British Dalmatian Summer Open 2017 Judged by Mr K Probert

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge our open show again. The hard work that goes into organising these events for us all to pursue our hobby should be recognised and applauded.
Thank you for my gift to commemorate my day, something I will treasure.
Many thanks to everyone who gave me an entry providing me with a very respectable number of exhibits to go over.
Huge thanks to my stewards Elaine and Maria for their humour throughout the day , keeping me in check and ensuring events moved along. Thanks also to Liz Sampson for very kindly taking the photographs of the day.

Some unfortunate observations to report
If one brings a Dalmatian to a show hoping to perhaps win something it would be a good idea to make sure he or she is clean. It does not take long to bath a Dalmatian.
Dirty dogs, dirty teeth , lots of short tails ,some dogs had long nails, I mean really long! No bone, narrow fronts , short upper arms and soft pads.
I was delighted with my winners, how many will be future champions who knows, but I do know one that will be, if he stays sound and healthy.

Best in Show Offordale Griffin owned by Jenny Alexander. A baby , yes ,but I thought he was stunning He had everything for me.So much quality and style. He reminded me so much of Offordale Chevalier who I gave BOB to at six months old . He now has fifty C.C "s

RBIS was Finlay's, Dvojica Black Swan at Dalfin Sh CM a quality bitch that keeps knocking on the door, let us hope somebody opens it for her !

RBD Leanne Richardson's, Mapplewell Dynamite , hard fit and showed his socks off.

RBB Brennan's, Daymadals In The Mood JW won my award for best coat in show.

Best Veteran was Whiting's, Cibrith Captain Kirk JW Sh CM a very happy boy not showing his age.

MPD 1 (2)

1. Mrs J Alexander's, Offordale Griffin, top quality puppy dog, b/w super masculine head, broad skull, dark eyes, well set broken spotted ears. The most elegant neck, good topline with excellent tailset, correct front, a visible forechest with good angulation of shoulder. He had a depth of brisket, width of thigh and great bend of stifle, super round bone. Totally balanced. He is correct both ways and flowed effortlessly around the ring. To move in the controlled, collected manner he showed for one so young was impressive. He is so well schooled and expertly handled. I loved him. I will watch his progress with great interest. BIS.BBD.BPIS.

3 (1)

1. Mr C & Mrs A.E Healey's, Doshaburi The Cloud Dragoon at Hebemor, l/w lightly spotted, masculine head, amber eye, good stop, well set ears. Decent front assembly, well off for bone, good arched neck into firm top line with a well set tail. Balanced profile, true fore and aft displayed reach and drive. I liked his unexaggerated moderate build.
2. Baker & Stokes, Maddidalli Echo's Hot Spot, l/w heavily decorated coat in good condition with deep liver pigmentation, super strong head, ears well set and nicely broken, decent front, tight cat feet,firm top line, correct tail set, good rear angulation. Drove around the ring in style.


1. Doshaburi The Cloud Dragon
2. Mr R.G & MrsI M Hernandez's, Dalminshi Starlight Express
, b/w pleasing decoration, good pigmentation and coat in good condition. Well balanced profile, moved correctly coming and going. Drove around the ring with reach and drive.


1. Dalminshi Starlight Express


1. Miss T A Gardinor's, Dakata Duranta, b/w outgoing demeanour, excellent pigmentation. Much finer type than most, would like to see more depth of chest, width of thigh and bend of stifle. Correct coming and going, moved with reasonable reach and drive.


1. Doshiburi The Cloud Dragon
2. Dakata Duranta

4 (2)

1. Mrs J.S & Mrs J A Green and Sears, Boshendal Simply Red at Judally, l/w super masculine head, kind expression, well set ears, elegant neck into firm top line, good tail set. Good depth of chest, strong round bone, well angulated shoulders, good tight feet and firm pads. Correct coming and going, flowed around the ring confirming his sound construction.
2. Miss P Baker's, Lancelot Des Landes D'Iroise, b/w, attractive head, dark eye, ears well set, eye catching decoration, with deep pigmentation, correct front assembly, good tight feet, moved true fore and aft, drove around the ring with purpose.


