East of England 2008 Judged by Mr Bill Deamer
My sincere thanks to The East of England officers and committee for such a well organised show. One of the best I have attended. Thanks to my stewards for their hard work and keeping the ring moving. A huge thank you to all exhibitors for such a wonderful entry! A great privilege for me to judge.
Temperaments were excellent and I was pleased to see some promising youngsters coming through. Generally however, dark eyes are still not as prominent as they should be and there are too many exhibits ‘upright in shoulder’ with little or no angulation. High tails are also something to be aware of. Apart from a few cases of ‘Dally Rash’ which did influence some of my placings, I felt that the breed was looking in fine form. There were several very close decisions and I was delighted with my winners and top placings.

MIN PUPPY DOG. Ent 6. (Abs1)

1st. Mr J & Mrs K McCarthy – Kilndandy Old Copper.
Good to see new puppies with such potential. This L&W boy is so full of character. Well constructed with good rounded bone. Super bend of stifle and top line. Good shoulder angulation, thus moved with drive and maturity for one so young. One to watch out for.
2nd. Mrs K Goff-Leggett - Washakie Aslan. Promising B&W youngster. Good construction, standing four square on tight ‘cat like’feet. Lovely head and correct ear carriage. Super dark eye. Excellent top line and tail set. Moved out well but lacked the drive of 1 to day. Should do well.
3rd. Mr R S & Mrs H Tingey – Holderness Hillbilly By Dallyador.

PUPPY DOG. Ent 6. (Abs 0)

1st. Mrs K Goff-Leggett – Washakie Nutcracker Prince.
Upstanding B&W boy with much quality.Super clean lines.Good top line and tail set. Hind quarters developing nicely. Beautiful head and ear carriage. Nicely marked with pleasing expression. Won the class on movement.
2nd. Miss Precious – Holderness Henry Higgins By Lupiac. Well made, up to size B&W dog. Sound construction front and back with good top line and bend of stifle. Moved out well. Still at the youngster stage so needs to ‘body up’. Lovely expression.
3rd. Mrs B Coates – Buffrey The Shaded Sun at Cubalibre

JUNIOR DOG. Ent 3 (Abs 0)

1st. Mrs FCT Hartley – Creaganbrec The Favourite At Miragua.
With out question the find of the day! Stunning B&W dog of the correct size that excels in all departments. Strong front with correct shoulder angulation.Well developed hind quarters.Moved with tremendous drive, holding his top line.Super head and ear carriage.Excellent dark eye. Text book spotting. Pushed hard for CC but lost out on maturity. I shall follow his progress with great interest. RDCC.
2nd. Mr R & Mrs T Ayers – Elaridge Evolution.
Well balanced masculine B&W boy.Plenty of bone and substance and developing nicely. Super bend of stifle and top line.Moved with drive.Attractive head, nice dark eye. Up to size but he is just at the ‘adolecent’ stage.
3rd. Mr J & Mrs P Moate – Major Sheer will at Sundown.

GRADUATE DOG. Ent 5 (Abs 0)

1st. Miss W Jubb – Dalmark The Double Agent JW.
Attractive L&W lad. Correct size and shape. Good spring of rib. Sound front and top line, back end developing nicely.Dense liver spotting on a beautiful white coat. Has a lot of growing to do but moved out well. Pleasing expression.
2nd. Mr & Mrs J Kay – Kaytian One Kool Kat JW. Nicely made L&W. Good overall picture standing and on the move. Strong hind quarters and good top line. Would prefer a slightly darker eye. Nicely spotted but lost out to day on coat condition.
3rd. Mr R & Mrs T Ayers – Elaridge Evolution.

POST GRAD DOG. Ent 12. (Abs 3)

1st. Mrs R Lamb – Dalpetro Dettori JW.
Beautifully balanced B&W of the correct size and full of quality.Super head and ear carriage with appealing expression. Moved with drive.Beautifully handled and shown.
2nd. Mr & Mrs B&G Levy – Motek Nottinghill Norman. Attractive B&W boy of excellent make and shape.Well sprung ribs, strong hind quarters with well developed second thigh. Pleasing spotting and super head and expression. Good movement. Was not at his best to day and lost out on coat condition.
3rd. Miss Cauldwell – Gwencarodale Pops Pride JW

LIMIT DOG. Ent 3 (Abs 1)

1st. Ms M Kembrey – Dalmark The Showstormer JW. ShCM
Beautifully made B&W of type and quality that I have admired on several occasions. Excellent bone and well laid shoulders. Super top line and tail set which he holds on the move and standing. Delightful head and ear carriage, Clear well distributed dense black spotting. The correct size.A true example of the breed standard.Pushed hard for top honours.
2nd. Mrs C N Rose – Candidals To Boldly Go JW. Well presented B&W.Again with good top line.Sound construction. Nice spotting.Tight feet. Good front and well balanced body. Preferred movement of 1 on the day.

