BUBA 2012 Judged by Christine Lewis
MPD (12)

1 Hobbs & Whiting's Boutonneux Baby Buco avec Rapanooey,
good black spotting, excellent shoulder level topline, good bend of stifle, moved well;
2 Tingey's Dallyador Aramis, liver, good spotting short through couplings, well off for bone, one to watch;
3 Carvell's Ottauquechee Kaliska at Lilal.

PD (8)

1 Wright's Millbelle Lithium,
good black spotting, correct front assembly, strong topline, well bent stifle, in good muscular condition. BP;
2 Dodds & Pearson's Kelevra Pickapocketortwo,
plain face, well laid shoulder, firm topline, good bend of stifle, moved Well;
3 Story-Taylor's Philcarthom Cosmic Boy at Kesteven.

JD (5)

1 Whincup's Tamilanda Panther Lilly,
well conditioned, super black spotting, correct head, arched neck, strong bone, lovely tight cat feet, deep brisket, well ribbed back, moved well from good driving quarters;
2 Gardinor's Dalmark The Pirate at Dakata, strong head, good liver spotting, strong bone, masculine without coarseness, good ribbing, short couplings, good second thigh. Suffering from dallyrash;
3 Tranter's Dalliviro Peter Pan.


(3) 1 Whincup's Tamalinda Vintage Pink,
lovely liver spotting, nicely decorated face, correct marking on his ears, arched neck, good topline & tail carried correctly, good overall balance, excellent mover;
2 Lamb's Dalpetro Decaprio, dark liver spotting, arched neck, good lay of shoulder, strong well proportioned-body. Preferred 1 on the move.

ND (4)

1 D The Pirate at D;
2 D Peter Pan;
3 Sampson & Petronio's StockloreWizardOfTheForrest.


1 Alcock's Creaganbrec Face Of Beau at Dalspartan,
good reach of neck, pleasing body shape, short through couplings, good overall balance, moved well;
2 Bolt's Fakenham Ferrera Rocher, good liver decoration, deep brisket, longer cast, good strong thighs. Favoured a hind leg;
3 Kaal's Dalmark The Sand Man at Schunikka.

LD (12)

1 Baker's Dalleaf Devils Deciple,
lovely liver spotty face & excellent decoration, good strong bone & feet. A little apprehensive; Moved very well;
2 Harrison-Stratford's Dalkereve Dark Dragon, spotty face, arched neck, deep chest with good ribbing, short strong loin, good rearquarters;
3 Quayle's Buffrey The Shaded Sun at Cubalibre.

0D (10) 1

Alexander's Ch Offordale Chevalier,
super head & expression, correct eye colour, long arched neck, correct lay of shoulder, excellent topline & tail, well put together rear, moved with good reach in front & drive from the rear. He looks like he could go an day never stops trying. CC, BOB & BIS;
2 Croft's Doubtwell Show Stopper,
appropriately named, good dense black spotting, nice size & proportions, straight front, deep brisket, . well muscled hindquarters. Unlucky k to meet 1 in such good form. RCC;
3 Hartley & Griffiths' Ch Creaganbrec The Favourite at Miraua.

MPB (10)

Dunnachies's Dvojica Volition,
lovely l/s baby, very feminine i pretty face, good legs & feet, deep chest with good ribs, well angulated rear. Just needs a Ifttle more confidence;
2 Knight's Jabbawock The Time Turner, similar comments apply, arched neck into well laid shoulder, firm topline, nice tail, mature for her age;
3 Smith's Sassafras Black Cotton.

PB (6)

1 Haywood & Ridgway's Luccombe Strawberry Dream,
lovely puppy with bold black spotting, pretty spotty face, long arched neck into clean well laid shoulders, good bone & feet, well bent stifles, moved well;
2 Croft's Doubtwell Ebony Night, deep brisket, level topline, heavier markings with darker ears. 1 had better feet;
3 Ward's Prankish Peony.

JB (12)

Super class.
1 Moore's Fincham Dottie Lottie, quality bitch with good spotting, good topline & tail, strong rear with good thighs, moved well;
2 Emmett Simons' Dallyviro Reba Mac at Ellemstra, thought my winner, good -overall balance, well laid shoulder, strong hindquarter with nicely developed muscle;
3 Stocks' Kalokairies Lady Bollinger at Nospar.

YB (5)

1 Connolly's Tamilanda Summer Pink at Connomoor,
attractive head, deep brisket, good bend of stifle, strong muscular hindquarter, excelled on the move;
2 Lamb's Dalpetro Diva, attractive shape, arched neck, good ribbing. Spoiled by flecking;
3 Pearson's Cannabee Coalblack.

NB (6)

1 D Reba Mac at E;
2 Hernandez's Dalminshi Mystic Star,
very heavy face markings, nice shape, a little fine in bone;
3 Jenkins' Jewelruby Queen.

PGB (17)

1 Radford- House's Fivejays Oloroso,
compact liver, good head, neck & shoulder, level topline, good tailset, tight cat feet, moved very well;
2 Gardinor's Dalispots Dubyana at Dakata, close decision, good colour liver spots, nice head shape, good bone & feet, well developed body with deep chest, straight forelegs, good layback of shoulder, lovely tail carriage, well developed & angulated hindquarter;
3 Bonner's Caprilli's In The Mood.

LB (23)

Wonderful class quality bitches.
1 Kembrey's Dalmark The Sand Witch, charming correct size liver with attractive colour liver spots, pleasing head & eye, good lay of shoulder, level topline, correct tail carriage, good bend & width of stifle, moved well. RCC;
2 Johnson's Tynevale Take Three To Tango,
strong muscular shoulder & thighs, topline & tail spot on, very good mover;
3 Barrett's Marricdale The Gold Digger of Dalmanti.

OB (10)

1 Quayle's Ch Cubalibre Spot On,
top quality, bold . black spotting, pleasing body lines, sweet head, nice neck length, good shoulder placement, good second ' thighs, held her topline well both standing & on the move, looks like she could move all day. CC;
2 Alexander's Ch Offordale White Lady,
another quality black spotted lady, lovely long arched neck, good bone with straight front & cat feet, good lay of shoulder, level topline, good strong hindquarters, good width to her thighs;
3 Kembrey's Dalmark The Super Sleuth.