Three Counties 2019 Judged by Mrs L J Bolt
Three Counties 08/06/2019

Thank you for bringing your lovely Dalmatians under me. Unfortunately due to wet weather we had so stay inside which is never good as space is always compromised

Some classes had very different types making choices challenging

Some classes - the top three places could easily swap another day

All dogs were presented clean and had good temperaments

MPD – 6 (0)
1st – Green’s - Perdita’s Almirez I really liked this young 8 month old liver spotted boy pleasing head with soft expression good front and rear angulation good top line standing and on the move. He has plenty of substance and bone was the truest mover away and back. Moved steady and balanced in profile and seems a very laid-back young boy. To get the overall package I would like to see a bit more personality. Unfortunately because he is not as “flashy” as some of the others, his good construction and movement may be overlooked. I will be following him with interest to see how he develops and I hope that he has a good future as he matures. Really pleased to award him BPD and BPIB
2nd – Townson & Pardoe’s Kaytoni - Oh What A Night with Dayamdals
Another nice young boy. This one black spotted with very striking dense pigment good head, good length of neck and tight feet with good angulation. I liked his make and shape and he moved out well in profile but unfortunately not as well as 1 away and back. He didn’t seem to have his mind totally on the job today and needed to settle a little more.
3rd – David & Saunders’ – Dallydyl The Loving Spirit

– 3 (0)
1st – Gibbs’ – Tolkain Storm King from Phadante Masculine head. A dog that is up to size with good reach of neck and deep chest. He is well muscled with good rear angulation. Rangier in type but moved out well with plenty vigour and drive.
2nd – Harrison –Sratford’s – Dalkereve Dark at Midnight A dog with a pleasing head and a good dark eye. He has a good reach of neck, strong front with nice tight feet. A dog with good angulation front and rear and did everything right. He moved well but unfortunately today not with as much drive as 1. He just needs a little more time.
3rd - McMillan’s – Keiradal Captain Jack For Dalyance

– 4 (0)
1st – Locke-Mcfadzean’s – Caprilli’s Panache Over Sassafras – Dog CC winner For one that is still young has already matured into a fine dog. He is so eye catching the way he projects and performs you could easily think he was older and had been doing his job for a lot longer. One that you cannot ignore. He captures your attention as soon as he walks into the ring. He has a lovely head, elegant and yet a strong neck with very good front and shoulder. He has a good spring of rib and lovely top line standing and on the move. A dog with tight feet, good rear angulation and well developed first thigh that was presented in an overall fit and toned condition. He is full of substance without being overdone and retains a certain elegance. This dog has balanced movement with plenty of reach and drive and was a joy to watch him go. Handled very well getting the very best from him and to which he thoroughly enjoying his day. Very pleased to award him the DCC. I am sure it will not be long before he gets his title.
2nd – Emmett’s – Ellemstra Against All Odds A striking black spotted dog who was not yet, as the mature moment as 1. Nice head and good reach of neck with well sprung ribs. He has good rear angulation and developed second thigh. Moved around the ring with purpose and drive. For me he needed a little more weight on him but he is young and probably going through that stage in his growth. Ha strong promise and should develop nicely with time.
3rd – Gibbs’ - Tolkain Storm King From Phadante

– 7 (0)
1st – Todhunter -Robinson’s – Millbelle Rocky Mountain – Dog Res CC Lovely liver dog of correct colour who is of nice size and having a pleasing head with good length of neck and good angulation fore and aft. Good top line which was held well on the move flowing into correct tail set. Over all. in good firm condition. A dog who is well muscled but not overdone in any way and has balanced lovely clean lines. Moved out with ease and economy of movement displaying good reach and drive covering the ground well. Pleased to award him RDCC. He displays so much promise that I am sure his title will come. He just needs time to mature a little more.
2nd – Millington’s – Capearlla Its On Ice I also really liked the make and shape of this young dog. He has bold black spotting, is slightly shorter coupled than 1 cobby in type good head. He is well bodied up and in a firm well muscled condition showing good angulation. He was a little power house on the move with plenty of drive but unfortunately giving his handler a hard time today in his keenness to please. Everything just needs to calm down a bit to get the better performance.
3rd – Healey’s – Doshaburi The Cloud Dragon At Hebemor

