Dalmatian Club of Scotland 2019 Judged by Chris Oatridge

I was honoured to be invited to judge at this prestigious Club Show and really enjoyed my day. The weather was kind and stayed bright and breezy right until the last class. The dogs I found to have improved a lot compared to, say, 10 years ago and many fine exhibits came under me. The bitches had consistent quality and, again, I was spoilt for choice.

I haven’t been around the show ring for some time and many exhibits were new to me. Therefore a few surprises when I looked in the catalogue afterwards.

There were some beautiful Dalmatians to go over, and I could easily have awarded several tickets; but decisions have to be made and I judged without fear or favour. Thank you exhibitors for letting me go over your lovely dogs, and accepting my decisions.


Minor Puppy Dog
3 (1)
1st. Bliss & Pearson: Kelevra What a Guy. A promising 8 month puppy. Dense black spotting, dark eyes, attractive head. Strong bone, well angulated and well let down hocks. At the raw stage but full of potential. Extension on the move driving from good quarters.
2nd. Norgrove: Sassydals Flugel Horn. Well developed body on this 7 month old boy. Attractive liver colour and spotting with nicely broken ears. Strong bone and good depth of chest, matching a good depth of thigh. Good loin and rib and well set tail.

Puppy Dog 3 (1)
1st. Alexander: Offordale Vivaldi. This 10 month black boy is so mature for his age. He has a lovely head shape enhanced by dark eye. Elegant yet masculine. Clean neck into defined withers and sloping shoulder with correct length of upper arm. Deep brisket, tight cat feet. His lovely angulation gave him reach and drive on the move. BPIS
2nd. McMillan: Keiradal Captain Jack for Dalyance
. Well made, masculine boy. Strong all through, but not overdone. Good black pigment. Nice head on reachy neck. Round bone into good feet. Depth in chest matched by lovely rounded quarters and well let down hocks. Good underline. Bit unsettled on the move due to exhuberance.

Junior Dog (4) A strong class - Four cracking dogs to go over.
1st. Locke-McFadzean: Caprillis Panache Over Sassafras (Imp USA) Upstanding, eye catching dog built on clean lines. Good decoration on clear white coat and lovely broken ears. Excellent forehand with length to upper arm. Level topline, well ribbed up. Good driving action. Liked him a lot. Should have a bright future.
2nd. Emmett and Simons: Ellemstra Against All |Odds. Another lovely black of nice size. Well decorated with bold black pigment. Well placed ears framing attractive head. Sloping upper arm, tight elbows into strong straight limbs. Well knit coupling, strong loin, nice croup and bend of stifle.
3rd. Mather: Tailory Saddleside Legend

Yearling Dog
5 (1)
1st. Mather: Tailory Saddleside Legend. Although placed 3rd in the previous class, I was pleased to award him first in this. Slightly longer cast, with a strong body. Nicely decorated with well broken and placed ears setting off his attractive head. Good loin, depth of thigh and well let down hocks. Moved well.
2nd. Kerr: Legend of Thrones. Liver of good colour and decoration. A nice size . Handsome head of good proportion framed by well set ears. Clean neck into sloping shoulder. Straight front, deep brisket. Good coupling. Just needs time to develop.
3rd. McVicar: Dalfin Almond Slice

Novice Dog
4 (1)
1st. Kelevra What a Guy
2nd. Alcock: Kayjule Kepler at Dalspartan
. Defined black spots on a crisp white coat, this boy catches your eye. Nicely proportioned head on a clean neck, into well laid shoulder. Straight fore-limbs. Short coupling, good tail length and set. When he moved a bit quicker his stride lengthened.

Graduate Dog 1
1st. Todhunter Robinson & Robinson: Millbelle Rocky Mountain JW Although he stood alone, he was a worthy winner. Beautifully decorated with evenly distributed correct liver spotting. Lovely classy head with gorgeous broken ears. Built on clean lines, being elegant but strong. Effortless movement with great extension from good bend of stifle and short defined hocks.

