NOEDC Championship 2014 Judged by Mrs Elaine Tillson & Mrs C E Cartledge
I was honoured to judge Dogs and would like to thank the Officers and Committee for the invitation and their hospitality on the day. I would also like to thank my 2 stewards who kept everything running smoothly.

On the plus side temperaments are generally good and hind movement is starting to improve. On the down side though, I saw some very upright shoulders which affects the free flowing movement that a Dalmatian should have, and was disappointed to see ‘Labrador-type’ tails rather than the correct taper.

My co-judge Liz Cartledge and I were unanimous in our decisions so it was a very quiet day for the referee Peggy Pilgrim.

Special Junior Veteran (5, 3 absent)

1 Moate’s Major Sheer Will at Sundown Well proportioned B/W in good hard condition. Good eye colour, gentle expression very attentive to his handler. Nice make and shape, reach of neck and depth of brisket. Moved soundly. Best Veteran Dog
2 Lamb’s Ch Dalpetro Dettori JW Dense black spotting on this extremely happy rising 9 year old. Excellent bone and nice overall shape, however, carrying a little too much weight today and he was less positive on the move than 1.

Special Veteran Dog (1)

1 Bolt’s Buffrey Belleissimo at Fakenham 13 year old B/W with a lovely disposition, thoroughly enjoying his time in the ring. Lovely expression not taking his eyes off his handler, good bone and muscle for his age. Still happy to show off on the move.

Minor Puppy Dog (5)

1 Wallington’s Rovinjdal Dare to Dream L/W 7 month very showy boy, good liver colour, pleasing outline, well off for bone. Needs to settle on the move but did enough to win Best Puppy Dog .
2 McCarthy’s Domdallino Je Suis Kilndandy Good liver colour, eye colour and spotting on this young lad, well off for bone. At that awkward stage where his back end has grown quicker than his front which, unfortunately, affected his movement. Look forward to seeing him when he levels out as I’m sure he has a very bright future.
3 Ellarby’s Daedalus Alfie Boe

Puppy Dog

1 Cadden’s Phadante Jambalaha Bold black spotting on this exuberant 11 month dog. Nice expression, well set ears, good reach of neck, well boned. Showing good drive on the move, holding his topline well.
2 Brand’s Kalsidoni Carnelian Lovely soft expression on this L/W boy. Well boned, good turn of stifle and super tight feet. Would like to see him move out more on the move and his coat wasn’t the best today.
3 Thompson & Boagey’s Dalamanti Black Moon

Junior Dog

1 Gardinor’s Jamelsley Pyracantha at Dakata Lovely deep black pigment on this well put together dog. Good dark eye, good reach of neck flowing into good front angulation, level topline, good bend of stifle and correct tail set. Being a bit of a teenager giving his handler a hard time but showed good movement when he settled.
2 Alexander’s Offordale Minnesota B/W lighter marked and slightly longer in body than 1, nice dark eye, good reach of neck, good round bone, tight feet. Little loose in front at the moment on the move.
3 Addy’s Creaganbrec Jacob Marley

Yearling Dog

1 Vockings’ Portunes Green Day Good colour liver markings on this nicely put together dog. Nice expression, good eye colour, good lay of shoulder, level topline, well set very waggy tail. Moved OK.
2 Offordale Minnesota
3 Wheaton’s Dalamanti Phantom Medal at Acinonyx


1 Jamelsley Pyracantha at Dakata
2 Rovinjdal Dare to Dream
3 Goff-Leggett’s Washakie Kiowa Warrior


1 Jamelsley Pyracantha at Dakata Had completely settled by this class and showed how he could move!
2 Phadante Jambalaha
3 Dalamanti Black Moon


1 Kembrey’s Dalmark the Pinto Grigio Lovely liver colour, spotty face, good make and shape, good feet, well muscled. Extremely happy boy, moved OK.
2 Tingey’s Dallyador Aramis L/W Totally different type to 1, being taller and rangier. Well off for bone, good reach of neck and front, strong hindquarters. Coat not at its’ best today.

Post Graduate Dog (5)

1 Scott-Allen & Davis’ Tolutim Yaffle Deep black spotting, good round bone, good eye colour. Nice expression, good reach of neck, good shoulder angulation, level topline, good turn of stifle, well muscled. Showed excellent drive on the move.
2 Hobbs & Whiting’s Boutonneux Baby Buco avec Rapanooey JW Nice colour liver spotting on this very happy boy, tail didn’t stop wagging. Similar in outline to 1 but not as positive on the move and his coat was not as good today.
3 Rose & Cattermole’s Cader Idris Celt at Kalvadene

Limit Dog

1 Green & Sears’ Tolutim Yves St Laurent at Judally Excellent liver boy in good hard condition, good round bone, lovely dark eye and expression, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, plenty of lung room, level topline, correct tail set, good turn of stifle. His movement is a joy to watch as he flowed round the ring with such ease. Dropped his tail a couple of times but his overall make and shape and excellent movement won him this class. In the challenge he put in an excellent performance and I was pleased to give him the RCC.
2 Whincup &Sibson’s Tamilanda Vintage Pink JW
Another nice liver boy, good expression, nice reach of neck, lovely body shape, good round bone. In hard condition with lovely waggy tail. Not as positive on the move as 1.
3 Casey’s Moyglass Proffesor Plum JW Sh.CM

(12,1) A class full of quality dogs.

