Joint Dalmatian Clubs Championship Show 2008 Judged by Lucinda Aldrich-Blake & Miss O Gore



I enjoyed judging a good entry in numbers but there are some major problems. Heads, so many narrow chisel shape & lacking stop, very unpleasant to look at. Narrow fronts a major fault, not giving heart room for running dogs. Flecks among spotting just not acceptable. Feet generally could be better. I feel the general quality has gone down. Please be more strong minded when choosing stock to keep & breed on. Dalmatians are such a lovely breed, don't let them down.

MP (7,1 a)

A very disappointing class to start the day, to be honest I didn't see any true quality.
1 Jackson's Daltyon Derby Delight at Jackdaw, b/w, up to size, good even spotting, good eye, level topline.turn of stifle. Tail carriage not correct;
2 Clark's Klarkson Royal Destiny, b/w, smaller type to 1, good strong bone, pleasing decoration. Time on her side to develop on;
3. Addy's Creaganbrec Raven Black.

P (15,2)

1 Christie's Sophtspot Snapcrackle N Pop,
b/w, delightful youngster who real- ly loves showing off. Full of character, excellent spotting, good balanced out- line, kind head with stop, well set on & reach of neck, good front & forechest, well developed first & second thigh all used to move to her advantage. I could take this one home. BP;
2 Carter's Dalmatas Corus,
b/w, ran winner close, lovely strong outline, good bone, body being well muscled, depth of rib & quar- ters, free mover;
3 Welch's Foxisle Lydia.

J (15,2)

1 Moore's Manchando Chocchip Cookie from Fincham,
l/w, lovely exhib- it, showing a very elegant outline, good spotting of correct colours, produced in lovely condition, pleasing feminine head, clean neck, level topline, well muscled over the loin, good tail car- riage & feet, movement off a loose lead was a joy to see;
2 Blakeley's Luccombs Strawberry Sundae, b/w, more compact type, well balanced, nice spotting, head with sweet expression, good front & quarters, alt put to good movement;
3 Burton's Hameldal Sunshine Valley.

Y (17,3)

1 Pilgrim's Olbero One To Charm at Weaponness,
l/w, very much to type & Standard, good strong bone & outline, classic head, depth of body, well placed shoulders, spring of rib, length of loin. Could have been a bit more enthusiastic on the move but travelled correctly;
2 Black's Boval Budvicca, b/w, quality exhibit, more compact, well put together showing strong topline, kind head, nice eye, length of neck, well muscled quarters, showing on a loose lead a joy to watch;
3 Rance's Olbero One To Treasure.

G (7)

1 One To Charm at Weaponness;
2 Lamb's Dalpetro Desdemona,
b/w, lots to like about her, carrying good bone, showing strength of body, lovely balanced head, strong over the loins, good driving movement, coat in good condition;
3 Cromwell's Bekehren Whimsical Spirit by Liverdals.

PG (17,5)

1 Lock & McFadzean's Tyroldal Ultra Violet by Sassafras,
l/w, lovely feminine style, beautiful outline & movement to match, sweet head with stop, lovely ear spot- ting, tight feet;
2 Story-Taylor's Kesteven Rainbow Chaser,. b/w, scored on lovely free movement, good bone, lovely bal- anced head, length of loin & good feet;
3 Williams' Phadante Bossanova Baby.

L (33,10)

A very strong class. 1 Clark's Mapplewell Double Take by Klarkson, b/w, worthy winner, full of substance yet having elegance, classic head, clean length of neck, good shoulder place- ment, strong topline ft loins, correct tail carriage, really travelled over the ground. Considered in the challenge;
2 Carton's jabbawock The Ringleader, l/w, very pleasing feminine bitch, kindest of heads, excellent front & forechest, turn of stifle, tail carriage, good feet, movement was balanced & a delight to watch;
3 Pearson & Dodd's Pollypeck Premier Passion at Daffydal.


1 Neath & Duggan's Ch Buffrey Sprig 0 Mint,
b/w, so sound & to type, clean outline, plenty of bone, nice head & eye, length of neck set into well laid shoulder, depth, layback of rib, holding level topline, good turn of stifle, feet & complete the picture in excel- lent condition, good extended move- ment. CC;
2 Dunnachie's Ch Dvojica Voodoo,
b/w, quality exhibit, a little more compact than 1, well muscled topline, well developed quarters & turn of stifle which gives her good extended driving movement. Just felt she lacked length of neck. RCC;
3 Chance & Dodd's Tynevale Triple Tickle.

Jun V (14,3)

This class had the best fronts of the day. 1 Alexander's Ch Offordale Rialto. b/w, think she could still hold her own against the best, strong well made, good correct front & feet, strong top- line, free movement;
2 Fleming's Ir/Int Ch Chandhally Chantilly Lace, b/w, in excellent condition, kindest of heads, good eye, tight front with forechest, strong mover;
3 Garton's Ir Ch/Int Ch Kasara Truly Scrumptious.

Senior V (5)

1 Fleming's Dalgris Shooting Star of Chantilly,
l/w, good classic outline, still holding her shape on the move, beauti- ful spotting;
2 Neath's Buffrey Yasabelle, b/w, lovely sound type, dense spotting on good coat, still moving so well;
3 Pilgrim's Weaponnesss Bellbird.

Brace (5)

I Garton's
l/w, delightful pair, so well matched in spotting, two feminine bitches of even size & like bone, so well trained & moved like a dream around the ring. Lucinda & I would be very happy to have a pair like this at home;
2 Dodd's;
3 Fleming's.