Midland Counties C S 2008 Judged by Carol Harwood
First I would like to thank my stewards for keeping things running like clockwork and also to the exhibitors for a lovely entry. I must admit to being surprised in the great diversity of type within the breed this time, especially the males, bitches were, on the whole, more uniform in type, rear movement left a lot to be desired in many exhibits.

MINOR PUPPY – Dog (Entries 9 – Absentees: 1)

1st Story-Taylor’s Major Tornado At Kesteven
–- promising b/w youngster with a lovely head and eye, well pigmented, strong neck set into good shoulders, nicely proportioned with good bone and standing on tight feet, lovely topline and good tailset, just needs time to mature, moved with good reach and drive.
2nd Ward’s Lupiac Pay The Piper – another promising baby with a good head and pleasing expression, strong neck, good bone and feet, not moving as freely as winner but the handlers footwear was not helping.
3rd Grant-Silverstone’s Tanstar Jet Black

PUPPY – Dog (Entries: 5 Absentees: 0)

1st Goff-Leggett’s Washakie Nutcracker Prince
– stunning b/w youngster of lovely size and proportions, all male with super head, eye and expression and correct use of ears, lovely clean lines, good round bone and standing on thick well knuckled feet, excellent depth to body and good spring of ribcage which was well covered, correct topline and tailset, strong quarters complemented his good front assembly which gave him a lovely freeflowing side action and he was sound both coming and going, I was delighted to award him the Dog C.C. and Best Puppy
2nd Tingey’s Holderness Hillbilly By Dallyador
– upstanding l/w male with strong masculine headpiece and good pigmentation, good spring of rib well covered and with strong loin, correct bone throughout, tight feet and good pasterns, just not as settled as winner on the move.
3rd McCarthy’s Kilndandy Old Copper

JUNIOR – Dog (Entries: 4 Absentees: 1)

1st Goff-Leggett’s Washakie Aslan
– I see this is litter brother to my CC winner and again there is a lot to like about this upstanding l/w youngster, lovely headpiece and well balanced throughout, with good bone and body and standing on tight feet, good width to thighs, covered the ground well on the move.
2nd Hartley & Griffiths’ Creaganbrec The Favourite At Miragua – nicely balanced b/w with good bone throughout, well made body, lovely head and eye and correct ear placement, good pigmentation, moved freely.
3rd Toynton’s Elaridge Escort Of Merrybriar

YEARLING - Dog (Entries: 1 Absentees: 0)

1st Dodds & Pearson’s Camargue Eurovision
- quality b/w dog who is well balanced throughout, lovely head and expression and good use of ears, good ribcage and depth, strong loin, well angulated fore and aft, thick tight feet, at times just got the better of his handler on the move.

POST GRADUATE - Dog (Entries: 6 Absentees: 0)

1st Ely’s Wintermine Dynamo
– L/w of good colour, upstanding male with pleasing head and expression, well angulated for and aft and really covered the ground on the move, correct round bone, standing on thick feet with well arched toes, good width to thighs, correct tail set.
2nd Cauldwell’s Gwencarodale Pop's Pride JW – nicely proportioned with a masculine head and good pigmentation, good depth of brisket and length of rib and good bone, lovely feet, strong topline and moved with purpose.
3rd Alcock’s Mapplewell Chocolate Box For Dalspartan

LIMIT - Dog (entries: 10 Absentees: 3)

1st Beeston’s Leaveslake Time Out For Sanadal
– B/w who is well up on size, well proportioned throughout, he has a lovely head and eye and a pleasing expression, good reach of neck and excellent forequarters, strong rear and standing on tight feet, well muscled, covered plenty of ground on the move.
2nd Smith’s Dalleaf Mulberry - of good type and nicely proportioned throughout, he has a pleasing head and expression, good reach of neck and well made body, with good angulation fore and aft, strong loin, standing on tight feet and moved freely.
3rd Lamb’s Dalpetro Dettori JW

OPEN - Dog (entries: 13 Absentees: 1)

1st Stocks’ Ch Dalmark The Shaded Moon at Nospar JW
- L/w of good size and lovely balance throughout, excellent bone and body, super headpiece and lovely expression, good reach of neck and level topline with good tail set, correct round bone, very stylish and the best mover in this class, in excellent condition, Reserve Dog C.C.
2nd Dunnachie’s Ch Sophtspot Sugar Daddy at Dvojica
- upstanding well build b/w with a pleasing head and eye, strong clean neck, deep body and good topline, like many in this class not moving to advantage today.
3rd Casey’s Ir Ch Camargue Calvin Klein