1 Baker’s Dalleaf Devils Disciple JW Beautifully marked eye-catching liver dog, excellent make and shape, soft expression, good reach of neck flowing into good front angulation, deep brisket, level topline, good tailset, good round bone, well muscled hindquarters. Lovely to watch on the move as he has excellent reach and drive, and is effortless. Could see him going all day. Very close decision between him and the Limit winner but he pulled out all the stops in the challenge and I was delighted to award him his first CC. My co-judge and I had no hesitation in making him BIS.
2 Whincup’s Tamilanda Panther Lilly JW Sh.CM Recently crowned black dog, beautifully marked with deep black pigment. Very attentive to his owner and excellently handled. Good bone, excellent tight feet, good body shape, well muscled hindquarters, lovely waggy tail which he used to his advantage. Just not as free on the move as 1.
3 Alexanders’ Ch Offordale Chevalier JW

Special Beginners Dog

1 Munro’s Tanstar Sea the Stars Bold black spotting, at one with his handler. Lovely expression, kind eye, nice bone, good tight feet, lovely spotty tail. Moved OK.
2 Blissett’s Shydally’s King Arthur of Kystuno Black dog who unfortunately had hurt his tail, consequently he was not at all happy either standing or on the move. Very difficult to assess him.

Brace (3) – judged jointly with Mrs Cartledge

1 Quayle’s beautiful black spotted mother and daughter. Very similar and moved in unison.
2 Tingey’s Liver brace
3 Kembrey’s Liver brace

Elaine Tillson (Judge)


It was a pleasure to judge bitches at the North of England Dalmatian Club championship show held at the Sandylands Centre, County Showground, Stafford. I was a bit surprised that it was an indoor venue in the middle of July for a proper gaiting breed that likes the wide open spaces. However, with the unpredictable British weather what a blessing that we were inside as it was raining heavily most of the day.

I had a large spacious ring & thoroughly enjoyed putting the bitches through their paces. Movement in many lacked drive & reach. Some were also very heavily spotted & a few were shown soft in condition & a bit overweight. I find it difficult to forgive gay tails as for me it ruins the symmetry & balance of a Dalmatian’s outline on the move.

BIS went to the liver dog, Dalleaf Devil’s Disciple, winning his first CC. Dvojica Bubble ‘N’ Chic at Nordalset, also a first CC, was RBIS. BP was the bitch, just 6 months old, Dalidor Miss Hula Hula Girl;& BV was a delightful young lady, Ch Buffrey Sprig O Mint.

Elaine Tillson, my co-judge, & I were in complete agreement throughout the joint decisions. My excellent stewards kept everything running very smoothly.

V – 7-10 years (5) Great class to get your eye in, none of them looked remotely like veterans.

1 BV, Neath-Duggan’s Ch Buffrey Sprig O Mint, hard to believe she is 9½ year old, comfortable winner here, classy outline, perfectly conditioned, fit & well muscled, obviously well cared for, sleek coat, well decorated, sound active mover, held her topline at all times, well carried tail. Well in the running for the RCC, great credit to her owner for having her look this good;
2 Pickup’s Roadcoach Ribbons And Roses, 7½ years, attractive head, very fit, deep capacious chest, muscular neck, carrying a bit of extra weight but this did not affect her movement at all, moved & showed well;
3 Finch & Bonner’s Artia’s Arrival at Caprilli.

(5,1a) Not such a good class with a couple of jaded old ladies.

1 Dore’s Daldior Dazzling Diamond, 11 years b/s with excellent pigment, feminine head, still a very good outline standing, well proportioned & conditioned. Rather tired in movement, lacking reach in front action;
2 Richardson’s Mapplewell Hot Fudge, 11 years liver, lively showgirl but carrying too much weight which did not help her movement, attractive head, excellent feet, showy & clearly enjoying her outing;
3 Roach’s Ch Hebe Aleatory in Holdernss.


1 BP, Dore’s Daldior Miss Hula Hula Girl, just 6 months, gorgeous baby, to her this was all new & very interesting. Moved well, showmanship slightly spasmodic in this class but by the end of the day she looked well versed in the proceedings. Excellent type & quality, feminine head, good bone, promising;
2 Hobbs’ Rapaooney Rhona, 7 months, well put together, carrying a bit of puppy fat today, good head, lovely dark eye, full of character, on her toes, excellent coat, moved OK;
3 Peterson’s Daedalus Cliff Angel.


