British Dalmatian Club November Open 2012 Judged by Mrs J Saunders & Miss L Garton

It was such a privilege to judge at our club show. I was very impressed with the size of the entry in the current climate and thank those who brought their much loved dogs to meet me. The fronts and shoulders of our breed have been a weak point for quite sometime but I am pleased to say that I did not find too many upright shoulders today, though I would prefer more forechest, some are far too narrow in front. Movement fore and aft was also disappointing with what appeared to be single tracking with some knitting with their front legs. I am sure that the majority were not down to structural faults, but stringing up on the lead. I was also pleased that I did not see the ‘busy legs’ I so often see from the ringside. Overall I was pleased with my line up for the challenge and feel I found some lovely dogs of correct type.

MPD. 4 (2)

1st. Wright’s Millbelle Lithium.
B/s 8 month old baby. Nice make and shape but would like a bit more weight on him at this age.Typical head and expression, strong but elegant neck down into well laid back shoulders. Level topline with correct tailset carried well on the move. Strong hindquarters with good width of thigh. Straight front legs down to neat feet. Plenty of heart and lung room but this will be even better once he has more depth of brisket. Over all a nice dog but not in his best coat. Once he bodies up I am sure he will mature into a nice boy. BPD.
2nd Lewis’Dashwold Diamond Jubilee by Hunterswood.
B/s 6 month old. Not the most handsome of boys, I think this ugly duckling will mature into an elegant swan, because boy, can he move. Heavier build that 1 carrying a fair bit of clumber over his head and shoulders in the form of baby weight, but this will change. Well laid shoulder and adequate hindquarters with good bend of stifle. A bit bum high at present but his side gait was the best in this class, and indeed better than most of the other classes. He has a long effortless stride but fore and aft fell over his feet a little which cost him the class. Look forward to watching this one blossom.
3rd Carvell’s Ottauquechee Kaliska at Lilal.

PD. 2 (1)
1st Clarke’s Klarkson One Vision.
B/s 7 month old, mature for his age. Well proportioned head with kind expression. Nicely arched neck into well placed shoulders equal in length to upper arm, allowing a correct front movement. Deep chest, level topline and well angulated hind quarters which powered him around the ring covering the ground well. Nicely presented and handled to advantage.
2nd Snowsill’s Chione Liver Lad. 10 month old l/s finer in type. Nice face and disposition. A little unsettled on the move, but once he moved his topline improved. Movement OK but a little close behind. Some ringcraft could improve this boys chances.

JD. 3 (0)
1st Whincup’s Tamilanda Pather Lily.
This b/s boy caught my eye as soon as he came into the ring. Lovely type, masculine yet elegant with plenty of substance. Well off for bone and well balanced. Pleasing head with good pigment, nice length of muzzle and clean jaw. Correct shoulder and upper arm, nicely placed elbows. Correct round feet, well placed. Deep chest giving a nice underline. Good hindquarters with well set hocks, used to effect to move him around the ring. Defined wither and level topline held well on the move. Not overdone in any way. Not in his best coat but a strong contender for RBD. I am sure this boy will get his title.
2nd Gardinor’s Dalmark the Pirate at Dakata. Solid male, l/s with nice masculine head. Plenty of body with good heart and lung room, well up for size. Moved steadily around the ring, good movement fore and aft, pushed 1 hard, just preferred the forechest of 1.
3rd Rose & Cattermole’s Cader Idris Celt at Kelvadene.

YD. 4 (0)
Quite a difficult class to judge with 4 very different dogs most movement a little erratic fore and aft which I am sure could be improved if they were handled on a loose lead.
1st Whincup & Sibson’s Tamilanda Vintage Pink. L/s not quite as much substance as the previous class winner. Evenly spotted, with masculine head and adequate shoulder placement. Level topline. Good bend of stifle with well set hock. Moved well enough to take the class.
2nd Cleland’s Candidals King of the World by Deovolante. B/s rangier type. Nice classic head with dark eye. Bold spotting on a pristine white coat. Would prefer a little more fore chest. A little long in the leg but moved sufficiently around the ring.
3rd Lamb’s Dalpetro Decaprio.

