City Of Birmingham 2007 Judged by Mr John Watson

Veteran (1)

1.Taylor & Mackinnon’s Ch Frankish Desert Trouper
At 9 1/2 yrs, still able put in a fine performance. Black spotted well balanced, moved freely. Such a good-natured dog, with the kindest of expressions. A credit to the breed, and his owners

Minor Puppy (1)

1. Gates-Raw’s Jabbawock The Sorcerer At Ribblehill
8 1/2 month black spotted, happy disposition, moved steadily, and with confidence. Somewhat a baby at present, who will probably mature later than his contemporaries. This counted against him when challenging for best puppy dog.

Puppy (3-0)

1. Page’s Winflash Harvey Wallbanger
Almost a year old. A much more mature youngster in all aspects than the previous class winner. Standard size, a bold temperament, smart shape, nicely angulated, and a true tail carriage. Has a good measure of elegance. Lightly spotted black, who moved correctly with purpose. Best puppy dog.
2. Baker’s Oneowun Ohio Only slightly younger than 1. In beautiful condition with spectacular black spotting on the whitest of backgrounds. Was not as confident as 1. A very sound mover who presented himself much better in motion, than when standing. If he could get his presentation skills up to another level, would be most competitive.
3. Smith’s Dalminshi Starcluster

Junior (7-2)

1. Whiting’s Dalesbred Djamaica At Cragvallie
Nearly 18m old. Confident and eye-catching black spotted lad of the standard size, in great condition. Was presented in an advantageous fashion, showing off his excellent rear quarters, and tail set. Most elegant around the neck & shoulder area. A true and correct mover, whose tail carriage was a touch proud when moving.
2. Alcock’s Mapplewell Chocolate Box For Dalspartan About the same age as 1. Similar comments apply. The difference being liver spotting of even distribution, stronger build than the winner with a more masculine head, tail carriage better, but coat condition today not as good. Nice type
3. Gibbs Phandante Supatroupa

Graduate (9-2)

1. Dalpetro Dettori JW
No exaggerations at all, standard sized, black spotted dog, compact with correct assembly, proportions, and balance. Moved with an easy gait. Great temperament, and handled in a most professional manner. Lovely condition
2. Phandante Supatroupa Somewhat of a contrast in appearance as this black spotted dog, seemed a taller rangier type with lighter markings. In similar good condition, with another sound temperament. Movement good in profile. Preferred the size and compactness of 1
3. Kazana’s Dalzana King Of Joppa

Post Graduate (7-0)

1. Lewis’ Man About Town At Hunterswood JW
An average sized black spotted dog, of balanced proportions, and very sound construction. Absolutely correct movement, and handled to perfection. Not one that immediately commands attention, but he is of really good breed type, and should prosper in the future.
2. Ely’s Wintermine Dymano Different to 1, in that this one was another size up, and a little longer in construction. Attractive liver spotting, solid temperament, steady mover. Handled and presented in the best possible fashion
3. Cauldwell’s Gwencarodale Pop’s Pride JW

Limit (11-1)

1.Stock’s Dalmark The Shaded Moon At Nospar JW
This young liver spotted dog, is so beautifully proportioned, everything from head to toe just fits together in such a fashion as to produce an image that fits the breed standard as close as can be; Average size & delightful show temperament. Initially his movement coming and going was a little erratic, however he put this right in the challenge. Excellent liver spotting, of a perfect colour. Carried a very slight trace of coat imperfection today, however I decided that type and confirmation shone through in abundance and was pleased to award him his third CC. Well deserved.
2. McMillan’s Oneowun Mr Bojangles At Dalyance Another one who fits the standard in terms of size & balance. Striking black spotting on a perfect white background. Elegant, nicely presented, and moved correctly, well put together, not overdone in any way. Didn’t quite have the awareness and winning attitude of the CC & RCC winners today
3.Kembery’s Dalmark The Showstormer JW

Open (12-3)

1. Cutts Kaytian Kalypso To Marzelina
Stylish, and poised, with super liver spotting of the correct colour. A shade longer in the back than the CC winner, although well balanced throughout, and of sound construction and a positive and correct mover. Happy temperament, and attentive to his handler. Put in a strong performance, pushing the limit winner close in the challenge. RCC
2. Parla’s Washakie With Distinction To Macchiato
Certainly a distinguished black spotted dog in immaculate condition.Balanced, attractive, and eyecatching. Another strong performer, and contender for top honours. He was shown in a relaxed fashion, displaying his many virtues. A sound mover who didn’t quite have the extension of his rivals today. Nonetheless, has the type and ring presence to compete favourably with the best.
4. McCarthy’s Ch & Ir Ch Tollwood Lionel At Kilndandy JW



Veteran (4-0)

1. Ford’s Kayjule Princess Jasmin
9 y/o black of average size, with even spotting of the correct size. Sweet expression, attentive style, lively performer. Moved with enthousiasm, maintaining her shapely outline. In the best of condition
2. Gibbs Phandante Norweigen Wood Taller type at 71/2 yrs also in excellent condition. Very sound and correct mover, covering the ground with ease. Lighter black spotting than 1, but with an equally pleasing outline. Little between these two lovely veterans.
3. Palmer’s Bencott Marsh Lily At Dakiluja

