Boston 2018 Judged by Mrs G J Lilley
Boston Championship Show 2018


Thank you to all exhibitors for such a good entry of charming happy dogs, all without exception having the most wonderful temperaments. We were lucky enough to have a large enough ring to give everyone the best of opportunities to demonstrate ground covering movement. Very many thanks too to our stewards, Lynne McMillan and Deborah Kerr, with the latter also most kindly and efficiently managing to take speedy snaps of the winners, with these proving to be an extremely useful aid to my notes.

MPD (2)

1 Page's Rapanooey Calvin Kline By Winflash. He has a very wise look about him, strongly built with excellent topline and bone, good layback of shoulder and feet with tough pads. He moved very well, just scoring on front movement. BPD
2 Millington's Capearlla Pure Diamonds
. Also lovely with tail constantly awag. Well laid shoulder and turn of stifle, lovely head and eye. Just a touch longer in body than the

winner. PD (2, 1)

1 C Pure Diamonds.


1 Millington's Gloriandus Sagaro Of Capearlla (Imp Rus) . Well proportioned l/s with beautiful head and eye with a happy friendly expression that made me smile. Deep through the heart with good feet and hard, neat pads, he scored on layback of shoulder. Very good mover, in excellent condition.
2 Hopkins' Rapanooey Red Rose. He has a beautiful expression in his dark sparkling eyes with excellent pigment, deep chest and the slightly firmer topline, in good coat and condition.
3 Thorne's Spotiray Billy Elliot Of Castletop

(6, 3)

1 G Sagaro Of C
2 Gardinor's Dakata Duranta
. So well conformed all through with good shoulders, feet and topline if just a touch longer in loin than the winner. A very good mover with a serious expression.
3 Lamb's Dalpetro Digby

(6, 1) A difficult class with a great deal of variation particularly in heads.

1 Gibbs' Phadante Mr Blue Sky. Very masculine and well made all through with strong level topline, in splendid coat and hard muscular condition with good feet. Excellent mover.
2 Green & Sears' Boshendal Simply Red At Judally. Typey l/s with constantly wagging tail, better balanced with good layback of shoulder and depth through the heart, strong level back. Just going a touch close in movement, good feet.
3 Pawson's Craigvalley Vinny's Chance.

(6, 1)

1 Hopkin & Hobbs' Rapanooey Rasputin. Full of quality with a most appealing expression. Excellent make and shape with good depth of chest, neat feet and tough pads, scoring on topline. Moved extremely well particularly in profile and behind.
2 Whincup's Tamilanda Midnight Lilly. Very masculine with well shaped head, good shoulders, quarters, feet and depth through the heart, strong bone, in excellent coat and condition.
3 Gardinor's Jamelsley Pyracantha At Dakata.

(7, 1)

1 Page's Winflash Hugo Boss. So well balanced with lovely head and a beautiful expression in his well shaped dark eyes. Super for size, type, make and shape with well angulated shoulders and quarters with strong level topline. Very accurate on the move. See that he was my JD winner at Three Counties in 2015 and he has matured so well. CC, his second.
2 Neath-Duggan & Baker's Ch Buffrey Incognito By Dalleaf. Quite beautiful being chock full of quality and type with the best of dense black spotting on a clear white background. Super for body and balance, well made all through, this being reflected in the excellence of his movement. Most frustratingly he decided that the whole thing was so exciting that he insisted on being over-enthusiastic with his non-stop wagging tail despite his clever handler's best efforts. Most impressive nonetheless.
3 Goff-Leggett's Ch Washakie Shoshone Chief.


1 Alexander's Ch Offordale Chevalier. So very masculine, strong and typey. Beautiful head, eye and expression, super for make and shape with good layback of shoulder and turn of stifle. Strong and powerful on the move, covering ground in profile looking as if he could go all day with no trouble at all. RCC, the second from me, and BV
2 Sampson's Stocklore Wizard Of The Forest
. Well shaped head with a charming expression and tail constantly awag. Good for type, topline and depth of chest. He moved very well.

GCD/B (5, 1)

1 Sampson's Dalstorm Eternal Promise. L/s bitch with decent shoulder, good head, eye, pigment and feet. Lovely dark rich liver spotting with good depth through the heart. A happy showgirl with non-stop wagging tail.
2 C Vinny's Choice. B/s dog, third in the PG class. A masculine fellow with good pigment and a charming expression in his dark eyes. A strong sound mover with firm, well made body. Just a touch over enthusiastic with his tail on the move.
3 Pace's Big Ado.


