British Dalmatian Club 2007 Judged by Mr K Probert & Mrs P Moseley

Thank you for the honour of judging dogs at our Open Show. Thank you to all exhibitors. I am very happy with my four main winners, all were balanced with sound movement and were well handled.

Thanks to my stewards Alan and Gio, who were a great help to me during the day.

Notes of concern are short tails, long tails, very long loins, poor ear carriage and lots of dirty teeth.

Minor Puppy Dog (5) (1)

1. Willis’s Cibrith Cosworth.
Masculine 7 month liver. Well developed for one so young. Good head with well set ears, super reach of neck into level topline and correct tailset. Plenty of bone, had a forechest and depth of brisket. Confirmed his construction with true movement fore and aft with reach and drive in profile. These attributes gave him BP and BPIS. One unfortunate downside was his lack of spotting on one side which should not be encouraged in the breed, this may affect his progress.
2. Kay’s Katyian Kool Kiss. Coat in best of condition, deep liver colour. Well off for bone, level topline held on the move, strode out well.

Puppy Dog (3) (1)

1. Gates Raw’s Jabbawock the Sorceror at Ribblehill.
Well grown black with super demeanour, outgoing. Dense spotting on a good coat, lovely bone, forechest and depth of chest. True movement, nice easy gait in profile. Best of handling. Preferred overall balance of MP in challenge.
2. Graham Weall’s Dillydalli Pitch it Black to Phidgity. Very much a different type, small and immature, moved soundly. Lacked the substance of winner, needs to grow on. Handler did a good job.

Junior Dog (8) (2)

1. Page’s Winflash Harvey Wallbanger.
14 month old black. Light well distributed spotting on a good coat. Not the biggest but well balanced, good clean lines. His head, neck, topline and tailset were all good. Confirmed his construction by moving soundly in all aspects. Showed with good control and at one with his handler.
2. Jubb’s Dalmark the Double Agent. Good coat with rich even spotting. Well up to size. Flowing arched neck into decent topline, moved well.

Yearling Dog (5) (1)

1. Lamb’s Dalpetro Dettori JW.
Elegant upstanding black, exhuberant and enthusiastic. Shown in good condition. Good reach of neck and deep forechest. Firm topline, width of thigh and bend of stifle. Flowed around the ring in style.
2. Oatridge’s Dalehouse Chatanooga. Super fit, powerful and well muscled. Masculine head, deep chest, super tighs. Strode around the ring with reach and drive. A little unsettled coming and going. Carrying a coat problem, will have better days.

Maiden (3) (0)

1. Kat’s Katyian Kool Kat.
2. Baker’s Oneowun Ohio.
Kind expression, good clear decoration. Compact type with a reasonable front. Moved quite well in all aspects. Like to see more substance behind, lacking a little in animation.

Novice Dog (5) (0)

1. Jubb’s Dalmark the Double Agent.
2. Gibb’s Phadante Supatroupa.
Taller type, super head, well set ears, dark eye, very expressive. Reach of neck and good topline, moved adequately. I found him rather soft in body he needs to muscle up, also not in the best of coat.

Graduate Dog (7) (3)

1. Green’s Caldeacre Cordeiro Tajada.
Well up to size, plenty of bone, good front. Moved soundly and with drive to win this class. Tail is not his fortune.
2. Gibb’s Phadante Supatroupa.

Post Graduate Dog (5) (1)

1. Kazana’s Dalzana King of Joppa.
Striking dense black, well distributed spots on pure white coat. Attractive head framed by well set ears, compact balanced dog. Decent front and depth of chest, moved true and steady in all aspects. Super quiet competent handling, just needs to mature.
2. Ely’s Wintermine Dynamo. Larger type, good liver colour. Well off for bone, deep chest. Longer inloin, moved with powerful gait. Preferred balance of 1.

Limit Dog (14) (0)

The first two I had not seen before, my best class. I needed two red cards here.
1. Kembrey’s Jabberwock the Conquistador at Dalmark. Balanced, shown in pristine condition. Liver spotting on the whitest of coats. Broad skull, well set ears, arched neck to super topline and tailset. Good bone and front, not an excess ounce of weight on him, hard fit. Moved well fore and aft, strode around with reach and drive. Well handled. RB Dog.
2. Jackson’s Wivecum Weaver at Jackdaw.
Handsome black masculine dog. Bigger type than 1. Strong all round, balanced. Super head, well set ears, dark eye, round bone, elegant neck, good topline and the very best of tailsets. Moved true and positive in all aspects. Best Black dog.

