City of Birmingham 2019 Judged by Mrs J Lanning
City of Birmingham 01-09-19


A great honour to judge such a large representative entry. A breed I have not only judged over many years, but have also, owned bred and loved. I will confine my notes to how I weighed the breed up in general.

Firstly - Surprising to find so many with a high tail carriage. In some classes, almost the norm. The tail in this breed must never resemble the carriage one would find in the Bloodhound or Basset. Check with the excellent KC Breed standard, where it is clearly defined. Spotting in most cases excellent. Although in the higher classes, I found two, that had liver spotted heads and the correct liver pigment, but clearly were black spotted on the body and legs. A form of bi-colour, which the old judges would classify as mismarked. Then a couple that were just a Hotch Potch of coloured spots that would be clearly obvious to their handlers. Other comments which are intended to be helpful - particularly in the middle classes, some really lovely dogs, which appeared to have little ring training. I found I had to struggle to just make a normal check of correct dentition. The high cost of entries and travelling to a show, a well presented dog is a must, if it has a chance of making the Group. Dallies had a great day in the big ring with BOB going third place in a particularly strong Group, and the Veteran Best Veteran on the day. So well done, those breeders and exhibitors who made it possible. Over time, this breed has inched up slowly, and many are right up to size. So it was good to see today, some breeders making the effort to keep well within the recommended standard. A word about the so-called Dally rash. So many with pink skins. We always had four or five in the Kennel it was never a problem. Usually diet is the reason. The late Barbra Woodhouse, her husband was a dietician in Harley Street, knew something about this subject. She would recommend, a diet of rice pudding from goats milk.

VD (3, 1)
1 Whincup & Sibson’s Ch Tamilanda Vintage Pink JW. Still looking good. Quality dog all through,with good depth of body and one of the better carried tails.
2 Pace’s Big Addo. Quality all through, shade upright in shoulder.

MPD (5, 1)
1 Page’s Bleize De Montjuic At Winflash (Imp) . Lovely quality, excellent feet, correct topline with good set of tail. Shows great promise.
2 Sampson’s Dalstorm Golden Guinea. Has plenty of time, not so forward.
3 Kembrey’s O Malley Des Dalmats De La Pierre Sacree At Dalmar.

(6, 1)
1 Norgrove’s Sassydals Flugel Horn. BP and Res DCC. Liver of great promise, well balanced and so sound on the move. Correct topline, very finished for age, does not need to grow on. Well deserved his win today.
2 Townson & Pardoe’s Kaytoni Oh What A Night With Daymadals.
Another of excellent merit. Has time to drop in chest. 3 Harrison-Stratford’s Dalkereve Dark At Midnight.

1 Alexander’s Offordale Vivaldi. Lovely youngster, black spotted, carries a famous kennel name. I loved that he will end hopefully not overdone for size, which will be good for the breed.
2 Emmett & Simons’ Ellemstra Against All Odds. Plenty of quality, good bone and feet, but tail set too high.
3 Williams’ Tolkain Storm King From Phadante Jw.

1 Sims’ Mullabuoy Magic Man For Snowspeeder JW. Pleasing size, good spotting, looking good on the move, eye could be darker.
2 Alcock’s Kayjule Kepler At Dalspartan. Lovely head and eye. Dark eye. Little upright in shoulder.

PGD (5)
1 Finlay’s Dalfin Actual Fact. Dark eye, pleasing size, moving out well.
2 Thorne’s Spotiray Billy Elliot Of Castletop. Close up in this good class.
3 Healey’s Doshaburi The Cloud Dragon At Hebemor JW.

1 Gibbs’ Phadante Mr Blue Sky JW ShCM. Won well here. Well balanced. Sound on the move. No exaggeration, moving out well. A pleasure to judge. sound.
2 Green & Sears’ Boschendal Simply Red At Judally. Built on larger lines. Moving out well.
3 Gardinor’s Jamelsley Pyracantha At Dakata JW.

1 Neath-Duggan & Baker’s Ch Buffrey Incognito By Dalleaf JW Dog CC. When I signed the ticked, I was delighted to find that the famous Buffrey line was back. I understand his 20th ticket today. Up to size. A commanding dog of great presence, absolutely sound. Carries his tail correctly. A real ambassador for the breed.
2 Quayle’s Ch Millbelle Kicking Horse At Cubalibre JW. Liver dog, moving and showing well. A classy dog of excellent merit. Another excellent representative of the breed.
3 Croft & Cobb’s Kalokairie’s Bullet Proof.

(4, 1)
1 Emmett & Simons’ Ch Dalliviro Reba Mac At Ellemstra JW ShCM. Lovely head and eye, so feminine. Moving and showing so well, BV and BV of the Day in Show.
2 Suggett’s Dalesbred Geebee Gold For Kintegus
. Well spotted liver. Moving and showing well.
3 Bardet’s Multi Ch Dallydyl Guinevere.

1 Baker’s Mapplewell Just My Style At Dalmaigheo. Well balanced good topline dark eye.
2 Holland’s Capearlla Apres Ski. Needs ring training and can do well.
3 Thomas’ Dalstorm Golden Galaxy For Magikala.

(6, 3)
1 Brennan’s Kaytoni Have You Seen Her. High class, dark eye. Promising. Some really lovely puppies out today.
2 Porter’s Dame Tulip. Needs to settle, but her quality shone through.
3 Kaal & Rance’s Dallydyl Dream Of Manderley To Olbero.

1 Neal’s Tolkain Morning Star. Res CC. Would like a darker eye, but her overall make, shape, balance and excellent merit warranted her placing.
2 Alexander’s Offordale Violetta. Close up, dark eye, not so forward.
3 Page’s Salsusa A Million Dreams At Winflash.

(10, 2)
1 Healey Wheaton’s Hebemor Ruby Tiger From Acinonyx. Liver spotted. Came from the strong Junior class.
2 Hobbs & Whiting’s Rapanooey Ragdoll. Catches the eye, lovely stamp, just needs to extend more on the move.
3 Crookes & Crookes’ Dalmark The Ratafia.

(11, 3)
1 Quayle’s Chizzmic Carry On With Cubalibre JW. Neat black spotted. Looking good on the move. Little plain in head.
2 Goodswen’s Alphadal Aint No Sun.Liver, well balanced, moving put well.
3 Patrick’s Cohavrick Symphony.

(10, 1)
1 Dinsdale’s Roadcoach Rejoice With Dalesbred. Liver, well balanced. Positive on the move, can always win well.
2 Lamb’s Dalpetro Diamond JW. Another in the same class, close up.
3 Hobbs &Whiting’s Rapanooey Rascallion.

(10, 3)
1 Neath-Duggan & Baker’s Ch Buffrey Hanky Panky By Dalleaf JW. BOB . Carried the flag for the Group gaining third placement in the Group. Full sister to Best Dog. She is for me, the ‘almost’ perfect Dalmatian. So feminine, absolutely sound coming and going, moves and shows to perfection with the correct tail carriage.
2 Wright’s Ch Millbelle Fernie JW WW18. High class liver, came in well here.
3 Finlay’s Ch Dvojica Black Swan At Dalfin ShCM.

Jean Lanning