North of England Dalmatian Club 2010 Judged by Mrs, Ilex Whiting & Mr L M Cutts

Special Junior Veteran Bitch 4(1)

1. Hipkiss' Ch. Dalkiss Isia of lona.
Now 9 years old but every inch a showgirl still. Lovely liver spotting both in colour and distribution. Good shoulders and stifles, producing sound movement. BOSV
2. Rose's Washakie Idaho By Candidals.
Lovely rich black spotting of deep, rich pigment. More heavily marked than the winner but spots still well distributed. Attractive head but has a tendency to fly her ears. Good stifles but not as sound in movement as 1.
3. Page's Ch. Winter Magic

Special Veteran Bitch 3(0)

1. Scott-Alien and Davis's Olbero Olympic Rose.
Ten year old black spotted bitch, whose spotting is now starting to look a Sittle shadowy. Very attractive head and expression though I would have preferred a little more white on the ears. Sound movement and well off for bone.
2. Russell's Bryedal Mayerlyng at Dalynrics. Liver spotting of very good colour but markings not as well distributed as those of the winner. Lovely spotty ears, which framed a feminine but not "bitchy" head. Not as good as 1 in movement.
3. Ford's Kayjule Princess Jasmine

Minor Puppy Bitch 7(2)

1. Davis's Elaridge Yolande.
Barely six months old B/W and still very much a baby. That said, she is clearly one to look out for in future, especially as she has such a strong relationship with her handler. Gorgeous spotting, except on her face, which is a little white for my taste. Good shoulders and stifles, producing very sound movement in one so young.
2. Clarke's Klarkeson Royal Lace. At nearly 8 months old, she is a real showgirl, which looks as though she was born in a showring. Excellent deep black spotting on a clear white background. Very appealing head and expression. More compact than the winner and lacked her overall quality of movement.
3. Ely's Wintermine Flamenco

Puppy Bitch 5(1)

1. Quayle's Cubalibre Spot On.
What an excellent name for this puppy for she matches it to a tee! Very balanced b/w compact bitch with all the overall construction that I was looking for. Very good head and expression, dark eyes, well curved stifles and very sound movement, both in front and behind. Deservedly ended up BPIS.
2. Sheldon's Boutonneux Galathea At Gemmont.
Another puppy with rich, black spotting to match that of the winner. Longer cast than land not quite the drive behind. Would prefer a darker eye.
3. Newton and Newton O'Brien's Cubalibre Polkadot

Junior Bitch 7(1)

1. Page's Winflash The Final Magic.
Every inch a showgirl and totally at one with her handler. Excellent overall construction with particularly good lay of shoulder. By far the best mover in the class. Her spotting is slightly smaller than the ideal but still well distributed. In the challenge, she lacked the maturity of the ultimate winners.
2. Goff-Leggett's Mullabuoy Miss Chief Of Washakie. More compact than the winner though with larger b/w spotting of a richer hue. Good bone and tight feet. Lost out to the winner in shoulder placement and overall movement.
3. Gibbs' Phandante Dixie Lily

Yearling Bitch 7(1)

1. Dunnachie's Ch. Dvojica Voulez Vous.
Another pairing that really shows the ringside how well suited they are to each other. Very balanced overall, she moved with drive. Well off for bone. Very attractive head and expression, good distribution of b/w spotting. I felt she lacked the same zest for showing in the challenge that she had demonstrated in this class.
2. Gibbs' Phandante Dixie Lily. B/w spotting of excellent colour and distribution. Slightly larger cast than the winner. In the previous class she looked slightly bored but she certainly brightened up here and her movement improved significantly.
3. Dodds and Pearson's Kelevra Mercury Rising

Maiden Bitch 6(3)

1. B.G. At Gemmont
2. K. Royal Lace
3. C. Polkadot

Novice Bitch 9(5)

1. B.G. At Gemmont
2. K. Royal Lace
3. Iddon's Tamilanda Pink Fizz

Graduate Bitch 6(2)

1. Kembrey's Dalmark the Sandwitch.
Smaller type than the others in this class but very well balanced overall. Lovely liver spotting on a clear white coat. Good shoulders and stifles. Sound movement.
2. Adderley's Phandante Bohemian Rhapsody. B/w, taller than the winner but still balanced. Excellent head and expression. Well off for bone. Spotting not as well distributed as that of the winner and she did not move with as much drive behind.
3. William's Phandante One Vision

Post-Graduate Bitch 15(1)

1. Whincup's Tamilanda Hot Pink.
A really sparkling l/w with very good spotting in colour and distribution. Good, overall balance with particularly notable lay of shoulder and curve of stifle. Inevitably, therefore, she moved with reach and drive. Best liver bitch.
2. Dinsdale's Koroyza Candy Floss At Dalesbred.
Slightly more compact than 1. Gorgeous head and expression. Good topline. Rich black spotting on a clear white background. Could not quite match the winner in movement.
3. Dore's Dalidor Ace of Diamonds

Limit Bitch 24(4)

This was certainly my best class of the day, with bitches which I have liked before going cardless.
1. Smith's Tamilanda Pretty in Pink. Litter sister to my PG winner but one which was a stranger to me. Liked her as she entered the ring and, today, she had everything I wanted in a mature bitch. Totally balanced, outstanding b/w spotting in colour and distribution. Excellent construction, particularly in her lay of shoulder. Level topline. Moved with real purpose both ways. CCand BOS.
2. Neath-Duggan's Buffrey Gift Wrapped.
I have admired this bitch since she was a puppy and she did not disappoint me today. Lovely overall balance, very good construction, sound movement and never stopped showing. Lost out to the winner in spotting but I seriously considered her for the ResCC.
3. Wright's Angelica Aphrodite for Millbelle.

Open Bitch 17(4)

1. Christie's Ch. Sophtspot Snap Crackle N Pop.
Positively "fizzes" in the showring. She has matured into an excellent example of our breed. Balanced throughout, this b/w was the best mover in this class, due to her very good construction. Attractive spotting both in colour and distribution. Pushed the CC winner all the way but had to settle for the Res.CC.
2. Alexander's Ch. Offordale White Lady.
A lovely feminine bitch but one with substance and sound construction throughout. Excellent head and expression, very good b/w spotting, sound movement. Never stopped showing but without quite the vivacity of the above.
3. Cuthbertson's Ch. Kalsidoni Garnet

Special Beginner's Bitch 5(1)

1. C. Polkadot.
Third in Puppy and maiden. Very promising l/w litter sister to the BPIS but of a different type, being taller and longer cast than her. Attractively marked overall. Moved well and was very competently shown by her young handler.
2. Whiting's Cibrith China Aster. Another balanced 1/w though not as well spotted as the winner. Very attractive head and expression. Moved soundly and showed with verve.
3. Vockings and Smethirst's Fortunes Enchantress

Brace 3(1)

1. My co-judge and I agreed that Dodds and Pearson's well-matched pair of black spotted animals should be the winners. They were particularly well- matched on the move.
2. Tingey's brace of well-matched livers.

Lindsay Cutts (judge)