Dalmatian Club of Scotland 2015 Judged by Mrs Mandy Smirthwaite

I would like to thanks the officers and committee for a lovely day, a well organised show and to top it off a beautiful day. Without appearing to repeat what other have said there seems to be more quality in the bitches than the dogs. Some of the dog classes were difficult to make my decisions on because of the different types of dog in the ring.

Emmett & Simon's Ch Dalliviro Reba Mac At Ellemstra JW Sh. CM

Whincup's Ch Tamilanda Panther Lilly JW Sh.CM

Stock's Nospar's Shaded Lanson

Cuthbertson's Ch Kalsidoni Garnet JW Sh.CM

Tingey's Dallyador The Enchantress

Whincup's Ch Tamilanda Panther Lilly JW Sh.CM

Dunnachie's Ch Dvojica Vendetta

Stocks' Nospar's Shaded Lanson

Tingey's Holderness Hillbilly By Dallyador JW

Tingey's Holderness Hillbilly By Dallyador JW

Emmett & Simon's Ch Dalliviro Reba Mac At Ellemstra JW Sh.CM

Quayle's Cubalibre Follow On

Mather's Shulune Dragon Ryder

BEST VETERAN BITCH Cuthbertson's Ch Kalsidoni Garnet JW Sh.CM

BEST LIVER BITCH Tingey's Dallyador The Enchantress

Minor Puppy Dog
(1 entry, 0 absent)

1st. Stout's Nospar's Shadso Taittinger. B/W raw baby still, well placed ear carriage and a dark eye, well balanced for its age.

Puppy Dog (2, 0)

1st. Stocks' Nospar's Shaded Lanson. L/W pleasing puppy, good pigmentation, head of correct proportions, nice dark eyes, lovely make and shape, bodying up nicely. BPIS
2nd. Noble's Shulune Celtic Firefly. L/W not as settled as 1st on the move but sure he will find his feet, nice size, good dark eyes, well placed ears, balanced outline.

Junior Dog (6, 0)

1st. McCarthy's Domdallino Je Suis Kilndandy. L/W rich spotting and a most attractive head with good amber eyes, well made front, tight feet, with good angulation from the rear, moved with drive.
2nd. Page's Winflash Hugo Boss. B/W nice dark eye, good pigmentation, straight front, well sprung ribs, well muscled, sound on the move.
3rd. Richardson's Mapplewell Dynamite

Yearling Dog
(4, 0)

1st. Richardson's Mapplewell Dynamite. L/W good make and shape with lovely amber eyes, well broken ears, good depth of chest, well muscled rear, moved well.
2nd. Thompson & Boagey's Dalamanti Black Moon. B/W correct head and good dark eye, well bodied and moved well, just needs extra sparkle.
3rd. Wallington's Rovinjdal Dare To Dream

Maiden Dog
(1, 0)

1st. Donnelly's Tamilanda Berry Ice Berry. B/W shown in a good clean condition, elegant head lovely dark eye, good reach of neck, nice tight feet, moved well.

Novice Dog (2, 0)

1st. Page's Winflash Hugo Boss. rpt
2nd. Noble's Shulune Celtic Firefly. rpt

Graduate Dog (3, 0)

1st. Lindsay's Cubalibre Stride On At Appennine. B/W shown in sound condition, good dark eye, well placed ears and kind expression, good front, tight feet, held topline on the move.
2nd. Smith's Deipunti Double Trouble. B/W nice spotty face, dark eye colour and kind expression, stood fore square, moved well
3rd. Addy's Creaganbrec Jacob Marley

Post Graduate Dog
(4, 0)

1st. Talbot's Rapanooey Moai. B/W well placed ears, lovely head and expression, correct front, moving with reach and drive covering the ground well.
2nd. Clement's Caldecacre Secrets And Lies. B/W on the smaller side than 1st, good head and eye, well placed ears, kind expression, decent front, a good topline held on the move.
3rd. Cattermole's Cader Idris Celt At Kalvadene

Limit Dog
(11, 0)

1st. Pratt's Gwynmor Finch Hatton At Solostar (Imp). B/W this dog is just coming into his own, he is of sound construction, good spotting and a nice tight coat, good front and well angulated hind quarters, moved well just needs to gain a little more confidence.
2nd. Hobbs & Whiting's Boutonneux Baby Buco Avec Rapanooey JW. B/W well handled dog, shown in fit condition, nice dark eye, well placed ears, pleasing outline moved well.
3rd. Talbot's Dalpetro Declan At Leaveslake

Open Dog
(5, 0)

1st. Whincup's Ch Tamilanda Panther Lilly KW Sh.CM. B/W shown in excellent condition and the owner really gets the best out of this dog, correct head, nice dark eye, kind expression, well arched neck and shoulders well laid, he is clean and muscular and moves with a long driving stride. Dog CC and RBIS
2nd. Dunnachie's Ch Dvojica Vendetta.
B/W worthy Champion shown in hard condition, nice spotting, good tight coat, nice dark eye, pleasing front, carried a level topline on the move Res CC
3rd. Cuthbertson's Ch Kalsidoni Cameo

Veteran Dog
(5, 2)

1st. Tingey's Holderness Hillbilly By Dallyador JW. L/W this dog defies his age, well muscled, shown in the best of condition, good liver spotting, correct eye colour, held a level topline onn the move. BVIS
2nd. Stocks' Ch Dalmark The Shaded Moon At Nospar JW. L/W another dog that does not show his age, shown in good condition and coat, nice amber eyes and a kind expression, well balanced, moved well.
3rd. Quayle's Buffrey The Shaded Sun At Cubalibre

Mairi Steen Memorial Open Dog Stakes
(2, 0)

1st. Clement's Swed Ch Gatfulls Crown Prins. B/W small in size, nice head good dark eye, good tight cat feet, level topline, well muscled, moved well.
2nd. Markey's Heaven Sent Phreeman Calix With Dalissm. B/W on the taller side, nice ear placement, good dark eye, tight feet, level topline, would prefer a little more weight.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1, 0)

1. Clement's Caldecacre Penny Black. B/W young pup who showed confidence, good head and kind expression, well bodied and nice spotting, handler will have fun with her.

