British Dalmatian Club CH Show 2008 Judged by Mrs Pat Wilson & Mrs S Neath-Duggan
I was honoured to accept this appointment. I have a few general comments to make about the males of our breed. The future of our breed is in the hands of the sire (having the potential to influence many more puppies that the dam) but there is, at the moment more depth of quality in the bitches.
Our breed standard states that a Dalmatian should be “outgoing and friendly”. Some otherwise excellent specimens had to pay the price when they appeared reluctant to be gone over.
I think that the time of year had affected the coat condition in quite a few cases. I was mindful of the fact that my top placements must be considered for the CC and Reserve CC and therefore condition must be taken into account.
Hind action needs to be watched. The hind legs should follow the fore and I found some dogs which persisted in crabbing.
On the plus side, front assembly has improved since my last appointment and also side gait has improved with many exhibits showing drive from the hocks.
I was pleased with my final line- up and found myself “splitting hairs” when it came to top honours. My winners all showed true driving action which is essential in a breed which is bred for stamina.

MPD 2 entries

Two promising puppies.
1 McCarthy’s Kildandy Old Copper. Just 8 months old. Well grown, beautifully spotted liver with lovely bone and classic head. He was full of energy and confidence. Correct hind angulation and tailset. Still very much a roly-poly puppy but moved with reach and drive.
2 Goff-Leggetts Washakie Aslan. 8 and a half months old. Close up. Lovely bone and expression. Slightly longer cast than 1 and still very loose on the move.

PD 5 entries.

1 Tingeys Holderness Hillbilly by Dallyador
A confident, puppy with correct liver colour. Slightly incomplete pigment on his nose at the moment. Good bone and feet. Good lay of shoulder leading into a strong top-line, correct tail set and nicely developing hindquarters, He was the best mover in this class
2 Adderleys Leihart Chicago Bear. A different type black-spotted boy with good bone, fairly strong head, deep brisket. Tail slightly short. Very mature 9 months old who gained his place today on condition and confidence.
3 Goff-Leggetts Washakie Nutcracker Prince

JD 6 entries – 1 absent.

1) Morgans Elaridge Celtic Warrior.
I judged this young man in Belgium last year and didn’t hesitate then to award him Best Puppy. Deep black spotted 14 months. A happy extrovert, with excellent bone and construction. Darkest of eyes, classic head, plenty of heart and lung room. Shoulders well laid back, strong topline, nicely let- down hocks and correct tail set. He moved with reach and drive. Dog CC and Res BIS.
2) Hartley & Griffiths Creaganbrec the Favourite at Miragua.
A similar type, slightly shorter on the leg. Deep black pigment and dark eyes. Beautiful head with intelligent expression. Good bone and feet. Well angulated hindquarters enabling him to drive around the ring. I was disappointed that he failed to appear again for the res CC challenge.
3) Willis’s Cibrith Cosworth

YD 5 entries- 1 absent

1 Willis’s Cibrith Cosworth
3rd in previous strong class. Not exaggerated in any way. I would have preferred a better bend of stifle. He had the best shoulders and tailset in this class. Moved steadily with using his hocks to enable him to drive around the ring.
2) Kayes Kaytian One Kool Cat JW. Well grown liver spotted boy who was unlucky to meet 1st in this class. Unfortunately was suffering from a temporary coat condition. Firm topline and correct turn of stifle. Rather unsettled on the move which cost him this class.
3) Bakers Oneowun Ohio

ND 3 entries 1wd

1) Ayres Elaridge Evolution.
Beautifully black spotted dog who was shown in tip top condition. Rather strong in head. Correct eye colour. good bone, deep brisket and good hindquarters showing strength when moving around the ring
2) Hammetts Wilsilva Salvadore Dally from Bryedal Unfortunately this young man was so nervous today and refused to cooperate and therefore had to pay the penalty. Nice make and shape. Good bone, well laid back shoulders. Slightly straight in stifle. Moved very well but needs to overcome his apprehension.

UGD 2 entries

1 Ayres Elaridge Evolution. repeat
2 Moates Major Sheer Will at Sundown.
Reserve in a strong Junior class. A happy extrovert but rather unsettled today on the move.

