Crufts 2020 Judged by Mrs Karen Goff-Leggett

Breed: Dalmatian

Crufts 2020 Judged by Mrs K. Goff-Leggett

May I begin by thanking the Officers and Committee of the Crufts Kennel Club for this prestigious appointment. I was very humbled by the generous exhibitors who gave me such a wonderful entry and was delighted by their sporting enthusiasm on the day. I would also like to say a massive thank you to my two top stewards, Stef Kazana and Bill Ashcroft, who looked after me so well.

I would like to add a couple of comments about the breed overall. My biggest concern is in fronts being narrow - the chest should be broad and deep with elbows tight with a deep brisket. There also appears to be more exhibits with a high tail carriage, please check the breed standard when planning your breeding. This fault does spoil the outline. There were some Dalmatians with pink feet, but overall, presentation was first-class with good quality coats.

I haven't been around the show ring in a while and it was lovely to go over so many beautiful exhibits, many going without cards, but each decision was based on what I saw on the day. I was delighted to see that my best of breed winner was shortlisted in the group.

Veteran Dog Entries: 8 Abs: 1
1 Todhunter and Robinson's CH MILBELLE LITHIUM JW. Elegant and attractive black spotted dog at 9 years. In top condition, well marked, good bone and substance, moving with great precision and drive. Loved his proportions and condition.
2 Wincup and Sibson's CH TAMILANDA VINTAGE PINK JW Good 8-year-old l/w of correct colour. Bang on the standard size, and equally a good mover. Has a delightful head and the darkest of eyes, this one carried a little bit of weight.
3 Scott-Allan and Davis TOLUTIM YAFFLE Attractive black spotted of nearly 8 years old showing with great confidence and panache. Lovely head and expression, good bone and feet, moving a tad close today.

Minor Puppy Dog Entries: 2 Abs: 0
1 Richards HAFWENNA SALINERO Very promising 9-month puppy of ideal size, already showing with great confidence, dark eye good bone and feet, well constructed in front and ribcage with strong loin and well-set tail.
2 Christie's SOPHTSPOT JIVE BUNNY 9-month puppy a larger dog than one, very soundly put together, good deep chest and a happy temperament. Movement coming and going not as good as one.

Puppy Dog Entries: 7 Abs: 1
1 Alexander's OFFORDALE NKSI. 10-month-old puppy of correct size, great all-round mover, strong and masculine and compact in size, nicely arched neck, well ribbed with good forechest for one so young. Well angulated fore and aft with good upper arm, well set tail and has excellent black spotting on a pure white coat. This dog should have a promising future. Best Puppy
This 10-month-old black spotted puppy impressed with his balance and size, moved well in top condition with correct construction throughout. Was not striding out as 1st place. Once he gains more confidence, he is another who I feel should have a successful show career.
3 Croft's KALOKAIRIE'S GREAT GATSBY AT KOROYZA 10-month-old lovely elegant liver, bang on size, and equally good mover, loved his proportions and condition was good. Lovely tight feet, clean neck line and strongly muscled loin. A little proud of his tail.

Junior Dog Entries: 11 Abs: 0
1 Richardson's MAPPLEWELL POCKET ROCKET Aged just 12 months, this black spotted is of the correct size. Very well put together with a pleasing gentle temperament. Excellent body condition, enthusiastic showman, bold black spotting. His movement was an effortless gait, straight and true covering the ground effortlessly. Again, one with a great future. Well handled.
2 Bliss and Pearson's KELEVRA WHAT A GUY Constructed on more refine lines, standard size, black spotted with super eye-catching markings, shorter backed, good deep chest. This dog has a delightful head and dark eye nice rounded feet, moved out well.
3 Sampson's DALSTORM GOLDEN GUINEA JW Lovely liver of balanced proportions, nice size, moved correctly with great style and purpose. More body and substance than 2, with a good tail set. Not much to separate these except I preferred the movement of 2, I am sure they will swap places many times.

