CRUFTS 2009 Judged by Pat Kindersley
My thanks to the exhibitors for a quality entry & to the experienced stewards who kept everything in order. I would have liked more time to judge. Perhaps in future judges will have a limit of 100 or so dogs.
Almost without exception temperaments were good. Exhibits had good muscletone very few had coat problems, several lost higher placings as feet were not tight & well padded.A carriage dog should be capable of hours of roadwork.
The main winners were, in my opinion, examples of what to aim for. Placings in higher classes could easily change.
Thank you for a memorable day

YD (7)

1 McCarthy's Ch/lr ChTollwood Lionel at Kilndandy,
liver with substance & quality, level topline & correct tailset, pleasing decoration on beautiful coat, good tight feet, moved well;
2 Oatridge's Dalehouse Rockafella, shorter coupled black, good make & shape, excellent coat, attractive spotting, good feet, moved effortlessly;
3 Cleland's Deovolante Don Alfonso, attractive, black, good topline, in hard condition. Feet could be tighter but moved well.

PD (13,2)

1 Pascoe's Candidate The Fire Starter,
in every respect-a lovely puppy, excellent make & shape, well balanced, endearing expression dark eye, used neck to advantage, level topline & tail carried to perfection, good feet, correct paces & moved with drive, superb coat, most attractive spotting great ring presence. BP & CC;
2 Barnsley's Tanstar Jet Black,
more heavily built black, good pigmentation, moved well to maintain correct topline, good feet & well handled-
3 Fleming's Chandhally Cuvee du President.

JD (6)

1 McCarthy's Kilndandy Old Copper
well marked liver spotting on beautiful coat, held topline level on move & correctly carried tail, tight feet;
2 Goff-Leggett'sWashakie Nutcracker Prince, good pigmentation on excellent white coat, excellent make & shape. Unsettled on the move;
3 Adderley's Leiahart Chicago Bear, black at transitional stage of maturity. Showed & moved well

YD (9,2)

1 Hartley & Griffiths' Ch Creaganbrec the Favourite at Miragua,
black of correct size, balance & symmetry, moved with drive holding level topline & flowing tail, expressive face, dark eye;
2 Precious' Holderness Henry Higgins by Lupiac.good make & shape, particular depth of chest, kind face, dark eye, moved well, good tight feet;
3 Quayle's Buffrey the Shaded Sun at Cubalibre, pleasing head, dark eye good black pigmentation, moved well.

PGD (10) (1)

1 Jubb & Weir's Dalmark The Double Agent,
shapely liver, well marked on beautiful coat, well balanced, good bend of stifle tight feet, moved & showed well;
2 Whiting's Dalesbred Djamaica at Cragvallie, well balanced & shapely black, attractive spotting on super coat, moved with drive, ran winner close;
3 Gibbs' Phadante Supatroupa, black with a good outline, level topline & correct tailset, tight feet, moved & showed well.

MLD (11,3)

1 Cromwell's Mapplewell Black Magic by Liverdals,
balanced, well spotted black pigmentation on good coat, kept good outline on the move.Would prefer darker eye;
2 Jenkins' Illyria Sarons Lad, good make & shape. Not the driving movement of winner. Good bend of stifle & tight feet-
3 Martland's Hameldal Tribal Shadow at Deefadal, attractive black, good pigmentation'& dark eye, good topline & tight feet.

LD (12)

1 Lewis- Man About Town at Hunterswood,
compact, balanced black, correct type & size, expressive head, dark eye, well spotted good feet, covered ground well;
2 Dinsdale's Dalesbred Dreadlocks, very close to I Spectacular black pigmentation on superb coat, lovely face, well balanced, excellent movement, good feet, good type;
3 Lamb's Dalpetro Dettori. appealing face, attractive black spotting, good balance & outline. Feet need to tighten. Moved well

OD (20 3)

Class full of quality.

I Goff-Leggett's Ch Washakie Chief As Great As, black with classic outline, well bodied with substance & quality, masculine head, kind expression dark eye, moved & showed to perfection. RCC;
2 Dunnachie's Ch Sophtspot Sugar Daddy at Dvojica,
another example of type, superb black pigmentation on whitest of coats expressive head, made full use of neck to enhance level topline & flowing tail, moved & showed to run close to winner;
3 Hoeie, Ivarsson & Jacobssen's Ch/lnt/Dan/Norw/ Fin/Sw/Pol/Cro/Bos Ch Bell A Mir's Elegant Envoy, beautifully put together, quality & substance, masculine yet refined, moved soundly & showed well.

