Bath 2008 Judged by Stef Kazana
They say that you never forget your first time and I certainly will never forget judging at this level for the first time. I must commend the Bath show committee for providing the excellent size of ring but torrential rain and high winds made using the outside portion of the “In / Out” ring out of the question apart for a quick display of movement but exhibitors put on a brave face and got on with the job. I would like to thank my steward who organised the ring single handed, she did an excellent job. Several of the puppies and a few of the older dogs were not comfortable with the noisy and wet conditions and didn’t give their best. Several exhibits had coat problems. Short tails and nails which needed trimming were another issue that needs addressing. Overall the size of both the dogs and bitches is getting larger with some of the youngsters looking like adults. This needs to be addressed as they don’t comply with the present breed standard. It’s in the breeders hands to address this! That said I was very pleased with my top winners who displayed correct type and excellent movement.

Minor Puppy Dog. (9-1)

1st : Tingey’s - Holderness Hillbilly By Dallyador
7 Mth old liver. Well proportioned head with correct eye colour which is so important in a liver. Well off for bone and a level top line which was held on the move. Angulations good and coat decoration even. Correct size for a puppy – A very promising youngster.
2nd : Precious’ - Holderness Henry Higgins By Lupiac Black litter brother to one but very different in make and outline. Overall a larger frame with strong bone and correct angulations. On the move he was loose as you would expect in one so young but showed some real potential for the future. I’m sure these two will change places many times.

Puppy Dog (7-1)

1st : Tingey’s - Holderness Hillbilly By Dallyador
Black which has started to mature, well off for bone and tight feet. Masculine head without any coarseness with dark eye and correct set ears. Correct fore and aft angulations making him well balanced. Well off for muscle. On the move he displayed drive and purpose, covering the ring with ease. I don’t want him to get any bigger.

Junior Dog (5-2)

1st Willis’ - Cibrith Crosworth<
12 m/o Liver well defined head with full pigment. Correct eye colour and ears set correctly. Good reach of neck into well defined withers and well laid shoulder. Strong top line into a solid rear displaying correct stifle and hocks well down. On the move he won this class with his powerful clean action, covering the ring with ease.
2nd Moate’s - Major Sheer Will At Sundown 13 m/o Black – Heavier set than one. Dark pigment and eye. Very well off for bone, deep chest and strong loin. Powerful rear providing the drive to cover the ring with ease. He had a slight coat rash on his head but overall in good hard condition.

Novice Dog (4-0)

1st Willis’ - Cibrith Crosworth
2nd Moate’s - Major Sheer Will At Sundown Repeat.

Post Graduate Dog (9-4)

1st : Lamb’s - Dalpetro Dettori JW
2½ Y/O Black who has had a very successful career so far. Well balanced with sound bone and correct feet. Good length of neck into well defined withers, top line level which was held on the move. Strong loin into well defined rear with good bend of stifle. On the move he displayed power and purpose. A strong contender in the challenge for the reserve CC.
2nd : Jubb’s - Dalmark The Double Agent JW A liver of clean outline. Correct eye colour with a strong head but not over done. Good deep chest into strong loin. Correct angulations front and back. A strong and powerful mover but has the tendency to slightly crouch at the rear both on the move and when standing which can give the impression of being slightly cow hocked, which I’m sure he isn’t but it has to be remembered and corrected by the handler.

Limit Dog (9-3)

1st Kembrey’s - Jabbawock The Conquistador At Dalmark
A liver of moderate size. Masculine head without coarseness, ears set correctly, eye colour could be darker. Strong neck into well defined withers - level top line. Good all round angulations. Powerful movement covering the ring with ease. At one with his handler. In the challenge he was a strong contender for the top prize but colouration just let him down. I’m sure he has an excellent career ahead of him and was pleased to award him the RCC.
2nd Rose’s - Candidals To Boldly Go JW
Black that is maturing nicely. Well off for bone, level top line which was held on the move. Strong rear with good bend of stifle and pronounced second thigh. Moved well with purpose and drive.

Open Dog (14-4)

1st Carvell’s - Timmy Willie With Lilal JW
A black that I have not really noticed before but I will from now on. Compact but correct size, spots of good size and evenly distributed. Strong bone and tight feet. Correct angulations fore and aft, well off for muscle. On the move he didn’t disappoint – he went round the ring like he owned it. In the challenge he out shone the rest to get the CC.
2nd Stocks’ - Ch Dalmark The Shaded Moon At Nospar JW
A Liver that I have admired for a long time. Correct size, beautifully decorated and correct amber eye colour. Strong but elegant neck into well laid shoulder, level top line, strong rear with well defined bend of stifle. Today; not at his best. To my eyes he seems to have lost weight and some muscle. I hope that he will be back at his “fighting weight” soon when, once again, he will be a force to be reckoned with.

Veteran Dog ( 3-1)

1st Lewis’ - Ch Hunterswood Talk Of The Town JW
8½ y/o Black still showing all the quality and poise of a Champion. Clean in outline, holding his top line correctly both standing and on the move. Well off for bone and muscle. On the move he displayed a free moving action.
2nd Croft’s - Gemmont Mystical Night 8 y/o liver larger than one with a super masculine head with correct eye colour. Strong neck into good withers. His top line was a bit dippy but corrected on the move.