Post Graduate Dog 6
1st. Baker: Lancelot Des Landes D'iroise (Imp) This boy has matured really well to present a lovely outline. Well made and compact with balanced angulation. Good head with kind dark eye, level topline, deep chest, well ribbed up. A strong masculine lad, but not overdone. Strode out well.
2nd. Alexander. Offordale Griffin One I have always admired. Strong and elegant. Lightly spotted, clean lines. Attractive head and ears. Good neck and wither, and good shoulder placement. Tighly arched feet, strong pasterns. Nice Bend of stifle. Unfortunately, he was unsettled on the move today.
3rd. Dore: Daldior Mr. Foxtrot

Limit Dog
1st. Hopkin; Rapanooey Red Rose JW. I judged this dog as a youngster and felt he just needed time to mature. Well, now he has, and everything has come together. He fills the eye. So well balanced throughout, with each part flowing into the other. Well angulated fore and aft with good return of upper arm. Level topline, rib and loin. Just the right length to height ratio. Nicely angled croup into good tailset. Well let down hocks. Looks like he could go all day. Moved well, at one with handler. Pleased to award him CC and BOB
2nd. Stocks: Nospar's Shaded Lanson JW
. A liver of different appearance to 1. But although he is more lightly marked he has substance. A good body shape. Nice head proportions into clean neck level topline and good ribcage, nice width to his chest. Moved with free and flowing action.
3rd. Marley & Libbey: Bellili's D'Amore De Loin Sh.CM

Open Dog
1st. Croft & Cobb: Kalokairie's Bullet Proof. Masculine dog of darker liver colour. Up to size and balanced throughout. Pleasing head into arched neck, short strong loin with good ribcage. Good lay of shoulder, cat feet ,well coupled, depth of thigh and bend of stifle. Rounded quarters enabled him to move with great extension and drive. Liked him a lot.
2nd. Neath-Duggan & Baker: Ch.Buffrey Incognito by Dalleaf JW. Eye catching, showy black with excellent deepest black pigment on a sparkling white coat. Lovely outline with well defined wither, deep brisket and good lay back of shoulder. Lovely head with dark eye. A happy boy at one with handler. Moved well.

Champion Dog 2
1st. Quayle: Ch.Millbelle Kicking Horse at Cubalibre JW Liver stallion of a dog. Masculine and so well muscled but not coarse; he commands attention. Strong straight forelimbs into well knuckled feet and strong pasterns. Well laid muscular shoulders into strong loin and good coupling. Good underline. Rounded hindquarters. He powered round the ring and I couldn’t deny him the Res.CC
2nd. Christie: Ch. Sophtspot Gold Dust JW
A worthy champion. I have given this lovely boy a reserve ticket early in his career. Lovely make and shape. Good colour liver and distribution of spots with a handsome head and appealing expression. Has all the breed attributes, but he just didn’t quite sparkle today, although his movement is lovely and fluid.

Veteran Dog 7 (3)
1st. Whincup: Ch.Tamilanda Panther Lilly JW Sh.CM. At 8.1/2 this is a dog I have always admired. A great representative of the breed. I cant believe he is a veteran already. So well made, a good honest fellow. He was a tiny bit stiff on his nearside front to start with, but he soon loosened up and moved in a business like manner. Just lost out to the bitch on BV.
2nd. Tingey: Dallyador Aramis Eight years old. A lovely smart liver boy who belies his age. Well put together with nothing exaggerated. Well proportioned angulation, level topline with correct croup and good tailset. Lovely head with warm amber eyes. Well set spotty ears.
3rd. De Rozaria: Dalleaf D'Accord Avec Jemblewood

Open Dog Stakes
1st. Whincup: Ch. Tamilanda Midnight Lilly JW Well proportioned b/s dog who is strong and elegant. Attractive spotting with good pigment,and dark eyes. Well set ears. Reachy neck into well laid shoulder. Level topline into good tailset. Nice balanced angulation. Well let down hocks and good bend of stifle.