Open Dog (3) (1)

1. Cutt’s Katyian Kalypso to Marzelina.
This dogs overall balance won the day for me. Not exaggerated in any way, shown in good condition. Pure white coat, excellent distribution of spotting, broad skull, good stop. Arched neck flowing into correct topline and tailset, well boned, deep chest. Top class bend of stifle and hock. Moved correctly fore and aft and strode around with a steady rhythmic gait. Never stopped showing, well handled. Best Dog and BIS. Congratualations.
2. Rance’s Olbero Ooseven. Strong rangy type. Plenty of substance, good pigmentation. Moved true fore and aft and showed good reach and drive as he strode around the ring. Preferred compactness of winner.

Special Junior Veteran (7) (3)

1. Clelands’s Deovolante Alfonso JW.
Eight and a half year old in great condition for his age. In good cost, dense black spotting, attractive head, deep chest, correct topline and tailset. Moved true fore and aft and strode around the ring in style. Well handled. Best Veteran Dog.
2. Moat’s Sugardale Sundown.
Well boned, deep chest, good width of thigh and bend of stifle, moved well.

Special Senior Veteran Dog

1. Scott-Allen and Davis’s Ch Tolutim Benedictine.
11 years 4 mths black dog. Stood alone. An old friend I have stood next to in the ring many times, enjoying himself today. He moved with great enthusiasm and style for one of his age. Good front assembly and depth of chest. Well handled as always.

Ken Probert - Judge



It was a great honour & pleasure to judge this excellent entry, I was impressed with the overall quality of the bitches. I found all exhibits to be of good temperament & in clean condition. On the debit side however, a few lacked length & angulation in the upper arm, resulting in a short front stride, a couple required attention to nails.

MP (7)

1 Alexander's Offordale White Lady,
very attractive 8 months b/s, compact shape, dark eyes, good depth of rib, cat feet, good lay of shoulder & bend of stifle, controlled movement with plenty of drive,well balanced, confident temperament.attentive showgirl. BPB;
2 Wright's Anjelic Aphrodite,
pretty & feminine b/s of 7 months, good overall shape & make larger spotting than l.good eye colour. Not depth of rib as 1. Good forequarters & hindquarters, drove out well though not as controlled as 1.Well handled to get the best out of her. good temperament;
3 Richardson's Pearly Naughty Las at Jomihvar.

P (7,1 a)

1 Haywood & Ridgwa/s Luccombe Hazelnut Cluster,
outgoing l/s of 9 months, pretty face, head & muzzle balanced, good forequarters, compact feet, good width & angulation on hindquarters, short loin, good overall shape & construction, best mover in class, confident showgirl;
2 Moore's Manchanoo Choc Chip Cookie from Fincham, pretty l/s of 11 months, evenly distributed spotted of good colour, good shoulders & reach of neck, forequarters & hindquarters well balanced, compact feet, tail carriage correct, very willing & happy showgirl, longer in body than 1, stood over a lot of ground, moved well;
3 Blakeley's Luccombe Strawberry Sundae,

J (10,2)

1 Harrison-Stratford's Dalkereve Dark N Divine,
b/s of 121/2 months, good overall shape & make, even black spotting, attractive head, dark eyes, good bone on forelegs & cat feet, good depth of rib, moved out very well with drive.good temperament;
2 Kembreys DalmarkThe Super Sleuth, well made l/s.good quality & substance, attractive head & expression, well balanced forequarters & hindquarters, topline good, bin strong, well decorated, moved well, excellent temperament;
3 Dodds & Pearson's Camargue Guci Envy.

Y (11,2)

1 DThe Super Sleuth;
2 Cuthbertson's Kalsidoni Garnet,
b/s, compact shape, very good construction, balanced outline, dark eyes, good reach of neck, upper arm correct, deep ribcage, topline held well on the move.good ground covering stride, happy showgirl;
3 Lamb's Dalpetro Desdemona.

M (7,1)

1I Richardson's Mapplewell Hot Fudge,
sound, balanced & feminine l/s, pleasing head & expression, excellent temperament, good bone, compact feet, tailset & carriage good. Moved out the besc n this class, although she needs to lose weight to improve oudine;
2 Williams' Phadante Take A Chance On Me, b/s of good make & shape, attractive head, elegant neck, round bone, compact feet, good tailset Preferred movement of 1
3 Taylor & McKinnon's Frankish Desert Rose for Kingpippin.

