Boston 2011 Judged by Alan Beeston
I was very pleased with my overall entry of 96 dogs and 135 entries. I must first of all thank my two superb Stewards who went about their work most efficiently and made my task so much easier. Thanks also to all Exhibitors who attended on a bitterly cold day and for the sporting way all winners were congratulated. All exhibits were presented in nice clean condition with clean teeth and all temperaments were good. As I commented at my last Ch Show Judging, I would ask Exhibitors to not overlook feet and ensure nails are short as the “tight cat-like feet” synonymous with our lovely Breed cannot be achieved if nails are too long and movement is affected. There were quite a few variations in size, make & shape in the younger Classes however I was pleased with my overall winners who exhibited strong flowing movement and good conformation to the Breed Standard. The higher Classes had many quality exhibits which it was a pleasure to Judge.


Minor Puppy Dog (9,1)

1. Webb & Chrystal’s Dalleaf Devil In Disguise
6 ˝ month old black spotted dog who caught my eye when he entered the ring. Clear black spotting, good dark eye and well set ears. Overall well off for bone and solid for one so young. Good depth of chest and well sprung ribcage. Moved well with a good balanced action. BPD.
2. Barrett’s Kirkam Apollo
7 ˝ month black dog of correct make & shape. Good front assembly and maturing nicely for one so young. Arched neck flowing into level strong topline. Moved with purpose round the ring.
3. Cauldwell’s Popspride And Prejudice.

Puppy Dog (7,2)

1. Fort’s Shulune Ice Phantom
9 ˝ month old black spotted stylish dog. Good head, nice dark eye and pleasing expression. Dense black spotting. Well made dog with good bone and a strong, correct overall frame. Lively at first but settled on the move to be at one with his handler and exhibiting strong movement.
2. Barrett’s Kirkam Apollo As Previously
3. Cauldwell’s Popspride And Prejudice

Junior Dog (3,1)

1. Kalsidoni Dexter By Dalpetro
Black dog of good substance without being at all coarse. Good head and eye with well set ears giving pleasing expression. Good round bone and depth of chest. Correct angulation and tailset. Moved out well and effortlessly around the ring at one with his handler.
2. Markey’s Heaven Sent Phreeman Calix With Dalissm Very strong black dog with clear dense spotting and nice dark eye. Plenty of bone and pleasing overall outline. Was on his toes on the day and his handler did very well to curb his over enthusiasm.

Graduate Dog (4,1)

1. Littler’s Kelevra Man In The Mirror
Liver dog presenting a good silhouette. Good head with arched neck and well defined withers. Strong loin and well set tail. Moved very well once he had settled down with good pace round the ring.
2. Townson & Pardoe’s Buffrey Follow That Star Black spotted with good bone and muscle tone. Good reach of neck with well defined withers and level topline. Good head with nice dark eye and a pleasing expression. Moved steadily without any excessive exaggeration.
3. Markey’s Heaven Sent Phreeman Calix With Dalissm

Post Graduate Dog (6.1)

1. Talbot’s Winflash Willie Do It At Leaveslake JW
Excellent black dog of quality who I have watched as a youngster and I was not disappointed in going over him. Strong, solid, honest dog of correct conformation but not overdone in any way. Front construction correct with good depth of chest flowing into good tuck up and strong loins with good rear angulation. Effortless flowing movement. Pushed close for top honours today which will not be long in coming.
2. Dodd’s & Pearson’s Kelevra Hudson Hawk. Another good black spotted again of correct make and shape. Lighter overall framed than 1 but was well balanced. Soundly constructed with good bone, well sprung ribs and level topline. Good rear muscle tone which was used to effect when he moved.
3. Williams’ Phadante Brightonrock

Limit Dog (7,2)

1. Burrows’ Daedalus Deacon Blue At Shacarlu
A striking black spotted dog which took the eye as soon as he stepped into the ring. Very elegant head and dark eye without being overdone. Excellent conformation to Breed Standard.. Good reach of neck leading into defined withers and level topline. Deep chest, well sprung ribs and strong loin. Well angulated hindquarters with good turn of stifle and good muscle. Really moved out in co-ordination with his handler keeping a good level topline. I was pleased to discover that this award was his 3rd CC. DCC.
2. Christie’s Sophtspot Abracadabra JW
Another attractive black spotted dog with excellent ring presence and presented in good condition. Elegant dog with good head and expression. Good hindquarters and well let down hocks. Well muscled without any coarseness. Good balanced movement covering the ground at a deceptively sprightly pace.
3. Mccarthy’s Kilndandy Old Copper

Open Dog (9,1)

1. Bolt’s Ch Fakenham Flash Gordon
This was a quality Class in which the number of prize cards available did not seem enough. In all honesty this liver spotted male was presented in superb hard condition. Strong throughout with good forechest, well sprung ribcage and good loin flowing into well muscled hindquarters with good turn of stifle. Overall balance superb which was shown to effect when on the move. Lovely flowing true movement both in profile and fore & aft completely at one with his handler. RDCC
2.Hartley & Griffiths Ch Creaganbrec The Favourite At Miragua JW
Another excellent strong black spotted presented in good hard condition. Well muscled up with good round bone. Good depth of chest and well sprung ribcage. Good head and level back with strong loins. Moved round the ring with purpose and balance showing good drive from powerful hindquarters.
3. Lamb’s Ch Dalpetro Dettori JW


