountsorrel Love and Kisses. Good colour spotting on this well constructed liver. Most prettily spotted head and good eye colour. Reachy strong neck to deep body with well developed fore chest. Round and well muscled hindquarters – firm across the loin. Beautifully shown to move out in complete unison with her handler, showing correct topline and tail carriage.
3. Levy’s Motek Chelsea Chloe

Open (12 – 2 absent)

1. Forrest Choosespots Camelia by Spotswood
Almost perfectly decorated of a rich liver colour. Expressive feminine head. Elegant neck to well angled shoulders and firm level topline. Strongly boned legs to tight feet. Well rounded ribcage and well developed front and deep turn of stifle. In fine muscular condition throughout. Free easy and stylish movement keeping excellent topline and tail carriage. Res CC Reserve Best in Show
2. Willis Ch Cibrith Hazelnut JW
On similar lines to 1. Another beautiful liver of great quality and elegance and almost the same remarks can apply. Strong elegant neck to good topline, depth of chest and balance with excellent movement. Correct and driving in profile. It was a very close call between the two, but the slightly more feminine head of 1 decided it for me. Two glorious liver bitches!!
3. Dunnachies Ch Dvojica Voodoo JW

Special Memorial Open (10 – 2 absent)

1. Roaches Hebe Aleatory in Holderness JW SHCM.
A lovely bitch of great presence. She has everything asked for in the standard and has to be “gone over” to appreciate her great qualities. Pretty head framed by nicely spotted ears, dark eyes and attentive expression. Graceful arched neck to well laid shoulders, level topline , deep chest and a good length of body. Strong bone throughout, although the “look” is still so feminine. Moved out accurately with great verve and drive, completely at one with her handler. She gained her 3rd CC today helped by her sparkling performance in the final line up against some very strong contenders. Bitch CCBest in Show.
2. Hipkiss Ch Dalkiss Isla Of Iona.
Lovely quality and evenly decorated liver spotted bitch. Classic head with attentive kind expression. Strong bone to good tight feet. Compact body and well sprung ribcage. Well developed hindquarters used to advantage, keeping her excellent topline and tail carriage in her correct even gait.
3. Lewis Ch Hunterswood Tittle Tattle JW

Special Junior Veteran (12 – 3 absent)

1. Saunders Tyrodal Puma with Dallydyl.
This 8 year old liver bitch has always appealed to me. So sound with strong well ribbed body, well angulated hindquarters and good width of stifle. Topline and tail carried correctly with balanced driving action.
2. Scott-Allen & Davis Olbero Olympic Rose JW. At 7 years this black spotted lady certainly belies her age. Strong round bone to tight cat feet. Well sprung ribcage. Deep well muscled hindquarters. Topline and tail well carried in her sound driving action.
3. Richardson’s Ch Mapplewell Minstral.

Senior Veteran (8 – 1 absent)

1. Wills Dunctons Mistle From Dallyvista
Most appealing 10 year old with the smaller “old fashioned” liver spotting, evenly marked and of excellent colour. Expressive head – good topline and depth of chest. Well boned legs to spring of pastern and tight feet. Moved exceptionally well and never stopped showing, even in the challenge for best Veteran bitch, which I gave to her on account of her condition and movement and feisty true Dalmatian character, after I had taken age into consideration against the winner of Junior Veteran. She later went on to win Best Veteran in Show.
2. Hipkiss Dalkiss Black Magic.
She really does belies her age at nearly 12 years. These “glamorous canine grannies” can certainly show some of the younger generations how to move and show – very sound – in lovely condition, even black spotting. Elegant neck and level topline. Tail set correctly and movement very sound, but not as positive as that of 1.
3. Palmers Bencott March Lily at Dakiluja.

Peggy Pilgrim Judge of the Bitches