1 Wright's Millbelle Fernie. Just 7 months, but already with the wow factor! So feminine and just lovely for quality and type with beautiful head, eye and expression with excellent pigment. So good for size, make and shape with well laid shoulder and firm level topline. Super sound and impressive on the move with her smooth ground covering stride. A showgirl as to the Manor Born. Close up to the big green edged cards. Most exciting. BP & PG4
2 Hobbs & Whiting's Rapanooey Rascallion
. Also lovely who was indeed unlucky to meet the winner on such good form. Such a very good mover with excellent feet, depth of chest, tailset and carriage. I see, she is litter sister to the BPD, both being sired by the DCC winner, Hugo Boss, who also sired
3 Page's Winflash Miss Dior


1 M Fernie
2 R Rascallion


1 McCarthy's Tolkain Gold Star For Kilndandy. Neatly spotted l/s with lovely head, eye and expression. Well made all through with firm level topline, deep through the heart with good body and feet, she scored here on layback of shoulder. She moved extremely well with good reach in profile.
2 Thornthwaite & Patrick's Cohavrick Symphony. Well shaped head and good depth of chest and topline, just a little longer in body than the winner. She moved well, particularly in profile and behind.

YB (6, 1)

1 Neath-Duggan & Baker's Buffrey Hanky Panky By Dalleaf. Quite and utterly beautiful in every way. Simply a joy to handle and watch both standing and on the move. So full of quality and type, strongly built while the personification of feminine elegance. Beautiful head, eye and expression, in hard muscular condition and well spotted coat on a bright white background. The excellence of her make and shape was mirrored in her effortless enduring stride, covering ground looking as if she could go all day with no trouble at all. Yes, she stole my heart; she is something truly special. CC her first BOB & G2
2 Gardner's Dvojica Chilli Chutney For Wrendragge
. L/s of lovely size and type. She too has a beautiful head, eye and expression, good layback of shoulder and depth of chest with a firm level topline, well set and carried tail. Very good mover. An exciting youngster.
3 D Eternal Promise.

(9, 3)

1 Neal's Tolkain Portobello Belle. Well balanced, where she scored here, and so good for size and type, make and shape with well laid shoulders, good depth through the heart and turn of stifle. Lovely dark expressive eyes, excellent body and topline. Tail constantly awag, she went well. Just to prove that she is useful as well as beautiful, gather she is dam of the winner of JB!
2 Chattaway's Shydally's Dahlia. Well made all through with good layback of shoulder, strong bone and neat firmly padded feet. Well shaped head and eye. She moved well, driving strongly from her hocks.
3 Whincup's Tamilands Valentina Lilly At Dotsadaisy.

(12, 4)

1 Stevenson's Macula Moonlight Mystique. One of those that 'grew on me' as, at first, she was not putting all in on the move but then, like a switch being turned, she suddenly decided that it was actually enjoyable and pulled herself together to stand and move better and better along with a constantly wagging tail. She has a good head and charming expression. So well balanced, of lovely size, type, make and shape with all the parts fitting firmly and accurately into the right places with well angulated shoulder and quarters. Just to prove the point she moved beautifully to win her first RCC
2 Wright's Offordale Anastasia avec Millbelle
. Holds herself so proudly on the move but, for reasons of her own, inclined to take this to excess when standing by insisting on throwing her head rather far back, which manages to disguise the true symmetry of her outline. Full of quality and so well made all through, excellent topline and balance. Non stop wagging tail, super sound and energetic on the move.
3 Wilkinson's Gwynmor High Five To Hunacres (Imp Nld).

(6, 1)

1 Philip's Dvojica Bubble 'N Chic At Nordalset. Very typey with good layback of shoulder and turn of stifle. Feminine and full of quality, well balanced, lovely head and eye. A very good mover, holding herself with pride.
2 Dodds & Pearson's Ch/Int & Ir Ch Kelevra Classic Cliché. Close up with well shaped head and eye with good depth through the heart, slightly firmer in topline. She moved extremely well.
3 Page's Winflash Prada Candy Kiss.

(2) If only there had been two first prizes here!

1 Wright's Boutoneux Artemis of Millbelle. She has a very determined look about her, very fit. Well balanced, of excellent make and shape with well laid shoulder and firm level topline with good depth of chest. An enthusiastic showgirl, happy and energetic on the move.
2 Gibbs' Ch Phadante Dixie Lily. High quality and very feminine with well shaped head and dark expressive eye with decent shoulder, in hard muscular condition. She moved extremely well.

Jane Lilley