British Dalmatian Club Open 2010 Judged by Ms A M Jakobsen (Norway) & Mr S Harrison-Stratford

I would like to thank the British Dalmatian Club’s Committee for inviting me to judge at their Open Show held at The KC’s Building at Stoneleigh I was given the honor of judging the Dogs. I would also like to thank my very efficient ring Stewards and my hostess Mrs. Nina R Fleming who looked after me for a week showing me around beautiful Wales. The Exhibitors were friendly and showed their dogs well. I did not see any dogs with bad temperaments and the spotting and coats were overall very good. The dogs were shown – with a few exceptions - in excellent show condition. What I especially noted was that many of the males had very good heads with that typical Dalmatian expression.. One observation however was that there were many dogs with upright in shoulders and some had splayed feet - not the typical Cat feet. Please also pay attention to the front’s assembly and the croup. My Best Male – to my surprise came from MINOR PUPPY DOG - in Mrs. J Alexander’s Offordale Chevalier who also went BPIS & BOS and RBIS
When I later looked in the catalogue I had yet another surprise. His Sire came from Scandinavia I had a really great time and thoroughly enjoyed myself and again thank you for inviting me


1. Mrs. J.E. Alexander’s Offordale Chevalier
Excellent type. Very good head and expression. Very good reach of neck and top line. Good length of body, solidly built with plenty of bones. Well developed for his age, well angulated. Excellent movement. Spotting still a bit frosty due to his puppy coat BP. BPIS, BOS, RBIS
.2 Mrs. L. Clement’s Caldecacre Crown Imperial
Very god type, good head and expression. Good reach of neck. Good body but could be a shade longer, well marked but coat not the best, Moved very well.
3. Ms. M. Kembrey’s Dalmark the Maestro Good type, OK in head and reach of neck. Missing pigment, would have liked a more angulations in shoulders, sufficient bone.moves well seen from the side.


1. Mrs. H. King’s Tamilanda Psychedelic Pink
Excellent type, Good head, but somewhat light in eye. Good reach of neck. Well built, good rear angulations. A bit straight in shoulder. Moves well. Would have liked better feet


1. Mr. B. Littler’s Kelevra Man in the Mirror
Very good type, good head but a shade light in eye. Well bodied, a bit out at elbow, would have liked a better front. Moved well seen from the side. A bit close behind.
2. Mrs R Lamb’s Kalsidoni Dexter by Dalpetro Very good type, a bit heavy in head, Solid body., Well marked but with a few ticks. Would have preferred better feet.
3. Mrs. L. Lewis’ Dalpetro D’Artagnan of Hunterswood JW Good type, good head, good reach of neck and top line, God type, A bit straight in upper arm, would have liked a better croup, Somewhat short in movement.


1. Mrs. J. B. and Mr. S.T Whiting’s Cibrith Captain Kirk
Very good type.Good head and expression, a bit short in body, would have liked a longer croup...Carries the tail a tad high on the move, well marked. moves quite well
2. Mr. G. D. Townson and Ms. S.E Pardoe’s Buffrey follow the star Very good type, somewhat heavy in head.Good reach of neck and good top line.A bit short in croup, wide in front...Spotting OK with some ticking, a bit short in movement .
3. Mr. B. Littler’s Kelevra Man in the Mirror Very good type, good head but eyes a bit light, Strong built body, A bit out at elbow, would have liked better front. Moves well seen from the side, a bit close behind


1. Mrs. C. Johnson’s Tynevale the Tease
Very good type., Good head and reach of neck, slightly light in eye, Good body and well off bone. Well marked. Moved well


1. Mrs. H. King’s Tamilanda Pschedelic Pink
Excellent type, Good head but somewhat light in eye, Good reach of neck, A tad upright in shoulder Strong body. Good rear angulations. Moves well. Watch the feet...


