BDC Championship Show 2019 2019 Judged by Mr L M Cutts & Mr A Foss (Norway)
British Dalmatian Club Championship show,
Stoneleigh Park, 2nd November 2019


First of all a big thank you to the BDC for the invitation to judge the bitches at their club show. It was an amazing number, 91 bitches making 116 entries. I had a most enjoyable day, big ring, good surface and very helpful ring stewards. The atmosphere was so nice with very friendly exhibitors.
I got my first Dalmatian in 1977 and was active in the breed for 31 years. Have been very lucky to judge the breed all over world. This was my third time judging Dalmatians in the UK, and I was very pleased with the quality especially in limit and open. I can honestly say that I was very proud to see the line-up of unbeaten bitches, a memory for life! I could have easily given the ticket to several of the females.
Profile movement was in general better than looking at the dogs up and down. Front construction is still a problem world-wide. Too forward shoulder placement and steep upper arm combined with a well angulated rear gives an unbalanced picture both standing and moving.
I got many smiles today and was very pleased with the temperament. The majority were well spotted. Coat condition could be better in a few. Tail carriage was mostly acceptable.
Thank you for bringing fit dogs with good muscular condition. A few with long nails and dirty teeth, no excuse for that!

MPB (6, 1 abs)
1. Dodds and Pearson`s Kelevra Mind Your Nebula, super feminine and so well balanced with an air of quality around her. Really liked her expression, perfect bone and feet, well angulated behind allowing her to stride out well. Her temperament and attitude was spot on, super coat, colour and spotting. Well handled and went all the way to Best Puppy in Show, in total agreement with my co-judge.
2. Cobb and Barry`s Kalokairie Guilty Pleasure, liver spotted, very promising, different in type to 1, so much to like, today quite heavy, lovely forechest, good length of body, went very well going around, just a few ticks.
3. Pratt`s Gatfulls Honey Bee of Lyndalla (imp Swe)

1. Pratt`s Gatfulls Honey Bee of Lyndalla, third in MP, pleasing silhouette, liked her length of body and proportions, very feminine, well spotted, pleasing side gait, tail carriage not her strongest point.
2. Holland`s Capearlla Apres Ski, 9 months, strong pigmentation, would prefer more angulation in front, pleasing drive from behind, front movement and topline can improve, just needs more experience.
3. Richardson`s Mapplewell Limited Edition.

(11,1) I was not so happy with movement in this class.
1. Neal`s Tolkain Morning Star, outstanding in her class, really liked her balance both standing and moving, very nice head piece, good pigmentation, excellent bone and bodyshape, precise up and down and kept her topline well going around, first class coat, colour and spotting.
2. Evans and Saunders` Dallydyl My Cousin Rachel, daughter of my BOB I see, super feminine, loved her head, expression and personality, moved well, lightly spotted, quite small spots.
3. Kaal and Rance`s Dallydyl Dream of Manderley to Olbero, sister to 2.

YB (14,3)
1. Petersen`s Daedalus Grand Finale, well shaped head and typical expression, lovely neck, bone and feet, strong pigmentation, lovely coat and super presentation, moved well, overall maximum strength for a female.
2. Noble`s Ruebedu Sheik Yerbouti, very typy bitch, super bone and catlike feet, correct side gait, perfect underline, lovely temp. would prefer a darker eye. 3. Hartley and Griffiths` Miragua Heart To Heart.

1. Edens` Dalens Bethany Char, liver, won her class easily, liked her balance, very pleasing head, good skull, correct stop and ears, nice forechest and depth of chest, super temp, well shown, a few ticks, moved with drive from behind.
2. Kaal and Rance`s Dallydyl Dream of Manderley to Olbero, third in JB, super feminine and pleasing type, could move better in front.
3. Millington`s Capearlla Imperial Topaz, lots to like, but not in her best coat condition.

GB (15,4) Very close between first two.
1. Christie and Scott`s Checkmate Iz Terletskoy Dubravy by Sophtspot JW (imp Rus) , beautiful outline and super feminine, stands perfect on her feet, liked her expression, correct stop and skull, lovely neck, normal bone, strong topline, very precise side gait, just need to fill out in loin, first class handling, one for the future.
2. Tingey`s Dallyador Secret Addiction, overall pleasing for balance and proportions, super expression, good bone and feet, a little steep in upper arm, well angulated behind, one of few who moved well in all directions, well presented.
3. Noble`s Ruebedu Sheik Yerbouti, second in Yearling.