GD 3 entries

1) Jubbs Dalmark the Double Agent.
Another happy extrovert. with beautiful liver pigment. Well reared. Good bone and shape with correct hind angulation. Classic male head with no trace of coarseness. He was moving rather close behind today
2) Smiths Dalminshi Star Cluster. Black spotted. Well handled. Slightly upright in shoulder which made him dip over his withers when standing. Moved with drive around the ring.
3) Parkin-Rusells Spaclere Frost.

PGD 10 entries

1)Dinsdales Dalesbred Dreadlocks
Spectacularly spotted extrovert black male. One of the few who was shown in immaculate condition today. Classic head with kind dark eyes. Good bone, lay of shoulder and hindquarters. Moved well with accuracy and drive.
2) Cauldwells Gwencarodale Pops Pride A different type to 1st. A sound honest dog with lovely spotty face. Rather down on his pasterns. Good shoulders, deep brisket and correct hindquarters.
3) Alcocks Mapplewell Chocolate Box for Dalspartan

MLD 6 entries

1 Pages Winflash Harvey Wallbanger.
A youngster who could easily be overlooked in view of his lighter spotting but a totally sound dog who excelled in correct construction and movement. Clean lines. Classic head with no trace of coarseness Kind expression,. Strong topline, Nicely muscled hindquarters. Deep chest with plenty of heart and lung room. Correct tailset. He was one of the best movers here today – hind legs showing drive and tracking the forelegs coming and going.
2 Lambs Dalpetro Dettori. Very close up to winner of this class. A happy extrovert. A different type with eye catching deep back pigment. Lovely head and expression. Good strong hindquarters, close-coupled. A very close decision and I’m sure that his day will come.
3 Alcocks Mapplewell Chocolate Box for Dalspartan

LD 11 entries 2 absent

1 Lewis’s Man About Town at Hunterswood.
Standard size Black spotted. Not flashy in any way. Beautiful head with darkest of eyes. Good length of neck leading into well laid-back shoulders. Good bone, strong hindquarters. Deep brisket, correct topline. On the move I found him totally correct from all angles.
2 Gates-Raw’s Jabbawock the Sorcerer at Ribblehill. Deep pigment. Beautiful dark eyes. I preferred the front assembly of 1st in the class. Nicely developed hindquarters which allowed him to drive around the ring.
3 Cleland’s Dalesbred Larkin About with Deovolante

OD 8 entries 4 absent

1 Hoie, Ivarsson & Jacobsen’s Int Ch Bel-A-Mir’s Elegant Envoy.
Masculine black-spotted male. Not overdone in any way. Correctly constructed with correct shoulders, strong topline and well let-down hocks. Shown in excellent condition. Classic head with dark eyes. Well muscled hindquarters, which enabled him to show reach and drive on the move.
2 Peterson’s Ch Buffey Beau Bell at Daedalus. Quite close up. Lovely head and expression with dark eyes. Good nicely muscled hindquarters with well let-down hocks which he used to drive around the ring.

SP Memorial Open 2 Entries

A class of 2 beautiful liver dogs. Both with true liver colour and almost perfect spotting.
1 McCarthys Ch & Ir Ch Tolwood Lionel at Kildandy. Lovely head and kind expression. A very happy boy today. Correct length of neck leading into well-laid shoulders. Straight well-filled front and nicely sprung pasterns. Plenty of heart & lung room. Strong hindquarters, good width of thigh and well- muscled. He won this class on his steady correct movement
2 Stock’s Ch Dalmark the Shaded Moon at Nospar.. Very close up to winner. Good construction, classic head and expression. He had a coat condition today and unfortunately he tended to “crab” on the move.

Sp Jnr Vet 5 entries

All my veterans today knew how to move and belied their age, proving that Dalmatians are a long- lasted breed
1 Cleland’s Deovolante Don Alfonso JW Striking Black spotted male. Superb nicely muscled hindquarters and well-filled front. Classic head, topline and tailset. Shown in good clean condition. Won here on his movement.
2 Stevenson’s Ch Gemmont Marauding Mutineer at Macula. Beautifully spotted liver dog. Good shoulders, brisket, hindquarters and tailset. Happy temperament. Both of these veterans are a credit to the breed.
3)Ch & Ir Ch Marricdale Mr Millionaire

Sp Snr Vet 1 entry

1 Browns Skywings Challenger.
A very young-looking 10 year old. Who was full of himself. Stood alone but really deserved 1st place. Beautiful dark eyes, good lay of shoulder and well developed hindquarters. His movement could show some of the youngsters a thing or two!

