Scottish Kennel Club 2007 Judged by Mr Doug Mackenzie
PD. (3).

1. Page’s, Winflash Harvey Wallbanger.
B/s 11 months old. Good outline in stance. On the move he looked splendid. Super level topline. Good head with well placed ears set just right. Nicely boned. Good tight feet. Pigmentation I found very good. I would imagine a good future for this youngster as he progresses as I think he should.
2. Smith's, Dalminshi Starcluster. B/s of 10 months. Impressive young dog with sound movement. Good head as was ear placement which were nicely decorated. He did push the winner all the way. It was nice to see so many potentially good exhibits coming through the ranks.
3. White’s, Roadcoach Rambler.

JD. (4).

1. Whiting’,Dalesbred Djamaica at Cragvallie.
B/s. 17 months old in splendid condition. Good looking lad this, sound in all quarters. Topline level in stance and on the move. Well muscled. Would like to see more strength in pasterns this I'm sure would tighten up his feet. Nevertheless I thought he is most decidedly a credit to our breed.
2. Talbot's, Pollypeck Playboy. At 15 months old this lad looked good. Nice head as was eye colour with good ear placement, pigmentation good. Just a little unsettled in stance making it difficult to go over him.

YD. (4).

1. Lambs, Dalpetro Dettori.
B/s. Splendid head with excellent pigmentation resulting in very good eye colouring. Nice reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Good topline in stance and on the move. Good tail inset. Very sound in all quarters, bone construction good. Sound movement. Good drop of brisket. Well handled, shown to perfection.
2. Westwater’s, Phidgity Pharaoh. 22 months old. Splendid head with good reach of neck. Correct shoulder placement. Well ribbed, good short loin. Nicely angulated with excellent feet. Sound in movement holding his topline. Pushed the winner of this class all the way.
3. Hosie's, Heroic Hector.

PGD. (4).

1. Thomas's, Tollwood Highland Chieftan at Philcarthorn.
B/s. Presented in absolute tip top form. He came to win showing all his attributes to do so. Beautifully decorated head and body. Good stop and flat skull. Splendid reach of neck into good lay of shoulder, his topline was so level in stance and on the move. Nicely angulated with strong pasterns. Tail set good. On the move his front action coupled with rear drive was faultless. It was my privilege to award him the CC, his first I do belive.
2. Dunnachies, Sophtspot Sugar Daddy at Dvojica. B/w. Another exhibit shown in splendid condition as was presentation. He has a good head, flat skull and very kindly expressive face. Well laid shoulders. Lost out on movement. Good tight feet, bone construction was good. Nicely decorated coat with correct tail set. 3.
Smith's, Dalleaf Mulberry.

LD. (4).

1. Stock’s, Dalmark the Shaded Moon at Nospar.
L/w of 2 years. Shown in perfect condition. Well bodied, good head with the kindest of expressions. Splendid neck carriage into well laid shoulders. Topline really good in stance and in movement. Correct tail set. Good co - ordination between exhibit and handler.
2. Fort’s, Shulune Double Fantasay. L/w. Well put together this boy with really typical liver colour. Good head with correct ear placement. Shoulder placement good. Rear angulation was ok, but just a tad down on his pasterns, but this can most definitely be rectified.
3. McVicar's, Dundarave Ambassador.

OD. (8).

1. Locke-McFadzean’s, Ch. Secret of Somerset in Sassafras.
Well presented. Considerable ring presence. Nothing exaggerated on this exhibit. Superb head, nicely broken ears. Good reach of neck. Shoulder placement was excellent. Level topline in stance and in movement. Well up on his pastserns which made movement effortless. Handled to perfection.
2. Tingey's, Kymvale Oberon at Dallyador. L/w, was so close to winner. Lovely head with typical eye colour. Nicely broken ears well set. Another exhibit with a splendid topline in stance on the move. Good strong pasterns made movement effortless. Tail set good. Nice drop in brisket. Dentition perfect, sound in all quarters.
3. Hartley and Griffiths's, Miragua the Explorer.

PB. (5).

