CRUFTS 2019 Judged by Mrs Chris Pickup
Crufts 2019 Dalmatians

I was honoured and delighted with my entry and pleased that the entry was from both home and abroad. Thank you to everyone who entered. Many thanks also to my able and hardworking stewards.

Overall I had a lovely quality entry - the best Dalmatians exuded quality in both conformation and correct movement and many of the attributes required in our breed standard, but there were sadly a small minority which lacked real depth of quality. There is excellent quality in both sexes but more variation in type in bitches. In some classes I had hard choices to make as the quality was so high and I would have liked a few more CC’s. On another note, I was sad to see some pink feet and poor coat conditions, which can be remedied whereas poor feet and poor fronts remain an issue in the breed. There were too many high set tails, some bad movement and a tiny minority were not sufficiently ring trained and apprehensive. However, movement, in the best, was powerful, yet economic with good reach and drive. These dogs would be able to carry out the job of carriage dog. That said, I want to be very specific that the many who could move well, were nicely marked and were happy, outgoing and friendly were a real treat to judge and I had some very difficult decisions to make - decisions could be very different on another day.

I loved both my dog and bitch final lineup where the quality was beautifully illustrated. These quality exhibits are our future as custodians of this very special breed and a real joy to judge – please look after our precious breeds’ future. Delighted that my BoB made the shortlist in the Group.

Veteran Dog 11/3
1 Whincup’s CH TAMILANDA PANTHER LILLY JW ShCM Black spotted, eye catching seven year old masculine dog. In fabulous condition and showed like a dream. Good bone with good front and rear with good heart room, drove round the ring and demanded my attention all the while. Best Veteran
Another worthy champion of seven years of age. Lovely deep pigmented decoration and good dark eye, slightly shorter in the loin than 1 but none the less a free powerful moving dog powerful, just preferred 1 today.
3. Whincup and Sibson’s CH TAMILANDA VINTAGE PINK JW Another good mover with good overall proportions. Lovely head and expression – one of three lovely dogs in very nice class of mature Dallies.

Minor Puppy Dog 1.
1.Williams TOLKAIN STORM KING FROM PHADANTE Outgoing friendly eight month old puppy with lovely deep pigmented spotting. Sound overall construction, moved happily and boldly in a balanced way round the ring with a lovely profile. Although he stood alone, a deserving winner. Still developmental but I think he will have a great future.

Puppy Dog 3/0
1. Emmett & Simons ELLEMSTRA AGAINST ALL ODDS Attractive puppy of correct size, nicely constructed with attractive head and good eye colour. Good bone and good feet. Good topline on the move .Still developing but very correct and showy. Should do very well in the ring.
2. Mather’s TALIORY SADDLESIDE LEGEND Nice profile with good front and deep brisket. Attractive head and overall assembly is good. Good bone and nice quarters. Another promising pup.
3. Pine’s. THE SON OF SAM JAMES Finer dog than the above, rangier and still developmental. Moved well but 1 and 2 were better balanced

Junior Dog 13/1 Three very promising youngsters for the future
1. Locke-Mcfadzean’s CAPRILLIS PANACHE OVER SASSAFRAS (IMP USA) Eye catching youngster with lovely black spotting on the whitest of coats. Overall very balanced with good front and rear angulation, moving with reach and drive. Good spring of rib and depth of chest. Correct feet and good bone; level topline on the move and one to watch in the future!
2.Gamble’s MULLABUOY GAMBLING BOY Very promising as he is well constructed of good size and is balanced on the move, keeping a level topline. Good depth of brisket and nice tuck up giving a good profile. Lovely head and expression with dark eye. Coat in excellent condition and friendly outgoing nature. Just preferred 1 today.
3. Sims MULLABUOY MAGIC MAN FOR SNOWSPEEDER. Litter brother and very similar to the above. .Attractive markings and good head. Good profile and moved with reach and drive. Good feet and bone. Very close between the two siblings as they are very similar, but felt 2 moved marginally better.