Pat Wilson Dog Judge


I would like to send my thanks to the BDC committee for inviting me to judge bitches at their club Championship show, as well as my two stewards Leanne Richardson and Donna Whincup for working so hard. I would also like to thank all the exhibitors who entered, on the upside, I wished I’d had more first prizes as the standard of bitches was quite high although there was also a few faults creeping into our breed which wouldn’t have been tolerated years ago. Missing pigment on noses and nails that were far too long. Road work would help feet and also develop the second thigh which was lacking on some bitches. I also felt that the condition of some coats was too harsh and had a grey tinge a properly groomed Dalmatian is easily achieved and adds points!
Overall when I stood back and looked at all my class wins, I wished I had more than one challenge certificate to give out, since there were a number of bitches the award could have gone to.

Minor Puppy Bitch Ent 3 Abs 2

1st Star Of Perfection, Guiver & Sparks
9 month old black spotted bitch very much a baby, so difficult to assess, more training classes required
Puppy Bitch Ent 12 Abs 5

1st Tingeys Phaeland Phoenix Phorever By Dallyador
Liver spotted bitch in lovely condition, attractive head framed with well broken ears. Well bodied, good deep chest with good spring of rib. Well boned, moved well around the ring. Deserved Best Puppy in Show
2nd Pages Winflash Magic Mystery
Black spotted bitch, stood four square and showed well, unfortunately her coat condition let her down today plus she didn’t seem to be in unison with her handler especially on the move.

Junior Bitch Ent 11 Abs 1

1st Alexanders Offordale White Lady
Black spotted bitch of correct size, attractive head with dark eye. Well bodied with lovely front, good round bone and well trimmed nails. Well angulated rear which enabled her to move effortlessly around the ring
2nd Taylor & Mackinnons Frankish Desert Rose For Kingpippin Striking black spotted bitch of correct size, Sparkling white coat in delightful condition, well bodied, moved well around the ring, just needs to show a little more spirit especially when standing.
3rd Graces Pinkmead Keyboard Kate For Wivecum

Yearling Bitch Ent 11 Abs 3

1st Moores Manchando Choc Chip Cookie From Fincham
Pretty liver spotted bitch of correct size, lovely head with pleasing expression framed with well broken ears. Lovely arched neck into well laid shoulders and level top line with correct tail set. Moved well around the ring and never stopped showing throughout her class.
2nd Kembreys Dalmark The Super Sleuth Well presented liver spotted bitch of correct size – good shape and make with excellent bone and tightest cat feet, typical of this kennel.
3rd Fletchers Daedalus Madonna

Novice Bitch Ent 10 Abs 5

1st Clarkes Klarkeson Royal Destiny
Very showy black spotted bitch, lovely head with dark eye, in good condition, moved soundly around the ring.
2nd Burtons Hameldal Sunshine Valley Liver spotted bitch slightly longer cast than the first again very showy but not as feminine as the first
3rd Kaals Caldecacre Chanterelle

Undergraduate Bitch Ent 5 Abs 2

1st Wrights Anjelic Aphrodite for Millbelle
Well presented black spotted bitch of correct size, lovely head with dark eye and pleasing expression. Stands four square, well bodied with good round boned, level top line with correct tail set. Moved well around the ring
2nd Saunders Caprilli's Genuine Gift To Dallydyl Another black spotted bitch of correct size, well bodied with good round bone, just a little unsteady today hence the reason for second.
3rd Williams Phadante Take A Chance On Me

Graduate Bitch Ent 13 Abs 1

1st Blacks Boval Buduicca
Beautiful liver spotted bitch in sparkling condition, she caught my eye as soon as she walked into the ring, first class in everyway, lovely head with dark eye and wonderful expression, well arched neck into well laid shoulders, level top line, moved effortlessly around the ring, could not deny her the Bitch CC and my fellow judge agreed with me and crowned her Best In Show
2nd Rances Olbero One to Treasure
Another beautiful liver spotted bitch in superb condition. Slightly longer cast than first but well balanced, lovely head with delightful expression, moved and showed well.
3rd Wrights Anjelic Aphrodite for Millbelle