PGB (11,3)
1. Edens` Dalens Bethany Char, winner of Novice.
2. Cole`s Keiradal Mel`s Destiny, elegant liver, balanced outline, moved well, ok spotting, nice colour, perfect temp.
3. Cole`s Keiradal Moulin Rouge at Akoni.

1. Quayle`s Chizzmic Carry On With Cubalibre JW, black spotted showgirl, really liked her balance both standing and moving, perfect expression, moved with super drive from behind, very good muscular condition, super temp, would prefer a slightly better upper arm.
2. Sampson`s Dalstorm Eternal Promise JW ShCM, loved her personality, well balanced and feminine liver spotted girl, lovely expression, liked her bone and feet, moved well going around, not in her very best coat.
3. Noble`s Shulune Celtic Snapdragon of Ruebedu.

(15,1) Best class so far!
1. Cuthbertson`s Ellemstra Little Mix With Kalsidoni, eyecatching, full of type, strong, but still feminine, well shaped head with correct expression and muzzle, pleasing forechest and bone, perfect rear, very powerful on the move, lovely coat and colour, very positive in temp. Best Black female, well deserved.
2. Tingey`s Dallyador The Enchanteress JW, liver spotted girl and my winner standing, loved her balance, one of the best heads too, very nice ears, tail-carriage too high, today better standing than moving, but overall high quality.
3. Edens` Dalens A Spot of Trouble JW ShCM.

(11,1) The class of the day ! Difficult to cut down to five, several worthy of a CC today.
1. David and Saunders` Ch Dalticino Interlagos from Dallydyl JW ShCM, totally in love from first sight, liver spotted champion of the highest quality, no exaggeration, both elegant and strong and capable of doing a days work, lovely feminine head and correct expression, nice ears, excellent bone and angulation, broad thighs, her movement was faultless, well spotted, good colour and perfect temp. CC, best female, BOB/BIS. My co-judge and I both preferred our own winners so the bitch won on the referee`s decision. We both agreed that the handsome, perfectly shown male should be Reserve BIS.
2. Gardner`s Ch Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendragge JW, another top quality liver, close up, well balanced both standing and moving, toes in a little in front coming towards, well presented.
3. Whincup`s Ch Tamilanda Pick-A-Lilly JW, another worthy champion so well presented. If I remember correctly my class winner at the WDS in Amsterdam.

Special OB (7,1)
1. Wright`s Ch Millbelle Fernie JW JWW`18, this outstanding liver girl I have seen once before at the WDS last year when I gave her the Junior Winner title. So feminine and love her size, type and prop. Very pleasing for the eye, feminine head and expression, lovely feet, moderate angulation in front, really nice crest of neck, strong topline, well decorated, super temp, moved well, sometimes a little careless with her front legs. Well deserved Res CC !
2. Wilkinson`s Ch Gwynmor High Five to Hunacres JW (imp Nld)
, another worthy champion, stands very well on her feet, lovely attitude, perfect coat, colour and temp, well handled.
3. Alexander`s Offordale Violetta.

Special Junior Veteran
1. Sampson`s Dalstorm Black Orchid ShCM, 7,5 years young, well balanced and feminine, well carried ears, lovely feet, very youthful on the move.
2. Emmett and Simons` Ch Dalliviro Reba Mac at Ellemstra JW ShCM, close up, 8 years, pleasing head and expression, correct feet and muscle condition, moved well, super temp, not the best coat and spotting.
3. Suggett`s Dalesbred Geebee Gold For Kintegus.

Special Senior Veteran
1. Gibbs` Ch Phadante Dixie Lily JW, 10,5 years black spotted lady, lovely condition, strong and feminine at the same time, dark eyes, correct forechest, ok pasterns, good bone, well angulated, well presented, moved well for her age. Best Veteran Bitch!
2. Thorner`s Ch Tolutim Drambuie ShCM
, 11 years, very feminine in head, typical expression, better angulated behind than in front, moved well for age, positive temp.
3. Neath-Duggan`s Ch Buffrey Gift Wrapped ShCM.