MD. 3 (0)
1st Clarke’s Klarkson One Vision.
1st in puppy class
2nd Gardinor’s Dalmark The Pirate at Dakata. 2nd in Junior
3rd Lewis’ Dashwold Diamond Jubilee by Hunterswood.

ND .2 (0)
1st Clarke’s Klarkson One Vision
2nd Gardinor’s Dalmark the Pirate at Dakata

GD. 1(0)
1st Sampson & Petronio’s Stocklore Wizard of the Forrest.
B/s finer in type. Nice head with a kind expression and correct eye colour. Moved steadily with a level topline held better on the move than standing. Well balanced would just like a bit more of him.

PGD. 2(1)
1st Todhunter & Robinson’s Millbelle Young Gun JW.
Liked this boy a lot when I judged him as a pup but not in his best coat or condition today. Lightly l/s strong type but not overdone. Pleasing head, masculine and of correct proportions with clean bite. Good angles front and rear which compliment each other to produce good fluid movement. Held his topline well. Tight feet. Not his usual sparkling performance today though.
2nd Kaal’s Dalmark The Sandman at Schunikka. L/s male of correct colour with good pigment with a sparkling coat in excellent condition. Have judged him before but preferred him today, he is maturing nicely. Nice sized with well proportioned head with the kindest expression, a little unsettled with change of handler but then settled on the move which improved his topline, though his tail carriage does spoil the overall picture.

Two quality litter brothers who will change places many times.
1st Baker’s Dalleaf Devil’s Disciple JW. L/s in tip top condition. Nice size and type with masculine head and pleasing kind expression. Clean lips with correct bite. Good shoulder placement with equal length in upper arm and straight front legs. Nicely angled hindquarters with well placed hocks helped propel him around the ring with effortless, fluid movement. Would just like a little more depth of brisket to complete the picture. RBD and Best Liver Dog, Best Liver in Show.
2nd Webb & Chrystal’s Daleaf Devil in Disguise at Jemblewood.
B/s with striking colours and spotting. Elegant boy with handsome head and soft expression, well off for bone with good shoulders, level topline and tail carriage. Hindquarters having good depth of thigh and bend of stifle allowing him to move well. As usual, handled to perfection. Just preferred the extra body his brother had to offer.
3rd Whiting’s Cibrith Captain Kirk.

OD. 5(1)
1st Ayers’ Elaridge Evolution at Lotsaspots.
Yes, he is a big boy, but his quality and overall balance can not be denied. I have judged him over 2 years ago, and if anything, he is better. B/s masculine boy of excellent type. Strong head without being coarse. Excellent arched neck into well laid shoulders with defined wither. Solid round bone down to correct, tight feet. Deep capacious chest with good depth of brisket and excellent forechest. Well angulated hindquarters with well set hocks propelled him around the ring in a rhythmic action with ease, though his exuberance can be a little hard for his handler to contain at times. To top it off his coat was in sparkling condition and he is beautifully decorated with evenly distributed spots. A privilege to put my hands on him, if I could build a dog, this would be it! Thrilled to give him BD and see him take BIS.
2nd Tingey’s Holderness Hillbilly by Dallyador JW.
L/s male looking a little elderly today but nevertheless a steady mover. Moderate size though a little longer in leg. Nice head, strong front legs with good round feet. Sympathetically handled to show off his highlights.
3rd Croft’s Doubtwell Show Stopper JW.

SJVD 2(2)
1st Todhunter & Robinson’s Takesti Moondancer.
A favourite of mine who commands the ring when he is on the move. Looking in better condition today than he has done for a while. B/s lightly decorated of correct height to the standard which can sometimes make him look small, he is not. Handsome head with correct ear carriage, strong neck flows into excellent shoulder placement. Good topline though slopes a little at the croup going into well angulated hindquartes with good width of thigh. This boy has an amazing length of stride that always thrills me to watch. Have given him top honours in the past but is now starting to show his age. BVD
2nd Wilson’s Boval Hurray for Harry at Travier.
L/s rather a handful. Finer in type than 1 and behaved more like a puppy than a veteran, therefore unable to assess his movement. Nice head and pleasing expression. Enjoyed his day out.

