British Dalmatian Club Spring Open Show 2011 Judged by Ms K Sergent & Mrs K Harrison-Stratford
I would like to take this time to say thank you to the British Dalmatian Club for giving me the pleasure of judging junior handling. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was lovely to see such good sportsmanship between these handlers. I would also like to say Good luck to the handlers who qualified for Richmond 2011!
When judging junior handling I am looking for those handlers who show they are capable of taking any dog into the ring, be able to show that dog at its best and can cope with anything the judge or the dog throws at them. Most importantly, the handler and dog should work as part of a team, so that everything appears smooth and polished. Calm, confident and in control handling that is sympathetic to the dog and never distracts from the dog.

Junior Handling 6-11 (1/1)

1st Jaideen Cottee
aged 11. Although standing alone today in her class, Jaideen showing a young Dalmatian, she gave a very good standard of handling. She was smartly dressed yet did not distract from her dog. She carried out the patterns I had asked her to correctly. And her presentation was good. Her shadow work was correct, although would benefit from more practice to now make it more smooth. She was polite and also it was nice to see a handler with a smile in the ring. Smiling, tells me you’re relaxed and that goes right down the lead. Jaideen could improve her overall performance by working on presenting the dogs teeth in a neater fashion and on tidier lead control when moving. In the challenge for Best Overall Handler, Jaideen was unfortunate to be met by a handler who was on top form that day. Overall a very promising Junior handler.

Junior Handling 12-16 (6/6)

1st and BJH, Sam Jennings
aged 12. This young man was on top form and really impressed me, in a strong class of handlers. He is a very smart and sympathetic handler. He performed pattern work to a high standard with excellent lead changes, and never came between the dog and judge. Sam stood his dog correctly - exactly three paces away from me, and presented it beautifully. He uses the correct pace for his breed when moving and he also remembered to stand in line with the first dog in the line up. He has a natural ability to show his dog off without distracting from the dog’s performance in any way and today really got the best out of his dog. All these things made him stand out in this class. He did not put a single foot wrong. He was an absolute pleasure to judge and he fully deserved the Best overall Junior Handler award. I wish him all the best of luck for his future show career.
2nd Abbie Williams aged 13. A very neat handler. Abbie ran her dog at the correct pace, her pattern work was neat and her overall presentation was good. She also impressed me with her strong knowledge on points of a dog.
Her shadow work was correct as was her presentation standing and the presentation of teeth was also good. She also completed the run off with another handler competently, presenting her dog correctly at the end. I would like to see her relax a bit more as her nerves seemed to get the better of her today which showed with some fidgeting and too much moving about which at times resulted in distracting from the dog’s overall performance. Abbie is a good Junior handler and has all the groundwork needed, she just needs that extra confidence to produce a smooth and effortless performance.
3rd Alexandra Adderley aged 12. A very smart, flashy Junior handler. Alexandra had excellent lead control, she presented her dog well and she impressed me with how smooth her overall performance was. I had a very hard decision decided between my 2nd and 3rd as they both had the same potential and are both excellent handlers. The only thing that split my 2nd and 3rd today was the run off. Alexandra needs to practise on her run off’s to help her always know where to stand the dog, and what direction to face the dog, when returning to the judge.

Judge: Miss Katie South


There were plenty of well behaved, parallel tracking, balanced looking dogs being shown but compared to the winning Dalmatians of the seventies, which was the time I owned and showed them, there are so many more at the top of and above the height standard. I also found to many upright shoulders and flattened fronts.

Puppy Dog (3,1)
1. Cauldwell’s Popspride and Prejudice,
a big black spotted lad but good overall balance and all in proportion. Balanced head well carried on long neck, and level topline, tail curved on the move. True free, flowing movement despite tendancy to upright shoulder. BP 2. David & Saunder’s Dallydyl the Wizard.Not as elegant as 1, heavier black spotting and more of him. Broad head, dark eyes. Well muscled rear, good feet. Movement OK.

Junior Dog (7,2)
1. Johnson’s Tynevale The Tease.
An up to size, a balanced elegant liver with good head and neck, rounded well angled and muscled hind quarters and the angles of scapular and humurus giving the desired curve to the front. True, free forward and rear stretching movement maintaining head and tail position and good topline although slightly close at the rear. BD. Did not move so freely in the challenge 2. Haywood & Ridgeway’s Luccombe Deja Vous. An overall heavier spotted and a bigger dog. A well proportioned head and neck leading down to level topline. Not the front of one with a more upright shoulder. Flowing movement. 3. Alcock’s Creaganbrec Face of Beau at Dalsparton

Yearling Dog (2,1)
1. Lewis’s Dalpetro D’Artangnan of Hunterswood JW.
. Slightly longer black spotted lad, good dark eye, rather heavy in jowl. Good length of neck, level topline and rounded rear. Moving freely but a bit close at the back.

