Scottish Kennel Club (Aug) 2008 Judged by Mrs Sue Wilkinson
I really enjoyed judging Dalmatians in Scotland, a quality entry of well presented, typical and good tempered dogs.


1ST Gatheral Graham’s Phaeland Passionman,
10 month old liver dog of good colour, well grown, with a handsome head, correct eye colour, strong bone and cat feet, deep brisket, strong hindquarters, moved out well, happy showman, promising lad.


Hartley and Griffiths Creagenbrec the Favourite at Miragua,
What a cracker!! An excellent example of the breed, masculine yet kind head, well placed ears, super even decoration, darkest of pigment. Well made front good depth of forechest, well arched neck, good lay of shoulder, correct topline and tailset, super bend of stifle. Strong steady rhythmic stride, a lovely dog, his sheer quality and joie de vivre won him the CC and BOB


1st Whites Roadcoach Rambler,
nicely made black spotted dog, pleasing head and expression, even spotting, good depth of pigment, fair front , good spring of rib, kept his topline on the move, good tail carriage.would prefer a little more width through the stifle, moved out well.


1st Dinsdale ‘s Dalesbred Dreadlocks,
2 year old black dog, well presented and shown. Attractive head and experession Good front assembly, and lay of shoulder, well muscled hindquarters, well let down hocks, really covered the ground when moving, excellent decoration completes the picture.
2nd Whiting’s Dalesbred Diammmaica at Craigvallie, litter brother to above and similar comments apply, lovely head and expression, very balanced, well muscled up just needs to keep his tail a little lower on the move. Two promising boys.
3rd Levy Motek Nottinghill Norman


1ST Smith’s Dalleaf Mullberry
2 year old liver of good colour, evenly decorated , he has a handsome head , strong neck, well of for bone, good depth of brisket , well sprung ribs, would prefer a little more hind angulation, powerful and sound mover.
2nd Lamb’s Dalpetro Dettori JW , black spotted dog, lovely head, with a dark eye and kind expression, good reach of neck, nicely balanced fore and aft, even spotting and good hindquarters, not quite the presence of winner.
3rd Beaumont and Croft Koroyza Gripp Il Miracolo


1st Stocks Ch Dalmark the Shaded Moon at Nospar JW
Liver spotted dog who has fulfilled his early promise since I last judged him as a puppy. Most handsome head , pleasing expression, good eye colour, even spotting of excellent colour, well arched neck, good forechest and very well muscled hindquarters, shown in super condition, moved with an easy stride. Res CC
2nd Dunnachie Ch Sophtspot Sugar Daddy at Dvojica JW,
this black spotted dog has really matured on well, kindest of heads and expression, strongly made all through, well filled forechest, good bone, and even spotting, good muscle tone throughout, strong rear, beautifully presented and a happy showman.
3rd Petersen Ch Buffrey Beau Bell at Daedalus Three very worthy champions


1ST Dodd’s Rose Gem,
a real pretty baby of just 6 months, even black spotting, good depth of colour. Sweet head, good forechest, well laid shoulder, good reach of neck, moved well for one so young and showed beautifully, very promising BP
2nd Johnson’s Tynevale Troublesome Tart,
10 month old liver, feminine head and expression, longer cast than winner, good bone and feet, arched neck, hindquarters well muscled up, not as steady in movement as winner
3rd Pearson’s Chandally Chantilly Cream from Cannabee


1st Clarke’s Klarkeson Royal Destiny
14 month old black spotted bitch, lovely head and expression, good reach of neck, super topline which she keeps on the move. Well made front and depth of forechest , excellent bend of stifle, well set on tail, a super mover.
2nd Richardson’s Buffrey Lightening Strike among Maplewell, black spotted bitch of 13 months, pretty head, arched neck, very balanced, with excellent hindquarters , well bodied up, moves well but a little wide in front at the moment should tighten up with time.
3rd Addy’s Creagenbrec Raven Black


A quality class of young bitches, headed up by Christies Sophtspot Snap Crackle N Pop 15 month old black , appealing head, nicely decorated, good reach of neck into well laid shoulder, nicely angulated and strong hindquarters, good spring of rib, strong bone, tight feet, moving she has reach and drive, a very promising young lady.
2nd Pickup’s Roadcoach Ribbon and Roses JW, another very lovely bitch, deepest black pigment, good head , dark eye, well filled in forechest, balanced front and rear, well muscled and shown in excellent condition, happy showgirl, moves well, winner just a little more drive on the day, but little to separate these two.
3rd Richardson’s Buffrey Lightening Strike Among Maplewell


Lamb’s Dalpetro Desdemona JW
very feminine, black spotted lady, pleasing front construction, and balanced angulated rear, good width through the stifle, well set on tail set which she carries correctly on the move. Attractive decoration, very showy both moving and standing
2nd Alexander’s Offordale White Lady, Really liked this aptly named bitch, she has a most gleaming white coat, shown in super condition, excellent decoration, very showy and full of herself, a delightful character, pretty head, and good earset, well arched neck, nicely made body, but a little long cast, well muscled up, and she moves out well.
3rd Pilgrim’s Olbero One to Charm at Weaponess


1st Cuthbertson’s Kalsidoni Garnet JW,
Quality black spotted bitch that I have admired from the ringside, and she does not disappoint under the hand, she presents an elegant picture, feminine head and pleasing expression, dark eye, well arched neck into good forehand, correct in topline and tail carriage, strong and muscular hindquarters, moved out with reach and drive, covering the ground with an easy stride. Res CC
2nd Levy’s Motek Chelsea Chloe JW
liver spotted bitch with lots to like about her, rich liver colour, feminine head and kind expression, good depth of forechest, well sprung ribs, good tailset , well muscled up , good bend of stifle, and well let down hocks, which she uses to drive round the ring, well presented and shown., just preferred the elegance of winner.
3rd Clarke’s Mapplewell Double Take by Klarkson JW


Neath Duggan Buffrey Sprig “O” Mint,
a classic Dalmatian who oozes quality, beautifully presented as always by this owner/breeder, loveliest of heads, good arch of neck, good lay of shoulder, deep brisket, gleaming white coat, and deep black pigment on her even decoration. Correct bend of stifle, strong straight bone into cat feet, moves with drive easily covering the ground.Both she and the dog CC winner are great examples of this lovely breed.
2nd Harrison Stratford’ s Ackland Dark Daughter by Dalkereve JW, an elegant black bitch, with a kind feminine head, arched neck into good shoulders, even spotting, good topline, well muscled up , steady, sound mover, a showy girl who makes the most of her many virtues
3rd Fort’s Lady of Light from Shulune

Sue Wilkinson Judge 31/08/08