South Wales Kennel Association 2018 Judged by Mike Cleland

My thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge at this show, it was well organised and I must give special thanks to my stewards who did a great job.
Overall, I found more quality in the bitches and some will certainly go on to greater things, in the dogs I felt there has been a detrimental change towards broader heads and heavier bodies.
Thank you to all exhibitors for the opportunity to go over your dogs and the sporting way my decisions were accepted.
I was delighted with my main winners who were all fit for purpose and excellent representatives of the breed.

MPD (1)

1st Alcock’s Kayjule Kepler at Dalspartan Delightful puppy, well schooled and very responsive to handler at just 6 months and one day old, great conformation, evenly spotted with intense contrasting colour, moved with style and obedience beyond his tender age.

PD (2)

1st Green & Sear’s Alphaldal Aint Misbehaving at Judally Traditional liver decoration, nicely arched neck to level topline, correct tailset carried well on the stand and when moving, this puppy shows much potential for greater things in the future. BPD & BPIB
2nd Alcock’s Kayjule Kepler at Dalspartan


1st Millington’s Capearlla Its on Ice Striking pigmentation and good even decoration, well made without coarseness, conformation held well while moving with strength and drive.
2nd Finlay’s Dalfin Actual Fact Pleasing head and expression, classic ear and tail spotting, correct shoulder angulation giving good reach on the move, straighter in stifle with a different tail set to 1st

PGD (7 – 1A)

1st Wheaton’s Buffrey the Last Word at Acinonyx Presented in great condition, sound, able and fit for purpose, balanced head with moderate stop, clean jaw line and entle expression framed by broken decoration on ears, good straight front, neat tight feet, tucked up well at 10th rib to short strong loins with good turn of stifle, well made second thigh and upright in the hocks, correct confirmation led to excellent movement, was pleased to be able to award him RDCC
2nd Hopkin’s Rapanooey Red Rose JW
Well decorated, good conformation with deep chest and good spring of rib, neat turn of stifle and strong second thigh, moved well in harmony with handler.

LIMIT (11)

1st Green & Sears Boschendal Simply Red at Judally Elegant, mature Liver dog, correct for size and bone, neck well placed into lay of upper arm with rear angulation correct giving dynamic ground covering movement.
2nd Scott-Allen & Davis’s Tolutim Yaffle Well decorated with unusually even spotting, elegant if somewhat fine bone and confirmation, excellent front and rear angulation giving a powerful action on the move.

OPEN (6)

1st Neath-Duggan & Baker’s CH Buffrey Incognito by Dalleaf JW This dog takes the eye immediately with his pitch black spots evenly spread on a brilliant white coat, I judged him as a puppy and wasn’t disappointed in how he has progressed. In profile his confirmation could be the template for Breed Standard, presented in tiptop condition, working as one with his handler, reaching out and driving powerfully from muscular hindquarters on the move showing he was absolutely fit for purpose. I was pleased with his performance in the group. DCC BOB
2nd Pages Winflash Hugo Boss
Well balanced confirmation with powerful front and hindquarters, good reach and drive covering the ground effortlessly with his flowing action.


!st Blisset’s Shydally’s King Arthur of Kystuno A grand older gentleman, behaved impeccably for his handler, on the stand and when moving his years of experience clearly seen from his showmanship.

MPB (6)

1st Hartley & Griffiths Miragua Heart to Heart Perfectly symmetrical in profile, balanced head with ears framing the face well, light tapering neck to good level topline, correct tail set and subsequent carriage on the move, distinctive arched toes and well defined hocks, developing a smooth flowing movement, dense black well defined spotting on a pure white coat. BPB
2nd Rogers Dalmardi City of Embers
Pleasing expression, very attentive to handler straight in front and on the move, good depth of chest and length of body, lighter in decoration than 1st, moved well with rhythmic driving action from the rear

PB (4)

1st Rogers Dalmardi City of Embers
2nd Edens Dalens Dancing Queen
Elegant femine head, long slim neck. lighter in chest and body than 1st, well turned stifle and let down hocks with neat tight cat feet.

JB (6-1A)

1st Wright’s Millbelle Fernie JW Traditional even decoration, moderate balanced head with lightly broken ears framing face neatly, strong front and correct shoulder set, topline held on the move, tail carried well at all times, good turn of stifle, upright at hocks which gave positive reaching and driving gait.
2nd Howard Riddle’s Shydally Wish upon a Star Well balanced confirmation, slim elegant and well presented, in sound condition, moved with an easy gracious stride.

PGB (10-4A)

1st Davies Maddidalli Embers Glow Distinctively marked with dense spotting, good temperament, pleasant expression, well arched neck and even topline, good lay of shoulder and spring of rib, tucking up neatly at 10th rib to strong loins and second thigh, short coupled but completely in balance, moved with a powerful rhythmic action covering ground gracefully, a well deserved RBCC
2nd Hartley & Griffiths Creaganbrec Glory be at Miragua
Concise wellbalanced confirmation, gentle expression with nicely set ears carried to her advantage, slim elegant neck, strong front with good bone down to neat cat feet excellent rear angulation and steady powerful movement with long reaching action.

LB (11-1A)

1st Tingeys Dallyador the Enchantress JW Old fashioned liver decoration with symmetrical confirmation, elegant head and arched neck, good lay of shoulder, strong front with deep chest tucking up well to strong loins and correct tailset, well muscled hindquarters, presented in truly sound condition moving with power and ease.
2nd Stevensons Macula Moonlight Mystique JW Deeply pigmented decoration, pleasant expression and appealing dark eyes, good reach of neck to level topline and correct tailset carried well on the move and standing, presented in good sound condition moved purposefully with gentle striding action.

OB (6-1A)

1st Croft’s CH Kalokairie Barberella from Koroyza Breed Standard rich liver decoration, distinctively spotted, balanced, powerful and symmetrical in profile, text book confirmation, presented in the soundest of condition, moved at speed with great reach and drive with an effortless appearance BCC
2nd Page’s Winflash Prada Candy Kiss
Good head shape, lovely eyes, long clean neckline, good lay of shoulder, excellent bone to front with neat tight feet, depth of chest appropriate, good spring of rib and well built hind quarters giving powerful driving rear movement.

VB (2-1A)

1st Wright’s Boutonneux Artemis of Millbelle JW ShCM Light but appealing decoration, positive attitude, presented in excellent condition, balanced with good bone, well made and elegant in profile, enjoying her day out enthusiastic and energetic on the move.