Minor Puppy Bitch (8,1)

1. Cobb-Mcgill’s Kalokairies Eye Candy
8 months old black spotted girl of good overall make and shape. Nice feminine head with dark eye. Good reach of neck and level topline. Strong bone, deep chest and well sprung ribcage. Good rear angulation. Moved with drive and purpose at one with her handler.
2. Alexander’s Offordale Sapphire Another 8 month old black spotted of good overall construction. Good round strong bone. Dark eye and well set ears giving an attractive expression. Muscle definition appearing and she showed well balanced movement round the ring.
3. Cromwell’s Forever Dreamer

Puppy Bitch (9,1)

1. Petersen’s Dalimese Who’s That Girl At Daedalus
11 months old black spotted. Stocky in construction with plenty of round strong bone and good muscle tone. Attractive expression, good deep eye colour and well set ears. Good chest with plenty of capacity. Nice turn of stifle. Moved well around the ring with drive complemented by excellent handling. BPB and BP
2. Fort’s Shulune Fantasy Snapdragon
Pleasing black spotted 10 months old girl with lovely head and nice dark eye. Well off for bone and substance with deep chest and well sprung ribcage. Overall very sound. Good level topline on the move and she used the ring to very good purpose.
3. Cromwell’s Forever Dreamer

Junior Bitch (7,1)

1. Clarke’s Klarkeson Royal Lace
Black spotted bitch of quality. Stocky yet feminine in construction with good deep forechest, spring of rib and lay of shoulder. Good rear assembly with excellent bend of stifle and set of tail. Beautiful dark eye and striking spotting. Moved out very well with good action.
2.Sheldon’s Boutonneux Galathea At Gemmont Another young black bitch of solid construction with plenty of round strong bone and muscle definition. Powered round the ring with drive and purpose complemented by handler.
3. Pickup’s Roadcoach Rose The One

Graduate Bitch (6,0)

1. Whiting’s Cibrith China Aster
Liver spotted bitch who was certainly on form on the day. Good head with excellent dark eye. Good reach of neck and level topline. Nice deep forechest and good tuck up. Good rear angulation which enabled her to demonstrate good overall movement with balance.
2. Davies & Cowton’s Phadante Sweet Painted Lady Another nice girl with deep black pigment and spotting well defined on a clear white coat. Good head with dark eye. Deep forechest with good round bone and well muscled throughout. Good steady movement around the ring.
3. Gibbs’ Phadante Dixie Lily JW

Post Graduate Bitch (6,2)

1. Dodds & Pearson’s Kelevra Mercury Rising
Striking black spotted bitch with lovely feminine head and expression complemented by dark eye and well framed ears. Well balanced throughout with strong round bone and good tight feet. Good rear angulation with correct bend of stifle and tail set. Was really on her toes and moved with drive and purpose exhibiting a good balanced action.
2. Page’s Winflash The Final Magic Another lovely black spotted bitch with deep pigment. Attractive head with good dark eye and pleasing expression. Compact girl standing four square with strong bone and good angulation all round. Moved out well really covering the ring complemented by superb handling.
3. Whincup’s Tamilanda Lilly The Pink JW ShCM

Limit Bitch (12,1)

This was a strong Class for which the large ring was a godsend.
1. Whincup’s Tamilanda Hot Pink Lovely liver spotted with very clean lines. Attractive head with good reach of neck and strong level topline. Excellent make and shape with good round bone, deep forechest, good angulation and well muscled hindquarters with good bend of stifle. Moved round the ring with balance and purpose.
2. Evan’s Fiacres First And Foremost NAF Another attractive liver spotted bitch of correct conformation all round. Good head and expression, reach of neck, level topline and well laid shoulders. Strong round bone and tight feet. Deep forechest with plenty of heart room. Good hindquarters and muscle tone. Another good mover with flowing action and correct in profile and fore & aft. Very close between 1 & 2.
3. Neath-Duggan’s Buffrey Gift Wrapped JW ShCM

Open Bitch (10,0)

This was a Class of pure quality throughout with some superb bitches participating who I would expect will change places on another day.
1. Christie’s Ch Sophtspot Snap Crackle N Pop JW I have always liked this black spotted girl and was not disappointed in going over her again now that she has matured. Commanded the ring with her presence. Lovely head with the darkest of eye and well set ears giving her an attractive expression. Good arched neck, defined withers and strong level topline. Correct front angulation with good round bone. Well muscled hindquarters and excellent turn of stifle. Excelled on the move with correct tracking both in profile and fore & aft. I was subsequently pleased to hear that she went Group 2. BCC & BOB.
2. Neath-Duggan’s Ch Buffrey Sprig O Mint JW
Another superb black spotted girl of correct construction really showing that now well known phrase ‘fit for function’. Very feminine with excellent head, eye and expression. Strong bone, good front construction and excellent rear angulation. Another girl who demonstrated flowing movement round the ring with drive and elegance complimented by the handling. She subsequently achieved 2nd in the Ch Stakes Class. RBCC
3. Fort’s Shulune Fantazy On Ice JW ShCM

Alan Beeston (Judge)