1. Mr M & Mrs L Ellarby's, Daedalus Alfie Bow, happy outgoing dog, b/w striking dense pigmentation, masculine head, good stop, dark eye, well set broken spotted ears. He had a decent forechest, well off for bone excellent top line and tail set. Long rangy type in profile, looked good flowing around the ring with sound rhythmic gait. Well handled.


1. Mrs L Richardson's, Mapplewell Dynamite, l/w happy outgoing sort, lightly spotted, good strong head, amber eye, very well set ears. Elegant neck into firm top line. Super front assembly, plenty of bone, going over him he was so solid. His movement was sound, driving around the ring with power and purpose. He showed his socks off today. RBD, BLD
2. Mrs T Stocks's, Nospar The Shaded Lanson JW
, l/w smaller type compact balanced outline typical head, amber eye, ears well set, plenty of bone, well angulated shoulders, had a depth of brisket, moved well around the ring. Well handled.

OPEN DOG 2 (1)

1. Mrs J Alexander's, Offorale Picasso, b/w well balanced profile, super type, light spotting, good coat condition, masculine head with kind expression, dark eye. Good front, sound round bone, depth of brisket, good underline. Elegant reach of neck into firm top line and correct tail set. Moved with drive and style.
2. Ms M Kembrey's, Dalmark the Pinot Grigio, l/w very happy outgoing personality, pleasant decoration of good liver colour, typical head, with attractive spotty face, flowing neck into firm straight topline, good tail set. Moved correctly fore and aft. Flowed around the ring.


1. Mrs J B & Mr S T Whiting’s, Cibrith Captain Kirk JW ShCM, b/w dog, a very happy boy indeed, he was so enjoying his day. I liked his compact balanced outline. Pleasant even spotting masculine head, elegant neck to great top line and tail set. Strode around the ring well, not showing his age at all. BVIS
2. Mrs F C T & Mr J M Hartley and Griffith's, CH Creaganbrec The Favourite at Miragua JW
, b/w pleasant even spotting. super masculine head kind expression, dark eye, well set ears level top line correct tail set, balanced profile, moved out well.


1. Miss P Baker's, Oneowun Ohio, b/w masculine dog, in great condition for his age. Pure white coat with dense spotting, good front with depth of chest, sound bone. Moved with style around the big ring.

Minor Puppy Bitch 4

1. Ms M Kembrey’s, Dalmark the Kir Royale l/w bitch, rangy type, pretty head, correct eye colour, well set ears, pure white coat with good rich liver spotting. Reach of neck, level topline. Reasonable front assembly, moved true fore and aft, strode around the ring with reach and drive. Promising.
2. Mrs T Stocks, Nospar’s Lady Flirtini Pretty head, appealing expression, reasonable decoration. Balanced in profile, moved true coming and going, good steady movement around the big ring.

Puppy Bitch 5 (1)

1. Mrs SA & Miss S Neath-Duggan & Baker, Buffrey Hanky Panky by Dalleaf A fascinating class of quality bitches of various shapes and sizes. b/w bitch who had a classic head, dark eye, flat skull, elegant neck into a level topline, correct tailset. Excellent front, good rib, well boned, compact balanced profile, nothing exaggerated, moved true fore and aft, displayed reach and drive. This handler knows how to get the best out of her Dalmatians, when you are splitting hairs this counts. BPB
2. Dr WJE & Mrs JM Gardner’s, Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendwragge
l/w quality bitch. Tall, rangy girl, attractive decoration. Pretty head, arched neck into level topline, well set tail. Her tail was down on occasions and she was very unsettled. She has good movement when she decides to show it, but she did not match the winner of this class today. Ironically she moved better and with more enthusiasm as she went through the classes. Unsettled again in the challenge for Best Liver Bitch, but I forgave her. BLB.

Junior Bitch

1. Buffrey Hanky by Dalleaf
2. Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendragge

Yearling Bitch

1. Mrs S Haywood-Ridgeway’s, Luccombe Strawberry Royale Elegant b/w bitch, pretty head, dark eye, good reach of neck into firm level topline. Correct shoulder angulation, decent brisket, moved with reach and drive. Flowed around the ring, showed well. Well handled.
2. Mrs L Richardson’s, Mapplewell Ely Brown Well decorated attractive liver, happy girl. Feminine head, elegant neck flowing to good topline and tailset. Moved with reach and drive.