(6,2) Judged jointly.
1. David and Saunders.
2. Cole.
3. Pace.
4. Noble.

Arne Foss (Norway) (Judge)



When starting this report, my first thoughts must be with Alan Beeston, who was taken ill on the very morning of the show and whose entry I then took over as a last-minute substitute. Get well soon, Alan!

At this show, the major awards are judged by both judges jointly. For BIS, my co-judge and I agreed, very amicably, to disagree and the Referee gave BIS to the attractive liver bitch, David & Saunders’s Ch. Dalticino Interlagos from Dallydyl. ResBIS was the dog, Neath-Duggan & Baker’s Ch. Buffrey Incognito by Dalleaf, BPIS was the bitch Dodge & Pearson’s Kelevra Mind Your Nebula and BVIS was the dog Whitings’s Cibrith Captain Kirk.

Not having judged for some 6 or 7 years, almost all the exhibits were unknown to me. Two issues did strike me as I went through the entry. Firstly, there were too many dogs with poor shoulder placement. In a running breed such as ours, upright shoulders restrict the extent to which the forelegs can reach out on the move. This produces an untypical and uneconomic movement.

Secondly. heads are getting larger. Dalmatian males should be powerful but also elegant. Too broad a skull detracts from that elegance. On the other hand, however, I found none of the weak, thin muzzles, which once occurred.

MPD (4)
1. Richardson’s Mapplewell Pocket Rocket. Very upstanding 8 month-old with excellent black spotting of a good colour. Strong bone, good, tight feet. Well-developed hindquarters. Well up to size for his age.
2. Croft’s Kalokairie’s Great Gatsby at Koroyza. Similar type to the winner but with liver spotting, which was not as well-distributed as the first. Again, well off for bone and bend of stifle. Very showy.
3. Alexander’s Offordale Nijinksi

1. And Res CC. Kembrey’s O’Malley des Dalmats de la Pierre Sacree at Dalmark. I really fell for this beautiful liver and white. Very much my type of Dalmatian! Lovely liver spotting, both in colour and distribution. Good shoulders and stifles, which produced sound movement both in front and behind. Well-handled to show off his many qualities. My only concern is his tendency to carry his tail too high on the move, and this was particularly noticeable in the challenge for BPIS.
2. Sampson’s Dalstorm Golden Guinea. B/w despite his name. Attractive head, well-balanced body. Good stifles though not as good in shoulder as the winner. His spotting still needs to clear.
3. M. Pocket Rocket

1. Wilkinson’s Gwynmor Lewellyn to Hunacres. B/w with rich, deep spotting. Balanced overall. Better shoulders than the rest of this class, which meant that his movement was also very sound. Good bone and tight feet.
2. William’s Tolkain Storm King from Phadante. B/w which stood four-square. Would have liked a little more colour in the head and face to improve his expression. Well -shaped stifles and let down hocks. Sound movement.
3. McMillan’s Keiradal Captain Jack for Dalyance

1. Emmett & Simon’s Ellemstra Against All Odds. B/w. Attractive head and expression. Good, overall balance. Well-developed stifles. Spotting of deep colour and distribution. Moved soundly and knew how to show off his qualities, when standing.
2. Sim’s Mullabuoy Magic Man for Showspeeder. B/w with spotting of good colour but not as well-distributed as 1. I would prefer more bend of stifle and has a tendency to over-stretch behind, when standing.
3. Locke-Mcfadzean’s Caprilli’s Panache over Sassafras

(2, 1 ab)
1. K. Captain Jack from Dalyance. Third in Junior. B/w whose coat still needs to clear. Attractive head and expression, though his ears are a little dark for my taste. Carries his tail rather high on the move.

GD (4)
1. G Lewellyn to Hunacres
2. T Storm King from Phandante
3. O’Connor’s Dalamanti Diamond Raider

(8, 2 ab)
1. Cobb’s Kalokairie Eddy the Eagle. Very appealing liver and white. Well-spotted. Attractive head and expression. Good bone and feet. Well-balanced body. Moved with drive. A real showman, once he settled.
2. Finlay’s Dalfin Actual Fact. Very close decision between the first two. Both were elegant males and showed and moved smartly. Again an attractive head and expression, with a dark eye. Both had a good depth of pigment in their spotting. Just preferred the outline of the winner.
3. Holland & Millington’s Capearlla Its On Ice.