1. Mrs. & Ms. Story-Taylor’s Major Tornado at Kesteven
Excellent type.good head, reach of neck, top line and body, would have liked a darker eye. Good front and good hind angulations, good width of thigh, good feet, Well marked. Moves well
2. Mr. A. M. & Mrs. H. Cadden’s Dalpetro Duke Good type, short in neck and somewhat short in body. Straight in shoulder, a slightly sloping croup, moves ok seen from side but a bit wide behind.
3. Mrs. M-A. and Mr. Webster’s. Tynevale Truly Talented at Dalmarno Good type, good head and expression. A bit short in body and looks long legged. Roaches his back both standing and on the move. Upright in shoulder, would have liked better rear angulations. Moves with a short stride


1. Ms. R. Croft’s Koroyza Candy Man
Very good type, good head and expression, would have liked a better chest. Well boned but would have preferred better feet. Well marked with good pigmentation. Moved well.
2. Mr. K. R. Wills’ Cibrith Cosworth Very good type, Good head and expression. Good body. A bit straight in upper arm, sufficient in rear angulations.well off for bone and good feet. Moved well.
3. Mrs. C. N. Rose’s Candidals Run Forest Run Very good type, good head and expression. Would have liked better front, strong body, strong boned, well marked and good pigment.Moved well.


1. Mrs. Addersley’s Leiahart Chicago Bear
Excellent type, Good head and expression but a bit light in eye. Good reach of neck and good body. Good bones and feet. Well marked with good pigmentation, Moved with plenty of drive.
2. Ms. P. Baker’s Oneowun Ohio Excellent type, good head, reach of neck, and body. A bit rounded over the croup. Good front angulations and bone. Slightly roached on the move
3. Ms. L. J. Sheldon’s Gemmont Rocco Bay Very good type, a bit heavy in the head, but a bit jowly.Good front and rear. coat could have been better. Lightly marked with some flecking. Moves with good drive.


1. Ms. J. Gates-Raw and and Mrs. L. Garton’s Dalendale Quiet Riot
Excellent type with an attractive head and expression. Very good body. Excellent front & lay of shoulder, wish he had better rear angulations.Well spotted.moved extremely well.
2. Mrs. L. Clement’s Perdita’s Right as Rain at Caldecacre Excellent type. Somewhat heavy in head a bit jowly, short in muzzle. Good body of excellent length some dally rash & scratches on hocks and joints. Well marked, good pigmentation, Moved very well
3. Mrs. B. Rance’s Olbero Owtkachit Excellent type, good head and reach of neck, A bit in straight in upper arm, Excellent rear angulations.excellent bone., Well spotted, Moved well, Nice temperament

Judge Mrs Aase Jakobsen (Norway )


Junior Handling

I would like to thank the committee of the British Dalmatian Club for inviting me to judge the junior handling at their breed club show. I must say the standard was extremely high and I will watch around the Championship shows for these young handlers representing our beautiful breed with such skill and enthusiasm. All were suited and booted to a high standard and all had a fantastic manner with the dogs that they were handling, a big well done to all concerned.

Class A 6-11 yrs 2 entries 0 absent

1st Callum Clement,
very smart young man, 11 years old, handled his dog with confidence. Entering the ring knowing exactly where I was most of the time. Shadowed his dog just the once on the figure of 8, which he had never done before, so he did remarkably well to figure that one out. When asked certain points of the dog he wasn’t quite sure on a couple, he got the pin bone wrong, but im sure he will remember for next time. Full of potential a worthy winner of this class. Missed out on the overall top spot to a young lady who knew all points of the dog, it does make the difference when you have two handlers of equal quality.
2nd Lydia Boden 11 years old a very quiet mannered young lady, gentle in her approach, didn’t quiet have the confidence of 1 but im sure she will soon catch up. Not sure on the points of the dog, but did all required elements that were requested. Has a lovely manner with the dog.

Class B 12-16 yrs 8 entries 2 absent

1st and Best Junior Handler over all Abbie Williams
12 years old and what a fantastic handler, She never once shadowed her dog. Abbie knew all points of the dog that were asked and even knew the body ratios, which I thought, may catch her out. Totally at one with her dog truly a force to be reckoned with. Well done and well deserved.
2nd Alexandra Adderley, 12 years old. Very smart and well turned out young lady. She has a fabulous manor with her dog, as the dog that she handled wasn’t the easiest, but Alexandra took her time and reassured the bitch and then they were at one with each other. She knew all points of the dog that I asked for and she did, not shadow her dog at any time. She was a very close 2nd she just needs to gain that little bit more confidence and ring presence and im sure she will soon be giving Abbie a run for her money. Well done

JUDGE Mrs D L Whincup (Tamilanda)