BUBA 2008 Judged by Lynda Lewis
I would like to thank exhibitors for the excellent entry despite the current financial situation. I have been in the breed for over 30 years and feel the need to make the following comments. Over the past year several judges have commented that there is no longer any type, which I would agree, there is also a vast difference in size, many being way over the standard. I am concerned with temperaments, there are far too many who would not be handled and were visibly upset and unhappy. The breed standard calls for outgoing and friendly, free from nervousness and aggression, it is my opinion that these dogs should not be shown and certainly should not be bred from. Movement left much to be desired, many moving close behind or crossing over in front coming towards me. What has happened to the muscular, sound athlete Dalmatian? Quality has deteriorated, I do not know if this is due to exhibitors just buying a puppy then subsequently deciding to show, or to breeders selling puppies as show quality when they obviously are not. I also found several Livers who I thought were black until I looked at their noses. I was pleased with my overall winners who I felt met the breed standard in both conformation, temperament and movement.


1.Swindells Pjasdals Cwite Starstruck,
l/w puppy just 6mths, very confident moved well, really enjoying his first show, excellent colour spotting, good length of neck into well laid shoulders, level topline, good bend of stifle, cat feet. BPD
2 Christies Sophtspot Abracadabra,
b/w 7mths,loved his movement in profile, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, confident well handled puppy just preferred head of 1.
3 Penningtons Pjasdals Cwite Patient

PD (10)


JD (6.1)

1.Coates Buffrey the Shaded Sun at Cubalibre,
dense black spotting on pure white ground, won this class on his sound movement, good bone, strong hindquarters, correct bend of stifle, good topline and tailset
2. McCarthys Kilndandy Old Copper, l/w good bend of stifle, well off for bone,lovely length of neck which he really uses,in really hard condition, good depth of chest, level topline
3. Flemings Chandally Cuvee Du President

YD (1)

1 Hartley and Griffiths Ch Creaganbrec The Favourite at Miragua JW,
quality b/w of correct size, well off for bone, dense black spotting, lovely head and expression, dark eyes, still very young but so self assured, arched neck, level topline and correct tailset, cat feet, moves so well and today was really on his toes CC & BOB

ND (7.1)

1.Tingeys Holderness Hillbilly by Dallydor
well made l/w of good colour, correct topline and tailset, strong hindquarters with correct bend of stifle, excellent driving action on the move, good length of neck into well laid shoulders, correct tailset.
2. Christies Sophtspot Abracadabra repeat MPD
3. Hernandez Dalminshi Star Gazer

PGD (10.2)

1.Jubbs Dalmark the Double Agent JW,
l/w a little big for me, attractively marked, spotting of good colour, deep chest, excellent bone, correct topline and tailset correct, moved well
2. Gibbs Phadante Supatroupa, lighter spotted b/w excellent bone and substance, lovely length of neck into good topline, elegant yet masculine head, still looks very immature, just needs a little more depth of body
3. Elys Wintermine Dynamo

LD (8.2)

1.Lambs Dalpetro Dettori JW,
b/w of dense pigmentation, ,lovely make and shape, excellent topline and correct tailset, well developed hindquarters with good bend of stifle, which he uses to advantage on the move, happy showman, in the challenge just preferred the head of the CC winner, Res CC
2. Dinsdales Dalesbred Dreadlocks,
dense black spotting on pure white ground, moderate size dog who shows and moves well, well off for bone, good topline, nice depth of body, maturing well.
3. Hardys Mountsorrel Crescendo of Shydally

OD (10.2)

1.Dunnachies Ch Sophtspot Sugar Daddy at Dvojica JW
elegant b/w, quality masculine head, level topline which he keeps on the move, good bend of stifle, correct tail set, won this class on his quality and showmanship.
2. Coates Ir Ch Cubalibre Top Spot ShCM really liked this dog, dense pigmentation, lovely expression, good lay of shoulder, level topline and correct tailset, thought he would be my winner but standing did not have the topline of 1.
3.Bolts Buffrey Belleissimo at Fakenham