Maiden Dog (3)
1. Popspride and Predudice 2. Luccombe Deja Vous 3. Dallydyl The Wizard

Novice Dog (2,1)
1. Taylor & Mackinnon’s Frankish Hope and Glory for Kingpippin
. Black Spotted lad with well carried head of good balanced shape & dark eye. Moved out well with level topline. Slightly long and could have done with more depth of chest.

Graduate Dog (7,2)
1. Creaganbrec Face of Beau at Dalspartan.2. Townsend & Pardoe’s Buffrey Follow the Star.
A rather heavily spotted dog with some flecking. Good proportions and outline with a level topline but with a thicker frame. Free movement a little close behind. 3. Kaal’s Dalmark The Sandman At Schunikka.

Post Graduate Dog (4,1)
1.Williams Phadante Brightonrock.
Nice compact, typical dog, liver spotted. Well carried head, neck of good length, level topline with tail following on, curved up. Rounded forechest from well laid shoulder, tucked in elbows, straight forelegs and tight feet. Rounded rear end with hind quarters having complimentary angles allowing flowing true movement. RBD. 2. Story-Teller’s Major Tornado At Kesteven. Well carried, pleasing head with space between the eyes and good stop. Longer cast body with adequate spring of rib and level topline. Rather upright front but well rounded rear. Movement OK. 3. Stout’s Tynevale Tranquil Troodos.

Limit Dog (5,1)
1. Christie’s Sophtspot Abracadabra JW.
Larger sized black spotting. Balanced, heavier type frame, good head carriage, level topline, good spring of rib but rather upright front. True movement. 2. Croft’s Doubtwell Show Stopper JW. Well muscled, elegant black spotted dog with typical balance and outline. Free movement covering the ground well. 3. Illyria Sarons Lad.

Open Dog (5)1. Page’s Winflash Harvey Wallbanger JW.
Compact lightly spotted boy with level topline, good spring of rib, well rounded rear and some front curve. Adequate bredth of scull, stop and balanced foreface. Good dentition. Coat a bit rough along the back. 2. Lewis’s Man About Town At Hunterswood JW ShCM. Larger sized dog with black spotting. Balanced head carried on long neck, reasonable lay of shoulder and slight rounding of forechest. Level topline leading to well muscled hindquarters. Tailset below topline. 3. Goff-Leggett’s Washakie Aslan.

Special Junior Veteran Dog (2)
1. Kembrey’s Dalmark The Showstormer JW ShCM.
Well balanced elegant dog with substance. Black spotted, dark eyes of good shape. Good slope from withers to forechest, good muscled rounded rear. True long stride, cover the ground freely. BV. 2. Cauldwell’s Gwencarodale Pop’s Pride. A bit longer cast and taller than one. Well balanced head, dark eyes. Good length of neck, a little thick. Bit upright in front but rounded at the rear. Nice tight feet. Moved OK.

Special Senior Veteran Dog (1) 1. Black Spotted gentleman, well up to size & weight and a bit long. Good shape and angulation at the rear. Mind not on his job while moving.

Kay Sergeant


I had a very enjoyable day and was pleased with the quality of my entries; I thank the exhibitors for attending. I’d also like to thank the committee and my stewards as they ensured that everything ran smoothly on the day. Temperaments and coats were very good, although I was surprised to find a lot of short tails.

Minor Puppy (0)

Puppy Bitch (4,1)
1st Saunders’s Dallydyl Lady of Shalott
– Liver bitch with a good outline, outgoing puppy, quite heavily marked, good head with lovely ear carriage and expression, well boned with pleasing topline, good bend of stifle, tail carriage/set and she moved with ease around the ring, BPB. For the challenge of BPIS she was tired and unfortunately didn’t show her best.
2nd Bardet’s Dallydyl Guinevere– Liver bitch, good head, fair length of neck, level topline with a good bend of stifle and tight feet. I just preferred the outline of 1.
3rd Wallinton’s Holderness Hand Painted

Junior Bitch(11,4)
1st Petersen’s Dalimese Who’s that girl at Daedalus
– Black bitch, kind expression, dense pigment, good front, well sprung rib, level topline making a good outline with well set on tail, tight feet and free flowing movement.
2nd Longworth’s Dalendale Dakota at Dalorno – Nicely marked liver bitch, taller than 1, with a nice expression, good ear placement, deep chest, good turn of stifle, good feet but needs nails to be kept short, well set on tail, good stride and steady movement.
3rd Chance & Dodds’s Dvojica Vivid Vocation

