British Dalmatian Club May Open 2008 Judged by Mr K Forrest & Paul Hipkiss

MP (5)

1. Precious's Holderness Henry Higginns by Lupiac
a black spotted dog at its first show, but had confidence and ring presence. Dark eye, good depth of chest, exceptional feet, level topline moved and handled well.
2. Tingey's Holderness Hill Billy by Dallyador a liver spotted dog which I now know to be litter brother to 1. Sightly smaller in size but had all the attributes of 1. Lost out on movement.
3. Rance & Brighouse's Midnight Caller of Olbero.

P (4)

1. Hartley's Creaganbrec the Favourite at Miragua
11 month old black spotted puppy, good masculine head, good pigmentation and broken ears, deep chest, tight feet, good bend of stifle, moved with drive. BPIS.
2. Tingey's Holderness Hill Billy By Dallyador.
3. Ayres's Elaridge Evolution.

J (4)

1. Kay's Kaytian One Kool Kat
Liver dog still very much a puppy. Dark eye, broken ears, good pigmentation and coat condition. Good bend of stifle and level topline which was kept on the move..
2. Willis= Cibrith Cosworth Liver dog good decoration masculine head. Good feet plenty of bone and well muscled which enabled him to move effortlessly round the ring.
3. Law-Gleen's Jabbawock Kwickspell.

Y (6, 3)

1. Willis's Cibrith Cosworth.
2. Hardy's Mountsorrel Crescendo of Shydally
Black spotted dog good head pleasing expression, good depth of chest, good bend of stifle and plenty of bone. Little heavy over shoulder Moved OK.
3. Smith's Dalminshi Star Cluster.

M (3)

1. Ayres's Elaridge Evolution
Black dog, up to size, good pigmentation and spotting, tight feet and well muscled. Moved well.
2. Hammett's Wilsilva Salvadore Dally From Bryedal Black dog with dark eye, good spring of rib and rear angulation.
3. Stokes Elaridge Escort

N (4)

1. Jenkins Illyria Sarons Lad
Black spotted dog. Dark eye, masculine head but not overdone. Good depth of chest. Shorter in back than 2. Won the class on movement
2. Ayres Elaridge Evolution.
3. Sheldon's Gemmont Rocco Bay.

G (10, 2)

1. Kenyon's Marricdale Hero of Time
Black spotted dog. Good head, dark eye, depth of chest, good front and rear angulation, level topline and good tailset. Well muscled, moved well
2. Letch's Kashtang Pacific Eclipse black and white dog heavier spotted than 1. Good feet, level topline but overstretched at the rear when stood. Moved well when settled.
3 Jenkins Illyria Sarons Lad.

PG (9,1)

1. Cauldwell's Gwencarodale Pop=s Pride
Black spotted dog. Masculine head with dark eye, plenty of bone, slightly more substance than 2. Won the class on movement 2.
Lamb's Dalpetro Dettori Black spotted dog. Good front, level topline, good angulation both front and rear. Didn't settle on the move which cost him the class.
3. Cromwell's Maplewell Black Magic by Liverdal.

L (11, 3)

1. Smiths' Dalleaf Mulberry
Liver dog. Nice masculine head with pleasing expression. Good lay of shoulders, deep chest, level topline which he kept when on the move. Good bend of stifle, correct amount and type of muscle which enabled him to move freely round the ring BIS.
2. Saunders' Dallydyl Imaginary Friend
Liver spotted dog. Good head, deep chest, nice tight feet. Level topline and good bend of stifle. Coat not at its best. Moved with drive.
3. Jackson's Wivecum Weaver at Jackdaw.

O (3, 1) 1. Rances Olbero O Oseven
Black spotted dog. Up to size, classic outline, good deep chest, good feet and rear angulation. Moved effortlessly around the ring.
2. Borras' Caldecacre Catch A Cracker Black and white dog. Heavier marked that 1. Nice head, good expression. Good front and bend of stifle. Didn't move as well as 1.

