Scottish Kennel Club 2015 Judged by Peter Jolley
SKC (MAY) CH SHOW 15 – Dalmatians


1 Stocks’ Nospar’s Shaded Lanson, l/w, very good dentition, good feet with correct topline & tailset, very good angles front & rear, very nice walk. BP;
2 Whiting’s Cragvallie Chance On Me, 6 months, fabulous baby, has all the breed needs at this age. Head, eye, good feet & bone, walks well.

JD (1)

Withheld. YD (0).

PGD (5,1)

1 Wheaton’s Dalamanti Phantom Medal at Acinonyx, 2 years old b/w, top size, excellent head, mouth & dentition, good clean clear eye, very good body proportions, excellent tone throughout, moves very well;
2 Clement’s Caldecacre Secrets And Lies, 2 years old b/w, superb body. I would prefer just a little more leg. All other departments good;
3 Markey’s Heaven Sent Phreeman Calix with Dalissm.

(2) Two super boys.

1 Holburn’s Glenlion Bowmore Bounder, 6 years old, very good head & eye, correct dentition, superb topline & tailset, moves true. Very good tone throughout;
2 Talbot’s Dalpetro Declan at Leaveslake, 4 years old, excellent head, very good temperament, balanced with good body proportions, very good topline but just a little sloping croup. Moves very well.

OD (7,1)

1 Dunnachie’s Dvojica Vendetta, 3 years old b/w, balanced head, clean clear eyes, excellent topline & tailset, super body tone, moves with drive. Carries tail very well, walks beautifully. Showing total balance. CC, BOB & G2;
2 Alexander’s Ch Offordale Chevalier, 4 years old, beautiful outline, very good head, excellent temperament, good neck & shoulders, good topline & tailset, covers ground very well, correct angles front & rear, excellent feet. RCC;
3 Cuthbertson’s Ch Kalsidoni Cameo.


PB (2)

1 Whiting’s Cragvallie Star Chance, 6 months b/w, such a wonderful balanced puppy. Just a baby. Moves well, walks well, sound mover;
2 Clement’s Caldecacre Penny Black, 8 months b/w, good head & body, nice forechest. Just a little loose on through. Good topline & tailset, moves well.

JB (5)

1 Alexander’s Offordale Larissa, just beautiful in all departments. Balanced throughout, good head & front assembly with nice forechest, excellent bone & feet, moves & walks well. CC;
2 Mather’s Shulune Dragon Ryder, 12½ months, another super girl. Correct head, eye, mouth, very good neck & depth of chest, super topline & tailset, moves very well; 3 Hobbs & Whiting’s Rapanooey Rhona.

YB (4,1)

1 Goodswen’s Alphadal Attention Seeker, 2 years old b/w, very pleasing outline, super head, eye & dentition, moves with drive & is very well balanced. Also walks well;
2 Hobbs & Whiting’s Rapanooey Rhapsody, 27 months, super temperament, good head, eye & dentition. Good bone & feet, covers ground well, walks with good control. A very nice girl;
3 Valentine’s Sophtspot Evolution.


1 Finlay’s Dvojica Black Swan at Dalfin, such a well balanced girl. Good front assembly with correct angles, good topline & tailset, good extension on the move, walks well. RCC;
2 Barrett’s Dalamanti Ice Ruby, 22 months, pleasing head, good front assembly, topline OK. Just a little sloping croup. Moves & walks OK;
3 Markey’s Dalissm’s Love Witch.


1 Dunnachie’s Dvojica Volition, l/w, compact, forming such a pleasing outline. Good angles front & rear, excellent feet, moves very well, walks true & balanced;
2 Dodds & Pearson’s Kelevra Classic Cliché, 2 years old, such a pleasing outline with a very kind expression. Good neck, topline & tailset, moves & flows well, also walks well;
3 Christie’s Jezebel The Astonishing Sophtspot.


1 Emmett & Simons’ Ch Dalliviro Reba Mac at Ellemstra, 4 years old b/w, wonderful outline, very good front assembly, nice mouth, excellent topline & tailset, a true showgirl. Moves & covers the ground well;
2 Stocks’ Ch Kalokairies Lady Bollinger at Nospar, 4 years old, another top class girl, ticks all the boxes. Very good front assembly with correct topline & tailset, moves & walks well;
3 Barrett’s Marricdale The Gold Digger of Dalamanti.


1 M The Gold Digger of D, this girl was 3rd in OB, excellent outline, good sound mover with strong topline & tailset. Good angulation front & rear, walks well. BV;
2 Smith’s Tamilanda Pretty In Pink, 7 years old, she thinks she is still a puppy. Would like a better stop. Moves well;
3 Cuthbertson’s Ch Kalsidoni Garnet.