Puppy Bitch (6, 0)

1. Mather's Shulune Dragon Ryder. B/W nice head, good dark eye, well placed ears, nicely spotted, good overall make and shape, moved well.
2. Noble's Shulune Celtic Snapdragon. L/W litter sister to 1st, once settled presents a good heads and expression, good front, tight feet, held topline on the move.
3. David & Saunders' Dalticino Interlagos From Dallydyl

Junior Bitch
(5, 0)

1. Tingey's Dallyador The Enchantress. L/W feminine bitch up to size, lovely head and expression, good amber eye, well broken ears, tight cat feet, well balanced and muscular, moved well.
2. Gallagher's Rapanooey Rhona. B/W nice head, good dark eye, good front, tight feet, presented a good outline, moved with drive.
3. Holburn's Dallyador The Spellbinder At Glenlion

Yearling Bitch
(5, 0)

1. Goodswen's Alphadal Attention Seeker. B/W good make and shape, kind head and expression, good dark eyes, tight feet, held topline on the move.
2. Valentine's Sophtspot Evolution. B/W bitch with substance, good head and dark eye, well arched neck, level topline, moved well
3. McKenzie's Mapplewell Imaginary Diva

Maiden Bitch
(5, 1)

1. Page's Winflash Vera Wang. B/W when settled presents a good outline, nice feminine head, good dark eye, well placed ears and nicely arched neck, good hind angulation, moved freely
2. McKenzie's Mapplewell Waterfall. B/W nice head with dark eyes, good level topline, good tight feet, moved well.
3. Firth's Secret Wispa

Novice Bitch
(8, 2)

1. Hobbs & Whiting's Rapanooey Rhapsody. B/W well balanced with a nice clean outline, kind head and expression, good depth of chest, tight feet, moved positively.
2. Page's Winflash Vera Wang. RPT
3. Valentine's Sophtspot Evolution

Graduate Bitch
(1, 0)

1. Hartley & Griffiths' Creaganbrec Glory Be At Miragua. B/W shown in good clean condition, feminine head well placed ears, nice dark eyes, good tight feet, stood fore square and moved freely.

Post Graduate Bitch (7, 1)

1. Finlay's Dvojica Black Swan At Dalfin. B/W quality bitch on the bigger side, but never the less portrays a well balanced outline, good tight front, and nice depth of chest, level topline on the move.
2. Newton & Newton O'Brien's Cubalibre Polkadot. L/W presenting a good overall outline, nice head, correct eye colour, good front, tight feetwell arched neck, level topline, moved well.
3. Richardson's Klarkeson Driven By You Via Mapplewell

Limit Bitch
(14, 1)
The most difficult class of the day as there was so much quality down the line.

1. Quayle's Cubalibre Follow On. B/W this bitch ticks all the right boxes, she is perfectly balanced with a good feminine face and a nice dark eye, her spotting is bold topped off with a good tight coat, lovely arched neck leading onto well laid shoulders, level topline which she held on the move, sure her title will not be far away RCC
2. Gardner's Dvojica Black Again At Wrendragge JW Sh.CM. B/W another quality bitch, feminine, excellent in outline and conformation, nice head, good darkeyes and well placed ears, tight front and cat feet, well arched neck leading onto well placed shoulders, strong hind quarters moved with drive, sure she will gain her title.
3. Moate's Leiahart Honolulu Honey At Sundowndal JW

Open Bitch
(7, 1)

1. Emmett & Simons' Ch Dalliviro Reba Mac At Ellemstra JW Sh.CM B/W I am sure this bitch could show herself without a handler but was handled to perfection, quality bitch in pristine condition, good size make and shape, dark eye and good pigmentation, good front, well boned, tight cat feet, well arched neck, good spring of rib and depth of chest, flowed around the ring, a joy to judge. CC BIS
2. Page's Ch Winflash Born To Be Wild JW. B/W another worthy Champion, smaller than 1st, but never the less a bitch that is well balanced with a clean outline feminine face, good dark eyes well place ears, tight front, good lay of shoulder, held her level topline on the move.
3. Stocks' Ch Kalokairies Lady Bollinger At Nospar JW

Veteran Bitch
(6, 0)

1. Cuthbertson's Ch Kalsidoni Garnet JW Sh.CM. B/W belittles her age, veteran girl enjoying her day out, handler get the best out of her, presenting a good overall picture, feminine head, good dark eyes, clear coat, in hard condition, moved well.
2. Dinsdale's Dalesbred Mariette. B/W shown in good clean condition, feminine head kind expression, well balanced in her outline, moved well.
3. Pickup's Roadcoach Ribbons And Roses JW

Mairi Steen Memorial Open Bitch Stakes
(4, 3)

1. Markey's Dalissm's Love Witch. B/W on the rangier side, nice head and expression, good clean spotting, nice make and shape, just lacking confidence on the day.

Brace (1, 0)

1. Tingey's Brace

Judge Mrs Amanda Smirthwaite