SJV (4, 1)

1. Kenyon's Ch & IRL Ch Marricdale Mr Millionaire
8 year old black spotted dog. Stood four square and produced a clean balanced outline . Level topline, good tailset, moved well.
2. Neath-Duggan's Tumbril Trueblue Buffrey 8 year old black with deep pigmentation. Good head and tight feet and deep chest. Longer in back than 1. Moved well round the ring.
3. Brownings' Skywings Challenger.

SSV (2, 1)

1. Kembrey's Dakata Drunken Duncan at Dalmark
14 year old black spotted dog still in tip-top condition. Moved effortlessly around the ring . Set an example to some of our younger males.

Kevan Forrest (Judge)



I thoroughly enjoyed my day judging bitches at this show and thank every exhibitor for honouring me with the opportunity to judge their bitch. In addition, I would like to thank the club for their warm welcome and excellent hospitality.
Special thanks also to my excellent stewards, Elaine Tillson and Gail Levy, whose assistance in keeping the proceedings moving made the day run smoothly for all concerned.
There was much to please amongst the exhibits, with a depth of quality amongst the higher places in most classes worthy of mention. One or two promising exhibits were nervous on the day, which was a shame, and I hope this was only temporary. Otherwise temperament was excellent.
It was a shame that some exhibits had not been prepared to their best standard – a show is just as much a beauty competition as an exhibition of build and movement. Long nails, dirty coats, fleas and soft pads were all in evidence and made attaining a top placing difficult. Please make the extra effort to show your dogs to best advantage.

Minor Puppy Bitch (10 2abs)

1. Tingey’s Phaeland Phoenix Phorever By Dallyador.
Attractively spotted liver with good overall balance, and everything in correct proportion. Moved confidently around the ring with good reach and drive. One I shall follow with interest. Was sufficiently impressed to award her Best Liver Bitch.
2. Page’s Winflash Magic Mystery.
Another very promising youngster who came very close to first place. Black spotted, excellent overall proportions. Moved very well to show impressive front and rear movement. A promising future awaits.
3. Locke-McFadzean’s Sassafras Infra Red

Puppy Bitch (12, 4abs)

1. Jackson’s Dallyon Derby Delight at Jackdaw.
Well up for size, shown in sparkling condition, this bitch caught my eye from the outset. A strong mover, she did not disappoint as she covered the ring with excellent balanced drive. Best bitch puppy.
2. Tingey’s Phaeland Phoenix Phorever By Dallyador.
3. Rapson & Beastall’s Pandamax Aphrodite

Junior Bitch (11, 1abs)

1. Alexander’s Offordale White Lady.
Confident and feminine black of correct size and balance, excellent angulations used to advantage when moving. Looked impressive on the stand, and equally pleasing on the move. Another with a promising future.
2. Bell’s Jamelsley Sleeping Beauty. Close to 1 in quality, this liver is a little longer cast and has a classic elegance. A lovely head with well broken ears set the scene for a well balanced body with good depth and well developed muscle. Another who was moved well and impressed.
3. Saunder’s Caprillis Genuine Gift To Dallydyl

Yearling Bitch (6,2abs)

1. Hoskin’s Dalmark Golden Girl.
Appealing liver, with attractive head and good overall balance. Pleasing in profile, and moved positively.
2. Marston’s Dakata Ducks Deluxe. A lot to like in this quality liver bitch. A little longer cast than 1, but equally well proportioned overall. A close decision.
3. Kaal’s Caldecacre Celsie

Maiden Bitch (5, 1abs)

1. Saunder’s Caprillis Genuine Gift To Dallydyl.
Nicely balanced feminine black bitch, well muscled. Shown well, she exhibited good positive movement with just the right amount of drive
2. Kenyon’s Marricdale Miss Moneybags. Smaller than 1, but nicely balance. Let down by less appealing markings and short tail.
3. Taylor & Mackinnon’s Frankish Desert Rose For Kingpippin.

