BDC May Open 2019 Judged by Glen Davies
British Dalmatian Club Open Show 4.5.19

Thank you to the members and committee of the Club for my invitation to judge at this special Show. I very much appreciated the honour of being able to assess what turned out to be a quality in depth entry and thank the exhibitors for their entry and acceptance of my placings.

MPD (4).
1. Townson and Pardoe’s, Kaytoni Oh What a Night Daymadals. 7 month old. Sound, sturdy and masculine. Good for shape and size. Stood out on the move. Want to see him gain confidence. Should have a good future. BPD and BPIS
2. Bliss and Pearson’s, Kelvra What a Guy
. Thought this was my winner on entering the class. Well constructed, very much a puppy. Moved well at outset. Good head and eye. Slightly smaller than winner. When settled should have a bright career.
3. David and Saunders’, Dallydyl the Loving Spirit.
4. Baker’s, Keiradal Captain Jack for Dalyance.

1. Williams’, Tolkain Storm King from Phadante. Sturdy, good size. very pleasing shape. Good head proportions with good eye and well placed ears. Dentition good. Good for body with deep chest. Good topline and tail set. In excellent condition for age. Good feet. Moved well.
2. Pine’s, The Son of James. I liked this dog for type and size. He was not wanting anyone to go over him. Very pleasing head and expression. Good for body and bone. Good feet. Not settled in movement causing topline to be arched.

JD. (5,1).
1. Emmett and Simon’s, Ellemstra Against All Odds. Liked his overall appearance in this mixed class. He had soundness. Enough masculinity. Good head and eye. Great feet with sufficient bone. Good for body and depth in chest. Moved out well., no effort, could have gone on. RBD and RBIS.
2. Tolkain Storm King from Phadante.
3. Green and Sears’, Alphadal Aint Misbehavin at Judally.
4. Alcock’s, Kayjule Kepler at Dalspartan.

1. Millington’s, Capearlla It’s On Ice. Good shape. So sound. Good bone. Very pleasing head and expression, good ears. Good body with depth in chest. More settled on the move than second. Excellent feet.
2. Finlay’s Dalfin Actual Fact. Very pleasing to look at. Good outline. Pleasing head proportions. Good expression and pigment. Prefer clearer front. Not settled on the move. Good rear action.

ND. (3).
1. Millington’s, Caperlla Bubbles and Fizz. Of a good type. Good shape and size. Reluctant to show physical assessment. On appearance and movement was sound and moved well.
2. David and Saunder’s, Dallydyl the Loving Spirit. I liked this a lot for type. Very young in appearance but sound. Well put together. Good head and expression, excellent eye. Good feet. Needs to mature and settle.
3. Alcock’s, Kayjule Kepler at Dalspartan.

1. Sims’, Mullabouy Magic Man for Snowspeeder JW. Very smart in outline. Alert, good for head proportions. Super expression, good pigment, dentition and well placed ears. Stood alone but looked the part. Very good body and depth. Good topline and tail set. Excellent feet. Moved well.

PGD. (6,1).
1. Emmet and Simons’, Ellemstra Against All Odds. Not much between first and second. Both had similar qualities. Super bone, substance and outline. The deciding factor was ear carriage. Both excellent type and construction. So sound on the move. Winner had excellent head proportions and expression.
2. Millington’s, Capearlla Pure Diamonds JW. Critique as winner. On entering the ring thought he would come out on top. Super dog.
3. Baker’s, Lancelot Des Landes D’iroise at Oneowun (Imp).

1. Hopkin’s, rapanooey Red Rose JW. BD and BIS. Typy male. Calm. Very good head and expression. Liked him for shape and size. Good bone with excellent body and depth. Good tail set if carried high at times when moving, held shape and looked as if he could have gone all day.
2. Gibbs’, Phadante Mr Blue Sky JW Sh CM. Strongly made. Excellent for body and bone. Strong head, well placed ears. Firm neck. Moved well. Super feet.
3. Hernandez’s, Dalminshi Starlight Express JW.

1. Croft and Cobb’s, Kalokairies Bullet Proof. Liver and white. So well put together. Very pleasing head and expression. Good dentition. Excellent body and physical condition. Good bone and feet. Moved well in a class full of quality dogs.
2. Healey’s, Doshaburi the Cloud Dragon at Hebemor JW. Very pleasing type with excellent body. Liked his head, expression and proportions. Strong neck. Balanced angles, excellent feet. Moved well.
3. Wallington’s, Royinjdal Dare to Dream ShCM.

(7-9yrs) (5).
1. De Rozario’s, Dalleaf D’Accord avec Jemblewood. Strong and still full of life at 9 years. In super physical condition and so well put together. Very keen to go. Good head and expression.
2. Scott-Alen and Davis’s, Tollutim Yaffle. Very nice type. From this point on all showed signs of ageing either in movement or condition, but most enjoyed being there.

SpV (10+yrs) (1).
1. Baker’s, Oneowun Ohio. At 13 and a half in fabulous condition. Still looks like a much younger dog. Pleasing type, bright eyes, excellent pigment and good feet. Steady movement, enjoyed his moment.

