Driffield 2008 Judged by Linda Moore
May I say thank you to all exhibitors for allowing me the honor of going over your dogs, I so enjoyed my day. May I offer my congratulations to the breeders for producing some very nice exhibits, not an easy breed to breed when you have to add decoration on to conformation.
The soggy summer has played havoc with the coats (fancy having a breed that rusts is what my partner says) evidence of it here today. May I be so bold to offer a little tip to some, if you must bathe your dog the night before try not to rub the coat the wrong way it does not have time to lay flat again.

MPD 3/0

1st Wight & Grimett’s Tafuta Hidden Echo,
b/s Raw baby enjoying his day out, lively expression dark eye, reach of neck, well angled front and rear strode out well.
2nd Clement’s Caldecacre Copacabana, lightly spotted liver, firm top line plenty of brisket good rear showed drive.
3rd Story-Taylor’s Major Tornado at Kesteven

PD 7/1

1st Tingey’s Holderness Hillbilly by Dallyador,
l/s Masculine well up on size and substance, straight front, strong round bone, deep chest, short coupled, coat condition and decoration in good order reached out well.
2nd Goff-Leggett’s Washakie Nutcracker Prince, b/s Pushed hard great picture when stood, just not the reach of 1st, classic outline and head proportions and expression, deep chest not too much tuck up.
3rd McCarthy’s Kilndandy Old Copper

JD 3/0

1st Hartley and Griffiths Creaganbrec the Favorite at Miragua,
b/s Can’t miss the gleaming condition of this boy of standard size, well sprung rib strong loin happy tail held correctly does enough on the move.
2nd Goff-Leggett’s Washakie Aslan, l/s well balanced boy moved out steady with nice reach of neck defined wither firm top line.
3rd Coates Buffrey The Shaded Sun at Cubalibra.

YD 3/1

1st Baker’s Oneowun Ohio,
b/s Excellent decoration jet black spots on pure white background, such an elegant boy, kind eye, arched neck, good front and rear, steady on the move.
2nd Coates Buffrey The Shaded Sun at Cubalibra, a sound shapely boy of standard size and good angles.

PGD 7/1

1st Cromwell’s Mapplewell Black Magic by Liverdals,
b/s what I call an honest dog, nothing exaggerated everything in the right place, head proportions and eye colour giving alert expression, firm top line, good ribbing plenty of depth not too much tuck, strong loin , carried himself well on the move, handler could have pushed harder for the top spot, RCC
2nd Jubb’s Dalmark The Double Agent,
l/s in excellent condition Well up on size good angulations longer in loin than 1st covers the ground with ease.
3rd Whiting’s Dalesbred Djamaica at Cragvallie

LD 9/2

1st Lamb’s Dalpetro Dettori,
b/s admired this boy for sometime another in the running for the CC very much on the same lines as the rcc winner splitting hairs lost out on coat condition today.
2nd Kembrey’s Dalmark The Showstormer jw sh.cm, b/s again another of the same mould, great pigmentation on this boy, not the substance of 1, still of good quality.
3rd Cauldwell’s Gwencarodale Pops Pride jw.

OD 9/2

1st Stocks Ch Dalmark The Shaded Moon at Nospar jw,
l/s Admired this boy from the 1st time I saw him as a pup, not disappointed when I finally get my hands on him, classic head and expression, arched neck, straight front with fill between legs, deep brisket correct amount of tuck up, strong loin, firm hindquarters, oozes quality, presentation spot on CC.
2nd McCarthy’s Ch Tollwood Lionel at Kilndandy jw,
l/s right out the top draw make & shape & soundness spot on, but he just can’t be bothered with it all, can’t deny him his place though.
3rd Hartley & Griffiths, Miragua The Explorer.

MPB 4/0

1st Dodd’s Rose Gem,
b/s A steady puppy, not over done in any way, straight front legs rounded bone, good shoulder placement, level & firm top line, nice turn of stifle drove round the ring very balanced for one so young.
2nd Rose’s Candidals Flirty Frankie, b/s Flirty by name flirty by nature, such a raw baby having a whale of a time, a lot of developing to go yet.
3rd Cauldwell’s Call Her Phoebe of Popspride.
,br> PB 10/2

1st Newton’s, Tynevale Tuscan Tart,
l/s Ultra feminine with substance, up on size, arched neck on well laid shoulders, level top line, nicely angulated hind quarters correct turn of stifle, free effortless rhythmic action pleasure to watch, BP
2nd Tingey’s Phaeland Pheonix Phorever by Dallyador,
l/s another nice sort, a mature puppy, rich liver decoration, good bone held herself well on the move.
3rd Ward’s Frankish Moon Flower.

JB 8/2

1st Christie’s Sophtspot Snap Crackle N Pop jw,
b/s Typical of this kennel, Size a bit of an issue, but well balanced classic outline straight and true on the move.
2nd Newton’s Tynevale Tuscan Tart, dipped out on maturity here.
3rd Fox & Pashley’s, Ellemstra Intuition.

YB 9/0

1st Haywood & Ridgway’s, Luccombe Hazle Nut Cluster,
rich liver colour in tip top condition, good spring of rib plenty of heart and lung room, good tuck, nice couplings moved straight and true.
2nd Harrison – Stratford’s Dalkereve Dark N Divine jw, b/s Appealing bitch smaller type nicely balanced moves out smartly .
3rd Fox & Pashley’s Ellemstra Intuition

PGB 18/6

1st Lamb’s Dalpetro Desdemona jw,
b/s of good decoration & condition, correct size, kind expression well laid back shoulder, excellent ribcage, short coupled strong loin, good hindquarters, drove off with purpose, seemed to poop out in challenge.
2nd Smith’s Christines Girl, b/s very similar to 1st nicely decorated, good outline & quarters, moved sound and true.
3rd Tingey’s Olbero One Of Our Own at Dallyador.

LB 13/3

1st Kembrey’s Dalmark Panda The Peach,
b/s totally demanded my attention today, fabulous pigmentation, the darkest of eyes, reachy neck clean withers deep brisket and strong hind quarters strode off round the ring with ease pushed hard for the top spot RCC
2nd Cuthbertson’s Kalsidoni Garnet jw,
b/s Like this one, oozes femininity, in good condition longer in loin and not the substance of 1 but well balanced well angulated fore and aft moves with reach and drive.
3rd Lewis, Hunterswood Razzmatazz jw.

OB 14/5

1st Dunnachie’s Ch Dvojica Voodoo jw,
b/s well what can I say about this girl what’s not been said, I am glad I got the chance to get my hands on her, lovely to go over, keeps her spine ridged on the move and her neck & head, legs & tail all come off in the right places and at the right angles, makes a good picture standing as well, CC BOB Group 4
2nd Haywood & Ridgway’s Luccombe Strawberry Tart jw,
b/s Lovely head and the kindest of expressions ultra feminine, correct size, typy, a lot to like, another pushing hard for the top awards.
3rd Neath-Duggan’s, Buffrey Sprig O Mint.

Judge Linda Moore ( Fincham )