– 9 (0)
1st – Gibbs’ – Phadante Mr Blue Sky Masculine black dog of a nice size not as “flashy” as some of the others but having good well developed front. A dog that is well bodied up and firm to the touch with good spring of rib, correct top line and tail set which is kept on the move. He has good rear angulation with developed first thigh. He moved out well with plenty of drive but unfortunately carrying a little too much weight for me today. Overall, he is a good honest dog with good make and shape.
2nd – Hopkin’s Rapanooey Red Rose Very different to 1 but another nice dog with dense black spotting. He has a good head with dark eye, good reach of neck and deep chest with well sprung rib. He has a good top line, good rear angulation and is well muscled. He moved out well but today I just preferred make and shape of 1
3rd – Wallington’s – Rovinjdal Dare To Dream

– 4 (0)
1st – Croft & Cobb’s – Kalokairie’s Bullet Proof A lovely masculine liver dog which I have always liked a lot but unfortunately he seemed to have slightly over muscled shoulders which spoilt the overall look and elegance for me today which stopped him going any further which disappointed me. He has a pleasing head with good reach of neck leading to good spring of rib and firm top line with good rear angulation. He has a well developed first thigh and is in excellent fit/hard condition. He moved out well with plenty of drive and was handled excellently.
2nd – Christie’s – Ch Sophtspot Gold Dust Another liver dog of good make and shape nice head having a soft expression. He has a good reach of neck leading to a good top line and tail set standing and on the move. A dog with good rear angulation, excellent muscle tone that helped him move out effortlessly covering the ground well with ease and economy of movement.
3rd – Wincup’s – Ch Tamilanda Midnight Lilly

– 3 (1)
1st – Wincup’s – Ch Tamilanda Panther Lilly Lovely head with dark eye, good front and who is well off for bone flowing down to tight feet. He has the correct top line & tail set with good bend of stifle and second thigh. Moved out well with drive and determination displaying all the correct attributes.
2nd – Scott-Allen & Davis’ – Tolutim Yaffle Black dog of a nice size good head and a good reach of neck. He has good front and rear angulations moved well but seemed to be feeling his age comparing him with 1.


– 5 (0)
1st – Brennan’s – Kaytoni Have You Seen Her This young girl has a lovely head with dark eye. Elegant neck with good angulations front and rear. She is slightly longer cast with a good top line and tail set with good tight feet and a very outgoing personality. Moved out well in profile having a nice flowing long stride.
2nd – Cole’s – Keiradal Syrena Another nice young bitch nice head and another with dark eye nice top line cat feet moved out well steady and balanced
3rd – Evans & Saunders’ – Dallydyl My Cousin Rachel

– 6 (1)
1st – Page’s – Winflash Lulu Guiness A bitch with a nice feminine head with dark eye. She has good overall shape with nice front and rear angulation, good top line and following tail set which she kept on the move. One with a nice overall shape and size,with good movement away and back. She topped it all with her flowing movement around the ring highlighting a nice balanced profile. BPB
2nd – Christie’s – Checkmate Iz Terletskoy Dubravy By Sophtspot
What an eye-catching bitch with a lovely head into good reach of neck. Overall lovely make and shape having correct top line and tail set. She has good front and rear assembly standing and showing to perfection but today she hadn’t got her mind on the job when moving making her handler work hard.