SSVD no entries.

Judge Mrs Janet Saunders



An honour to be given the opportunity to judge at this club show, one I will treasure. A preamble should present an overview on the breed and this I can only do reflecting on the bitches that were present on the day. Overall, the standard was good. We are lucky to have a breed without exaggeration in conformation, but there were many who showed over angulation in the rear together with too little angulation in the front. This does not allow a Dalmatian to have the true endurance trot the breed is known for, although it may look flashy to some. Balance in everything reflects a dog that is economical and capable of great endurance on the move. My top winners showed this.
As an ending note, Bitches who are moved on an over-tight lead and then pull against it can significantly change how their movement appears to the judge. They may appear to be ‘crabbing’ when their true movement may not be so. Try not to hinder your Dalmatian’s chance of showing its best to the judge.

Minor Puppy Bitch 4 present (2 absent)
Bit of a mixed bag of shapes, sizes and spotting patterns in this class, but still some delightful youngsters showing promise.
1st Richardson’s Klarkeson Driven By You Via Mapplewell 7 month old B/S bitch. Delightfully feminine bitch that shows a lot of promise, particularly on the move. Good front and is balanced in bone for her size. Nice tight cat feet and excels in her length of neck, head and ear shape and length of muzzle. She won this class on her movement which was good front and rear particularly for one so young. Her spotting is mixed with ticking, but her other considerable attributes out way this. A very happy puppy that showed really well.
2nd Sampson’s Dalstorm Black Orchid 6 month old B/S bitch. A very well balanced bitch that also shows a lot of promise. Balanced in angulation and bone as 1, although currently she slopes in the croup a bit too much, but this may change as she matures. She has a good head shape and ears of the right size, although a little high set. Her overall spotting was good and of good pigmentation, however had quite a plain head which did detract from her expression. She was quite erratic on the move, but from the bits I could see she did display good movement fore and aft. Has plenty of time for maturity and to learn to settle on the move.
3rd Williams’Dashwold Rhyme N Reason 6 month old B/S bitch. Sturdier build than the previous two and is a little ‘bottom high’ at this stage, so is probably going to take longer to mature. Excels in her tail set/carriage, depth of chest and good straight front. She also has a lovely dark eye. Has a lot of ticking in her coat and was today very wobbly on the move. It will be interesting to see her move when she has settled down, matured and can stride out more.

Puppy Bitch 5 present (1 absent)
1st Haywood & Ridgway’s Luccombe Strawberry Dream
10 month old B/S puppy. A charming young bitch who can not fail to make you smile with her performance. A lovely crisp white coat and excellent spotting pattern. She is balanced in angulation and carries enough bone without losing any of her femininity. Pleasing head with good length of muzzle, expression, eye colour and ear set, good length of neck and a lovely topline. She has nice tight cat feet and uses all of these attributes to her advantage on the move. For her age she moves extremely well, not showing any looseness as many puppies do. She has a lovely stride with good reach and is correct both from the front and the rear. Beautifully shown on a loose lead which showed her off to her advantage. She is overall, full of breed type. All this meant that I did not hesitate to award her Best puppy bitch, Reserve Best Bitch and in agreement with my Co-judge, Best Puppy in show.
2nd Hernandez’s Dalminshi Mystic Star
9 month old B/S puppy. A puppy of nice size, good bone and excellent hind quarters. Has a lovely dark eye and pleasing spotty face. Very much a baby still and this was reflected in her movement as she still needs to develop in her chest and front. Good tail set and carriage this baby just needs more time to mature.
3rd Blakeley’s Luccombe Chocolate Truffle 10 month old L/S puppy. A finer type than the other 2 puppies, I would prefer a little more bone to balance out her size. Liver spotting of a very good colour. She is very feminine and has a good head. Good hindquarters and bend of stifle, but I would prefer more angulation in the front. Moved okay.