Yearling Dog 7/0
1. Todhunter & Robinson’s MILLBELLE ROCKY MOUNTAIN Lovely liver colour of correct size. Sound construction, muscular condition, good spring of rib and heart room, deep brisket and powerful but economic movement. Powered around the ring. Could move all day!
2. Holland & Millington’s CAPEARLLA ITS ON ICE
More elegant stamp than one, bold black spotting on a nice profile. Pleasing expression, attractive head, leading to good topline and sound quarters, moved well but not the drive of 1.
3. Bermingham’s LORNLEE BITE THE BULLET Elegant male, with good decoration - well presented.

Post Graduate Dog 9/0
1. Cobb’s KALOKAIRIE EDDY THE EAGLE Attractively marked liver with nice head and good dark eye colour. Good balanced profile, good muscle tone, slightly longer in the loin but maintains balanced topline on the move. Beautifully presented.
2. Thorne’s SPOTIRAY BILLY ELLIOT OF CASTLETOP Masculine but elegant black spotted with good spring of ribs, deep brisket and nice overall shape. Correct feet. Moved with vigour, just preferred 1.
3. Southwood & Tofield RAPANOOEY SOLAR SOLSTICE Liver lad with good head and expression. Overall balanced dog and kept good topline of the move. Happy disposition.

Mid Limit Dog 16/0 Very nice class
1. Donnelly TAMILANDA BERRY ICE LILLY Good shape and overall profile with good pigmented but lighter black spotting. Kind expression with dark eyes and moved powerfully and purposefully around the ring today keeping level a topline. Really enjoying his time in the ring.
2. Alexander’s OFFORDALE PICASSO Black lighter spotted dog, masculine but retaining elegance. Dark eyes, lovely head and expression. Good front, good turn of stifle and correct feet. Moved well but carrying a tad too much weight over the withers.
3. Chernova’s ULTRAVIOLET IZ TERLETSKOY DUBRAVY Another black spotted in hard muscular condition. Slightly taller on the leg and longer in the loin but overall created a lovely profile. Beautifully handled

Limit Dog 14/0
1. Cobb’s KALOKAIRIE'S CARBON COPY JW Expertly presented and handled, a flashy black spotted dog who is sound throughout with good make and shape. Good overall angulation appearance. Moved with vigour across the ring as did my other placings.
2. Stocks NOSPAR'S SHADED LANSON JW Attractive liver spotted dog, not as tall as one but nevertheless moves with purpose and drive. Just preferred 1 today
3. Scott-Allen & Davis’ TOLUTIM YAFFLE Nice black spotted with dense black pigmentation. Attractive head and good front assembly. Balanced but not as enthusiastic on the move as 1 & 2

Open Dog 18/1 Such a lovely class with some great depth of quality
1 Christie’s CH SOPHTSPOT GOLD DUST JW Just exuding quality from a beautiful line up of males and repeating much of what I wrote the last time I judged him - he is now fully mature, a lovely quality masculine liver dog, on the stand he has a fabulous outline, correct in all departments. An attractive head and kind expression with lovely overall markings of good liver colour. Correct neck and front blending into a deep chest .Good spring of rib. His rear angulation is well constructed with good turn of stifle. He powered effortlessly round the ring and moving with vigour. Handled effortlessly and beautifully, I loved him. DCC and BoB
Flashy black spotting on whitest coat. Lovely outline, good front with round bone and nice depth of brisket. Side profile standing, and on the move, illustrates his excellent overall balance. Has a good length of stride. Very attractive head and expression. Expertly handled and pushed hard for top honours but just preferred 1 today RCC
Another liver of good colour and lovely decoration, level topline, nice head and kind expression. Good bone with correct feet, he has a nice outline, moved with drive.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme - Dog 6/0
1. Pace’s BIG ADDO Masculine dog in good condition. Attractive lighter liver spotting. Moves well with drive and keeps a level topline but tail carriage spoils his outline. Beautifully handled. A bit overdone for me.
2. Wheaton’s BUFFREY THE LAST WORD AT ACINONYX Masculine strong black spotted dog, plenty of bone and substance and keeps a good topline on the move. Such a happy dog enjoying himself in the ring.
3. Eden’s DALENS HOT GOSSIP JW ShCM Nicely balanced black spotted dog, correct height, just didn’t drive as well as 1 & 2.