3rd – Haywood-Ridgway’s - Luccombe Strawberry Fizz
– 8 (0) 1st – Burrows’ – Ellemstra Tough Cookie At Shacarlu A striking black spotted bitch of nice size with plenty of personality. She is strong and yet still feminine with a nice head into elegant neck with good front and rear assembly having good top line and tail set. She is in firm condition with a well-developed first thigh leading to a good bend of stifle. Moved with excellent drive and purpose. She is another that I would like to see with a bit more weight on but she is young and probably going through a stage in her growth and development.
2nd – Tingey’s – Dallyador Secret Addiction An elegant lighter spotted girl having a nice head with good reach of neck. She has a good front with nice tight feet. Another with a good top line and tail set, good bend of stifle. Overall a nice outline with clean lines who moved well. Generally a nicely balanced girl.
3rd – Petersen’s – Daedalus Grand Finale

– 9 (2)
1st – Pratt’s – Sophtspot In A Heartbeat of Lyndalla I really liked this bitch being of a nice size and type with a lovely head. She has a good chest with a strong well muscled shoulder but with nothing over done. She has a good spring of rib and correct length of loin leading to well developed rear quarters which powers her around the ring. Lovely bitch that didn’t stop showing.
2nd – Morgan’s – Malbreow Wish Upon A Star A bitch who is of different type to 1 but still another nice bitch. She has a pleasing head set into a nice neck with good reach and good lay of shoulder. She has correct top line with tail set which she kept on the move. Well off for bone with good substance good rear angulation. One who has a balanced frame that moved out well. Today she was just lacking the ring presence and drive of 1 but a nice bitch
3rd – Wareham’s – Tamilanda Valentina Lilly at Dotsadaisy

– 12 (4)
1st – Christie’s Sophtspot Golly Gosh At Appennine – Bitch CC I will be honest, on first impression she was a little fine for my liking and not normally the type I would go for but wow, she is quite deceiving. When I went over her she was solid and does have substance. A liver bitch with very feminine head lovely reach of neck and good lay of shoulder. She has a deep chest with her elbows are tucked up tight to her brisket. A bitch with a lovely top line flowing into correct tail set both of which were kept on to move as well as on the stand. She has good rear angulation and looks the perfect picture on the stand having a lovely outline but reaches another level when she moves where she is poetry in motion having a lovely long stride with good reach and drive which is all so effortless almost gives the look that she is floating when covering the ground with such ease. One that is so well put together and balanced it is a joy to watch and totally at one with her handler. Pleased to award her the BCC and BOB – I am pleased to see that since I have judged she has gained her third CC. So well done!
2nd – Watts & Jackson’s – Tamilanda Continental Song A very nice black spotted bitch different type to winner with darkest of pigment really liked her make and shape more compact than 1 good front down to cat feet good spring of rib and rear angulation with strong quarters which enabled her to power around the ring liked her a lot
3rd – Wareham’s – Tamilanda Blue Water Lilly at Dotsadaisy

– 9 (4)
1st – Croft’s - Ch Kalokairie’s Barberella From Koroyza Lovely head strong neck of good length into a well laid shoulder. well defined front having good width of chest and depth of brisket. Good spring of rib, shorter coupled well angulated quarters with developed first thigh you can see her condition without having to feel it but it’s not overdone in any way .One that moved out well with plenty of drive Pleased to award her RBCC
2nd – Gardner’s – Ch Dvojica Chilli Chutney For Wrendragge
Another nice liver bitch with feminine expression. She has a good length of neck well laid shoulder and well defined front having good width of chest and depth of brisket. She carries a good level top line, and tail set. She has well angulated rear quarters. Moved out well
3rd – Gardner’s – Ch Dvojica Black Again At Wrendragge

– 2 (0)
1st – Haywood-Ridgway’s – Ch Luccombe Strawberry Dream Black bitch of a nice size good front and rear angulations carrying correct top line and tail set moved out well
2nd – Lamb’s – Dalpetro Diva Black bitch also with good front and rear assembly who moved out well not much to separate these two, could change places any time

L Bolt