Bournemouth 2008 Judged by Mr K Nathan
PD (6)

1 Tingey's Holderness Hillbilly by Dallyador,
9 months liver, up to size, well balanced, good skull, muzzle, eye & ear, well made front & rear, sound & styl- ish on the move, well bodied, correct topline & tail. BP;
2 McCarthy's Kilndandy Old Copper,
8 months liver of good size & proportions, attractive head, well shaped eye, good ear, well made overall & sound both ways, nicely muscled;
3 Adderley's Leiahart Chicago Bear.

JD (5)

I Hartley & Griffiths' Creaganbrec The Favourite at Miragua,
b/s of correct size, good neck, topline & tailset, good skull, balanced muzzle, well shaped eye, well laid shoulder, good bone, nice front, nice rib, strong rear, sound both ways;
2 Moate's Major Sheer Will at Sundown, b/s, good size & balance, attractive head with correctly shaped eye, sound when he settled, good rib, beautifully muscled;
3 Upfield's Pink Mead March Dust.

ND (1)1 Martland's Hameldal Tribal Shadow at Deefadal,
b/s, good shape & balance, lovely temperament, good neck, well set tail, well made, strong rear, deep rib.

PGD (8)

1 Ely's Wintermine Dynamo,
well up on size, liver dog, won his place more on his sound movement, attractive head, lovely eye, good rib, well marked;
2 Hosier's Top Class Smiler of Sarsodots, lighter marked b/s, moved well, nicely balanced head, satisfyingly angulated, lovely eye;
3 Wilson's Boval Hurray For Harry at Travier.

LD (9)

1 Kembrey's Dalmark The Showstormer,
b/s of correct size, symmetrical in outline, balanced in skull & muzzle, lovely eye, good neck, well angulated & placed front, correct rib, well set tail, strong rear, so sound with rear & drive. RCC;
2 Smith's Dalleaf Mulberry,
beautifully stylish liver, good masculine head, well shaped eye, good neck, correct topline & tailset, well made throughout, good reach & drive, well muscled, sound rear;
3 Hardy's Mountsorrel Crescendo of Shydally.

OD (9)

1 Stocks' Ch Dalmark The Shaded Moon at Nospar,
beautiful liver who looked all of a piece, scored in neck & outline, super rib, well angulated & placed front, good bone & feet, correct neck, muscled rear, sound both ways, well marked, lovely balanced head & good eye. CC & BOB;
2 Bale-Stock's Spring Celebration at Appaloosa,
honest, b/s of correct size & well balanced, lovely head, eye & expression, well made throughout, sound both ways, nice reach & drive;
3 Caryell'sTimmyWillie with Lilal.

PB (9)

1 Page's Winflash Magic Mystery,
very pretty b/s baby of correct size & nicely balanced, pleasing neck & topline, free both ways from her satisfy- ing construction, one for the future;
2 Tingey's Phaeland Pheonix Phorever by Dallyador, outstandingly fluid 10 months liver puppy, scored in neck & outline, so well put together throughout, well marked, super expression;
3 Brayshaw-Allen's Sassafras Brown Sugar.

JB (6)

1 Alexander's Offordale White Lady,
eyecatching, stylish b/s, of correct size, so well balanced, lovely feminine head; super eye & expression, good neck, topline & tailset, well made front, well placed, good bone, correct rear, well marked. RCC;
2 Richardson's Buffrey Lightening Strike among Mapplewell,
another very lovely girl of correct size & proportions, very pretty head, lovely eye, so well put together shown in her soundness, well muscled.

NB (7)

1 S Brown Sugar,
lovely liver puppy of good size, very pretty head, well shaped eye, good rib & topline. Just a touch unsteady on the move;
2 Burton's Hameldal Sunshine Valley, well marked liver of nice size, balanced in skull & muzzle, well shaped eye, lovely rib. Bothered by an ear she was throwing herself off balance on the move;
3 Saunders' Caprilli's Genuine Gift to Dallydyl.

PGB (15)

1 Gurnsey's Washakie Dancing Shadow at Kilmartin,
classic b/s, good size & symmetrical overall, beautiful head, lovely eye, so well put together, good rib, correct topline. Just not cooperating with her owner. Well marked;
2 Scott-Alien & Davis'Tolutim Zaffre, very honest b/s, very sound both ways, well angulated front, well made rear, good rib & topline, well marked;
3 Yates' Arita's Arrival at Caprilli.

LB (10)

1 Cuthbertson's Kalsidoni Garnet,
lovely black with so much to like, darkest of eyes in a feminine well proportioned head, arched neck, level topline & super tail, so sound, very stylish;
2 Clarke's Mapplewell Double Take by Klarkeson, similar type, good rib & topline, well marked;
3 Kembrey's Dalmark Panda The Peach.

OB (12)

1 Neath-Duggan's Ch Buffrey Maybee,
balanced & sound with attractive markings, meets the Standard in so many ways, in hard condition, really moved as a Dalmatian should, but sadly so many didn't. CC;
2 Wills' Dallyvista Scandalous Risk,
eyecatching b/w of good size, pretty head & expression, good bone, topline & rib, moved soundly;
3 Richardson's Dalmark Moon Europa.