1 Barrett’s Dalamanti Ice Ruby, 11 months, quality puppy with clean outline & well proportioned, attractive head, expressive eyes, got her act together on the last run against 2, strong body, well muscled;
2 Munro’s Kalsidoni Celtic Star, 10 months b/s, dark bright eyes, well pigmented, firm & fit, clean & well conditioned. Could push off a bit more behind;
3 Kaal’s Schunikka Wishbone Sulky.


1 Alexander’s Offordale Amethyst, 15 months, well spotted, clean outline, quality head, well presented & conditioned, well muscled quarters, sound & active on the move. Won a close contest with
2 Goodswen’s Alphadal Attention Seeker, mature looking yearling in fine form, well constructed, most attractive head, intelligent expression, focused on her handler, good bone & body, free mover. Just a bit too proud of her tail on the move, strong quarters, very well handled;
3 Neath-Duggan’s Buffrey Hey Diddle Diddle.


1 Christie’s Jezebel The Astonishing Sophtspot, 13 months, unplaced in JB as she wasn’t moving quite true in front, settled a bit better here but still not 100 per cent. Athletic youngster, well put together, plenty of drive behind, pleasing head, good bone & feet;
2 Chance & Dodds’ Kayjule Olympic Hope for Dotlun, 20 months, carrying a bit of surplus weight, feminine liver, good neckline, attractive head. Toed in a bit coming towards me;
3 Ford’s Kayjule Olympic Gold.


1 Collman’s Keriadal Mel’s Destiny, 6 months liver, easy mover for one so young, head needs to develop & mature. Just right for body, well handled;
2 Hobbs & Whiting’s Rapaooney Rhapsody, 11½ months, carrying too much weight which spoiled her outline. A little upright in shoulder, good head & expression, excellent coat;
3 Lucas’ Dalmark The Can Can Girl of Packway.


1 Dawson’s Washakie Endless Summer, 12 months, well up to size for a bitch, good bone, legs & feet, fit& well conditioned, deep chest, moved well. Would prefer a bit more feminine;
2 Yates’ Trapeze Grace, 22 months l/s, typical head, good body, not quite sure about it all today, & as a result lacked drive & animation on the move.

G (9,4)

RCC, Gardner’s Dvojica Black Again at Wrendragge, just over 18 months, lovely young bitch, black spots on pure white background, well distributed, excellent symmetry& balance, quality head, good bone & feet, well schooled showgirl, lovely coat & condition, light on her feet, moved freely, very good potential, should have no trouble getting her title, well handled;
2 Bavert& Saunders’ Dallydyl Met By Moonlight, 2 years liver, feminine head & outlook, good depth of body, eager willing showgirl, moved OK but not as coordinated as 1;
3 Suggett’s Dalesbred Geebee Gold for Kintegus.

(15,5) Difficult class, quite a mixture in type & quality.

1 Rourke’s Tamilanda Wild Lily with Bourkester, 2½ years, put that little bit extra in on the move when it mattered. Feminine head & outlook, always on her toes, light on her feet, showy & smart, good depth of body, handler did an excellent job;
2 Townson & Pardoe’s Shacarlu Bumblebee at Daymadals, 3½ years, size bigger than 1, excellent bone, legs & feet, deep brisket, bright expression, clean well presented coat, athletic & well muscled, strong& fit;
3 Hernandez’s Dalminshi Mystic Star.


1 CC & RBIS, Philip’s Dvojica Bubble ‘N’Chic at Nordalset, won a hot class & I liked her instantly & I kept looking back at her as the class progressed. Lovely young bitch of excellent type & size, all quality head, dark expressive eyes, well arched neck, best of toplines standing & going round, not exaggerated in any way, so well balanced, spots well distributed on pure white background. Carried her tail very well & worked so well with her handler, free easy stride, showed with focus & concentration. Won her first CC & her closest rival turned out to be her litter sister in GB. The pair of them should make the going hot in this breed as they are both super bitches;
2 Moate’s Leiahart Honolulu Honey at Sundowndal, 19 months, quite a big girl, bit of a fidget on the stack but came into her own when moving as she had plenty of drive, good reach of neck, excellent bone & substance, good muscletone & very fit, very clean& well presented;
3 Lamb’s Dalpetro Diva.

(15,3) Another strong class quality wise & also numerically.

1 Emmett & Simons’ Ch Dalliviro Reba Mac at Ellemstra, 3 years, lovely silhouette & proportions, attractive head, very good neckline, topline& quarters, well carried tail, deep chest, happy showgirl, well conditioned& handled. Had to go some to win this class, most worthy ch;
2 Quayle’s Ch Cubalibre Spot On, 4½ years, well spotted black, well constructed, fit & active on the move, excellent size & type, used her neck well, firm body& quarters, well presented & handled. Just preferred the expression of 1;
3 Alexander’s Ch Offordale Sapphire, completed a trio of quality bitches, a most enjoyable class to judge.

B (2,1)

1 T Grace.

(3) Judged jointly with Elaine Tillson.

1 Quayle’s mum & daughter brace, very well matched for type & also moved well together;
2 Tingey’s;
3 Kembray’s.