Paignton 2008 Judged by Mrs S Parkin-Russell
My first appointment awarding CC's to our lovely breed. Thank you to all of you who entered under me and for making it a day I'll remember forever. General points to note: On the plus side, all dogs where shown with clean coats and teeth. On the minus side, please watch tail sets, a Dalmatian's tail is supposed to be a continuation of the spine, with a slight upward curve. Not a flag pole that has been stuck on the end of the spine at right angles to it.

Minor Puppy Dog (2,0)

1st Mrs. K. Goff-Leggett's Washakie Azlan
- 8 month old liver spotted puppy. Dark amber brown eyes with full pigmentation. Lots of substance, particularly well off for bone, good bend of stifle. Lovely clean white coat with dense spotting. Very nice character with a happy personality.
2nd Dr. D. Eden's Dupree Lad - 8 month old puppy, similar make and type to one. Straighter in stifle and not so happy about being shown.

Puppy Dog (8,3)

1st Mrs. K. Goff-Leggett's Washakie Nutcracker Prince
-Litter brother to 1st in MPD. Lovely black spotted puppy. Moved quite well and soundly around the ring. Good bend of stifle, well off for bone. Lovely waggy tail, not as confident in the ring as his litter brother. BPD, BPIB.
2nd Miss Precious' Holderness Henry Higgins By Lupiac
- 9 month old black spotted puppy. Of the bigger sort. Lovely temperament with a very expressive face. Preferred the overall movement of one in this class.
3rd Mr & Mrs. R. Tingey's Holderness Hillbilly By Dallyador.

Junior Dog (5,1)

1st Mr. & Mrs. R. Morgans' Elaridge Celtic Warrior
- Just 13 months old this handsome dog with a lovely temperament. Good pigmentation with even sized spotting on a clean, white coat. Good bend of stifle, front movement not as positive as I would like but that will come with age. Moved with purpose, covering the ground well in the ring.
2nd Mrs. F. Hartley & Mr. J. Griffiths' Creaganbrec The Favourite At Miragua - 14 month old black spotted dog. Lovely temperament, very expressive face. Well off for bone. Lovely dog - very hard choice between these two, one just seemed to have the edge on maturity.
3rd Mr & Mrs. G. Nisbet's Dalmatas Hecules.

Yearling Dog (2,0)

1st Mr. & Mrs. R. Ayers' Elaridge Evolution
- 13 month old black spotted dog. Well off for bone, good lay of shoulders, good bend of stifle, lovely long tail. Moved correctly fore and aft. Full of character, almost too full of himself! Lovely black spotting on a clean white coat. Lovely dog all round.
2nd Mr & Mrs. G. Nisbet's Dalmatas Hecules. 3rd in Junior class. Smaller make and type, movement somewhat erratic, probably due to the handler racing round the ring rather than moving at a steady trot! Beautiful white coat, with dark black spotting. Good character.

Post Graduate Dog (6,1)

1st Mrs. J. Letch's Kashtang Pacific Eclipse
- Black spotted dog, taller than I would prefer. Lovely, clean white coat with correct pigmentation. Excellent teeth. Sound movement, solid bone, correct bend of stifle, lovely long tail. Nice dog all round.
2nd Mrs. C. Oatridge's Dalehouse Chatanooga - Black spotted dog of correct size, well off for bone, sound movement, correct tail set. Full of character. Lovely class of dogs, just a shame about the abundance of dally rash which made some look so dirty!
3rd. Mr. & Mrs. B. Levy's Motek Nottinghill Norman.

Limit Dog (10,2)

1st Mrs. L. Lewis' Man About Town at Hunterswood JW (ShCM)
- Nothing over exaggerated on this black spotted dog. Beautiful dark eye with all pigmentation present. Ears set correctly on which made for a lovely expressive face. Good depth of chest, well off for bone, good bend of stifle, correctly set tail. Covered the ground well with his driving action from behind. Beautiful all round dog, if he'd wagged his tail anymore he would have taken off! RDCC.

2nd Mr. S. Bolt's Buffrey Belleissimo At Fakenham
- Handsome, black spotted dog. Well off for bone. Very expressive face, lovely character. Moved with purpose round the ring, covering the ground with drive. Correctly set tail, handler needs to not over stretch this dog whilst standing him!
3rd Mr. & Mrs. I. and Miss C. Page's Winflash Harvey Wallbanger.

