Southern Counties 2019 Judged by Lynda Lewis
Southern Counties Canine Association 2nd June 2019


I would like to thank exhibitors for the entry I received. I looked at my critique from the club show several years ago, has anything changed, I think the breed has worsened. There are some excellent specimens of the breed and quite a few who I cannot understand why they are being shown. Does anyone read the breed standard anymore? Exhibitors are constantly feeding their dogs when the judge is trying to go over them, making it difficult to assess them, as well as causing teeth to be dirty. I have no problem with people using food but please in moderation. Temperaments need to be looked at, Dalmatians should not be shy and retiring and certainly not nasty in any breed. There were a few short or curly tails this completely spoils the outline. I do not remember seeing any with Dally rash or dirty dogs. Despite the above comments I was very pleased with my winners, and believe I managed to find some with quality and type.

MPD (6,2)
1. Townsend & Pardoe’s Kaytoni Oh What A Night At Daymadals, dense black spotting on lovely clean white coat, good neck and shoulders, dark eye, moved OK
2. David & Saunders Dallydyl The Loving Spirit, liver dog, bold and outgoing, moved ok, has old fashioned spotting
3. Harrison-Stratfords Dalkereve Dark At Midnight.

1. Williams Tolkain Storm King From Phadante, 11mth black spotted, in good condition, dark eyes, lovely neck and shoulder, good topline, moved well BPD, believe this gave him final points for his JW
2. Harrison-Stratfords Dalkereve Dark At Midnight, black spotted, full of bounce, 3rd in previous class, tail not his fortune
3. McMillians Captain Jack For Dalyance

1. Williams Tolkain Storm King From Phadante, as previous class
2. Emmett & Simons Ellemstra Against All Odds, black spotted just into junior, clean and well presented, good neck which he uses into shoulder with level topline, moved well.
3. Green & Sears Alphadal Aint Misbehaving At Judally

Finlays Dalfin Actual Fact, dense black spotted on white ground, good to handle, nice neck, shoulder and topline, moved Ok, tail not his fortune.
2. Holland & Millingtons Capearlla Its On Ice, black spotted, in hard condition but erratic to go over, handler would keep feeding him, moved Ok, tail set not his fortune..

Graduate Dog (0)

PGD (5,1) Struggled to find anything in this class, should be the up and coming youngsters
1. Healey’s Doshaburi The Cloud Dragon At Hebemor JW, liver dog, good make and shape, responded well to his handler, good honest dog
2. Forrests Elabri Esprit Horizon at Spotswood, another liver, similar in type to the first in this class, same comments for him, unfortunately had pigment missing off his nose.
3. Bakers Lancelot Des Landes D’Irose At Oneowun

(11,2) At last a class with some excellent dogs in it.
1. Alexanders Offordale Picasso, lovely black spotted dog, presented in good clean condition, lovely head and expression. Beautifully spotted, good reach of neck into good shoulders, with level topline, really could move was a hard decision but awarded him the Res CC, apparently the 2nd time I have done this.
2. Gibbs Phadante Mr Blue Sky JW ShCM, another lovely black spotted male, good head, dark eye. Well handled, good neck and shoulders, in hard condition, good 2nd thigh, level topline, correct tail set, moved and showed so well.
3. Hopkins Rapanooey Red Rose JW

1. Christie’s Ch Sophtspot Gold Dust JW, liver spot who I gave BPIS to some years ago, he does not disappoint, quality head and expression, lovely make and shape, has good neck which he uses, into clean shoulders, level topline and he really can move. It was a close thing between him and the limit dog winner, BOB & CC
2. Neath-Duggan & Bakers Ch Buffrey Incognito By Dalleaf JW
, black spotted male whose reputation speaks for itself. Beautifully presented, clean and shining, moved fairly well, just preferred 1 on the day.
3. McCarthys FR Ch Domdallino Je Suis Kilndandy JW

Spec Begin D
Evans Lucky Prince of Oaks Farm At Troikadal, black spotted male, unplaced in Limit, clean and tidy, Spotting Ok, responds well to his handler.

