British Dalmatian Club Open 2018 Judged by Christina Chapman

Open Show 3.2.18

Many thanks to the committee for this lovely invitation and the exhibitors for their wonderful entry.

BIS was Alexander's Offordale Picasso, with Res BD going to the Spec J Vet, Whiting's Cibrith Captain Kirk' and Res BIS and BOS to the bitch, McKenzie's Mapplewell Waterfall, Res BB Kembrey's Salmark the Creme de Cassis, BPIS Millington's Capealla Pure Diamonds and Res BP Hobbs and Whiting's Rapanovey Rascallion. Best Vet was rhw bitch, Tingey's Ch Phaeland Phoenix Phorever.

I saw no major faults at all, just a few were close behind, but movement on the whole was good. Presentation throughout was good, including the exhibits' condition. I must also mention the lovely atmosphere generated by a sporting ringside, I really enjoyed my day with this lovely breed.


1 Quayle's Millbelle Kicking Horse at Cbalibra
. Well grown with good overall shape. Angulation not yet balanced, but correct for age. Head has nice width to skull, full pigment and oval eye. On the move was very positive for a baby, with reach and drive right for age, and good profile stride.
2 Sampson and Handyside's Dalstorm Future Formula. 6 months just, but so much to like again. Good shape, nicely bodied and angulated, correct for age. Head coming along well. On the move needs to tighten all round, but time will do this.
3 O'Connor's Dalamanti Diamond Raider.


1 Millington's Capearlla Pure Diamonds
. 9 months, pleasing outline and a good topline and strong loin, giving slight arch. Good muscle already on the thighs, nice tight feet. Has a good skull width and clean in front, good pigment and dark eye. Angulation not quite balanced but correct for age, as is the drive, reach and stride he has.
2 M Kicking Horse at C.
3 D Diamond Raider.


1 Hopkin's Rapanooey Red Rose
. 17 months, loved his make and shape. Prominent withers and strong loin giving correct topline. Very well muscled thighs, good bone and feet. Head almost there with a good skull, clean and with the desired width, super dark eye and good pigment. Angulation just about balanced, but again right for age. On the move has reach, drive and powerful stride.
2 Alexander's Offordale Griffin. Close up to the winner in many aspects, but a bit slower in growth pattern. Has a good outline, nice crest in neck and a good topline. Muscle and bone are fine and movement is fine for age, just not quite as firm behind as the winner on the day.
3 thorne's Spotiray Billy elliott of Castletop.


1 Healey's Doshabusi the Cloud Dragon at Hebemor
. 20 months, good topline frame, obvious wither and strong loin, giving slight arch. Arch also apparent on the neck. Well proportioned head, well set ears and good pigment and oval eye. Very well muscled throughout, along with balanced angulation, giving powerful yet easy action from all angles.
2 Halfaeree Kalokairie's Crowd Pleaser. Very similar in outline to the winner., also has a pleasing head, eye and pigment. Good topline and muscle, angulation almost balanced. Movement is fine, just needs to tighten a bit.
3 Wallington's Sophtspot in the Zone.


1 M Kicking Horse at C.
2 S in the Zone.


1 S in the Zone.


1 Hernandez' Dalminshi Starlite Express
. 2 years old, liked his outline. Good head, pigment, and eye colour first class. Crest in neck leading into good wither, strong topline with good loin muscle. Well muscled thighs and balanced angulation meant he looked effortless yet powerful, with reach, drive and good profile stride.
2 D the Cloud Dragon at H.
3 S Billy Elliot of C.


1 D Starlite Express.
2 Forrest's Elabri Esprit Horizon at Spotswood
. Ebullient 3 year old with lovely head and eye, good skull and lovely dark eye. Crest in neck to withers, and strong loin muscle. Angulation balanced well for age, and is sound with drive, reach and in profile.
3 baker's Lancelot des Landes D'Iroise (Imp).


1 Whincup's Tamilanda Midnight Lilly
. 2 years, well built and ribs well back. Loin strong, angulation almost balanced, but ok for age. Liked his head and skull, super pigment and dark eye. On the move used his hocks to provide drive,. also has reach and stride, i feel more to come with this one.
2 pace's Big Addo. Another good outline with good muscle tone, nice depth to chest and good feet. Has a good clean head, well pigmented. On the move again used his hocks well and has good front action for age, also easy profile stride.
3 Donnelly's Tamilanda Berry Ice Lilly.


1 Alexander's Affordable Picasso. BD
. 3 years old, super head with good pigment and dark, oval eye. Good, flat clean skull, well set ears. Strong neck with slight crest, obvious wither and strong loin, giving correct topline. Well ribbed and super muscle on loin and thighs. Well balanced angulation, so on the move has reach, drive, stride and power.
2 Hobbs and Whiting's Boutonneux Baby Buco avec Rapanooey. Another with a pleasing outline. Well muscled, good tight feet. Nice depth of chest and ribbed well back. Angulation is balanced, just on the day could not quite match the winner on the move.


1 Whiting's Cibrithi Captain Kirk. Res BD
. 8 years young and very well built, good ribs and strong muscle throughout. Good head planes and pigment. Super tight feet and well balanced angulation, so on the mover he has drive and powerful stride to match his good front.
2 harrison-Stratford's Dalkereve Dark Dragon. 7 and a half and similar to the winner in many ways. Angulation is balanced and muscle is very good. nice depth to chest and well ribbed. Pleasing head and expression and pigment. Has reach and drive, but on the day not as easy looking in his stride as the winner.
3 Sampson's Stocklore Wizard of the Forrest.