Open Dog (7,3)

1st Mrs. H. Hoie's Int. Ch. Norw/Dk/Swed/Nord Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy
- Lovely, black spotted dog. Excellent make and shape. Covered the ground so effortlessly. Lovely expressive face, full of character, beautiful dark eye, well set ears. Immaculate white coat with clear, black spotting finished with a correctly set tail. Good bend of stifle. lovely level top-line, stood and on the move. Front movement could be tighter but the sum of the rest of his attributes could not deny him the CC. Understand this was his third. Great to see him pulled out for the final 8 in an outstanding Utility Group. DCC and BOB.
2nd Mrs. F. Hartley & Mr. J. Griffiths' Miragua the Explorer
- Another lovely black spotted dog. Covered the ground well moving with drive from behind. Very expressive face, lovely deep chest, good bend of stifle, correctly set tail. Unlucky to meet one on such top form!
3rd. Mr. S. Bolt's Ch. Fakenham Flash Gordon.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1,1)

Puppy Bitch (8,2)

1st Mr. & Mrs. R. Tingey's Phaeland Phoenix Phorever By Dallyador
- Lovely 10 month old Liver spotted bitch. Full pigment, lovely expressive face. Solid, round bone, Beautiful clean coat, good bend of stifle. Very happy puppy enjoying her day out. Best mover in this class today. BPB.
2nd Mr. & Mrs. I. and Miss C. Page's Winflash Magic Mystery
- Another lovely 10 month old Black spotted bitch. Lovely dark eye, very expressive face. Correctly set tail, very happy to be here, sound mover.
3rd Miss J. Clarke and Mrs. S. Shears Chandally Chardonnay

Junior Bitch (10,1)

1st Mrs. J Alexander's Offordale White Lady
- Not quite 18 month old lovely black spotted bitch with a beautiful clean coat. Very expressive face, very full of herself to the point of overflowing! Good, solid round bone, good bend of stifle, correctly set on tail. Best mover in this class today.
2nd Miss J. Wright's Angelic Aphrodite for Millbelle - Lovely 17 month old black spotted bitch. Very expressive face, full of character. Good front assembly with capacious chest. Good bend of stifle, correctly set tail, again one of the best movers in the class. Two closely matched bitches, just preferred the markings of one.
3rd Mrs. F. Clarke's Klarkeson Royal Destiny.

Yearling Bitch (7,3)

1st Mr. P Hallum's The Jazz Singer
- What a sweetie! Lovely black spotted bitch with a beautiful, clean, white coat.. Best mover in this class today. Deep brown eyes. Correct bend of stifle, real waggy tail, only stopped when she sat on it! Excellent temperament, lovely, lovely bitch.
2nd Mrs. T. Blakeley's Luccombe Strawberry Sundae - Black spotted bitch of correct size. Clean white coat, lovely dog full of character. Sound mover who covered the ground well.
3rd Mrs. L. Richardson Buffrey Lightening Strike Among Mapplewell

Post Graduate Bitch (13,0)

1st Mr. & Mrs. R. Tingey's Olbero One of Our Own at Dallyador
- Lovely black spotted bitch. Beautiful deep, brown eyes with full pigment. Correctly set ears with well broken spotting helped frame a lovely expressive face. Good Bend of Stifle, lovely waggy tail which was set on correctly. Best mover in this class today, covered the ground so well.
2nd Mrs. H. Hoie's Spotnik's Diva Deluxe - Lovely liver spotted bitch of the correct colour. Very expressive face. Well off for bone, correctly set tail, good bend of stifle. Excellent cat like feet. Moved very soundly fore and aft. very hard class to judge but two good quality bitches took 1st and 2nd.
3rd Mr. P. Hullum's The Jazz Singer.

Limit Bitch (9,2)

1st Mr. & Mrs. B. Levy's Motek Chelsea Chloe JW
- A liver spotted, really, super doper bitch! Lovely dark pigment, very clean coat, very expressive face. Covered the ground with real drive from behind. very expressive tail, surprised it didn't fall off she was wagging it so much!
2nd Mrs. L. Lewis' Hunterswood Razzmatazz JW - Black spotted bitch, with a very white coat. Lovely dark pigment. Good bend of stifle, level top-line, correctly set tail. Covered the ground well.
3rd Mrs. F. Clarke's Mapplewell Double Take By Klarkeson JW.

Open Bitch (14,3)

1st Mrs. S A Neath-Duggan's Ch. Buffrey Sprig O Mint JW
- Smart, black spotted bitch. Covers the ground so well with good driving action from behind. Solid, round bone, beautiful, cat like feet. Lovely expressive face. correctly set ears, beautiful, long neck set into well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, level top-line standing and moving, good bend of stifle. Didn't stop wagging her tail - until the challenge for BOB! BCC.
2nd Mrs. N. Forrest's Choosespots Camelia By Spotswood
- Love this liver spotted bitch a lot, but she was not on top form today as she was on the thin side. Lovely amber eyes, very expressive face covers the ground exceptionally well. RBCC.
3rd Mr. & Mrs. I. and Miss C. Page's Ch. Winflash Spring Angel Sh.CM.

Mrs. Sue Parkin-Russell (Judge). *********************************************************************************************************************************************