L K A 2008 Judged by Mrs V J Watson

Minor Puppy 16(3)

(1) Pascoe’s Candidals the Fire Starter.
A large class of puppies all at various stages of development. I am sure places will change, but this liver baby really pleased. Just 6mnths, nice size with growing still to do, a standard type with even spotting, correct front, pleasant head with spotty face, good feet and tail, he moved steadily. I am sure his owner will have fun with him BPD
(2) Rose’s Candidals Run Forest Run.
Liver litter brother to 1, and close up. Maybe a touch longer in back, clean outline and displaying easy showmanship for one so young. Well made with expressive head, good feet and movement.
(3) Christie’s Sophtspot Abracadabra.

Puppy 11(2)

(1) Pascoe’s Candidals the Fire Starter.
(2) Christie’s Sophtspot Abracadabra.
Very well handled stylish black. Masculine head and good eye colour, even spotting, steady movement, just a little slack in his top-line on the stand today
(3) Ward’s Lupiac Pay the Piper

Junior 6(2)

(1) Goff Leggett’s Washakie Nutcracker Prince,
Attractively black spotted compact youngster, well handled to show his many attributes, clean distinctive shape, head, eye colour, feet and tail are good. He is maturing well and looked a picture today, Steady movement.
(2) McCarthy’s Kilndandy Old Copper. Another lovely dog, built on clean lines, very eye catching liver spotting, has great ring presence, a joy to watch striding around the ring. Unfortunately carrying a little too much weight today thus spoiling the shape and line of his neck.
(3) Eden’s Dupree Lad at Dalens

Yearling 6(2)

(1) Hartley and Griffith’s Ch Creagenbrec the Favourite at Miragua JW.
Positively sparking and commanding attention with his spectacular black spotting on clear white coat. Shapely with kind head and dark eyes, strong steady mover and beautifully carried tail
(2) Eden’s Dupree Lad at Dalens. Out of a smaller mould than one, a sound dog with sweet temperament, profuse liver spotting, nice outline with good tail and feet, steady movement.
(3) Kay’s Kaytian One Cool Kat JW

Post Grad 6(0)

(1) Goff Leggett’s Washakie Aslan.
Another good one from this kennel. Litter brother to junior winner and many of the same attributes. Standard size, with substance, good construction and attractive liver spotting, steady mover, well-carried tail, standing and moving.
(2) Baker’s Oneowun Ohio. Unlucky to meet one. Although a little older possibly not as mature. A taller dog with kind demeanour, quite shapely, he has strong hindquarters giving him a good positive stride. Very good head and clear black spotting, bone and feet good, he just needs more time to come into his own and learn how to project himself a little more.
(3) Ely’s Wintermine Dynamo.

Limit 9(2)

(1) McMillan’s Oneowun Mr Bojangles at Dalyance.
Eye-catching classy short backed black. True to the standard, he is mature, and combines substance with elegance Spotting of the highest order, steady on the move, good tail carriage. Had a tendency to go “off the boil” at the crucial moment thus spoiling his chance of a higher award
(2) Beaumont and Croft’s Koroyza Grippi ll Miracola. Rangier than one, upstanding mature masculine dog, who is attentive to his handler at all times. Uses his ears well, dark eye and good reach of neck. Black spotting is good, stylish movement.
(3) Lamb’s Dalpetro Dettori JW

Open 7(0)

(1) Cutt’s Ch Kaytian Kalypso to Marzelina.
Mature 4yr old liver who epitomizes the standard. Perfectly balanced with beautiful even markings of good colour, super head, elegant neck, firm well muscled hindquarters. Steady precise mover, maintaining his shape in profile, did not put a foot wrong and I was delighted to award him the CC and BOB
(2) Parla’s Washakie with Distinction.
Black, who has the same sire as one. Taller type with clean outline, masculine but elegant, attractive head and ear carriage. Shown in immaculate condition. Carries himself well on the move. RCC
(3) Dunnachie’s Ch Sophtspot Sugar Daddy at Dvojica JW


Minor puppy 15(3)

(1) Tillson’s Spotswood Empress Leila at Elabri.
Charming 8m old with considerable ring presence. Well made with good substance, black spotted decoration is very good and her movement steady and true BPIB
(2) Alexander’s Offordale Solitaire.
Black, with balanced outline, pretty head, good ear and tail carriage. Very well presented and responsive to her handler.
(3) Short’s Candidals Forever Fleur

Puppy 10(3)

(1) Alexander’s Offordale Solitaire
(2) Wincup’s Tamilanda Lilly the Pink.
Promising baby, classic outline with distinctive black spots. Good head, dark eyes, movement correct.
(3) Thomas’s Stewardess Chinook with Philcarthom

Junior 11(4)

(1) Polhill’s Kymvale Savannah.
Impressive young lady who oozes quality, clear black spotting, feminine head, dark eyes, she has exceptionally good movement retaining her shape in profile. Most promising.
(2) Page’s Winflash Winter Magic Mystery. Charming black, who is good in all departments, slightly taller than one at this stage and built on more racy lines, Movement is good, I am sure they both have bright futures.
(3) Brayshaw-Allen’s Sassafras Brown Sugar.

Yearling 9(3)

(1) Blakeley’s Luccombe Strawberry Sundae.
Very typical standard size black. She is compact with attractive even spotting, pretty head and well carried ears. Correct front, level top-line and well set tail. Good movement from all angles
(2) Richarsdson’s Pearly Naughty Lass at Jomihvar. Slightly taller type and very shapely, nicely marked black, elegant neck, good bone and feet. Movement good and steady.
(3) Rapson and Beastall Pandamax Aphrodite

Post Grad 11(2)

(1) Harrison Stratford’s Dalkareve Dark and Divine.JW.
Maturing well, stylish, smart outline with pleasing head, dark eyes good reach of neck, even black spotting. She was attentive to her handler, movement very good, covering the ground with long stride.
(2) Lamb’s Dalpetra Desdemona JW. Compact short-coupled standard size black. Head, eye colour, ear carriage, reach of neck, front and shoulders are first class. In good competition, she was a little plump and not putting her all into her movement.
(3) Fort’s Shulune Fantazy on Ice JW SH CM

Limit 8(2)

(1) Christie’s Sophtspot Snap Crackle N Pop JW.
This BB has all the joie de vivre expected from a Dalmatian, Shapely and elegant, shown in an easy relaxed fashion she is able to make the very best of her attributes. Pretty head, dark eyes good bone and feet. Well-defined black spotting on clear white coat, deep brisket and muscled powerful hind quarters used to advantage, maintaining her shape well on the move. CC.
(2) Baker’s Dalleaf Japonica JW.
Delightful feminine liver out of a smaller mould than one, touch longer in back. Sweet head and expression, movement rhythmic and true, covering the ground with a long stride.
(3) Alexander’s Offordale White Lady JW

Open 12(3)

(1) Page’s Ch Winflash Spring Angel Sh CM.
Fits the standard and commands attention with her lively showmanship and tail that never stopped wagging. Attractive head and ear carriage, good front and level top-line, attractive black spotting, and sound powerful movement. RCC
(2) Neath Duggan’s Ch Buffrey Sprig O Mint.
Evenly spotted black, looking very well in immaculate condition, just the right amount of weight; moved very well. Close decision between one and two.
(3) Ridgeway’s Luccombe Strawberry Tart JW.

Val Watson (Judge)