Veteran - Bitch 16/3
1. Thorner’s CH TOLUTIM DRAMBUIE ShCM Feminine, elegant attractive 10 year old black spotted who does not look her age. Correct size and good bone. In good muscular condition and coat, she moved effortlessly around the ring and demanded my attention.
2. Haywood-Ridgeway’s CH LUCCOMBE STRAWBERRY DREAM JW Seven years old black spotted f, pleasing overall outline and proportions, in good muscular condition but nothing overdone. Moved well. Just preferred 1 today.
3. Jenkins JEWELRUBY QUEEN Eight year old nicely decorated black spotted, very dark eye, and great pigmentation. Overall well balanced and moved well, perhaps carrying a tad too much weight.

Minor Puppy - Bitch 4/0 Very nice class of youngsters
1. Christie’s CHECKMATE IZ TERLETSKOY DUBRAVY BY SOPHTSPOT (IMP RUS) Eye catching stunning black spotted puppy. Lovely overall make and shape, good size, good bone and good feet. Plenty of heart room and tuck up and such a happy pup. Moved with reach and drive around the ring. A real show girl – as was 2- Best Puppy
2. Dunnachie & Philip’s DVOJICA DAISY DIAMOND
Another stunner, black spotted, lovely size, make and shape. Sound all round. Moved with reach and drive, extremely happy puppy. Expertly handled. Difficult decision as very little to choose between 1 & 2, just preferred 1 overall today.
3. Neal’s TOLKAIN MORNING STAR Litter sister to Minor Puppy Dog winner and a very sound and attractive puppy. Not as mature as her competitors, but nevertheless a very promising puppy.

Puppy - Bitch 11/2 Nice class
1. Peterson’s DAEDALUS GRAND FINALE Dense black pigment and bold spotting with dark eye... Balanced front and rear. Moved with reach and drive. Good bone and feet, well let down hocks. Developmental but showing great promise
2. Tingey’s DALLYADOR SECRET ADDICTION Just a month younger than1and again developmental, but another promising pup. Attractive black spotting and lovely overall profile maintained on the move, and good feet. Thought 1 more settled on the 3. Hughes TALIORY TAKE AIM FUSILIER Unlucky to meet the two above, another quality puppy with much to like. Overall she has a good profile on the stand and moved well but was very unsettled in the final run off

Junior - Bitch 16/1 Lovely class
1. Watts & Jackson-Peatling’s TAMILANDA CONTINENTAL SONG Feminine black spotted 17 months old who has deepest pigmentation, dark eye, lovely head and is of correct size. Enough substance, good front and rear angulation, moves in a balanced way with nothing overdone. A bright future for this youngster.
2. Hartley & Griffiths MIRAGUA HEART TO HEART Slightly taller than 1 but none the less balanced throughout with deep chest and good tuck up. Good topline standing and on the move she caught my eye with her sound rhythmic movement.
3. Stocks PANDAMAX LADY MARTINI TO NOSPAR Another eye catching black spotted with attractive head, sound construction with good feet, moved well and just unlucky to meet 1 & 2

Yearling – Bitch 12/0
1. Fransen’s DALSTORM FUTURE FAITH This youngster took my eye and kept my attention in the high quality line up. Lovely liver girl with great pigmentation. Overall very balanced. Lovely head and front. Deep brisket with good heart room. Good feet. Lovely level topline and carries her tail correctly. Moved with real purpose and drive. Nothing exaggerated or overdone but could do the job. Her first CC and I hope she will have a glowing future. BCC
Lighter decorated black with nice overall make and shape. Kept good profile on the move and moved with drive.
3. Beeres SPOTTED WORLD PRAIA DA PIPA Much lighter spotted, which detracts from her many qualities. Longer in the loin than 1 the above, but overall balance on the stand and move was sound