OPEN DOG. Ent 11 (Abs 2)

1st. Mrs T B Stocks – Ch Dalmark The Shaded Moon At Nospar.
Eye catching L&W dog shown in hard condition.Soundly constructed, clean lines. Excellent hind quarters with well developed second thigh. Good length of neck. Super top line and tail set. Pleasing expression, clean spotting and correct ear carriage.Tight feet, standing four square. Good bend of stifle, strong driving movement, outstanding on the day. DCC.
2nd. Mr J & Mrs K McCarthy – Ch/Ir Ch Tollwood Lionel At Kilndandy.
Classy L&W dog of such type and quality. Good bend of stifle and excellent lay of shoulder. Standing for square looks a picture. Well manicured nails and beautifully shown. Good movement but lacked a little drive today. Well balanced with beautiful spotting of the correct colour.
3rd. Mr D & Mrs J Petersen – Ch Buffrey Beau Bell At Daedalus


MIN PUPPY BITCH. Ent 3 (Abs 0)

1st. Mrs K Goff – Leggett – Washakie Brown Velvet.
Feminine L&W who won this class on movement.Super front and rear construction with good shoulder angulation.Appealing head and expression.Tight feet. Spotting needs to clear.
2nd. Miss J G Roach – Holderness Herb Roberta. Nicely shown L&W with eye catching spotting. Feminine head and expression.Lovely ear carriage with nicely broken ears. Good bend of stifle. Still very much a puppy.
3rd. Mr E T & Mrs L M Russel – Bynton Abirose At Dalynrics.

PUPPY BITCH. Ent 6 (Abs 1)

1st. Mrs Richardson – Buffrey Lightening Strike Among Mapplewell.
Delightful B&W bitch who shows much promise.Quality and type through out. Excellent top line and tail set. Stands four square on tight ‘cat like’ feet and well defined back end. Lovely feminine head and the darkest eyes of the day.Spotting needs to clear.Moved out with such drive for one so young. BP.
2nd. Mr R S & Mrs H Tingey – Phaeland Phoenix Phorever By Dallydor.
Pretty L&W bitch. Nicely made with good bend of stifle and sound top line. Tight feet. Super head and nicely broken ears.Pushed 1 hard but went a little flat on final movement. Shows promise.
3rd. Mr M & Mrs C Johnson – Tynevale Troublesome Tart.

JUNIOR BITCH. Ent 12 (Abs 1)

1st. Mesdames I & S L Haywood and Ridgeway – Luccombe Hazel Nut Clusters.
Feminine and beautifully spotted L&W bitch shown in hard condition.Excellent topline and tail set.Super head with beautiful tapered ears.Super dark eye. Good bend of stifle. Sound driving movement.
2nd. Mrs J E Alexander – Offordale White Lady. Well put together B&W of different type to 1.Good top line and nicely sprung ribs. Super lay of shoulder.Very attractive head and ear set. Clear well distributed spotting. Did not move at her best to day.
3rd. Mr M & Mrs J Richardson – Pearly Naughty Las At Jomihvar.


1st. Mrs H Hoeie – Spotnik’s Diva Deluxe (ATC AJ00322NOR)
Pleasing B&W who won this class on her movement. Well muscled and shown in hard condition. Excellent lay of shoulder and top line, Good bend of stifle. Tight feet. Shown in excellent condition. A close decision with 2.
2nd. Mrs R Lamb – Dalpetro Desdemona JW. Well presented B&W. Well handled and beautifully shown. Super clear black spotting on the whitest of coats. Feminine head with correct ear carriage. Stands four square, looks a picture. Moved out well but went a little flat on the final movement and placings.
3rd. Mr & Mrs P M Rance – Olbero One to Treasure.

POST GRAD BITCH. Ent 5 (Abs 2)

1st. Mr R S & Mrs H Tingey – Olbero one of our own at Dallydor.
Happy B&W girl who was ‘up on her toes’ to day.Good top line and bend of stifle. Nicely spotted. Feminine head. Won this class on movement.
2nd. Mrs A Gurnsey – Washakie Dancing Shadow at Kilmartin. Lovely B&W of quality. Nicely constructed. Good top line and tail set. Good lay of shoulder and bend of stifle. Pleasing Head and expression. Nicely spotted. It was a shame that her handler had an injured leg and so it was hard to fully assess movement.
3rd. Mrs R J Marston – Dakata Ducks Deluxe.

LIMIT BITCH. Ent 12 (Abs1)

1st. Mr & Mrs B &G Levy- Motek Chelsea Chloe JW.
Striking L&W bitch shown in peak condition.Super head and expression. Excels in front and back construction.Excellent lay of shoulder and topline. Correct tail set. Nicely spotted.Feminine but with substance, one of the best movers of the day. RBCC.
2nd. Mr A T & Mrs M Cuthbertson – Kalsidoni Garnet JW.
Impressive B&W show girl with lovely expression. Excellent lay of shoulder and top line. Feminine but with substance. Sound hind quarters, well angulated front and rear. Super feminine head.Excellent movement. Close decision with 1.
3rd. Ms M Kembrey – Dalmark Panda The Peach.

OPEN BITCH. Ent 9 (Abs1)

1st. Mr M Dunnachie – Ch Dvojica Voodoo JW.
Beautiful feminine B&W bitch shown in ‘tip top’condition.Excellent in type and quality. Well constructed with nothing overdone. Sound hind quarters, Good spring of rib and well laid shoulders.Super topline which she holds on the move and standing.Lovely feminine head with kindest expression. A true example of the breed standard, she didn’t put a foot wrong today. BCC & B.O.B. I was delighted to see her take a very strong Utility Group One under judge Mr D R Coxall. Well Done!
2nd. Mesdames I & S L Haywood and Ridgeway – Luccombe Strawberry Tart JW. Excellent B&W lady of type and quality.Charming feminine head with darkest of eyes. Smooth clean lines through out. Super top line and tail set. Well muscled with well developed second thigh, but still feminine. Good reach of neck. Dense black spotting on pure white coat. Sound driving movement.
3rd. Mrs S A Neath- Duggan – CH Buffrey Sprig of Mint JW.