MPB. (5,1).
1. Paterson’s, Kelevra What a Storm. Typy and excellent for size and shape. Liked her femininity. Excellent head and expression with good proportions. Excellent body depth and width. So settled on the move and effortless.
2. Wallington’s, Kaytoni Isnt She Lovely at Ailsadot. I so liked this girl for size, type and shape. Loved her melting expression. Good in so many ways. Needs to settle and more schooling as does the handler. This female is worth the hard work.
3. Brennan’s, Kaytoni Have You Seen Her.

1. Wallington’s, Dallyador Secret Passion for Rovinjdal. Loved her size and shape. Super expression, very good head proportions, good eye. Strong neck. Super body and depth. Balanced angulation, excellent substance, bone and feet. Moved so well.
2.Tingey’s, Dallyador Secret Addiction. Similar in so many ways with excellent qualities. Not as heavily marked as her sister, but could easily change places on another day.
3. Pace’s, Dalcatori Morganite Rosa.

1. Wallington’s, Dallyador Secret Passion for Rovinjdal.
2. Thomas’s, Philcarthom One and Only
. Striking in outline. Moves as well as she looks. Very pleasing head and expression. Good straight front. Good body and depth. Sound and in excellent condition.

YB. (3).
1. Hajee and Tidcombe’s, Castletop Summer breeze. Typy, smart, I liked her size and substance. Excellent body and depth. Good eyes, well placed ears. Firm condition. Like a coiled spring, held her shape on the move.
2. Whiting’s, Sumaiya Dee Jai. Finer throughout but everything in proportion. Such an easy mover. Didn’t put a foot wrong. Good eye, pleasing head proportions. Neat package.

MB. (6,1).
1. Paterson’s, Kelevra What a Storm.
2. Brennan’s, Kaytoni Have You Seen Her
. So well put together. Very good substance and body. Liked the head proportions. Excellent in profile. Slight tendancy to drop and widen in front. Quality exhibit.
3. Pace’s, Dalcatori Morganite Rosa.

1. Suggett’s, Kalokairie Decadent Diva at Kintegus. Very nice for type. A little unsettled on the move, but went well enough. Good for substance and body. Good for bone and feet. Feminine.
2. Whiting’s, Sumaiya Dee Jai.
3. Pace’s, Dalcatori Morganite Rosa.

1. Crookes’, Dalmark the Ratafia. Of very good type. Nothing exaggerated. Pleasing head and expression, good eye and pigment. Good for body and bone. Showed well. Sympathetically handled.
2. Stock’s, Pandamax Lady Matini to Nospar. Smart shape, excellent condition. Well marked. Very pleasing head and expression. Good feet. Moved well and very attentive to handler.
3. Williams’, Mannaroy Made to Misbehave.

1. Wareham’s, Tamilanda Valentina Lilly at Dotdadaisy. Difficult class to judge as one dog stood out for type, shape but had an obvious limp. Subsequently placed 3rd. This dog was of a pleasing type, feminine, lighter marked. Many good points. Sound on the move. Pleasing head on good neck.
2. Graham’s, Dotlun Sorrellas Phancy. Darker, heavier, longer proportions. Would have preferred less of her. Super temperament. Moved well for handler.
3. Hurst’s, Dvojica Collecotors Item at Finnidal.

1. De Rozario, Webb and Chrystal’s, Jemblewood Jelly Bean. Excellent type. Feminine with substance. Good outline. Very good head and proportions. Great angulation used on the move. Great physical condition.
2. Davies’s, Maddidalli Embers Glow. Another of similar type. Not as positive on the move as winner. Equally feminine, well put together Also in excellent physical condition.
3. Probert’s, Millbelle My Precious at Ribot.

1. Morgan’s, Winflash Olympic Star JW ShCM. Sound, super expression. Not overdone in anyway. Quietly confident. Of excellent type and so well put together. Easy on the move. Great substance and feet.
2. Healey’s, Dalmark the White Witch at Hebemor. Liked the female for her shape and outline. Loved her super expression. Well put together. Unfortunately lost it occasionally on the move, but very much deserved her placing.
3. Harrison-Stratford’s, Dalminshi Dark Dak Ota at Dalkgreve JW.

(7-9yrs) (6).
1. Gibb’s, Ch. Phadante Dixie Lily JW. Nearly 10 years in very good condition. Very good expression with well placed ears, dark eye. Lovely type, sound and balanced movement.
2. Kembrey’s, Dalmark the Flamenco. Great for type. Sound and in good physical condition. Moved like she could keep it up all day.
3. Sampson’s, Dastorm Black Orchid Sh CM.

(10+yrs) (2).
1. Wright’s, Angelic Aphrodite for Millbelle JW Shcm. 12 years and still got it. In super condition for her age, as they both are. Both of a lovely type and in such super condition. Both a credit to their owners. BVB and BVIS
2. Thorner’s, Ch. Tolutim Drambuie ShCM.

G Davies