LKA 2012 Judged by Linda Moore
I was honoured to have such a lovely entry in these hard times.

Mpd 13/1

1st Carvell, Ottauquechee Kaliska at Lilal,
l/s raw baby, plenty of substance, strong bone, nice body shape, well angled rear.
2nd Hobbs & Whiting, Boutonneux Baby buco Avec Rapanooey b/s, Longer cast, balanced head with good eye colour plenty of reach moving in profile.
3rd Fort, Shulune Briarmist Fantasy Firefly l/s,

Pd 5/2

1st Wright, Millbelle Lithium
b/s, Up on size, elegant neck onto clean wither, firm topline deep chest, sound on the move.
2nd Green & Sears Tolutim Yves St Laurent At Judally l/s, more settled in this 2nd class, well boned, deep chest, good tuck up, moved well.
3rd Hetherington & Sampson Dalstorm Black Diamond.

Jd 8/3

1st Whincup, Tamilanda Panther Lilly
b/s, Masculine up on size and substance, straight front, strong round bone, decoration in good order reached out well on the move.
2nd Edens, Dalens Hot Gossip b/s, standard size, kind expression, short coupled steady on the move.
3rd Cousins, Kalokairie Lord Ladies Man at Dallywest.

Yd 4/1

1st Edens Dalens Hot Gossip
2nd Whincup & Sibson, Tamilanda Vintage Pink jw
l/s, Balanced head, good ribbing & tuck, wasnít making the best of himself today
3rd Lamb, Dalpetro Decaprio.

Pgd 5/2

1st De Rozario, Dalleaf DíAccord Avec Jemblewood
l/s, Immature full of beans plenty of drive on the move had the wind up his tail.
2nd Cauldwell, Popspride and Prejudice b/s well up on size, good top line, steady mover another with high tail.
3rd Sampson & Petronio, Stocklore Wizard of the Forest.

LD 13/5

1st Webb & Chrystal, Dalleaf Devil In Disguise at Jemblewood
b/s, CC/BOB An impressive dog up on his toes shouting Iím here, in perfect condition, balanced head, dark eyes, well ribbed, good tuck up strong loin moved with verve
2nd Baker, Dalleaf Devils Disciple jw l/s, Litter brother to 1st rangier type still full of quality, good angles fore & aft nice outline sound on the move.
3rd Whiting, Cibrith Captain Kirk jw

Od 6/2

1st Hartley & Griffiths, Ch Creaganbrec The Favourite at Miragua jw
b/s, Standard size Glamorous boy, up on his toes, good outline, moved with purpose holding topline and tail worthy champion.
2nd McCarthy, Kilndandy Old Copper l/s, Longer cast in super condition, good bone excellent liver spotting moved out with drive and extension.
3rd Croft, Doubtwell Show Stopper.

Gcd 2/0

1st Edens, Dalens Hot Gossip
2nd Markey, Heaven Sent Phreeman Calix With Dalissm
b/s, High on the leg, good bone balanced head

Mpb 9/1

1st Knight, Jabbawock The Time Turner
l/s, Such a baby needs time to mature, best mover in the class,
2nd Richardson, Klarkeson Driven By You Via Mapplewell b/s, Showy young lady, classic outline,nice head and expression.
3rd Thomas, Philcarthom Xfactor

Pb 7/2

1st Haywood-Ridgway, RCC/BP,Luccombe Strawberry Dream
b/s, Lovely young lady at one with her handler, Well filled front straight legs and strong bone, level topline good rear effortless stride with reach and drive.
2nd Blakeley, Luccombe Chocolate Truffle l/s, Sweet spotty face feminine, upon her leg but a nice shape and a promising mover when settled.
3rd Wakeling Klarkson Donít stop me now.

Jb 11/2

1st Page, Winflash Elleís Belleís
b/s, Eye catching bitch of good decoration, Straight and filled front good bone deep chest good couplings,
2nd Stocks, Kalokairies Lady Bollinger At Nospar b/s, another on top form excellent condition, standard size plenty of substance.
3rd Martland, Kalokairies Lady Eleanor At Deefadal

Yb 6/2

1st Lamb, Dalpetro Diva jw
b/s, Such a happy girl, good head and eye, standard size well balanced carries herself well.
2nd Corcoran, Caldecacre Sea the Stars with Shydally b/s, Longer cast, filled front, round bone, nice deco moved ok
3rd Hobbs , Gloria S Nevskih Ostrovov

Pgb 19/5

1st Kembrey, Dalmark The Sand Witch,
Rich liver spotting, Expressive head good ear carriage, , correct angles front and rear moved true best tracking of the day.
2nd Page, Winflash Born to be Wild b/s, Elegant lady pretty face long neck onto a shapely body not as true as 1st
3rd Jenkins, Jewelruby Queen

Lb 15/7

1st Hobbs & Whiting, Winflash Loopy Loo
b/s, Balanced, deep chest, strong loin, moved as one with her handler.
2nd Cheetham, Koroyza Cute as Candy for Dollywood b/s, carrying a little weight, well ribbed up short loin moved ok
3rd Barrett, Marricdale the Gold Digger of Dalamanti

Ob 7/3

1st Quayle,CC, CH Cubalibre Spot On jw
b/s, Loved her as a pup and not disappointed to judge her again a worthy champion, Appealing head good eye colour, shapely neck onto a clean wither, level topline, balanced fore & aft, reach and drive on the move.
2nd Kembrey, Dalmark the Super Sleuth l/s, another well-constructed bitch, correct angles fore and aft moved sound and true.
3rd Whincup, Tamilanda Hot Pink.

Vb 3/0

1st Richardson, Mapplewell Hot Fudge
l/s, Appealing head, deep chest, good tuck, short coupled, lovely personality moved true enjoying her day out.
2nd Neath-Duggan, CH Buffrey Sprig O Mint b/s, Longer cast, full of quality, nicely decorated.
3rd Addy, Creaganbrec Rosie Cotton jw

Gcb 4/1

1st Barrett, Marricdale the Gold Digger of Dalamant
l/s, Appealing face, good shape, giddy on the move
2nd Peers, Dalliviro Limited Edition b/s, balanced head, short coupled, steady on the move.
3rd Markey, Dalissms Love Witch.

Linda Moore (Fincham) - Judge