Post Graduate - Bitch 20/3
1. Pratt & Pratt’s SOPHTSPOT IN A HEARTBEAT OF LYNDALLA ShCM Smart black spotted of correct size and nicely decorated. Good bone, good feet and nice depth of chest, Attractive head and dark eye, she makes a lovely well balanced outline on the move with powerful reach and drive.
2. Hill’s NOSPAR'S SHADED CRISTAL Feminine black, shorter coupled than 1 but gave a good account of herself. Deep chest, good heart room. Moved well, carrying a tad too much weight over the withers.
3. Wareham’s TAMILANDA VALENTINA LILLY AT DOTSADAISY Another attractive well boned black spotted, good decoration. Attractive head, good eye colour, level topline, moved with drive.

Mid Limit - Bitch 12/2
1. Wright’s OFFORDALE ANASTASIA AVEC MILLBELLE Sound black spotted with nice head, good front and rear and well balanced throughout. Substance but with elegance and showed with enthusiasm.
2. Hartley & Griffiths CREAGANBREC GLORY BE AT MIRAGUA More elegant than one with very feminine attributes including nice head and dark eye. Good spring of rib and overall angulation. Excels in movement with good reach and drive. Just preferred 1 today
3. Brennan’s DAYMADALS IN THE MOOD JW ShCM Nicely spotted black bitch in lovely condition, nothing overdone. Unfortunate to meet 1& 2 today

Limit – Bitch 12/.2
1. Quayle’s CHIZZMIC CARRY ON WITH CUBALIBRE JW Nicely balanced and very attractive black spotted bitch. Good reach of neck, level topline, lovely condition and beautifully presented – moved well and with drive.
2 Rosario, Webb & Chrystal’s JEMBLEWOOD JELLY BEAN (IKC) Very honest and nicely constructed bitch, larger than 1 but balanced throughout. Loved her spotting shape and movement, a good strong movement but fidgety for her handler and didn’t give of her best today.
3. Wareham’s TAMILANDA BLUE WATER LILLY AT DOTSADAISY ShCM Attractive lighter spotted black, beautifully presented. Good rear which she uses on the move. Nice overall but preferred 1 & 2 today.

Open – Bitch 26/4. Looking at my notes I wrote a ‘heavenly class’ - I wish I had had many more C.C.’s to award
1 Gardner’s CH DVOJICA CHILLI CHUTNEY FOR WRENDRAGGE JW Lovely liver spotted stylish with good sound construction, good bone and feet and overall angulation, nice head and kind expression. Good overall profile with a good topline, standing and on the move. In tip top condition…one I have always loved, unfortunate to meet my CC winner today. RCC
Extremely attractive black spotted bitch with a lovely head, dark eye and kind expression. Good strong bone yet retaining elegance, her construction enables her to move with excellent reach and drive and she was expertly handled. Just preferred 1 today
3. Christie’s CH SOPHTSPOT GLITTERATI JW A very attractive black spotted feminine bitch. Lovely head, clean outline, good tuck up and good rear quarters, sound, free mover – very unlucky to meet 1 & 2

Good Citizen Dog Scheme- Bitch 12/0
1. Eden’s DALENS A SPOT OF TROUBLE JW ShCM Showing to her best, a quality black bitch with good side profile on the stand and very balanced on the move. Good front and rear.

2. Morgan’s WINFLASH OLYMPIC STAR JW ShCM Close decision between 1 & 2. Attractive black spotted with lovely head and front. Always a show girl she moved with drive round the ring, just preferred 1 today
3. Crookes DALMARK THE RATAFIA Lovely liver of smaller type, attractive head and quality throughout and beautifully handled by her young handler, just flagged a tad towards the end of the class

Christina C Pickup March 2019