MPB (11,1)

1.Alexanders Offordale Solitaire
6mth baby attending her 2nd show I believe. Evenly marked b/w full of confidence, dark eyes, nice length of neck into good shoulders, level topline with correct tailset, moved well, at one with handler, BPB & BPIB
2. Tillsons Spotswood Empress Leilia at Elabri
Really nice b/w puppy bitch, good depth of pigmentation, evenly spotted, nice neck into good lay of shoulder, moved with drive, 1 & 2 will change places on many occasions.
3. Adderleys Phandante Bohemian Rhapsody

PB (8)

2. Swindells Pjasdals Cwite Sure
VHC in MPB, litter sister to my puppy dog, pretty b/w who was more settled in this class, good length of neck, level topline, cat feet, dark eye, promising puppy.
3. Whitings Cibrith China Aster

JB (10,5)

1.Polhills Kymvale Savannah,
this densely spotted b/w bitch to me fits the standard, feminine head and expression, neck nicely arched flowing into good shoulders, sufficient bone with nice spring of rib, excellent hindquarters with good bend of stifle, moved with drive, was happy to award her the CC, ran dog very close for BOB.
2.Brayshay-Allen Sassafras Brown Sugar, elegant l/w, lovely arched neck into good shoulders, nice bend of stifle, good topline on the move, correct tailset, considered her for res. CC but believe she had gone home.
3. Pearsons Chandally Chantilly Cream from Cannabee

YB (7,1)

The first 3 in this class will change places on many occasions, although different types all have attributes which can only be good for the breed however on the day preferred
1.Pickups Roadcoach Ribbons and Roses JW, elegant b/w, compact make and shape, dark eyes, lovely length of neck which she really uses, level topline and correct tailset, moves true res CC
2..Wrights Angelic Aphrodite for Millbelle JW,
smaller bitch, b/w, such a show girl, moves with drive keeping a level topline, correct tailset, good bend of stifle.
3. Haywood & Ridgways Luccombe Hazel Nut Cluster

NB (8,1)

Tingeys Phaeland Pheonix Phorever by Dallyador
excellent colour l/w, level topline, good length of neck, correct bend of stifle, moves with drive, quality bitch.
2. Repeat from Junior
3. Rapson & Beastalls Pandamax Aphrodite

PGB (14,2)

1.Lambs Dalpetro Desdemona JW
compact b/w, must be as near the standard as is possible, lovely head and expression, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, level topline with correct tailset, loved her, however today in such strong competition her waistline let her down.
2. Forts Shulune Fantazy on Ice JW ShCM, totally different type to 1, lovely shape b/w, excellent neck, which she really uses, correct lay of shoulders, lovely expression with dark eyes, moves with drive, handler really gets the best from her both standing and moving.
3. Adderleys Phadante Follow that Dream LB (13,4)

1.Christies Sophtspot Snap Crackle N Pop JW,
evenly spotted b/w, elegant neck going down into correct shoulders, holds her topline on the move, with correct tailset, well off for bone, beautifully presented always at one with her handler, won this class on her movement
2. Alexanders Offordale White Lady JW, compact feminine b/w, loved her head and expression, dark eyes, correct tailset, correct cat feet, moves with drive and enthusiasm, keeping a correct topline.
3. Bakers Dalleaf Japonica JW

OB (14,5)

1.Neath-Duggans CH Buffrey Sprig`O` Mint JW
b/w with dense pigmentation, moves true, good length of neck which she really uses, lovely depth of chest, topline and tailset correct on the move, expertly handled as one expects from this breeder.
2. Forts Lady of Light from Shulune, again a totally different type from one, nice make and shape, good spring of rib, level topline, well off for bone, moves and shows so well for her handler.
3. Dinsdales Dalesbred Mariette

Lynda Lewis