1. Pickup’s, Roadcoach Ribbons and Roses.
B/s of 7 months. Lively and appealing puppy of excellent construction, of good bone, lovely straight front. This young lady has much going for her at this moment. Movement so steady for one so young. I would predict a bright future for this girl.
2. Clement’s, Kennis Royal Nuala at Caldecacre. 7 months old b/s. When one puts hands on this young lady you find a sound well built exhibit. Again I found a beautiful straight front, nice reach of neck, overall very impressive. Well handled.
3. Harrison-Stratford's, Dalkereve Dark n Divine.

JB. (8).

1. Dodds and Pearson's, Camargue Gucci Envy.
B/s of 14 months. Loved her shape and construction. Superbly spotted with good pigmentation. Splendid head with correct eye colour. Good ear placement. Excellent reach of neck. Shoulder placement just right, a little more drop of brisket which will develop and this will complete her overall picture. Sound in movement. Topline held start to finish.
2. Black's, Boval Boudicca. L/w of 14 months. I really liked this liver, at this moment she has good pigmentation. Lovely head, overall construction is good. A little time will eventually be a finishing off period when muscling will tighten up and her brisket will drop. As everything else that should happen has happened. Her movement is sound. Nice tight feet, strong pasterns.
3. Fort's, Shulune Fantazy on Ice.

YB. (5).

1. Dodds and Pearson’s, Camarague Gucci Envy.
2. Cuthbertson’s, Kalsidoni Garnet.
B/s, immaculately presented. Splendid head with nicely set ears. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Good straight front, well held topline, held in stance and on the move. Nice tight feet, pasterns strong. Sound mover.
3. Lamb's, Dalpetro Desdemona.


(7). 1. Swindell's, Caldeacre Cwite Contrary at Pjasdals.
B/s, well presented lady with good head, dentition good, well set ears nicely broken. Good reach of neck, shoulder placement excellent. Level topline held on the move. Superbly tight feet. Very sound in movement, overall a very pleasing exhibit handled to perfection.
2. Locke-McFadzean’s, Tyrodal Ultra Violet by Sassafras. L/w. A very pleasing bitch. Very good pigmentation. Very kindly expressive face. Loins just a tad excessive resulting in a little bit of roll in movement. Nice tight feet.
3. Taylor and Mackinnon's, Frankish Desert Wind at Kingpippin.

LB. (9).

1. Harrison-Stratford's, Acland Dark Daughter by Dalkereve.
B/s. This exhibit is superbly constructed. Beautiful head with pigmentation to be envied. Well set ears, kindliest face one could imagine. Nice reach of neck into correct lay of shoulder. Topline was held in stance and on the move. Good strong pasterns resulting in typical cat feet. The co-ordination betwen the exhibit and the handler was exceptional. Correct dental articulation.
2. Hosie's, Rainvalley Summer Love. L/s. Good overall construction. Shown in superb condition. Nice straight front. Dentition was good as was eye colour. Nice reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Movement perfect.
3. Petersen’s, Phadante Devil in Disguise at Daedalus.

OB. (6).

1. Johnson’s, Ch. Teasing Tart.
L/s. Plus points for condition and presentation. Going over this exhibit made me realise how fortunate the breed is to have some good stock coming through the ranks. Such a lovely typical feminine head with such good pigmentation. Good eye colour which is relevant to pigmentation as mentioned. Splendid reach of neck into faultless shoulder placement. Good upper arm. Topline on the move and in stance was spot on, forgive the pun. Very good tight feet with good strong pasterns made for faultless movement. It was my pleasure to award my bitch CC and BOB to this exhibit.
2. Dunnachie's, Ch. Dvojica Voodoo. Shown in great condition, what a pleasing picture she makes. Very good pigmentation. Lovely ear placement. Nice dark eye. Reach of neck was very good. Lay of shoulder excellent. This exhibit never once took her eyes off her handler, on the move she looked so sound. In stance I thought she looked just a little down on her pasterns, which as I have previously mentioned can be rectified.
3. Lamb's, Leaveslake Lily at Dalpetro.

D Mackenzie - Judge