N (6,1 w/d)

I D Dark N Divine;
2 Boden's Dalmark The Blue Moon,
b/s with attractive head, dark eyes, balanced head & muzzle, shoulders well laid, good depth of rib, good overall shape & make. Would prefer tighter forefeet Moved well, good temperament;
3 M Hot Fudge.

G (13,2)

1 Tingey's Olbero One Of Our Own at Dallydor,
b/s, good overall shape & construction, well balanced, attractive head & expression, dark eyes, clean neck. good spring of pastern, topline held while standing Sc moving, moved out well, pleasing temperament;
2 Gibbs' Phadante Rockahula Baby, well proportioned b/s, pleasing overall construction, expressive face & dark eyes, good return of upper arm, cat feet, topline, tail length & carriage correct, covered the ground well;
3 Boden's Dalmark The Blue Moon.

PG (11,4)

1 Story & Taylor's Kesteven Rainbow Chaser,
b/s, good overall balance & construction, pleasing expression, dark eyes, good shoulder la/back & topline, well muscled hindquarters, movement controlled with reach & drive, excellent spotting & temperament;
2 Dodds & Pearson's Pollypeck Premier Passion at Daffydal, lovely feminine b/s, well balanced, good head & eye colour, well constructed forequarters & hindquarters, good bend of stifle, flowing steady movement, nice temperament Preferred the forequarter action of 1
3Willis' Cibrith Black Magic.

L (11,3)

1 Page's Winflash SpringAngel,
compact size b/s, lovely head & expression, dark eyes, very good angulation on forequarters & hindquarters, nicely arched neck, good depth of rib, cat feet, good shape while standing & moving, movement was accurate with drive & purpose, delightful temperament;
2 Scott-Alien & Davis' Tolutim Chartreuse, well balanced b/s, compact, attractive head & expression, dark eyes, good bone, elegant neck, good topline & tailset, well constructed forequarters & hindquarters, pleasing temperament Just preferred 1's movement;
3 Harrison-Stratford's Acland Dark Daughter , by Dalkereve.

0 (10,3)

1 Forrest's Choosespots Camelia by Spotswood,
l/s of top quality, excellent construction, beautifully spotted, feminine head, good neck & shoulders, length & angulation of upper arm correct, deep chest, strong loin, cat feet, good bend of stifle, well muscled forequarters & hindquarters enables her to move effortlessly with drive & accuracy, delightful temperament, really liked her, hope she achieves her tide soon. RBIS;
2 Haywood & Ridgwa/s Luccombe Strawberry Tart,
pretty feminine b/s, correct size, overall shape & construction good, attractive spotting, clean neck, topline & tailset good, strong loin, forequarters & hindquarters nicely muscled, cat feet, balanced movement with good extension & drive, handled & showed very well. Just preferred movement of 1;
3 Hipkiss' Ch Dalkiss Isla of lona.

JV (12,4)

1 Richardson's Dalmark Moon Europa,
8 years, pleasing head & expression, lovely black spotting, good head shape, well boned overall, cat feet upper arm & lay of shoulder good, overall balance & shape good, moved out well with drive & control. BV;
2 Scott-Alien & Davis' Olbero Olympic Rose,
b/s, 7 years, pleasing overall construction, feminine head & expression, good round bone on forelegs, tight cat feet, well muscled hindquarters, topline & tail carriage carried well, sound action with drive
3 Richardson's Ch Jomihvar Invin Sybil.

SV (7,1 ineligible)

1 Hipkiss' Dalkiss Black Magic,
b/s, almost 12 years, good overall balance & construction, in good condition, well distributed spotting, elegant neck, good upper arm, best mover in this class;
2 Pilgrim'sWeaponess Bellbird.l/s. 11 years, pretty head & expression, good liver colour, amber eye, overall construction good, movement controlled & steady. Not the drive of 1,enjoying her day out;
3Whincups Kajezza Vicky Ticky Toria at Tamibnda.

Brace (7)

Judged with my co-judge.

I Dodds & Pearson's well matched b/s bitches, moved well together;
2 Hardys & St Aubyn-Hubbanfs b/s dog & bitch, not as well matched as 1, moved well

Patricia Moseley