Yearling Dog Entries: 8 Abs: 0
1 Gibbs TOLKAIN STORM KING FROM PHADANTE JW Black spots on a crisp white coat, this boy catches your eye. Nicely proportioned head on a clean neck, well made and compact with balanced angulation, short strong loin with good ribcage, good lay of shoulder, cat feet, well coupled, depth of thigh and bend of stifle. Moved with free and flowing action.
2 Barrett's TALIORY SADDLESIDE LEGEND JW Liver spotted of good size and decoration. Lovely classy head and well placed ears on a clean neck into well placed shoulders, clean topline, good tail length, effortless movement around the ring.
3 Jodar's SEDUCTOR DE LA LLIBRA CASANOVA [ATC AW02838ESP] Masculine dog with the deepest pigmentation, eye-catching spotting, up to size and balanced throughout. Pleasing head into arched neck short strong loin with good ribcage. Good lay of shoulder, cat feet well coupled, good depth of thigh and bend of stifle, really sound moving with great extension and drive.

Post Graduate Dog Entries: 13 Abs: 0
1 Alexander's OFFORDALE GRIFFIN Black spotted dog, liked his overall balance, pleasing head with kind expression. Moderate length of neck flowing into the withers, good straight front with tight fitting elbows. Mature body with no exaggerations, well developed hindquarters, covered the ground with ease, drive and style.
2 Gardinor's DAKATA DURANTA Eye-catching black with excellent deep black pigmentation on a sparkling white coat. Lovely outline with well defined wither, deep brisket and good lay of shoulder. Lovely head with a good dark eye. His rounded quarters enabled him to move with great extension and drive.
3 Healey's DOSHABURI THE CLOUD DRAGON AT HEBEMOR JW Well proportioned l/w dog who is strong and elegant. Attractive spotting with good pigmentation and good eye colour, well set ears, good reach of neck leads into well laid shoulders. Level topline and good tailset, nice balanced angulation, moved with purpose.

Limit Dog Entries: 21 Abs: 5
1 Stocks NOSPAR'S SHADED LANSON JW Another good liver, well schooled, lovely head and eye colour, good bone and feet, well constructed in front and ribcage with strong loin and correct tail carriage, sound and easy mover.
2 Gardinor's JAMELSLEY PYRACANTHA AT DAKATA A lovely black spotted dog, Lovely head, darkest of eyes and strong pigmentation, well arched neck, good ribbing, carried well back, decent shoulder and clean well-defined withers. Good round bone and feet, well balanced throughout.
3 Baker's LANCELOT DES LANDES D'IROISE AT ONEOWUN (FR IMP) Black spotted dog with good pigmentation and eye. Well constructed in front with a good shoulder/upper arm length and angulations which match his hindquarters well. Good forechest and depth of rib, well muscled throughout, keeping length of stride on the move.

Open Dog Entries: 16 Abs: 1
1 Dunnachie's CH DVOJICA VENDETTA A black spotted dog who has a real stamp of quality about him. Lovely black of balanced proportions. There is not much that has not already been said about this boy. Beautifully classical balanced head with kind expression. Nice flow of neck into the withers. Well laid shoulders. Good straight front with close fitting elbows, strong level topline and strong over the loin. Good width of thigh and bend of stifle. Correct tail set and carriage. Shown in excellent condition. Flowed around the ring with effortless drive and true movement. Very pleased to award him Best Veteran, Dog CC and Best of Breed.
Liver spotted dog with a nice classical head and ear carriage. Good size, well balanced, nice flow of neck into the withers, well laid shoulders, strong level topline and strong over the loin, good width of thigh and bend of stifle. Correct tail set and carriage. In excellent condition, simply flowed around the ring. He knew his job today and moved at one with handler. Reserve Dog CC
Liver spotted dog with good colour. More lightly marked than 1 and 2. He has substance and is a well-muscled, masculine dog with well-laid shoulders into a strong loin. Good coupling, good underline and rounded hindquarters. He powered around the ring.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog Entries: 9 Abs: 0
3 Marley and Libbey's BELLILI'S D'AMORE DE LOIN SHCM
. Black spotted dog. Liked his overall balance. Lovely bold black spotting, pleasing head with kind expression, moderate length of neck flowing into the withers, mature deep body with well sprung ribs, well turned stifle with well developed thighs, good tail set, nice tight round feet, moved soundly in both directions.

