Southern Counties 2009 Judged by Mike Cleland
Thank you to everyone who supported my first appointment at this level. Overall I was delighted with the exhibits who were presented in clean condition with coats mainly in good order. I was looking for an elegant dog with free flowing movement who could go all day and I was not disappointed


1st Croft’s Doubtwell Showstopper
Caught my eye the minute he came into the ring, this bright alert puppy, mature for his age was positive, precise & correct in movement, deep chest, nice tight elbows with good turn of stifle, my eye kept going back to him in the lineup and I could not deny him the RDCC
2nd Gates-Raw & Garton’s Dalendale Quiet Riot
another well developed for his age, well schooled & alert to his handler, evenly decorated with sound movement.
3rd Kaal’s Dalmark the Sandman

PD (3 1a)

1st Kaal’s Dalmark the Sandman
Good head with long reach of neck to well set shoulder, sound in construction with neat cat feet.
2nd Burrows Daedalus Deacon Blue at Shacarlu Pleasing expression with dark eyes, well balanced, good topline & tailset, preferred the movement on 1st.

JD (7 2a)

1st Rose’s Candials Run Forest Run
expressive head with good ear carriage, good reach of neck into even topline well off for bone, good hindquarters, excellent tail carriage, neat tight feet, a good striding graceful movement around the ring.
2nd Story-Taylor’s Major Tornado at Kesteven Good bone, feet and coat, strode out well to cover ground effortlessly
3rd Goodswen’s Tamilanda Pink Vigilante from Alphal.

YD (8a1)

1st Tingey’s Holderness Hillbilly by Dallyador JW
A dog of great quality, conformation & decoration, well balanced level topline and tail carriage, well angulated hind quarters, moved with grace & power was very happy to award him the DCC
2nd Goff-Leggett Washakie Aslan
Another to breed standard, substantial and good construction, steady on the move, tall carried well standing & moving.
3rd Precious Holderness Henry Higgins by Lupiac

GD (1)

1st Randall’s Cowesfield Spin Doctor
handsome expression, good head & conformation with even decoration.
PGD (8a1) 1st Kazana’s Dalzana King of Joppa calm, attentive almost regal posture, light but even decoration, good round bone, elegant in profile and on the move near perfect tail carriage at all times.
2nd Jubb’s Dalmark the Double Agent JW Strong head & well balanced conformation, powerful positive action on the move, good depth and spring of rib.
3rd Baker’s Oneowun Ohio

LD (6a1)

Goff-Leggett’s Washakie Nutcracker Prince
balanced in profile, good reach of neck gentle expression, well off for bone, good turn of stifle, moved well with long stride.
2nd Jenkins Illyria Sarons Lad well defined head with correct eye colour, topline, tail carriage and movement all correct on stand and move.
3rd Hardy’s Mountsorrel Crescendo of Shydally

OD (10)

1st Bolt’s Ch Fakenham Flash Gordon
balanced powerful dog well constructed, moved positively with great drive, very much at one with his handler
2nd Hartley & Griffiths CH Creaganbrec the Favourite at Miragua JW handsome well marked dog, dark pigment & in good coat, neat & well angulated with controlled even movement.
3rd Stocks CH Dalmark the Shaded Moon at Nospar JW

V (4a3)

Wilkinson’s Elaridge Kallisto Hunacres
almost nine year old liver bitch enjoying her day out, in good condition and moved well.

MPB (4)

1st Smallwood’s Lascelles Lady Marmalade
neat, smart responsive puppy full of life, moved well for such a youngster, showed great promise for the future.
2nd Russell’s Dalmark the Sandpiper at Dalynrics gentle friendly and attentive puppy, lightly decorated, level on the move, another showing promise.
3rd Kembrey’s Dalmark the Sand Witch

PB (2a1)

Dore’s Daldior Ace of Diamonds
vibrant & eye catching, feminine head & alert expression, moved with drive around the ring.

JB (5a1)

Whincup’s Tamilanda Lilly the Pink
lightly but strikingly decorated very pretty little girl, elegant conformation from well arched neck, level topline and superb tail set and carriage, worked in sync with handler to produce driving rhythmic movement, well deserving the RBCC
2nd Alexander’s Offordale Solitaire
enthusiastic showgirl, gentle expression, dark eyes broken ears & good even decoration, well constructed which gave good movement front and rear.
3rd Rose’s Candidals Flirty Frankie

YB (9a2)

1st Whincup’s Tamilanda Lilly the Pink
2nd Tingey’s Phaeland Pheonix Phorever by Dallyador JW
beautiful head and expression, pleasing conformation, presented in fit, hard condition, tracked true and covered the ground well on the move, unlucky to come up against 1 today.
3rd Polhill’s Kymvale Savannah

GB (3a1)

Williams’s Phadante Take a Chance on me
lightly spotted bitch slim clean elegant outline, moved with ease from strong hindquarters & good turn of stifle.
2nd Saunders Caprilli’s Genuine gift to Dallydyl more heavily marked than one easy flowing action, well constructed.

PGB (12a1)

1st Alexander’s Offerdale White Lady JW
Judged this bitch when she was younger liked her then and didn’t disappoint today. Well balanced from all aspects excels in arched neck to level topline and correct tailset, has commanding ring presence and when moving drives forward in controlled rhythmic manner, was extremely happy to award her the BCC
2nd Scott Allen & Davis Tolutim Zaffre
attractive bitch, extremely well presented in slim hard condition, nicely arched neck, good angulation and spring of rib, faultless on the move.
3rd Richardson’s Mapplewell Hot Fudge

LB (12a2)

1st Garton’s Jabbawock the Ringleader
another bitch I have judged in the past and really like, feminine head and expression balanced front level topline to correct tailset good turn of stifle to neat tight feet all leading to balanced movement which is a pleasure to watch
2nd Rose’s Washakie Idaho by Candidals striking pigmentation and decoration, good head and expression, sound construction, good ground covering movement.
3rd Kembrey’s Dalmark Panda the Peach

OB (7a3)

Harrison Stratford’s Acland Dark Daughter by Dalkereve JW
as always expertly handled, elegant feminine head, arched neck to good shoulders, well off for bone, well sprung rib, covers the ground well, not in her best coat due to recent maternity duties but a worthy class winner.
2nd Neath Duggan’s Ch Buffrey Sprig ‘O’ Mint JW another well handled bitch, good width of chest & spring of rib, strong bone, presented in immaculate condition, moves out very smoothly.
3rd Fleming’s Chandhally Snow Queen.