Joint Clubs 2019 Judged by Mark Dunnachie & Mrs A Smith
Joint Dalmatian Clubs Show Feb 16th 2019


Thank you firstly to the North of England for the nomination to be their choice to judge the males , my first Club Show appointment , I felt it was a great honour. Also the Joint Show committee are to be applauded in what they managed to achieve , given the recent events with the Parvo outbreak at the Stoneleigh venue, and had to move the whole show, find a new venue , inform exhibitors and all the hullabaloo that went with that, no mean feat, it shows what a great collection of people we have in our committees. We are indeed very lucky to have them.

On to the males then, always numerically smaller than the bitches, and generally accepted that the bitches have more quality exhibits to choose from, with less people keeping males. An entry of 44 ,I was pleased with that, and 9 absentees. All of my class winners I was happy with, but observations in general , for those interested, why would you bring your dog to a show dirty? It baffles me !
Something else which really struck me this time was dirty teeth, not just in older dogs, some 3 and 4 year olds had thick dirty tartar build up on the top canines as well as along the gum line on the premolars, and I donít just mean one or two dogs. They wonít hold onto their teeth until their teens if they donít have regular cleaning now . Bites were correct on every exhibit, although a few were missing premolars. Short upper arms are just the norm now sadly, but will always be incorrect, and tail carriages , well I think exhibitors know their dogs have high curly tails, but maybe hope the judges wonít see it?? Surprisingly though, a lot of these look so much better on the stand , and can be quite level . On the whole eye colours were very good, and pigment also excellent in many exhibits. Temperaments I would say have improved a lot since I started showing 20 yrs ago, and the majority were very happy and confident being gone over. In the challenge I cut it down to 4, any of them could have won the ticket, I was delighted with the dogs, they all showed so well, and they all complimented one another, but there could only be one winner and the only liver in my line up rose to the top, it was a close decision between him and the res cc winner. I excused myself from jointly judging best in show, as I had not only bred the bitch cc winner, but I have handled and won with her in the past year for her owner... My dog ended up BIS, and the bitch RBIS , Angela and I then judged the other awards jointly and happy to say we agreed on all awards with no need for Linda Moore our referee. Many thanks to everyone who entered under me, it felt like quite a good atmosphere and I hope you all enjoyed your day out, I certainly did.

MPD (2,1A)
1st Williams -Tolkain Storm King from Phadante. - 7 months , really smart looking black, his pigment is first class as is his spotting. Good dark eye. Nice size, he has good bone and feet, his topline level, and his tail set is excellent. He does have quite a strong head, he moved ok, overall I think he is very promising .

PD (3,1A)
1st Locke-McFadzean - Caprilliís Panache Over Sassafras(imp) - Panache is the right name for this one, very smart boy, he just gets your attention and holds it. Wonderful black spotting, his coat and overall condition was first rate, excellent muscle tone , happy and outgoing, and enjoying being in the ring. His angulation front and rear were very good, level topline held on the move, good head and neck , nice to see a forechest, good round bone and very good feet. Although he is one who carries his tail up on the move , Iím sure it will settle in time, it looked fine standing. He moved out with style and flair and why I kept him to the final 4 in the challenge, eventually my co judge and I agreed he just had to be BPIS
2nd Emmett - Ellemstra Against All Odds
- 10 months showy Black , who unfortunately was not wearing his best jacket today, spotting needs to clear, and also he was a bit fidgety when being gone over. He did however settle fine once he moved, good eye colour and attractive broken ears, good bone and excellent feet , level topline, he moved well enough but not with the same drive as 1.

JD (6,1A)
1st Smith - Mullabuoy Magic Man for Snowspeeder - 15 months old black with attractive spotting. Quite a fidget, but very showy. Lots to like about him, dark eye strong back and good tailset, excellent feet, I would prefer him a size larger, but he did move out with purpose and drive and well deserved his win.
2nd Green & Sears - Alphadal Ainít Misbehaving at Judally - today this lovely liver boy did misbehave slightly , he didnít settle at first, but after moving him he was better. Attractive overall shape with good height to length ratio, excellent front and rear angles, and moved out well. His colouring and pigment are wonderful, really fills the eye, when he fully matures Iím looking forward to seeing the finished article .

