Windsor 2019 Judged by Mrs Elaine Tillson

Firstly, let me apologise for the tardiness of my report, unfortunately other things in my life took over!

A lovely day at Windsor, not too hot which better suited the dogs. We had a nice big ring which allowed the dogs to move. I was pleased to see some promising youngsters which can only bode well for the future. Fronts have improved since I last judged, but some dogs that looked good in profile, disappointed when watching from behind. However my bug bear is tails, far too many carried really high which spoils the balance and outline of the dog. All in all, though, a very enjoyable day.

Veteran Dog or Bitch (5, 1 abs)
1 Thorner’s Ch Tolutim Drambuie Sh.CM This black evenly marked bitch certainly belies her 11 ½ years. Lovely gentle expression, dark eyes, well carried ears, good reach of neck, good angulation front and rear, in excellent hard condition. Correctly set tail which wagged continuously. Moved soundly round the ring. Best Veteran and delighted she was shortlisted in the final 5 in the Veteran Group.
2 Baker’s Ch Dalleaf Devils Disciple JW 9 year old liver dog that is a favourite of mine. Nice head and expression, good round bone, good front, deep chest, good topline, good bend of stifle, well muscled. Covers the ground on the move but was a little unsettled today.
3 Whincup’s Ch Tamilanda Panther Lilly JW Sh.CM

Minor Puppy Dog
1 Bliss & Pearson’s Kelevra What A Guy 8 month old with striking deep black spotting. Good overall outline. Nice head with lovely dark eyes, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, good round bone. Moved well for one so young, plenty of potential here. Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Breed
2 Norgrove’s Sassydals Flugel Horn
7 month liver, nice head with lovely spotty ears, nice front and rear angulation, excellent bone, lovely tight feet. Moved with a long stride, covering the ground well. Lacking a bit of sparkle today.
3 Harrison-Stratford’s Dalkereve Dark at Midnight

Puppy Dog
1 David & Saunders’ Dallydyl The Loving Spirit 9 month boy with smaller liver spots, nice head and expression, good eye colour. Excellent bone with good bend of stifle. Kept topline on the move, good tail set. Showing lots of personality with a definite twinkle in his eye.
2 Harrison-Stratford’s Dalkereve Dark at Midnight Happy 7 month old black with bold spotting. Lovely dark eyes, well held ears, clean in outline with good hind angulation. Moved ok, a very happy boy.

Junior Dog (3)
1 Green & Sears’ Alphadal Aint Misbehaving at Judally Just rising 18 months, beautifully marked with excellent liver colour on a bright white background. Lovely overall outline, good front and rear angulation, good topline, correctly set tail, good round bone. Showed good drive on the move, covering the ground with an easy stride. One to watch for the future.
2 Hill’s Pandamax Mariner 15 month darker liver than 1, suffering from the dreaded dally rash at the moment. Well off for bone and moved very well. Tail set on well but was carried a bit happy today. Good rapport with his handler.

Yearling Dog (5)
1 Green & Sears Aint Misbehaving at Judally
2 Millington’s Capearlla Bubbles and Fizz
Powerful black dog proving a bit of a handful for his handler. Nice head with lovely dark eye, good reach of neck, depth of chest, well let down hocks. Would prefer tighter feet. Strode out well.
3 Finlay’s Dalfin Actual Fact

Post Graduate Dog
(9, 3 abs)
1 Millington’s Capearlla Its On Ice JW Another powerful dog from this owner, black spotted well off for bone, nice expression, good eye colour, well held ears, good reach of neck. Good front and rear angulation. Well muscled, moved soundly with good length of stride.
2 Healey’s Doshaburi The Cloud Dragon at Hebemor JW Good liver colour on this well boned boy. Nice overall outline, good topline, good muscling and fabulous tight cat feet. Moved ok but left his showing mode at home today.

Limit Dog (11, 2 abs)
1 Hopkin’s Rapanooey Red Rose JW Striking black spotted dog in excellent condition. Nice head and expression, lovely dark eye, good reach of neck and shoulders, good depth of chest, well held topline on the move. Good bone and bend of stifle with correct muscling. Very attentive to his handler. Moved out well with a long stride. Res CC
2 Green & Sears Boschendal Simply Red at Judally
Judged this one previously when he was a puppy and he is maturing well. He is beautifully marked, with a lovely liver colour. Has the softest of expressions with good eye colour. Good bone and depth of chest, topline held well on the move with a correct tail set. Moved and showed well for his handler. Just carrying a little extra weight over his shoulders today.
3 Gibbs Phadante Mr Blue Sky JW Sh.CM

Open Dog
(7, 1 abs)
1 Christie’s Ch Sophtspot Gold Dust JW Another I have judge previously when I gave him the Res CC while still in Junior. This well spotted liver boy has matured very well. Lovely head, good eye colour, well held ears which enhanced his expression. Clean in outline, good angles front and rear, well muscled. Today he was on his A game and moved really well round the ring with an easy stride. Showed very well for his handler. Delighted to award him the CC
2 McCarthy’s Fr Ch Domdallino Je Suis Kilndandy JW
Another liver boy I have judged previously. He has matured well, lovely deep chest, nicely boned with good muscling on a pleasing outline. Showed well, his gentle expression was especially enchanting.