GCD (5)

1 Kembrey's Dalmark The Showstormer,
well balanced, good outline, attractive black spotting on good coat. lovely expression & dark eye, good feet, sound mover & showed well;
2 I Sarons Lad;
3 H Tribal Shadow at D.

VB (15,5)

1 Hipkiss' Ch Dalkiss Isia of lona,
attractive liver spotting on whitest of coats, kind expression & dark eye, uses neck to advantage, excellent topline & correct tailset, good angulation, tight feet, sound movement;
2 Levy's Ch Svolvaergeita's Crown Jewel at Motek, close to winner, beautiful liver spotting on excellent coat, excels in head appealing eyes, good bend of stifle, sound movement;
3 Gibbs' Phadante Norweigen Wood, black with beautiful head & expression, combines substance & quality tight feet, good movement. Had to concede to 1 & 2 on markings.

PB (13,1)

1I Alexander's Offordale Solitaire,
quality shapely bitch, beautiful outline both standing & on the move really uses neck to complete above, pretty face & expression, moved with zest;
2 TiIsons Spotswood Empress Leilia at Elabri, quality but lacked ring presence of winner Well decorated & sound mover;
3 Richardson's Rose Gem, very feminine, lovely face Feet could be tighter.

JB (15.1)

1 Tingey's Phaeland Pheonix Phorever by Dallyador;
quality liver, good make & shape, beautiful head & expression, tight feet, moved & showed well;
2 Mellor & Goff-Leggett's Washakie Sugar Plum at Shellydals, liver with attractive spotting on superb coat, beautiful outline & topline held on the move with correct tail carriage;
3 Page's Winflash Magic Mystery, quality black, attractive spotting on good coat, good feet & sound movement.

YB (16)

1 Goff-Leggett's Washakie Brown Velvet,
liver with good make & shape, appealing expression, held level topline & correct tail carriage on move; goodfeet- plenty of ring presence;
2 Wright's Angelic Aphrodite for Millbelle.well marked black, good outline & movement, sweet expression & showed well. Feet could tighten;
3 Polhill's Kymvale Savannah, well spotted black, good feet & movement, super attitude.

PGB (21,4)

1 Pickup's Roadcoach Ribbons And Roses,
well constructed,,quality black, good spotting on excellent coat, sweet expression, dark eye sound movement, showed well;
2 Williams' Phadante Bossanova Baby, another lovely black.shapely body, elegant head, dark eye, moves & shows well;
3 Ranee's Olbero One To Treasure, liver spotting with depth of colour, has quality & substance held topline & correct tail carriage on move, good feet

MLB (13,1)

1 Black's Boval Budvicca
beautifully spotted liver, correct type & size, well balanced & excellent outline when standlng& on the, move, sweet expression, plenty of ring presence & on top form. RCC;
2 Alexanders Offordale White Lady,
close decision to 1, quality black, excels in neck; topline & tailset, kind expression & dark eye. free mover;
3 Pilgrim's Olbero One To Charm at Weaponness, quality liver, beautiful spotting on good coat, shapely neck, level topline, sound movement.

LB (15.5)

1 Scott-Allen & Davis' Tolutim Chartreuse
well balanced black, sweet expression, dark eye, compact body, held level topline, sound movement, good decoration on beautiful coat, shows well;
2 Baker's Dalleaf Japonica, liver covering more ground, beautiful spotting, lovely face, moved with drive, good feet, a real showgirl;
3 Neal's Time Traveller to Tolkain, black with expressive head dark eye good feet, sound movement, shows well.

OB (20,3)

Outstanding class.
1 Dunnachie's Ch Dvojica Voodoo, excellent example of type, beautifully marked black pigmentation on superb coat, excels in all aspects, looking marvellous after a recent litter, strong dnying action & never stopped showing, handled to perfection for CC, BOB & G2
2 Cuthbertsons Ch Kalsidoni Garnet,
another beautiful black combining such quality & substance, shown in top form & a joy to watch her move, lovely head & expression-
3 Neath-Duggan's Ch Buffrey Sprig 0 Mint, top class black making a superb line-up well marked, good pigmentation, very sound movement

GCB (6)

1 Richardson's Pearly Naughty Las at Jomihvar,
black with good make & shape, plenty of heartroom, sound movement, good feet, showed well;
2 Richardson's Ch Jomihvar InVin Sybil, black very similar to 1. Preferred deeper chest of above;
3 Kembrey's Dalmark Panda The Peach attractive head, dark eye, well balanced. Feet could tighten.