PGD (7,4A)
1st Baker - Lancelot Des Landes DíIroise(Imp) - a grand name for a grand fellow. Striking black, fully matured and well bodied. Lovely classic shape, beautiful head, dark eye, good neck ,strong level topline, well ribbed back . Good bone and feet, best mover in the class. He didnít quite make the final 4 in the challenge, but he deserved his win.
2nd Carroll - Sophtspot Hip Hip Hooray - overall a nice dog but was a bit unsettled with his professional handler. Good overall shape, well spotted, good dark eye, but he was for my liking carrying too much weight. Good angles front and back, and his side profile movement was ok, but like a lot of dogs today he didnít track up coming and going as I had hoped he would .

MLD (5,0A)
1st Fryday - Cragvallie Chance on Me - 4 y.o. Impressive looking dog, good bone, the most amazing pigment, well spotted, head was quite strong, I would have preferred a bit more refinement, having said that, they donít move on their head, so not a deal breaker for me, good level topline and on the stand his tailset is fine, however another one who carries it high on the move, I had to ignore that in this class because they were all the same. Movement was good, and one of the few that can actually track up true, only real negative for him today was he was carrying way too much weight, thatís why I let him go in the challenge, other than that, for me he was a contender.
2nd Pace - Big Addo - 6y.o liver in pristine condition, good coat and lovely spotting, level topline and tailset, although carried high on the move, very attentive to his handler, they have a great rapport, didnít move out with quite the same gusto as 1.

LD (10,2A)
1st Hopkin - Rapanooey Red Rose - he was an easy class winner, standard size and overall good body shape. Excellent pigment and spotting, showed really well, at one with his handler, he did everything that was asked of him, and a wee bit more. Good head , nice dark eye, strong neck good topline and tailset, well ribbed with short couplings, on the move he is very stylish, steady and rhythmical, he never misses a beat, he was one of the best movers and he pushed the cc winner hard, a very close decision, he took the RES CC and eventually was best black in show. Well done, Iím sure the big green cards are not far away.
2nd Donnelly - Tamilanda Berry Ice Lilly - lovely black spotted dog, very chatty he and his handler have a good connection and was a pleasure to see, his coat wasnít quite at its best today but, overall he is a good shape, and his head is just a delight, nice dark eye, one of the few who tracked up square and true, his side profile movement was also good, but not quite the drive of 1.

OD (7,1A)
1st Christie - Ch.Sophtspot Gold Dust JW - 4y.o liver of good colour and pleasing spotting pattern,his coat was ok today although he did have a couple of red marks on his rear end, good overall make and shape. good head , with a decent eye colour, strong neck onto a strong wither, good tailset standing, but another who carries his tail higher on the move. Once he gets into his stride he settles to the job in hand and I was quite impressed, the more he went the better he got , and he did enough to edge ahead of limit winner. They could easily change places on another day. Well done to his professional handler who squeezed every last drop from him. CC and as I said earlier I excused myself from judging BIS jointly, due to me having handled and bred the bitch cc winner, where Gold Dust eventually triumphed to take BIS
2nd Whincup - Ch Tamilanda Midnight Lilly JW
- lovely black dog of good proportions, dark eye, well broken ears , correct head shape, correct bite, good neck onto strong level back with excellent tailset, good round bone and good feet, although he is full bodied and all male, heís not course at all. My only wish for him, is that he gives his accomplished owner/handler another 10% showmanship. Considered for the res cc .

Jun Vet (4,0A)
1st.Whincup -Ch Tamilanda Panther Lilly JW Sh.CM - just over 7 yrs old and he is still a contender, a favourite of mine, I gave him his first res cc from puppy yrs ago, I loved him then and I love him now. Iíve written extensively about him in the past and many of my comments still apply, he fulfilled all his early promise and more, and I was glad to meet him here today to see how he is faring as a veteran.......well.......he was firing on all cylinders and his presence really I felt enhanced my eventual line up, itís why I kept him in as one of my ďFab FourĒ...... for eventual top honours I was really nit picking, and it came down to one thing, his muscle definition, while good, wasnít just as firm as the 2 younger boys, but he was my 3rd choice of the day, with very little to split the top boys. Best Veteran Dog and Best Opposite Sex Veteran In Show
2nd Cuthbertson- Ch Kalsidoni Cameo
- another old favourite of mine who has previously won a cc under me, he hasnít aged much and itís staggering how quickly the time goes ,he now stood under me as a veteran, proving that dallyís really do last. He showed and moved out well, but not perhaps with the same fervour as 1, he is a strongly made boy, and elegant at the same time, he had a slight coat issue which Iím sure will clear in no time. Still capable of top honours.

Judge - Mark Dunnachie