Leeds 2011 Judged by Mrs Brenda Smith
Many thanks for the lovely entry, it gave me much food for thought. I was disappointed with the dogs, apart from my winners. The bitches are so much better quality. My main concern is still the lock of forechest due to straight upper arms, some very narrow fronts and also very wide fronts. Ticking in the coats is still with us and spoils the whole effect. I did find a few with over knuckleing on the front legs and also weak front pasterns and feet could also be improved. More thought should be given to underlines, they are just as important as toplines. On the credit side, temperaments were lovely and my hands kept remarkably clean.

Puppy Dog(5)
1 Harrison-Stratford's Dalkereve Dark Dragon.
10 month l/w, with a good outline, well spotted, liked his bone and feet, good head and expression, excellent coat and hard condition, well shown and moved well. Best PD.
2 Todhunter &Robinson's Millbelle Young Gun.
9 month l/w, very good spotting, nice head and lovely spotted ears, moved well when settled, just needs time. 3 Casey's Moyglass Proffessor Plum.

Junior Dog(7,3
1 Cutts' Kilndandy Casanova At Marzelina.
Very promising l/w, superb spotting, lovely head and expression, balanced outline with a good underline, good bone and feet, excellent condition, moved out well, just needs to have a little more forechest, can trouble the best.
2 Roach's Holderness Henman Hill. Up to size b/w, balanced outline with good underline, head a little strong, good bone and feet, moved with a long stride.
3 Alcock's Creaganbrec Face Of Beau At Dalspartan.

Graduate Dog(5)
1 Alexander's Offordale Chevalier.
Super young dog, took my eye when entering the ring, well balanced outline, very good topline and underline, lovely black spotting, lovely head, neck and ear carriage, powerful mover with a long stride, great type, should go to the top. Res CC.
2 Roach's Holderness Henman Hill.
3 Carruthers' Shulune Ice And Fire Over Briarmist.

Post Graduate Dog(3,1)
1 Williams' Phadante Brighton Rock.
Good head and expression, l/w spotting spoilt by tick marks, good hindquarters which he used to produce driving movement, balanced outline.
2 Munro's Tanstar Sea The Stars. Super spotting on this young dog, nice head, plain face but good eyes and ear carriage, nice outline with good bone and feet, just not moving well today.

Mid Limit Dog(2)
1 Dodds &Pearson's Kelevra Hudson Hawk.
B/w with lovely head and expression, very good hindquarters, balanced outline with good bone and feet, moved well with drive. Won this class on his better movement.
2 Quayle's Buffrey The Shaded Sun At Cubalibre.Super b/w with good presentation, nice head and solid ears, balanced outline, moving wide in front movement.

Limit Dog(7)
1 Kay's Kaytian One Kool Kat JW.
I was disappointed with this class. This l/w displayed a nice outline, he has a nice head and expression, good topline and underline, good bone and feet, spotting good but a few tick marks, moved soundly but would like more reach and drive.
2 Todhunter &Robinson's Takesti Moon Dancer. B/w, head and expression good, powerful hindquarters but wide in front, covered the ground in profile well.
3 Alcock's Mapplewell Chocolate Box For Dalpartan.

Open Dog(10,1)
1 Hoie &Lehmann's Spotnik's First Farao For Ormond.
A new one to me but this b/w was superbly spotted, very elegant dog with a super outline, good topline and underline, lovely head and expression, good bone and feet, moved so soundly with a long stride, looked good in profile, in good hard condition. Dog CC and BOB.
2 Adderley's Ch Leiahart Chicago Bear ShCM.
A very worthy champion who was in great condition, lovely head and expression, good coat and clear black spots, moved well, could not match drive of winner.
3 Christie's Sophtspot Abracadabra JW.

Puppy Bitch(7,1)
1 Christie's Sophtspsot Cha Cha Cha.
This 7 month b/w really has style, superb black spotting, lovely elegant outline, good head and expression, great assurance for one so young, moved with rhythm and drive. I loved her. Best PB and BP.
2 Stevenson's Dalkereve Divine Decision For Macula.
>This 10 month old has a very attractive head and expression, displays a nice outline, good black spotting, moved very well when she settled.
3 Townson &Pardoe's Sharcarlu Bumblebee.

Junior Bitch(16,4)
1 Alexander's Offordale Sapphire.
Elegant b/w with a super outline, lovely head and expression, great topline, quality coat and good black spotting, good bone and feet, moving so well with reach and drive, really good condition, pleased to award her Res CC.
2 Adderley's Buffrey May Queen At Leiahart.
Another lovely young bitch, good black spotting on balanced outline, lovely head and expression, moved well in profile and up and down.
3 Cobb McGill's Kalokairie's Eye Candy.

Graduate Bitch(10)
1 Wright's Boutonneux Artemis Of Millbelle JW.
I was very impressed with this l/w, she displayed a very elegant outline, good topline and underline, lovely head and expression and good for carriage, very good bone and feet, moved so well with reach and drive, was close up to the top winners, very well shown.
2 Cobb McGill's Kalokairie's Eye Candy. Was third in strong junior class, outline good, lovely b/w spots, attractive head with nice expression, moved well keeping topline.
3 Petersen's Dalimese Who's That Girl At Daedalus JW.

Post Graduate Bitch(6)
1 Whincup's Tamilanda Lilly The Pink JW ShCM.
B/w, elegant outline, good head and spotted ears, well shown to good effect, moving well in profile with good reach and drive.
2 Baker's Klarkeson Royal Mint. This is a lovely type of bitch, super coat and condition, black spots really gleaming, attractive head, dark eye, good dneck and shoulders, moved well, just lacks a little scope.
3 Whiting's Cibrith China Aster.

Mid Limit Bitch(6)
1 Page, Page &Page's Winflash Magic Mystery.
This b/s bitch took my eye for her breed type, very good outline, lovely head and ear carriage, good bone and feet, hard condition and moved well with drive.
2 Smith's Tamilanda Pretty In Pink JW ShCM. Again a very good b/w bitch, very close up to winner, lovely head and expression, just not quite so tidy in front movement.
3 Cheetham's Koroyza Cut As Candy For Dollywood.

Limit Bitch(8,1)
1 Gibbs' Phadante Dixie Lily JW.
Balanced type bitch, lovely black spotting, attractive head and expression, good outline, powerful hindquarters which she uses, good profile movement.
2 Dore's Daldior Ace Of Diamonds JW. Lovely black spotting on this pretty bitch, on pure white coat, nice head and ear carriage, just lacked the drive of winner.
3 Williams' Phadante Bossa Nova Baby.

Open Bitch(13,2)

1 Quayle's Ch Cubalibre Spot On JW.
Good honest bitch in super condition, very fit and hard, dense black spots on pure white background, loved her head and expression, good bone and feet, powerful hindquarters which she used to produce good movement with rhythm and drive. CC.
2 Hoie's Ch Dk Ch Spotnik's Diva Deluxe.
L/w with good topline, balanced outline, very good bone and feet, very good forechest producing powerful movement with reach and drive.
3 Page, Page &Page's Ch Winflash Spring Angel ShCM.

Mrs Brenda Smith