Maiden Bitch 5(1)

1. Buffrey Hanky Panky by Dalleaf
2. Mrs B Quayle’s, Chizzmic Carry on with Cubalibre
This bitch is so sweet, a smaller type, very pretty head, dark eye, excellent well set ears, neat, compact, balanced. Level topline, correct tailset, moved very well allways. Whilst I am sure she will have a successful show career, the two that beat her in puppy, for me, have more scope. I would still like to take her home with me.

Novice Bitch 5(1)

1. Buffrey Hanky by Dalleaf
2. Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendragge

Graduate Bitch

1. K&S Harrison-Stratford’s, Dalminshi Dark Dakota at Dalkereve b/w bitch, excellent dense black pigmentation on a, pure white coat, pleasant decoration, shown in super condition. Pretty head, dark eye, good stop, well set ears. Moved with ease around the ring. True fore and aft, strode with rhythmic gait. A very nice type, well handled.
2. Ms M Kembrey’s, Dalmark the Crčme De Cassis Happy demeanour, attractive feminine head. Smaller type, well balanced, moved true.

Post Graduate Bitch 5(2)

1. Mrs K Brennan’s, Daymadals In the Mood JW This super b/w bitch wins the accolade for best coat in show, purest white with dense black spots, so clean and tight. Feminine head, well set ears, alert attentive expression, lovely elegant neck flowing into good topline and tailset. Excellent front assembly, depth of chest, good width of thigh and a super bend of stifle. Moved really well with reach and drive. RBB.
2. Mr C & Mrs AE Healey’s, Dalmark the White Witch at Hebemor
Attractive l/w, feminine head, good eye colour and well set ears. Strong front assembly, well off for bone, level topline, moved with reach and drive.

Limit Bitch 6(1)

1. Mrs SA Neath-Duggan’s, Buffrey Hey Diddle Diddle b/w, with attractive decoration, deep pigmentation, coat in very good condition, feminine head, dark eye, well set ears, correct front, deep brisket, excellent tight feet, super balanced profile, a quality bitch. Tracked correctly and drove around the ring with power and control. A really nice type, again well handled.
2. Mrs LM & Mrs JM David & Saunders, Dalticino Interlagos from Dallydyl JW ShCM l/w, well constructed quality bitch, pretty head, broken ears. Good liver colour with pleasing decoration, well angulated shoulders, strong round bone. Moved true fore and aft and with a steady rhythmic gait in profile.

Open Bitch 4(1)

1. Mr M & Mrs AM Finlay’s, Dvojica Black Swan at Dalfin ShCM b/w quality bitch, substance with elegance. Feminine head, expressive eyes, elegant neck flowing into good level topline and correct tailset. Had depth of chest, excellent width of thigh and bend of stifle, powered effortlessly around the ring. Quiet competent handling. RBIS.BOS.BBB.
2. Mrs JE Dawson’s, Washakie Endless Summer
b/w happy outgoing girl, another quality bitch, very pretty head, dark eye, well carried ears, elegant neck into level topline and correct tailset. Good underline, super coat with dense black spotting. Moved well coming and going, displayed good extension and drive from the rear.

Special Junior Veteran Bitch 4(1)

1. Mrs Gibb’s, Ch Phadante Dixie Lily JW b/w bitch, pleasant decoration, very pretty head, elegant neck flowing into good topline. Well constructed, drove around the ring in style, showed well.
2. Mr&Mrs L Thorner’s, Ch Tolutim Drambuie ShCM b/w femine bitch, attractive decoration, elegant neck, kind expression, level topline. Well off for bone. Moved around the ring in a controlled manner, well handled.

Special Senior Veteran Bitch 3

1. Mrs JM Saunder’s, Caprilli’s Genuine Gift to Dallydyl ShCM b/w bitch, feminine head, elegant neck, dark eye, good front, deep chest, decent topline, moved with purpose.
2. ML&SG Scott-Allen & Davis, Tolutim Zaffre b/w in good condition. Well proportioned, correct topline, sound front, balanced bitch, moved well. Attentive to handler, well boned and strong in body.

Best Brace 4

1. Mr&Mrs L Thorner’s. A super pair of black and white bitches. Like two peas in a pod, moved around the ring as one.
2. Mr R & Mrs S Tingey’s. Liver and white dog and bitch. A lovely pair. Moved with style around the ring.

Ken Probert (Judge)