Veteran Bitch Entries: 14 Abs: 2
1 Gardner's CH DVOJICA BLACK AGAIN AT WRENDRAGGE JW SHCM. Black bitch of seven years. Beautiful classical head with kind expression. Nice flow of neck into the withers, well-laid shoulders, good straight front with close fitting elbows. Strong, level topline and strong over the loin. Good width of thigh, bend of stifle and correct tail carriage. In excellent condition with a racy outline, she simply flowed around the ring. A credit to her owner.
2 Haywood-Ridgeway's CH LUCCOMBE STRAWBERRY DREAM JW. Black spots of beautiful decoration, 8 years old and still looks fit for function. Well-arched neck, sound body, nicely rounded quarters, lovely tight feet, correct tailset and carriage. Love her size. Moved steadily and with purpose.
3 Finlay's CH DVOJICA BLACK SWAN AT DALFIN SHCM. Nice overall type with many qualities. Slightly more feminine and racy than 2, showing no sign of her seven years, well made throughout with no exaggeration. Strong level topline held on the move, carries herself well and with style.

Minor Puppy Bitch Entries: 2 Abs: 0
1 Barrett's DALAMANTI HIDDEN GLORY. Black spotted bitch of 8 months. Very promising puppy. Deep pigmentation, good reach of neck, well angulated with good topline, compact body, clean wither, well set tail, lovely forehand and straight strong bone into cat feet. Moved around the ring with great extension and drive. She looks to have a bright future.
2 Christie's SOPHTSPOT JOSEPHINE. Nice quality throughout, a little longer than 1, classical head with kind expression, good width of thigh and bend of stifle, correct tailset and carriage and well decorated. Handler moved her to the best advantage, again will swap places many times. On the day I preferred the movement of 1.

Puppy Bitch Entries: 8 Abs: 0
1 Dodds and Pearson's KELEVRA MIND YOUR NEBULA. Classical head with kind expression, nice quality throughout. Good length of neck, nice flow of neck going into the withers with a strong topline, well muscled hindquarters, carried herself well on the move.
2 Gamble's MOON LANDING AT MULLABUOY. Another very nice puppy of top quality. Dark eye, correct topline with the correct tail carriage, well balanced moved out well, close up in this strong class.
3 Cobb and Barry's KALOKAIRIE GUILTY PLEASURE. Quality puppy. Well decorated l/w spotting, nice strong topline, good depth of body and one of the better carried tails, excellent feet, and so sound on the move.

Junior Bitch Entries: 11 Abs: 1
1 Richardson's MAPPLEWELL LIMITED EDITION. Lovely youngster with beautiful decoration. I loved this young bitch as soon as she entered the ring. Feminine head into elegant neck, correctly balance, front and rear angulation gave a pleasing picture standing and enabled reach and drive on the move. Quality bone and feet. Considered for Reserve CC but she looked a little immature against the older girls. I see she is the litter mate to my J/D class winner.
2 Evans DALLYDYL MY COUSIN RACHEL L/w smaller spotted bitch. Such a lovely head and expression, nice overall type, good length of neck into well laid shoulders, well sprung ribs and compact body, moved soundly in both directions.
3 Kaal and Rance's DALLYDYL DREAM OF MANDERLEY TO OLBERO L/w spotted quality bitch from nose to tail. Pleasing head with kind expression, good length of neck flowing into the withers, good strong topline, good straight front with tightly fitting elbows, mature body.

Yearling Bitch Entries: 17 Abs: 1
1 Burrows ELLEMSTRA TOUGH COOKIE AT SHACARLU Very stylish and attractively marked b/w, 23 months old, with a constantly wagging tail, attractive markings on a pure white coat. Keen expression, completely focused on handler. Lovely arched neck, forelegs straight down into tight feet. Plenty of heartroom, correct angles fore and aft. She excels in movement with a rhythmic, powerful action. Very well handled as always from this handler.
2 Tingey's DALLYADOR SECRET ADDICTION Well balanced, elegant b/w of 22 months. Lovely head with keen expression enhanced by correctly carried ears. Strong bone into cat feet, clean outline, with neat tuck-up and good angles in fore and hindquarters. Good depth of chest. Tail well set on and carried, moved positively with reach and drive, handled calmly but effectively.
3 Dunnachie and Philip's DVOJICA DAISY DIAMOND This lovely b/w bitch was just asking to be noticed. Smart and compact, shown in lovely condition with bold jet-black spotting on a pure white coat which gleamed. Delightful expression with a dark eye, and a good ear carriage. Strong and round bone, with straight forelegs down to tight feet. Sound construction throughout giving overall balance, level topline held on the move, definitely one to watch in the future.