Veteran D&B (7.1) Lovely class one of the best of the day,
1. Emmett & Simons Ch Dalliviro Reba Mac At Ellemstra JW ShCM, lovely black spotted bitch, shown in superb condition, lovely neck, shoulder and topline, at just over 7 she could still compete with the best. I was delighted to see she won the Veteran Group followed by BVIS, what an achievement.
2. Cuthbertsons Ch Kalsidoni Cameo, another lovely black spotted champion, shame he met this bitch today, another shown in excellent condition, good neck, shoulder and topline which he kept on the move.
3. Lambs Dalpetro Diva JW

Good Cit M
1. Hursts Dvojica Collectors Item At Finnidal, black spotted bitch, clean and tidy, showed ok for her handler
2. Hursts Philcarthom Xcaliber At Finnidal, unplaced in Limit dog, clean and tidy condition, movement OK
3. Healey & Wheatons Hebemor Ruby Tiger From Acinonyx

Brennans Kaytoni Have You Seen Her, black spotted bitch litter sister to my MPD winner, has lovely depth of colour on white coat. Movement Ok, nice neck, shoulder & topline, dark eye.
2. Evans & Saunders Dallydyl My Cousin Rachel, liver spot, smaller type than one, easy to go over, friendly and outgoing, spotting of the old fashioned type.

PB (4)
Christies Checkmate IZ Terletskoy Dubravy By Sophtspot (Imp Rus) beautifully presented black spotted bitch, standing she looked lovely, and moved well to prove it, super neck which she uses, into excellent shoulder and level topline, lovely head and expression. BPB & BPIB, went on to take PG3 well done, I am sure she will have a great future.
2. Haywood-Ridgways Luccombe Strawberry Fizz, lovely black bitch in excellent condition, as one would expect from this kennels. Nice dense spotting, responded well to her handler, dark eye
3. Neals Tolkain Morning Star

Tingeys Dallyador Secret Addition, lovely black spotted bitch, I see she is by my RDCC winner good spotting on pure white ground, lovely head, excellent neck and shoulder, level topline, moved well, must have a bright future, Best Junior
2. Christies Checkmate IZ Terletskoy Dubravy By Sophtspot
, as above
3. Petersens Daedalus Grand Finale

1. Jackson-Peatling Tamilanda Continental Song, black spotted bitch shown in excellent trim, dark eyes, good neck down into shoulders with level topline. Moved and showed well
2. Wallingtons Dallyador Secret Passion for Rovinjdal, liked this bitch unplaced in Junior, she suddenly started to respond to her handler in this class, litter sister to Junior winner and shares the same attributes
3. Sumaiya Dee Jai

1. Hajee & Tidcombes Castletop Summer Breeze, lovely black bitch shown in good condition, responds well to her handler, pretty head with dark eye, moves and shows well, keeps her topline on the move.
2. Stocks Pandamax Lady Martini to Nospar, dense black spot, unplaced in previous class, shows well for her handler, tail not her fortune.
3.Bridge, Meyer & Brittens Keiradal Moulin Rouge At Akoni

1. Warehams Tamilanda Valentina Lilly At Dotsadaisy black spot nearly 8 years old, but does not show it, good spotting, neck which she uses as well as good movement, a credit to her owner.
2. Finch & Bonners Sophtspot Hocus Pocus At Dalticino, dense black spotting, moved well, feet not as good as some, at one with her handler and easy to go over.
3. Hurst Dvojica Collectors Item At Finnidal

(16,2)Lovely class to judge with some excellent specimens of the breed
1. Proberts Millbelle My Precious At Ribot, beautiful make and shape, lovely head and expression, length of neck which she uses, level topline and moves so well, it was a very close decision for the CC, finally awarded her the RBCC which she thoroughly deserved.
2. Lambs Dalpetro Diamond JW Lovely showy black bitch from this well known small kennels, dense black spotting, lovely head and expression, level topline, moved and showed so well.
3. Cuthbertsons Ellemstra Little Mix with Kalsidoni

1. Wrights Ch Millbelle Fermie JW JWW,18, Beautiful liver bitch, have watched this one progress for sometime, was so glad she brought her under me. Super head and expression, lovely neck which she uses, into excellent shoulder and topline, sailed round the ring with ease, pleased to award her the BCC
2.David & Saunders Ch Dalticino Interlagos From Dallydyl JW ShCM
another lovely Liver, excellent head and expression, good neck, shoulder and topline, was unlucky to meet 1 in such super form.
3. Finlays Ch Dvojica Black Swan At Dalfin

Spec Begin B
1. Hajee & Tidcombes Castletop Summer Breeze , as Graduate bitch, this bitch was streets ahead of the rest of this class.
2. Dvojica Collectors Item At Finnidal, as Special Beginners
3. Bridge, Meyer & Brittens Keiradal Moulin Rouge at Akoni

Mrs Lynda Lewis Judge