Senior Vet

1 Baker's Oneowun Ohio
. 11 and a half years young. Very well built, good muscle tone and well balanced angulation. Good depth to chest, ribs well back. Good loin and thighs. On the move looked effortless, yet has reach and drive and looked good in profile.


1 Wright's Millville Fernie
. 7 months and such a nice puppy. Growth, muscle tone etc is exactly right for her age. Angulation again fine for age. Feminine head and expression and good pigment. On the move very positive for age. Super prospect.
2 Hajee and Tidcombe's Castlestop Summer breeze. Showing pleasing outline, good bone and feet. Angulation ok for age and another feminine and well proportioned head for age. On the move still needs to firm up all round.


1 Hobbs and Whiting's Rapanooey Rascallion
. Pleasing shape, muscle, bone and feet for age. Pretty feminine head and expression, nice neck and topline. Angulation not yet balanced, so crabbing slightly on the move, but perfectly acceptable for her age.
2 M Ferrnie.
3 Millington's Capearlla Pure IIllusion.


1 Thornthwaite and Patrick's Cohavrick Symphony
. Nice head with full pigment and feminine too. Good neck leading to good topline and strong loin. Angulation almost balanced but correct for age, as is her movement which is positive, with reach and drive.
2 Crooke's Dalmark the Ratafia. Well built youngster with good muscle tone. Again angulation balanced for age, and quite positive on the move. Suspect she may be coming into season as a little unsettled in stance.

YB Lovely class.

1 Quayle's Chizzmic Carry On with Cubalibre. Very well balanced through for age. Good bone and tight feet. Well muscled, especially on second thigh. Pretty feminine head with good dark eye and pigment. However, on the mover she has drive from well used hocks, reach and easy yet powerful stride in profile.
2 Bardney's Dalcross Destinys Child. Very close up to the winner, with the same qualities. A feminine head and expression, good chest and well ribbed back. Another who can move well. On the day the winner was just a tad firmer in front.
3 neath-Duggan's and Baker's Buffrey Hankey Panky by Dalleaf.


1 R Rapscallion.


1 Richardson's Mapplewell Ely Brown
. Nicely built with good bone and feet. Very good muscle tone throughout, angulation not quite balanced but correct for age. Well proportioned head and feminine expression. On the move has the drive, reach and stride to go with her balance.
2 Whincup's Tamilanda Valentina Lilly at Dotsodaisy. A little lighter in build than 1, but balance and movement on a par. Another well proportioned head with good pigment. movement is also very positive for her age.
3 Chattaway's Shydally's Dahlia.

Another good class.

1 Healey's Dalmark the White Witch at Hebemar. 3 year old of good overall shape. Good head, dark oval eye and well set ears. Good muscle and bone, lovely tight feet. Angulation balanced and on the move had drive, reach and a good powerful ground covering stride.
2 Harrison-Stratford's Dalminshi Dark Dakota at Dalkereve. Again good outline, head proportions pleasing, with a nice neck, good topline, strong loin and balanced angulation for age. On the move used her hocks well and covered the ground with ease.
3 Haywood-Ridgeway's Luscombe Strawberry Royale.


1 Kembrey's Dalmark the Creme de Cassis. Res BB
. Good overall shape, strong loin and good muscle on the thighs. Angulation balanced and very good feet. Well proportioned head with good eye and well set ears. On the move drives from well used hocks, also has the reach and stride needed.
2 Tingey's Dallydor the Enchantress. Another good overall build with muscle tone, good bone and super feet. Angulation balanced for age and she drives off well into a good stride, which looks powerful, just needs to firm a little in front.
3 Whincup's Tamilanda Pick-a-Lilly.


1 McKenzie's Mapplewell Waterfall. BB
. Lovely outline with slight arch to neck, good wither and strong loin muscle. Good depth to chest and well ribbed up. Good bone and super tight feet. On top of this sits a well proportioned head with dark eyes and super pigment. On the move was easy in stride, but with the desired reach and drive.
2 Thorne's Tolutim Evensong at Noracoopa. Another very good exhibit with muscle, bone and feet expected in a working dog. Good skull, dark eyes and good pigment. On the move was sound all ways, but felt the winner was just a bit stronger on the day.

Sp Vet B Nice class.

1 Gibb's Ch Phadante Dixie Lily. 8 and a half years and still has the muscle and balance to move so soundly. Very good, well proportioned head. Good topline and super feet. On the move belies her years, with power, drive and reach. Lovely example to the youngsters.
2 Wright's Boutonneux Artemis Of Mill Belle. Very similar to the winner so the same remarks apply. Sound in body and movement, another good example of the lasting qualities of this breed.
3 whiting's Cibrith China Aster.

Sp Vet 10+
All a credit to their owners.

1 Tingey's Ch Phalanx Pheonix Forever by Dallydor. Still has super muscle, good bone and tight feet. Nice chest, super muscle, good bone and tight feet. Nice chest, super temperament. Good head, expression and a dark eye. Movement is a joy to watch, so so sound all ways.
2 Wright's Angelic Aphrodite for Millbelle. Close up to the winner, with the same qualities. Another good example of how well a breed can be when they are like this. Super fit, healthy and sound.
3 Scott-Allen and Davis' total Zaffre.


1 Kembrey's
, so well matched for markings and in profile, I just saw one set of legs for quite some distance. Going away they matched stride for stride.
2 Healey's, going away they went very well together, but coming in they went a little awry. Matched in looks very well.

Christina Chapman