Junior Bitch 8 present (0 absent)
1st Hobbs & Zemstova’s Gloria’s Nevskih Ostrovov (Imp Rus)
L/S bitch. A sturdy type with plenty of bone but of a nice size. She has excellent spotting of good colour and distribution. Really excels in front angulation and chest which is matched in the rear so not surprising to see her move very well around the ring showing good reach and length of stride. She has a nice head, lovely expression and good ear size and set. Correct angle of pasterns. She out-moved the competition in this class, but to complete the picture I would like to see her a lot more happier and outgoing in the ring. Although her tail carriage was good on the move it dropped when standing which can spoil the picture and the topline, but plenty of attributes to like here.
2nd Stocks’ Kalokairie’s Lady Bollinger at Nospar B/S bitch. Super crisp white coat under her spotting on this very feminine bitch. I liked her size, topline and she has a lovely head and expression and a nice dark eye. Good feet and nice bend of stifle. Her upper arm is a little steep and her front chest has not yet developed, which does mean she lacks reach on the move. She is still young and maturity may help. She does however move evenly when viewed from the front and rear. Can carry her tail a little high on the move. Very happy bitch and showed well.
3rd Neal’s Tolkain Portobello Belle B/S bitch. Another feminine bitch with nice head proportions. She has a nice topline and reach of neck. I would prefer a little more bone throughout and more depth to her brisket to help her outline. Moved okay.

Yearling Bitch 4 present (0 absent)
1st Thorner’s Tolutim Evensong
B/S bitch. Excellent spotting on this very feminine bitch. A lighter build than some but I love her elegance. She has a nice head with good length of muzzle, dark eye and lovely ears which she uses to her advantage. Has a good reach of neck and topline, nice tight feet and good angulations in her hindquarters. Correct length of tail. She has a very happy and outgoing disposition and is quite the showgirl. Would like to see more reach when viewed from the side, but moved well fore and aft. Won this class with her excellent proportions, elegance and spotting.
2nd Lamb’s Dalpetro Diva JW B/S bitch. A bitch built on a more sturdier mould, balancing bone and size. Would like to see clearer spotting, although the pigment is good. She has nice ears, and a good length of muzzle. Moved well and showed herself off to advantage . I would personally prefer more refinement throughout, particularly in the head. The choice between 1st and 2nd was very close although they are both very different to each other and this did come down to personal preference.
3rd Connolly’s Tamilanda Summer Pink at Connomoor L/S bitch. Pleasing head, eye and ears with a good reach of neck. Good feet and correct tail set and carriage. A feminine bitch who has that balance between elegance and good bone which is hard to find. For me, she has an imbalance in angulation with far more in the rear and little in the front including depth of chest and this was reflected in her movement when viewed from the side and occasionally dropping her topline when standing. She is still young however and may be maturing slowly. Nicely handled.

Maiden Bitch 6 present (1 absent)
Previous comments apply 1st Hobbs & Zemstova’s Gloria’s Nevskih Ostrovov (IMP RUS)
2nd Richardson’s Klarkeson Driven by you via Mapplewell
3rd Hernandez’s Dalminshi Mystic Star

Novice Bitch 8 present (1 absent)
1st Green’s Jilloc’s Young Treasure (IMP SWE)
B/S bitch. My find of the day and what a pleasure it was to see her move. Here was a bitch that floated around the ring with an effortless long stride and I could certainly imagine her running all day without tiring. She has excellent pigment and a spotty head which was feminine, with excellent proportions, a dark eye and a melting expression. She is another who although has substantial bone still combines that with a sense of elegance. She is truly balanced in angulation with plenty of width for muscle. No exaggerations here, everything worked and flowed with each other. She was also had the hardest muscles of the day so was superfit. She carries her topline really well and a perfect tailset and carriage completes the picture on the move. Superb length of stride without any signs of overtracking . Nice to see a short hock which no doubt contributed. I was more than happy to give her first in the class and although she was more fidgety as the day went on, her movement just got better and better and ended up with Best Bitch, Best Black Bitch and in agreement with my co-judge Reserve Best in Show.
2nd Richardson’s Klarkeson Driven by you via Mapplewell
3rd Hernandez’s Dalminshi Mystic Star.