Minor Puppy Bitch
1st. Paterson: Kelevra What A Storm A very promising b/s puppy. Deep pigment. Feminine head, enough reach of neck. Well angulated with good topline, clean wither, well set tail. A lovely forehand with straight strong bone into tight cat feet. A bright future for this young lady. Her movement was a joy to watch with great extension and driving action. BPB at only 8 months old she just lost out on maturity to the dog for top puppy honours.
2nd. Porter: Dame Tulip. A very nice young b/s girl of 10 months. Compact body shape and nice size. Pretty feminine head, clean neck, good lay of shoulder, clean wither and well coupled loin area.. Nice rounded quarters. Moved out well.
3rd. Brennan: Kaytoni Have You Seen Her

Puppy Bitch
6 The first two very close, and will probably alternate in placings as they grow up.
1st. Alexander: Offordale Violetta A beautiful b/s bitch with nicely proportioned head. Very feminine with spotty face and lovely dark eyes. Very well angulated like her litter brother, making a balanced frame. This showed in her movement which was extended and free.
2nd. Dunnachie: Dvojica Daisy Diamond Close up to 1. Another beautiful feminine b/s bitch with lovely spotting on a clean white coat. Sloping shoulder with return of upper arm, tight elbows, straight forelimbs, good width of chest. Well ribbed up, strong loin with nice underline. Lovely rear quarters. which she used well on the move.
3rd. Hawood-Ridgway: Luccombe Strawberry Fizz

Junior Bitch
1st. Petersen: Daedalus Grand Finale. An eye catching girl with the deepest black pigment on a tight white coat. Very attractive head with darkest of eyes. Strong rounded bone leading to cat feet. Adequate reach of neck, Good topline, going into nice croup and good tailset. Deep brisket Nice body length.
2nd. Tingey: Dallyador Secret Addiction. Lovely black spotted bitch of good colour and well distributed spotting. Her ears are a dream, framing a well shaped feminine head with dark eyes. Body well proportioned all through and presenting a lovely elegant profile. Happy demeanor and a lot to like about her.
3rd. Carroll: Willowvine All Eyes On Me

Yearling Bitch
1st. Whincup: Tamilanda Continental Song JW. Black bitch of a nice size and shape. Deep black spotting on a clear white coat in lovely condition. Lovely front assembly, matched with nicely angulated rear, and good turn of stifle. Elbows tight to body, good chest width. Exuberant on the move with plenty of verve.
2nd. Burrows: Ellemstra Tough Cookie at Shacarlu. Close up to 1, Another attentive bitch with good black spotting and decoration. A strongly made bitch, yet still feminine. Clean neck, sloping shoulder, level topline, croup and tailset. Lovely depth of thigh with bend of stifle and well placed hock. Moved with purpose.
3rd. Noble: Ruebedu Sheik Yerbouti

Novice Bitch
1st. Paterson: K.What A Storm
2nd. Carroll: Willowvine All Eyes On Me
. Nice b/b with a rangier frame. Good distribution of spotting. Feminine head of nice proportions. Clean neck and wither, deep brisket, good length of upper arm. Strong round bone into cat feet. Lovely turn of stifle. Attentive to owner.
3rd. Porter: Dame Tulip

Graduate Bitch
7 (1)
1st. Morgan: Malbreow Wish Upon A Star. Very elegant, with enough substance and bone. Good muscle tone. Clean neck into good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Nice topline , croup and tailset. Balanced angulation, with nothing overdone. Attractive face with nice width to skull framed by well set ears. Glided round the ring with long even stride and then pulled out all the stops in the challenge to win Res. CC
2nd. Stocks: Pandamax Lady Martini To Nospar
. Good overall make and shape. Pretty face with dark eyes. Clean neck and wither and with nice width of chest.. Layback of shoulder, strong loin. Well arched feet. Nothing overdone to present a nice picture. Moved freely.
3rd. Carroll: W.All Eyes On Me