MINOR PUPPY - Bitch (entries: 8 Absentees: 1)

1st Dodd’s Rose Gem
– lovely puppy, nothing exaggerated, clean lines and well proportioned, very feminine, lovely head and expression, good reach of neck, with good depth and spring of rib, firm topline, in firm condition and moved well. Best Puppy Bitch.
2nd Thomas’ Stewardess Chinook With Philcarthom
– very feminine with a lovely head and eye, well rounded ribcage extending well back, strong loin, moved freely
3rd Casey’s Spotswood Swallow Tail at Moyglass

PUPPY - Bitch (Entries: 5 Absentees: 1)

1st Dodd’s Rose Gem
– as last class
2nd Pearson’s Chandhally Chantilly Cream From Cannabee - well proportioned b/w feminine bitch with lovely head and eye, she has a good length of neck, lovely body and stands on thick firm feet, good reach and drive on the move.
3rd Roach’s Holderness Herb Roberta

JUNIOR - Bitch (Entries: 8 Absentees: 1)

1st Tingey’s Phaeland Pheonix Phorever By Dallyador
- well balanced l/s, lovely head and eye and expression and well pigmented, good ear carriage, excellent depth of brisket and good round bone, good reach of neck which is set into correct shoulders, strong loin and moved freely, but thought she could carry a touch more weight.
2nd Brayshay-Allen’s Sassafras Brown Sugar – stylish l/w, very feminine with good head and expression, clean neck set into good shoulders, standing on thick well knuckled feet, good body, and nicely angulated rear,. Just needs to firm up.
3rd Page’s Winflash Magic Mystery

YEARLING - Bitch (Entries: 8 Absentees: 2)

1st Christie’s Sophtspot Snap Crackle N Pop JW
– very pretty b/w bitch, good head, dark eyes and a pleasing expression, strong arched neck, good depth of chest and well sprung ribcage, strong in loin, nice round bone and tight well padded feet, correct topline which she held on the move.
2nd Wright’s Angelic Aphrodite For Millbelle JW - Quality bitch, very typey and feminine, appealing head and expression, nicely balanced and with good bone and body, strong loin and correct tailset, just kept dropping on her front when standing which spoilt her outline.
3rd Richardson’s Pearly Naughty Las At Jomihvar

POST GRADUATE - Bitch (Entries: 14 Absentees: 2)

1st Tingey’s Olbero One Of Our Own at Dallyador
- b/w bitch, very sound and of good type, lovely head and expression, good bone while retaining her femininity, well balanced and in super condition, standing on thick well knuckled feet, moved effortlessly round the ring.
2nd Rance’s Olbero One To Treasure – litter sister to winner, this l/w bitch is well proportioned and very feminine with lovely head, she has a good reach of neck, lovely body and stands on thick firm feet, correct tail set and is stylish on the move.
3rd Boden’s Dalmark The Blue Moon

LIMIT - Bitch (Entries: 11 Absentees: 3)

1st Neal’s Time Traveller To Tolkain
- Lovely well balanced b/w, really pleases all through and is very feminine in head with dark expressive eyes and correct ear placement, well put together and with good angulation fore and aft, she is sound, free moving and elegant.
2nd Hernandez’s Appaloosa Star Cbarmer By Dalminshi – stylish b/w bitch who is nicely put together, she has a lovely head, expressive dark eyes and well set ears, strong neck and deep body with rounded ribcage, correct topline, moved well.
3rd Grant-Silverstone’s Tanstar Amethyst Rose

OPEN - Bitch (Entries: 13 Absentees: 5)

1st Cuthbertson’s Kalsidoni Garnet JW
- My type of bitch, elegant and full of style, not too big but with plenty of substance in a very feminine package, she has a well proportioned head and dark expressive eyes, her strong neck is of good length and balances with her deep body and well sprung ribcage, excellent bone and correct topline, gleaming coat with sparkling white background and black spots well distributed,good angulation front and rear enables her to have good forward reach and excellent rear drive, well handled to bring out the best in her, I was delighted to award her the C.C. and B.O.B.
2nd Hipkiss’ Ch Dalkiss Isla Of Iona JW
- quality l/w bitch of excellent type, she has a lovely head and expression, super reach of neck and good top line and tail set, lovely body and deep brisket, excellent feet and well developed second thigh, moved with good forward reach and rear drive. Reserve C.C.
3rd Bolt’s Fakenham Desert Orchid.

Carol Harwood - Judge