Graduate Bitch 5 present (2 absent)
1st Green’s Jilloc’s Young Treasure (IMP SWE)
2nd Kaal’s Olbero One Quick Silver for Schunikka
B/S Built on a smaller mould than 1 and a shorter length than many. She has good bone and still retains good proportions of ribcage and coupling. Excellent hindquarters, lovely topline when standing, super tight feet. She has excellent spotting in both pigmentation and distribution. I like her head, which with a really dark eye and pleasing shape has a really nice expression. I would prefer more length to the muzzle. Although has a tendency to carry her tail high on the move the tail set is correct and she moves very well. Displayed a very happy and outgoing character. Well handled. Could not match the outstanding movement of 1 but has plenty to like.
3rd Wallington’s Holderness Hand Painted B/S bitch Elegant bitch built on slightly taller lines than 1 and 2. Had balance throughout although I would prefer more angulation to both front and rear. Had a nice spotting pattern. Pleasing head with good length of muzzle. Nice topline and good tail carriage. Moved okay.

Post Graduate Bitch 8 entries (0 absent)
This was a very hard decision between 1 and 2. They are both very similar and share many attributes and virtues.
1st Radford-House’s Fivejays Oloroso L/S. A lovely bitch. Compact size but with plenty of bone. She had a nice outline and good angulations, slightly better in rear. Good head shape with good skull proportions and a lovely dark eye. Super spotting of good colour and distribution. Lovely flowing topline. Showed good bend of stifle, low hocks and tight cat feet. She moved really well with reach and true viewed from front and behind.
2nd Gardinor’s Dalispot Dubyana at Dakata L/S Another lovely bitch, slightly less bone, but still all in proportion. Again really lovely spotting, her angulations were good being slightly better in front and had the correct width of chest. Lovely expression and a good length of muzzle to a nicely shaped head. Would prefer a slightly darker eye. Again tight cat feet and excellent topline and tail carriage. Moved well, but not quite the length of stride of 1 or as settled on the move today.
3rd Ely’s Wintermine Flamenco B/S. An elegant bitch with a really lovely head that appeals in both expression and proportions. She has good hindquarters with a good bend of stifle and also a deep chest. She moved very nicely and has good spotting and really nice pigmentation throughout. I would prefer a little less length of body for her proportions and a little more bone to balance her out. She has a lovely sweet disposition and was a very happy showgirl.

Limit Bitch 7 present (4 absent)
1st Kembrey’s Dalmark the Sandwitch
L/S. Here is another great mover with an effortless stride. Really true moving away and to me. Best mover in this class. She is super feminine and has a lovely head which really appeals. Spotting was of good colour and distribution. Good reach of neck and a correct flowing topline. She was well muscled particularly in the rear with an excellent bend of stifle and short hocks. Beautifully shown to advantage on a loose lead. Considered her in the challenge but she did not quite match the front angulation and reach of movement of my winners, however she was a worthy winner of this class and Best Liver Bitch.
2nd Richardson’s Mystic Treasure over Mapplewell
B/S. Smart bitch, slightly bigger than 1. Again has a nice feminine head of good proportions with a nice dark eye and excellent ears. She has a lovely lay of shoulder and depth of chest. Nice feet and good tailset and carriage. She also has good rear angulations although I felt she was lacking in muscletone in the rear. Would prefer a little more bone to balance her out. She moved well but did not stride out as well as 1. Again nicely handled.
3rd William’s Phadante Take a Chance on Me B/S a bitch I have judged before and I still like her very much. She has an expression to die for and certainly uses her ears well to frame her lovely head. She is lightly spotted but even. She always oozes elegance to me. She is nicely balanced and has a super length of neck. Unfortunately her coat was in poor condition today and she didn’t settle well on the move as I know she can.