Novice Bitch (8, 3abs)

1. Richardson’s Pearly Naughty Las At Jomihvar.
Nicely balanced quality black of good make and shape who moved with positive drive and maintained an excellent topline. Well angulated and muscled.
2. Blakeley’s Luccombe Strawberry Sundae. Shares many of the attributes of 1, but lacking the rear angulation required for first place.
3. Kenyon’s Marricdale Miss Moneybags.

Graduate Bitch (16, 5abs)

1. Lamb’s Dalpetro Desdemona JW.
I felt that this delightful black bitch richly deserved her placing. She has such an excellent overall balance, with everything in proportion and the right degree of angulations. Well muscled, she looked the picture of a carriage dog
2. Harrison-Stratford’s Dalkereve Dark N Divine JW. A nicely turned out black bitch, moved well to show off her many attributes. Standing a little taller than 1 and a little finer in build she portrayed a lovely feminine example of the breed and deserved her place in this strong class.
3. Rance’s Olbero One To Treasure.

Post Graduate Bitch (11, 4abs)

1. Storey-Taylor’s Kesteven Rainbow Chaser JW.
A picture standing, this lovely black bitch did not disappoint when moving. She flowed around the ring with excellent forward reach and positive drive from the rear, whilst maintaining her overall excellent balance.
2. Pilgrim’s Olbero One To Charm At Weaponess. This classic liver bitch is pleasingly marked and turned out in first class condition. Moved with effortless and positive drive.
3. Locke-McFadzeans’s Tyrodal Ultra Violet By Sassafras.

Limit Bitch (17, 4abs)

1. Cuthbertson’s Kalsidoni Garnet JW.
A lovely black bitch, feminine but with good bone and muscle. Looking good in outline, she equally impressed when moving, having a natural free action with just the right reach and drive. Well deserved Reserve Best Bitch
2. Lewis’s Hunterswood Razzmatazz JW.
Shorter coupled than 1 and of correct size and with equally good overall balance. Impressive mover, being very positive when seen from the front and rear. Lovely clear spotting.
3. Harrison-Stratford’s Acland Dark Daughter By Dalkereve

Open Bitch (7, 2abs)

1. Lamb’s Leaveslake Lily At Dalpetro JW.
I liked the overall proportions shown in this liver who moved positively around the ring. Nicely balanced front and rear and showing good angulation and bone.
2. Stokes’s Elaridge Sherry Pepper. A little larger than 1 and with more spotting, this bitch has an appealing overall appearance. Unfortunately, her movement, despite good make, was not as positive as 1 on the day.
3. Shuttlewood’s Tollwood Jenny.

Special Junior Veteran Bitch (13,2abs)

1. Richardson’s CH Jomihvar In Vin Sybil JW.
A lovely black bitch of correct size who positively shone on the day. I loved the overall proportions, the evenly distributed markings, the entire make and shape and the positive movement of this bitch. She portrays the very essence of a Dalmatian bitch demonstrating all of the attributes needed to carry out the duties of a carriage dog. Best Bitch In Show & Best Veteran In Show.
2. Alexander’s CH Offordale Rialto.
A longer coupled but equally appealing black bitch, still in her prime, and perhaps slightly finer in build than 1. Moved well around the ring, with good reach and drive. Lovely feminine appearance from head to tail.
3. Kay’s CH Kaytian Kats Broomstick JW

Special Senior Veteran Bitch (6, 3abs)

1. Goff-Leggett’s CH Washakie Indian Sunrise JW.
An elegant black with excellent overall balance. Easy to see why she became a champion looking at her excellent outline and angulation. Still moving well and showing her old magic.
2. Pilgrim’s Weaponess Bellbird. At nearly 12 years of age, this lovely liver girl still enjoys her showing. As expected, turned out in excellent condition and moved well around the ring.
3. McManus’s Olbero Only Young Once.

Brace – Judged Jointly (5,2abs)

1. Gartons Brace.
Shown to perfection, two evenly matched livers who just shone and obviously thrive in this class. Moved in unison and never put a foot wrong.
2. Kay’s Brace. Up against stiff competition from 1. A splendid effort so keep training!
3. Smith’s Brace.

Paul Hipkiss (Judge)