Minor Puppy (6-0)

1. Haywood & Ridgeway’s Luccombe Hazelnut Cluster
Lively and extrovert baby of 7m. Attractive liver spotting of even distribution. Keen expression, using her well broken ears to advantage. Well grown for her age, with a graceful outline “On the boil” the whole of the time, moved with plenty of drive, nicely angled hindquarters. An impressive performance, to clinch Best Puppy from more seasoned rivals.
2. Alexander’s Offordale White Lady At 6m not as tall, and more compact than 1. Moved extremely well for one so young. Very confident youngster of black spotting, whilst only a month between them in age, I felt there was more of a gap in development and maturity compared to the winner. She seems to have the right approach to showing, and if maturity is kind, should do well.
3. Thomas & Ganter’s Bekehren Elysian

Puppy (5-0)

1. Harrison Stratford’s Dalkereve Dark N Devine.
Larger type with even black spotting, 10m old. Very emphatic and aware of what was expected. Sound temperament, movement good all round, with decent angulation at both ends. Handler gets the best out of her in an assured manner
2. McMillan’s Dalyance Diva Smaller and more compact than 1. almost a year old. Decent construction, deep chest,kind expression. Evenly spread black spotting. Not too happy at first, but livened up later. Moved fairly well, but could not match the presence and show performance of 1
3. Marston’s Dakata Ducks Deluxe

Junior (11-3)

1. Pages Winflash Spring Angel
Most impressed with this smart young bitch of 16m. Jet black spotting, evenly spread, lovely angulation all round. Strongly made, not too tall, with a touch of length to her back that gives her an elegant and imposing presence. Powerful and true movement, retaining her outstanding shape in motion. Excellent tail beautifully carried. Well controlled and presented by her young handler. Maintained a high level of performance to earn the RCC
2. Lewis’ Hunterswood Lyric
Slightly smaller all round than one but equally well made, but of a squarer build. Excellent front end, clear black spotting, very sound & correct movement. This owner who also won PG Dog gets the very best out of her exhibits in a calm and confident way. Nice bitch, but just eclipsed today by 1
3. Black’s Boval Buduicca

Graduate (9-0)

1. Cuthbertsons Kalsidoni Garnet JW
Black spotting of good distribution. Average height, and a shade longer in the back than some, but very feminine and elegant. The best mover in this class. Beautiful condition, keen showgirl. Seems to know what this game is all about; has potential
2. Lamb’s Dalpetro Desdemona JW Shorter backed cobbier type, well spread black spotting, sound throughout. Moved with accuracy, sweet expression, with the best of show temperaments. Top rated handling.
3. Baker’s Dalleaf Japonica JW

Post Graduate (13-2)

1. Harrison Stratford’s Acland Dark Daughter By Dalkereve JW
Black spotted lady, very showy, even black spotting that is not too profuse. First class tail carriage, Smart mover, maintaining shape and balance. In the running for a higher award, although came up against some tough competitors in the challenge
2. Story-Taylor’s Kesteven Rainbow Chaser JW Only slightly smaller, with good overall construction. Handled in an expert manner.A most pleasing shape, striking black spotting. Did not move as fluidly, or carry her tail as well as 1.
3. Swindells Caldecacre Cwite Contrary At Pjasdals

Limit (9-2)

1. Kembrey’s Dalmark Panda The Peach
A very neat package, ideal size, startling black spotting, top showgirl standing four square, with well extended rear quarters, and perfect tailset. Most attractive bitch, who moved with verve. Another serious contender in the challenge
2. Neath’s Buffrey Sprig O Mint JW The best of black spotting and condition, first class mover, a little larger all round than 1.High quality bitch, with strong rounded bone. Similar in terms of confirmation and movement. The best of presentation, but. couldn’t quite match the intensity and competitiveness of the winner
3. Davies & Scott-Allen’s Tolutim Chartreuse JW

Open (11-6)

1. Dunnachie’s Ch Dvojica Voodoo JW
Balanced, standard sized, strong with femininity, top mover, perfect proportions everywhere, great outline, excellent black spotting, and wonderful condition. Being in possession of all the essential ingredients required of a Champion, this one has additional dimensions that can take her onto another level. One is the ability of her owner to extract the very best show performance from her at will. Another is her exceptionally powerful movement, whilst brisk, is totally precise and effortless. Her endurance in performing at the highest level, all of this year, is most remarkable. CC & BOB
2. Forrest’s Choosespots Camellia By Spotswood
Different type altogether, taller and longer, totally feminine & elegant. Top class liver spotting, quieter show style than 1, putting in an splendid performance in her own fashion. Easy, controlled, and correct movement, superb condition. Was certainly in the few for a further award,. Her day will surely come
3. Haywood & Ridgeway’s Luccombe Strawberry Tart JW

John Watson