Open Bitch 6 present (3 absent)
A class full of quality and this was a delight to judge. Some difficult decisions here.
1st Gibbs’ Phadante Dixie Lilly JW B/S. Another bitch that is without exaggeration or extremes and has plenty of breed type. She is well balanced in bone, angulation and has nice proportions. She has good spotting of colour and distribution and a good topline. A nice head with a dark eye and excellent ear size shape and set. She has a true front with a good depth of chest, brisket reaching the elbow. Nice bend of stifle and low hocks with tight cat feet to finish off. Good tail set and tail of the correct length reaching to the hock. Her movement was good, especially when viewed from the side, although I think if she was more settled on the move she might display even more reach. Very enthusiastic girl and full of beans.
2nd Kembrey’s Dalmark the Super Sleuth JW L/S Lovely bitch, slightly longer cast than 1, she has more bone but this is balanced with her size. A really nice head of good proportions and the correct length of muzzle. Dark eye and ear set good. Very nice spotting of a rich liver colour and a pleasing pattern on a crisp white coat. She has lovely movement, straight and true and covers the ground effortlessly. I would prefer more depth to her brisket and slightly more angulation in the front to complete the picture.
3rd Lewis’ Hunterswood Razzmatazz JW ShCM B/S. Another I have judged before and there is a lot to like here. In profile when standing she has an excellent outline and is another who successfully marries substance and elegance. Correct head proportions and delightful soft expression. Good length of neck flowing onto a correct topline. Proportions and angulations are balanced fore and aft. She is another full of breed type. Unfortunately on the move today she was very slow and unwilling to move out for her handler, which is a shame as I know she displayed good length of stride previously, and is correct moving to and away from me.

Special Junior Veteran Bitch 4 present (2 absent)
1st Neath-Duggan’s CH Buffrey Sprig o Mint JW
B/S A very smart bitch both when standing and on the move. I think someone forgot to tell her she was in veteran as she certainly was not showing any signs of old age today. White crisp coat with the blackest of spots of nice size and distribution. Has a lovely outline and is balanced throughout with bone, retaining plenty of elegance and femininity. Excellent hindquarters, no exaggerations here. She has nice tight cat feet, an excellent head, with dark eye and excellent ears to frame the picture. Powered around the ring with good movement throughout and out-moved the rest in this class. Beautifully presented. A bitch I have long admired from outside the ring and it was a delight to get my hands on her. Thank you for bringing her. Not surprisingly, Best Veteran Bitch and in agreement with my co-judge Best Veteran in Show.
2nd Adderley’s Phadante Follow That Dream ShCM
B/S Slightly more sturdier build than 1, she has an even distribution of spots although does carry some ticking. Has a super feminine head, with correct width of skull and typical expression from her dark eyes. Excels in her front with correct depth and width of chest and good angulations. She moved okay around the ring but could not match the movement of 1. Delightful disposition.
3rd Richardson’s Mapplewell Hot Fudge L/S Built on a lighter and taller mould than 1 and 2. All about elegance this one. Excels particularly in the head with a good length and depth of muzzle and has a good reach of neck. Enough bone and nice tight feet. Her hindquarters are better than her front with good bend of stifle and low hocks. Would prefer more chest and angulation in the front. Such a happy girl with a typical Dalmatian character.

Special Senior Veteran Bitch 3 present (2 absent)
1st Wallington’s Diamond Dally
12yr old B/S. Although showing her age through her coat and weight, underneath this was a pleasing bitch of nice proportions. She is built on elegant lines and is a finer type although well up to size. Has an excellent head and length of neck. Still holds her topline well and has a good length of tail. Nicely balanced in angulation throughout and moved well and steady. Had better movement than the other 2 in this class. She looked to be very happy to be in the ring.
2nd Bardet’s CH/INT/FR/ML Cibrith Pepper n Sauce B/S 10 yr old. Thought initially she might be my winner, as she is very feminine and has very pleasing proportions. Her coat and spotting is still very good. Nice tight feet. Another very nice head of good proportions. I liked her angulations and low hocks. Although she displays a nice length of stride on the move she did display a lot of stiffness, particularly in the hips when moving so could not compete with 1 in this area.
3rd Russell’s Bryedal Mayerlyng at Dalynrics L/S Delightfully feminine bitch with really nice spotting and colour. Has a pleasing expression and displayed a lovely happy character. Very nice front and chest. Her topline has suffered with age and this affected her movement also.

Judge: Mrs L Garton