Post Graduate Bitch Entries: 27 Abs: 2
1 DAEDALUS GRAND FINALE This was the biggest class of the day and a strong class with several bitches of very good quality to consider. Feminine all through but with substance, very smart eye-catching b/w bitch just under 2 years of age, elegant neck, level topline, sound construction fore and aft giving overall balance, standing and on the move. Strode out around the ring with drive and purpose.
2 DIVAZZI'S DESIRE FOR ROMANCE Another quality b/w bitch plenty of presence. Beautiful feminine head, with good dark eye and lovely expression. Well-balanced with lovely front and good depth of rib, strong loin and the best angulation. Moved with drive and reach, a close decision between 1st and 2nd place.
3 CASTLETOP SUMMER BREEZE. Another quality b/w bitch, lovely expression with dark eye, good ear placement with good reach of neck, well balanced with good depth of brisket and bend of stifle producing excellent drive around the ring and correct tail carriage. I found these three placings to be of very similar quality and type. I am sure they will swap placings many times.

Limit Bitch Entries: 21 Abs: 1
1 Whincup's TAMILANDA CONTINENTAL SONG JW Very balanced with clean lines, classical head with intelligent expression. Well-laid shoulders and good upper arm assembly. Good straight front with tight fitting elbows. Well-ribbed body. In full bloom, carried herself well on the move with strong rear drive. Simply flowed around the ring with effortless true movement. Showed class and breed type, pleased to award her the Bitch CC. I was very thrilled to hear later on the this made her up.
2 Quayle's CHIZZMIC CARRY ON WITH CUBALIBRE JW Another beautifully presented bitch slightly lighter marked than 1. She has quality size and a beautiful outline. She has a beautiful head and a kind expression, correct ear carriage, good strong topline, correct tight feet, carried her tail correctly on the move. She has good drive from the rear excels on the move, showed well.
3 Tolkin's GOLD STAR FOR KILNDANDY Correct colour l/w spotting with elegant head and nicely broken ears. Correct ear carriage, correct shoulders and topline. Beautifully presented in tip top condition. Carried her tail correctly on the move and handler always gets the best from her.

Open Bitch Entries: 18 Abs: 4
1 Wright's CH MILLBELLE FERNIE JW JWW 18 Liver spotted bitch, balanced outline with no exaggerations. Well proportioned head with good eye. Good layback of shoulder and upper arm. Strong bone and feet. Well ribbed body with strong loins. Good bend of stifle. In hard condition. Moved with strong drive and purpose. Close decision for top honours. Reserve Bitch CC.
A l/w spotted bitch of rich colour. Very mature in body, correct size and plenty of substance, attractive head and soft expression correct amber eye colour. Correct topline and tailset, moved expertly around the ring with excellent drive.
3 David and Saunders CH DALTICINO INTERLAGOS FROM DALLYDYL JW SHCM Another l/w spotted bitch that I have admired many times, presented in tip top condition. Good strong topline with correct tail which carried through on the move. Not quite the powerful driving action of 2. Beautifully handled.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch Entries: 15 Abs: 0
1 Pickup's ROADCOACH RAY OF SUNSHINE Nice overall type with many qualities, keen and alert expression, well-made throughout with no exaggerations. Strong level topline held on the move, well developed hind quarters, carried herself well with strong rear drive.
2 Edens DALENS A SPOT OF TROUBLE JW SHCM SHCEX Attractive b/w bitch, good classical head with a good dark eye. Good topline and tailset, great bend of stifle well muscled. Carried her tail correctly on move and covered the ground with ease and style.
3 David and Saunders DALSTORM ETERNAL PROMISE JW SHCM A rich l/w dense spotted bitch. Mature, deep body with good layback of shoulder with lengthy upper arm. Nice bone with tight feet, moved with strong drive and purpose

Judge Mrs K. Goff-Leggett