Good Citizen Dog or Bitch (7)
1 Howard’s Shydally Brightest Star Pretty liver bitch in lovely clean condition. Good reach of neck with nice front, nicely boned, correct topline, moved soundly.
2 Hurst’s Dvojica Collectors Item At Finnidal A lot to like about this pretty black bitch. Lovely head and expression, good overall outline, well boned with good tight feet. Her handler worked extremely hard to get the best out of her. Not as positive on the move as 1.
3 Hurst’s Philcarthom Xcaliber At Finnidal

Minor Puppy Bitch
(3, 1 abs)
1 Brennan’s Kaytoni Have You Seen Her Deep black spots on this 8 month bitch, pretty expression, lovely dark eye. Well boned with good hindquarters which she used to advantage on the move.
2 Millington’s Capearlla Imperial Topaz 7 month old liver bitch, very roly poly at the moment but good overall shape with nice bend of stifle, shorter in body than 1. Would prefer tighter feet and wasn’t keen on her tail carriage.

Puppy Bitch (5, 1 abs)
1 Christie’s Checkmate Iz Terletskoy Dubravy by Sophtspot (Imp Rus) Beautifully trained black bitch, just coming up to 12 months. Nice head and expression with well set on ears. Good reach of neck, nice front and excellent bend of stifle. Lovely waggy tail. Moved well with a nice long stride. Best Puppy Bitch
2 Healey & Wheaton’s Hebemor Ruby Tiger From Acinonyx
Happy 11 month well marked liver bitch. Well boned with excellent tight feet, nice overall shape. Not as positive on the move as 1.
3 Evans’ Dallydyl My Cousin Rachel

Junior Bitch
1 Petersen’s Daedalus Grand Finale Eyecatching bitch with deep black spotting on pure white background. Pretty head with the darkest of eyes, good body shape, deep chest, well boned with nice bend of stifle. Very happy girl, wagging her tail all the time. Moved soundly.
2 Tingey’s Dallyador Secret Addiction Another pretty black bitch, with good dark eye and nice spotty ears. Clean in outline with good bone and feet, correct topline and tail set. Has an excellent rapport with her handler. Not as positive on the move as 1 today.
3 Chappell’s Nalderhill Aphrodite at Waltzaway

Yearling Bitch
1 Watts & Jackson’s Tamilanda Continental Song JW Excellently pigmented black bitch with lovely dark eye and good ear carriage. Super bone, nice tight feet, good depth of chest and nice turn of stifle. Giving her handler a hard time on the move.
2 Chappell’s Nalderhill Aphrodite at Waltzaway Liver bitch who pulled herself together in this class. Good overall body shape, nice front and rear angulations, well muscled. She moved quite well but tended to be easily distracted which made things difficult for her handler.
3 Howard’s Shydally Brightest Star

Post Graduate Bitch
1 Finch & Bonner’s Sophtspot Hocus Pocus at Dalticino Lovely deep black spotting on this bitch with good dark eye and expression. Nice body shape, good spring of rib, nicely boned with excellent hindquarters. Moved out well, keeping her topline and using her tail to her advantage.
2 Wareham’s Tamilanda Valentina Lilly at Dotsadaisy Well handled black bitch with a lovely head and expression. Clean outline, good bone, good deep chest, well muscled hindquarters and good tight feet. Good tail set, moved positively.
3 Davies’ Maddidalli Embers Glow

Limit Bitch
(14, 2 abs)
1 McManus’ Boschendal Ashes Of Roses Really lovely black spotted bitch, nicely marked, lovely head and expression. Good reach of neck, good depth of chest and spring of rib, well boned with good feet. Good topline with well set on tail. On the move she covered the ground well with a long easy stride, could easily see her going all day. Pleased to award her the Res CC

2 Hobbs’ Rapanooey Rascallion
Very happy liver bitch working well with her handler. Pretty head, nice expression, good front and depth of chest, well muscled hindquarters which she used well on the move. Her tail was on the go the whole time.
3 Wareham’s Tamilanda Blue Water Lilly at Dotsadaisy Sh.CM

Open Bitch
(9, 2 abs)
1 Gardner’s Ch Dvojica Chilli Chutney For Wrendragge JW How delighted was I when I saw this bitch enter the ring. I had long admired her from the ringside and I was not disappointed. This liver bitch is stunning in outline, from her pretty head and ear carriage, to her well set on waggy tail. Lovely reach of neck, deep chest, good front and rear angulations, nicely boned, super tight feet. A joy to watch on the move, she covered the ground with an easy stride, using her well muscled hindquarters. One I would love to take home with me. A very well deserved CC & BOB
2 Neath-Duggan & Baker’s Ch Buffrey Hanky Panky By Dalleaf JW
Black bitch in immaculate coat, pretty head and expression, good ear carriage. Well boned, good front and rear angulations, good deep chest, nice topline and tail set. Happy girl being very attentive to her handler. Moved positively.
3 Dodds & Pearson’s Ch & Ir Ch Kelevra Classic Cliché JW Sh.CM

Elaine Tillson