Yearling Bitch(6,3)
1st Gibbs’s Phadante Dixie Lily JW
– This good sized black bitch has a lovely expression, well placed ears and the darkest of pigmentation. She is very well decorated, has a fabulous front with strong bone and pleasing outline, good spring of rib, level topline, bend of stifle, tight feet and she moved with drive around the ring. BIS
2nd Dalendale Dakota at Dalorno
3rd Guilfoyle’s Dalpetro Duchess to Hunterswood

Maiden Bitch (7,0)
1st Dallydyl Lady of Shalott

2nd Cobb-Mcgill’s Kalokairies Eye Candy Well marked black bitch, good chest and shoulder placement, bend of stifle, moved steadily around the ring
3rd Kembrey’s Dalmark The Flamenco

Novice Bitch (7,0)
1st Longworth’s Dalendale Dakota at Dalorno
2nd Hobbs & Whiting’s Winflash Loopy Loo
– Black bitch, lovely head and ear placement giving nice expression, well marked, good fore chest and strong bone with positive and steady drive
3rd Cobb-Mcgill’s Kalokairies Eye Candy

Gradute Bitch (8,0)
1st Wright’s Boutonneux Artemis of Millbelle JW
– Liver bitch, clean outline, beautiful expression with good ear placement, deep chest, strong bone, and good feet. Level topline, nicely set on tail. Moved with balance and drive
2nd William’s Phadante Take a Chance on Me– Black bitch, excellent expression with well placed ears. She is sparsely spotted but has lots of good attributes. Nice length of neck, deep chest, well set on tail, good feet and freeflowing movement.
3rd Hobbs & Whiting’s Winflash Loopy Loo

Post Graduate Bitch (6,1)
1st Goff-Leggett’s Mullabuoy Miss Chief of Washakie JW
Black bitch with a good outline and dark pigmentation. Nice head with well placed ears, deep chest, strong bone, well sprung rib, good topline and bend of stifle, well developed second thigh, and good feet. She was showing her socks off and moved with drive around the ring. RBIS
2nd Whincup’s Tamilanda Lilly The Pink JW ShCM – Black bitch, good head and expression, another little girl who showed well, very attentive to handler, level topline well set on tail, good feet well muscled with a clean outline
3rd Smallwood’s Lascelles Lady Marmalade

Limit Bitch (5,1)
1st Scott-Allen & Davis’s Tolutim Zaffre
– Black bitch, nice head and expression with good ear carriage, nice front, good hind quarters and second thigh, good tailset and moved with drive.
2nd Sheldon’s Boutonneux Galathea at Gemmont – Well marked black bitch. Though bigger than 1 she is very balanced with a deep chest, level topline, good tailset and lovely feet. Moved with drive.
3rd Cheetham’s Koroyza Cute As Candy for Dollywood

Open Bitch (8,3)
1st Kembrey’s Dalmark The Super Sleuth JW
– Evenly marked with a good liver colour. Lovely head and expression, beautiful front assembly, good feet, great tailset and movement.
2nd Whincup’s Tamilanda Hot Pink – Liver bitch, slightly finer to my first placing, nice liver colour again and attentive to her handler, good spring of rib, level topline and well muscled second thigh. Moved with ease around the ring.
3rd Haywood & Ridgway’s Luccombe Hazel Nut Cluster

Special Junior Veteran Bitch (5,1)
1st Petersen’s Phadante Devil In Disguise at Daedalus
– Nice outgoing black bitch, good chest, strong bone, level topline, tight feet, good hindquarters with a well placed tail and carriage.
2nd Adderley’s Phadante Follow That Dream ShCM – Black bitch slightly taller to 1, good expression and head, deep chest, good bend of stifle, nice feet
3rd Richardson’s Mapplewell Hot Fudge

Special Senior Veteran Bitch (4,1)
1st Sheldon’s Gemmont Mystical Magic
– Dark pigmented 11 years old black bitch, enjoying her moment in the ring today, good chest, level topline, bend of stifle, she moved easily around the ring.2nd Gibbs Phadante Norweigen Wood ShCM – 11 ½ years old black bitch, nice feet good bend of stifle. One I’ve always admired, she was just showing her age today
. 3rd Russell’s Bryedal Mayerling at Dalynrics

Kerry Harrison Stratford