Minor puppy Bitch (11-4)

1st Henry’s - Astras Secret
Lightly spotted black that is balanced in outline. Feminine head and expression, dark eye and good ear carriage. Well bodied but needs time to grow on. On the move she displayed poise and rhythmic action.
2nd Russell’s - Bynton Abirose at Dalynrics A black who is shorter coupled than one with denser markings. Good reach of neck and correct front angulation. Level top line both standing and on the move. Needs time to body up but it will come. Nice powerful mover.

Puppy Bitch ( 7-2)

1st Addy’s - Creaganbrec Raven Black
A just 12 m/o black who was on top form. A smaller more delicate frame than some but displaying elegance and poise. Pleasing expression, good reach of neck into clean withers and level top. Pleasing even decoration. Correct angulations front and rear. Stifle correct and defined second thigh. A strong mover who is at one with her handler. Schooled to perfection. BP
2nd Polhill’s - Kymvale Savannah
Slightly heavier build than one with dense spotting. Well off for bone, good fore chest but needs to develop. Well sprung rib and tight up cut. Stifle good and second thigh starting to develop. Moved well and covered the ground with ease.

Junior Bitch ( 11-2)

1st Alexander’s - Offordale White Lady
Even black spotting on a clean white back ground. Lovely make and shape, balanced. Enough depth of chest for age. Smooth positive movment.
2nd Haywood & Ridgway’s - Luccombe Hazelnut Cluster Slightly bigger build than one with pronounced liver spotting. Pleasing feminine head and dark amber eyes. Ears set correctly. Elegant neck and well pronounced withers. Needs time for brisket to deepen. Good bone and tight feet. A confident mover who displayed power and purpose. A happy bitch!

Novice Bitch ( 3-1)

1st Clarke’s - Klarkeson Royal Destiny
Light even black spotting. Good angulations, level top line with slight rise over the croup. Well off for bone. Good bend of stifle and let down hocks. Moved well.
2nd Wilson’s - Wilsilva Cornish Pearl Even spotted black who has some flecking in her coat. Pleasing head and eye but tends to fly her ears when standing. Balanced in outline and holds her top line on the move. Well off for bone and correct tight feet and pads. On the move she displayed a good action, covering the ring quickly.

Post Graduate Bitch ( 15-3)

1st Black’s - Boval Budiucca
A liver bitch with lovely dark amber eyes. Pretty feminine head with kind expression. Super bone and feet. Depth of brisket correct and well sprung ribs. Good front angulation. On the move she displayed a balanced action covering the ground easily.
2nd Tingey’s - Olbero One of Our Own at Dallyador A black with a slightly bigger build than one. Correct head with well set broken ears. Good reach of neck and defined withers. A pleasing outline who displayed a flowing movement

Limit Bitch ( 16-4)

1st Cuthbertson’s - Kalsidoni Garnet JW
A quality black bitch who is always a top performer. Pretty feminine head with very dark eyes. Well set ears, powerful elegant neck into well defined withers. Longish in the back but balanced. Correct angulations, good tuck up. Nice bend of stifle. Lovely feet and good bone. Not overdone in any way. On the move she displayed an easy rhythmic action. She pushed hard for the ticket and it was a close decision. Her time and title will come.
2nd Burrows’ - Tantrums N Tiaras at Shacarlu B/S More compact than one and heavier spotted. Correct head, elegant neck into defined withers. Shoulder placement slightly upright. Level top line into strong rear. Well rounded bone. Moved well.

Open Bitch ( 12-3)

This class was the best class of the day with some top quality examples of the breed. One or two were not happy with the conditions and didn’t show at their best especially on movement which resulted in them not getting the placing which they usually obtain.
1st Haywood & Ridgway’s - Luccombe Strawberry Tart JW A black spotted bitch which just exudes quality in ever way. True to type, she has the most feminine head with correctly set ears onto an elegant neck. Well defined withers and level top line. Excellent angulations making the overall picture one of balance and poise but it was on the move that she showed how a true Dalmatian should move. Powerful rhythmic action which allowed her to cover the ring with ease. She went out to win and earned the top honours and was awarded the CC and BOB on merit.
2nd Harrison Stratford’s - Acland Dark Daughter By Dalkereve JW Another quality black, slightly less spotted the one but nice even decoration. Pleasing head with dark eyes, correct ear carriage. Well defined withers with slightly longer coupling than one. Well off for bone but not over done. Good tight feet. Correct shoulder angle with complementing rear angulation to make up a balanced outline. Movement was both powerful and effortless showing she could maintain it all day. I’ve always liked this bitch and was pleased to award her the RCC.

Veteran Bitch ( 10-6)

1st Ford’s - Kayjule Princess Jasmin Sh.CM
10 y/o black bitch who doesn’t look her age but who is now starting to loose some of the muscle definition of her youth. Correct size. Pretty feminine head and pleasing expression. Elegant neck into well defined withers and level top line. I’ve always thought this bitch is a good mover and she didn’t disappoint today. A much under rated lady. BV by default due to the dog going home before the end.
2nd Gibbs’ - Phadante Norweigen Wood Sh.CM Bigger build than one but balanced and elegant in outline. Strong round bone and correct shaped feet. Good fore chest and depth of brisket. Angulations correct. Well off for muscle but not overdone. On the move she covered the ground with ease. At one with her handler.

Stef Kazana (Judge)