Post Graduate Bitch Ent 16 Abs 4

1st Hoies Spotnik's Diva Deluxe (JW)
Lovely liver spotted bitch, quite striking when standing and even more on the move. Pretty head with dark eye and well broken ears. Lovely front, level top line and good deep brisket, good tight feet and good rear angulation which enabled her to drive around the ring
2nd Willis Cibrith Black Magic (JW), Black spotted bitch slightly taller than the first and in good condition. Pretty head with darkest eye, elegant neck into correct shoulder placement and level top line, tight cat feet and free moving.
3rd Gibbs Phadante Rocka Hula Baby JW

Mid Limit Bitch Ent 5 Abs 2

1st Smallwoods Mapplewell Dancing Queen Of Lascelles JW
Liver spotted bitch of correct size, has overall good make and shape, in superb condition, sparkling white coat with correct liver spotting. Moved in unison with handler.
2rd Sibsons Olbero Oscala (JW) Black spotted bitch, slightly bigger overall than first, lovely head and expression, well bodied but coat not in tip top condition today
3rd Burrows Tumbril Tantrums N Tiaras at Shacarlu (JW)

Limit Bitch Ent 16 Abs 7

1st Cuthbertsons Kalsidoni Garnet JW
Black spotted bitch of correct size, Lovely head with dark eye and well broken ears. Elegant reach of neck into level top line, well boned, tight cat feet and overall balance on the move.
2nd Bakers Dalleaf Japonica (JW) Pretty liver spotted bitch with lovely head and expression. Good make and shape which she shows off on the move.
3rd Gartons Jabbawock the Ringleader (IKC) (JW)

Open Bitch Ent 11 Abs 2

1 Forrests Choosespots Camelia by Spotswood (JW)
Attractive liver spotted bitch which caught my eye as soon as she walked into the ring. Lovely head with attractive amber coloured eyes. Well shaped body but would prefer a little more weight, she was in lovely body condition, moved well around the ring and I awarded her the Reserve Bitch CC.
2rd Clarkes Mapplewell Double Take By Klarkeson JW
Another very striking black spotted bitch of correct size. Lovely head with darkest of eyes and lovely expression. Well bodied, moved with ease around the ring.
3rd Mesdames Haywood & Ridgways Luccombe Strawberry Tart JW

Special Memorial Open Ent 7 Abs 2

1st Roachs Ch Hebe Aleatory In Holderness
I have loved this bitch the first day I set my eyes on her, she is full of quality and she knows how to show her self off. It was just unfortunate that she still had a slight milk bar, otherwise she would have pressed for the top honours today
2nd Pages Ch Winflash Spring Angel ShCM Another lovely black spotted bitch of correct size, just let herself down today being too excitable not just standing but she wasn’t in unison with her handler on the move
3rd Flemings Ch Chandhally Snow Queen

Special Junior Veteran Bitch Ent 12 Abs 3

1st Dinsdales Ch Dalesbred Doodlebug
Striking black spotted bitch in beautiful condition, her coat was sparkling. Lovely head with darkest of eyes, dense black pigment, stood four square and moved like a dream around the ring. She was awarded, Best Veteran in Show as well as Best Black Bitch.
2nd Richardsons Ch Jomihvar In Vin Sybil
The last time I judged I gave this bitch her crowning CC which was well deserved, today not in as good coat condition but a worthy champion.
3rd Gartons Kasara IR CH & INT CH Kasara Truly Scrumptious

Special Senior Veteran Bitch Ent 4 Abs 0

1st Fords Kayjule Princess Jasmin SchCm
Black spotted bitch of correct size and in lovely condition, really moved outstandingly for her age. Unfortunate to meet such an outstanding Junior Veteran.
2nd Pilgrams Weaponness Bellbird Lovely liver spotted bitch in overall good condition, showed well, but out moved by the first today.
3rd Flemings IR CH Dalregis Shooting Star of Chandhally

Sally-Ann Neath-Duggan - Judge