BUBA 2016 Judged by Mr S Harrison-Stratford
BUBA CH SHOW, 03/12/16


Many thanks to the BUBA committee for making me feel so welcome, but most of all to those who brought their dogs under me. It was a very good cross section of dogs to choose from & on another day with the same dogs present another dog could have won, such was the quality of the classes.

MPD (3,1a)

1 Christie’s Sophtspot In Sync, a well balanced dog, with good dark eye. A fair length of neck into a nice topline. Nice rear angulation with a good turn of stifle. Good tight feet. Moved out well. Enjoying his day;
2 Gardinor’s Dakata Duranta, another well balanced dog with quite the characteristics of the winner. Good size.

PD (4,1)

1 S In Sync;
2 Carroll’s Sophtspot Hip Hip Hooray
, pleasing head with dark eyes. A good length of neck & wither with good angulations & topline, well set tail & tight feet;
3 Large & Davies’ Castletop Bootlegger.


1 Whincup’s Tamilanda Midnight Lilly, a fairly substantial dog. Good head & eye colour. Neck tapered down to wither & on to a level topline. Well proportioned front assembly, good bend of stifle & width of thigh. Nicely muscled. Moved with purpose & drive;
2 Gibbs’ Phadante Mr Blue Sky, nice expression & dark eye. Well boned with good feet, moved steadily;
3 Green’s Boschendal Simply Red at Judally.


1 McNeath-Duggan Baker’s Buffrey Incognito by Dalleaf, a dog with large black spots on a completely white background. Nice head with good ear placement & dark eye. Tapered neck of good length & nice wither. A level topline with tight feet. Moved out well.

ND (5)

1 S In Sync;
2 P Mr Blue Sky;
3 S Hip Hip Hooray.


1 Quayle’s Cubalibre On It, a lovely dog. Nice eye colour with correctly set ears. Length of muzzle in proportion to head. A good length of neck tapering into wither. Good front angulation with nice topline & fair tailset, good tight feet. Moved well;
2 Donnelly’s Tamilanda Ice Lilly, a good head with nice eye colour. A good size, good cat feet, good tailset;
3 Davey’s Elabri Encre Noir at Pirandal.


1 Whiting’s Cibrith Captain Kirk, another nice dog, good head, ear placement & eye colour. Well defined wither with pleasing topline & strong hindquarters. Really tight feet & lovely & straight in movement. When standing his outline coupled with his movement gave him this strong class;
2 Christie’s Sophtspot Gold Dust, moved fairly well, but quite unsettled today. Well constructed rich liver colour & good pigment with good strong bone. Strong hindquarters;
3 McCarthy’s Domdallino Je Suis Kilndandy.


1 Goff-Leggett’s Washakie Shoshone Chief, lovely dog with good all round construction. Nice head with dark eyes & well placed ears. A fairly long tapered neck down to well defined wither. Great lay of shoulder. Good front angulation matched by rear angulation. Nice topline with fair spring of rib & good tailset. Straight & strong front legs with tight feet. Moved straight & with drive, confident & true. CC & BOB;
2 Dunnachie’s Ch Dvojica Vendetta, it was a close decision between these two dogs as I liked them both in slightly different ways. I just preferred the movement of the winner today. RCC;
3 Whincup’s Ch Tamilanda Panther Lilly.


1 Gardner’s Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendragge, a very good quality youngster. Although only young she is developing very evenly. A pleasing head with good eye colour & ear placement. Long neck into reasonably well defined wither. Nice topline, good front & rear angulation. Tight feet. A fair width of thigh with developing muscletone. Nice pace & moved straight. BP;
2 Davey’s Pirandal Roseland Girl, a lovely girl, but couldn’t quite take it away from the winner. I just preferred the overall outlook of 1;
3 Dinsdale’s Roadcoach Rejoice with Dalesbred.


1 Richardson’s Mapplewell Ely Brown, well balanced. Nice head, tapered neck. Well placed wither, fair topline, good tight feet, nice tailset, good width of thigh, nicely muscled, moved well;
2 Pickup’s Roadcoach Ray Of Sunshine, lovely girl. Nice head, tapered neck. Wither well defined & laid correct. Great tight feet, good tailset, nice width of thigh;
3 Fellows’ Millebelle Hasta L’Vista Baby.


1 Whincup’s Tamilanda Pick A Lilley, lovely shaped bitch with good decoration & presented well. One I considered for the RCC. A well defined head with good earset & eye colour. Length of neck flowing into wither & good front assembly. Nice topline with fair tailset. Good width of thigh & well muscled. Tight feet. She moved straight & true;
2 Hipkiss’ Dalkiss La Vie En Rose, well marked bitch with large black spots on white background. Nice head with ears carried correctly. Fairly lightly marked. Tight feet & nice tailset;
3 Jenkins & Ridgeway’s Luccombe Strawberry Kisses.


1 Christie’s Sophtspot Glitterati, a well defined head with good dark eye & earset. Long tapering neck, defined wither & topline. Nice angulation & well muscled. Good tailset with tight feet. Moved out well;
2 D La Vie En Rose;
3 Thomas’ Buffrey Magic Moments with Philcarthom.


1 Mellor & Richardson’s Mapplewell Black Caviar, lightly marked black bitch. Nice head & neck into wither with good topline. Nice angulation with a good bend of stifle & good tailset. Moved out well;
2 Sampson’s Dalstorm Eternal Promise, profusely but evenly marked, good front angulation & has a good outline, well muscled, moved well;
3 Probert’s Millbelle My Precious at Ribot.


1 Dore’s Daldior Miss Hula Hula Girl, a lovely girl, good head with dark eye & good ear placement. Good length of neck tapering into wither. Well angulated front & rear, well muscled, good tight feet. Well placed tailset. Very confident & moved very well, good spring of rib. RCC;
2 Brennan’s Daymadals In The Mood, lightly marked girl with a nice head & tapered neck into wither. Good tight feet & good angulation front & rear;
3 Noble & Fort’s Shulune Celtic Snapdragon.


1 Tingey’s Dallyador The Enchanteress, a slightly larger bitch with a good quality head & expression. Well angulated front. Good wither, topline & tailset, nice feet & well angulated backend to match the front. She moved very straight with drive. Very calm & confident;
2 Emms’ Dallydyl Love In Idleness, this bitch had a lot going for it. Pleasing head with very dark eye colour, long neck into wither, nice topline & good backend. Nice cat feet;
3 Neath-Duggan’s Buffrey Hey Diddle Diddle.


1 Quayle’s Ch Cubalibre Follow On, very good black bitch. Lovely shaped & well marked body. Very tight feet with good front & rear angulation. Head is lovely with nice dark eyes. Long tapered neck down to well placed wither. Great topline with nice tailset, moved with confidence & drive around the ring. CC;
2 Emmett Simons’ Ch Dalliviro Reba Mac at Ellemstra, yet another who pushed hard to get into the final line up. Many of the attributes of 1 but I just preferred the movement on my first place today;
3 Dodds & Pearson’s Ch/Ir Ch Kelevra Classic Cliché.