Post Graduate Bitch
7 (1)
1st. Jenkins & Ridgway: Luccombe Strawberry Kisses. Happy, showy girl with nice decoration. Good head/muzzle proportions with dark eyes framed by lovely well set broken ears. Well ribbed up, good topline, reachy neck into well laid shoulder. Overall well put together. Moved really well.
2nd. Hurst: Dvojica Collectors Item At Finnidal. Another close decision between this and no.1 A well made b/s on a lovely frame. Substantial but not overdone. Attractive head with dark eyes. Good reach of neck into sloping shoulder. Deep brisket, straight strong forelimbs, well ribbed up and good turn of stifle. Moved out well.
3rd. Pratt: Sophtspot In A Heartbeat Of Lyndalla Sh.CM

Limit Bitch
15 (1) Wow, what a fabulous class.
1st. Lamb: Dalpetro Diamond JW. Loved the make and shape of this balanced honest bitch. Substantial yet elegant and feminine. Everything in proportion with each part flowing into the next. Good reach of clean neck flowing into lovely forequarters. All the breed attributes. Moved effortlessly and kept showing throughout. Pleased to award her Bitch CC and I'm sure her crown is not far away.
2nd. Dinsdale: Roadcoach Rejoice With Dalesbred. Classic outline on this stylish liver bitch. The most gorgeous colour liver, so well decorated. Attractive head, amber eyes. Another strong but elegant girl. Balanced angulation fore and aft, with good depth of thigh and bend of stifle. Moved effortlessly with extended stride.
3rd. Christie: Sophtspot Golly Gosh at Appennine

Open Bitch
4 (1)
1st. Morgan: Winflash Olympic Star Sh.CM JW. B/s bitch of lovely size and shape. Nothing exaggerated. Very good balanced angulation. Lovely reach of neck into well laid shoulder. Straight front into cat feet. Well ribbed up. Moved effortlessly with reach and drive. Looked like she could go all day.
2nd. Gardner's : Ch.Dvojica Chilli Chutney For Wrendragge JW. A liver spot girl that is so well made. Well proportioned body. Lovely forehand, well ribbed up, deep brisket and nice width of chest. Strong bone into tight feet. Well let down hocks gave her good drive on the move.
3rd. Dodds & Pearson: Dalcarla Gladys Knight

Champion Bitch
8 (4)
1st. Dodds & Pearson: Ch.& Ir Ch. Int.Ch. Kelevra Classic Cliché JW Sh.CM. Presents a lovely overall picture being of nice size and balance. Nothing exaggerated and all parts flowing together. Good neck, wither and shoulder placement with nice return of upper arm. Good topline into nicely angled croup. She powered around the ring and earned her place.
2nd. Neath-Duggan & Baker: Ch.Buffrey Hanky Panky By Dalleaf JW. Eye catching black with defined spotting on a sparkling white coat. Of good overall construction. Strong yet elegant. Deep brisket, nice width to chest, strong loin. Well schooled and shown. Moved with purpose.
3rd. Wright: Ch.Millbelle Fernie JW WW18

Veteran Bitch
7 (2)
1st. Lamb: JWDalpetro Diva. The dam to my CC winner and she has the same qualities. At 9 years old she still looks fit for function. Well arched neck, sound body, nicely rounded quarters. Moved steadily and with purpose. Best Veteran.
2nd. Dunnachie: Ch. Dvojica Volition
. 8 year old liver of good colour and decoration.. Another well made, balanced bitch. Good angulation, and her forehand was excellent. Straight forelegs into cat feet. Moved smoothly.
3rd. Emmett & Simons: Ch. Dalliviro Reba Mac At Ellemstra JW Sh.CM

Open Bitch Stakes
2 (1)
1st. Gardner's: Ch. Dvojica Black Again at Wrendragge JW Sh.CM. A b/s I have always admired. Full of quality. So well put together. Strong clean neck into sloping shoulder and correct return of upper arm. Deep body, strong loin, good topline. Collected on the movetracking well. Strongly considered for reserve ticket.

Chris Oatridge