Mid LD
1. Hernandez’s Dalminshi Starlite Express. A really sparkling b/w with deep, black spots on a clear, white background. Attractive head, with well-broken ears which enhanced his expression. Good overall balance and a level topline. Well-defined stifles, which he used to good effect on the move.
2. Baker’s Lancelot des Landes D’Iroise at Oneowun. B/w. Slightly heavy-headed for my taste but his expression was helped by his dark eyes. Soundly constructed. Stood and showed well. Stifles not as good as those of the winner.
3. Pace’s Big Addo

1. Millington’s Capearlla Pure Diamonds. Lovely, elegant b/w, with an excellent coat. Rich, well-distributed markings on a clear, white base. Attractive head and expression with well-broken spotting on the ears. Good general balance and well-defined stifles, which helped the drive in his hind movement. Had a tendency to fidget, when standing, which can spoil the overall impression.
2. Healey’s Doshaburi The Cloud Dragon at Hebemor. Another well-balanced male, although a l/w this time. Not quite the animation of 1 when standing. Sound movement. Good bone and feet. Without the pink marks on his forehead, he would have given the winner even more of a challenge.
3. Gibb’s Phandante Mr. Blue Sky

(7, 1 ab)
1. Neath-Duggan & Baker’s Ch. Buffrey Incognito by Dalleaf. CC and RBIS He caught my attention as he walked into the ring and never put a foot wrong throughout. Incognito? No chance! B/w with superb spotting of a deep, rich hue on a sparkling white ground. A real showman, with personality plus, and movement, both front and at the rear, to match. Excellent make and shape. A real pleasure to judge.
2. Croft & Cobb’s Kalokairie’s Bullet Proof. A lovely l/w with a most attractive head and expression. Well-formed front construction and good, overall balance. Moved with reach and drive and showed off his qualities to advantage, aided by his very capable handler. Ultimately, even in the challenge for the Res.CC, the pink marks in his coat told against him.
3. Cobb’s Kalokairie’s Carbon Copy

Special Memorial OD
(3, 1 ab)
1. McCarthy’s Int.Fr.Ir.Ch. Domdallino Je Suis Kilndandy. Really appealing l/w with spotting of good colour and distribution. Excellent outline, strong bone and tight feet, sound construction throughout. Moved with reach in front and drive behind. Pity about his pink rear feet. Otherwise, he would certainly have been a contender for one of the two top honours in dogs.
2. Hopkin’s Rapanooey Red RoseReserve in Open. Showed steadily but could not match the overall quality of the winner. Coat needs to clear. His hindquarters need to strengthen, both on the move and when standing, as he has a tendency to appear cow-hocked.

Special Junior VD (9, 2 ab)
1. Edens’s Dalens Hot Gossip. Eight yearold b/w with well-distributed markings. Well-spotted ears which enhanced his expression. Generally well-balanced and showed steadily. Tight feet. Good stifle development and sound rear movement.
2. Scott-Allen & Davis’s Tolutim Yaffle. Seven year old b/w. Stronger in build than the winner. Lovely dark eye colour, which helped his expression. Good bone and tight feet. Showed continuously but failed to stand squarely behind.
3. Cuthbertson’s Ch. Kalsidoni Cameo

Special Senior VD
1. Whiting’s Cibrith Captain Kirk. Sparkling 10 year old, which I have judged and admired before. Very good b/w spotting both in colour and distribution. Well-laid shoulders, which quite a lot of youngsters could envy. Moved with commendable soundness, both in front and at the rear. Really showed himself off, when standing. Deservedly, BVIS
2. Kaal’s Dalmark the Sandman at Schnikka
. 11 year old, which was overshadowed by the overall quality and personality of the winner. L/w spotting of good colour but the distribution could be better. Not as sound in movement as 1.

Brace (6, 2ab) Judged Jointly
1. Davis & Saunders
2. Cole
3. Pace

Lindsay Cutts (Judge)