BDC May Open 2013 Judged by Ms P Baker & Mrs L Sheldon

I would like to thankyou for your votes in giving me the opportunity of judging our club show. Also, thankyou to my two stewards, Marion and John, great job.
All the dogs were well presented and with good temperaments. Thankyou all for your entries. I enjoyed judging your lovely dogs.

Minor Puppy Dog (1) Abs.

Puppy Dog (5)
1st Hobbs and Whitings Boutonneux Baby Buco Avec Rapanooey
- Well balanced b. Attractive spotting. Well boned. Good head, reach of neck. Correct topline and tailset. Moved purposefully round the ring, driven forward by powerful hindquarters. Handled to perfection. BPD.
2nd Tingeys Dallyador Aramis
- Well constructed, good head and reach of neck, good topline and tailset, prefered movement of 1.
3rd Kembreys - Dalmark The Pinot Grigio.

Junior Dog (9)
1st Green and Sears - Tolutim Yves St Laurent At Judally
- Gorgeous liver. Excellent overall contruction. Good head and expression with good reach of neck flowing onto correct topline and tailset. Correct turn of stifle. Well boned. Powerful movement, considered in the challenge.
2nd Wrights - Millbelle Lithium - Another well balanced dog, good overall construction, great showman. Best Black.
3rd Scott-Allen and Davis - Tolutim Yaffle.

Yearling Dog (2)
1st Cuthbertsons - Kalsidoni Cameo
- Strongly built, well boned b. Good shoulders, topline and hindquarters, moved well.
2nd Christies - Jilloc's Breaking The Waves at Sophtspot - Stockier type, strong boned, dense black spotting. Happy showman.

Maiden Dog (3) Abs

Novice Dog (6)
1st Tillens - Carmague Caughtout
- Never seen this dog before. Well put together b. Lovely head, pleasing expression. Correct topline, tail carried well. Good hingquarters. Moved well enough, but handler needs to practice ring training and not get him to sit for titbits!!!
2nd Scott-Allen and Davis - Tolutim Yaffle: Well constructed b. Lovely kind expression. Good topline and tail carriage. Good rear angulation. Moved with drive.
3rd Pratts - Gwynmor Finch Hatton at Solostar (Imp Ned).

Graduate Dog (4)
1st Gardinors - Dalmark The Pirate At Dakata
- Nice liver colour. Lovely head, neck and topline, moved ok.
2nd Lewis's - Dashwold Diamond Jubilee by Hunterswood NAF TAF - Stronger type throughout, didn't make the most of himself today.

Post Graduate Dog (3)
1st Clelands - Candidals King of the World By Deovolante
- Elegant b. Attractively spotted. Pleasing head and expression, lovely reach of neck. Correct topline. Well muscled hindquarters. Moved well.
2nd De Rozario's - Dalleaf D'Accord Avec Jemblewood - Well balanced liver. Excellent bone. Very well muscled. Moved ok.
3rd Lambs - Dalpetro Decaprio.

Limit Dog (7)
1st Bakers - Dalleaf Devil's Disciple
- Beautifully balanced liver. Gorgeous head, with kind expression, correct eye colour. Lovely reach of neck. Excellent topline and tailset. Correct turn of stifle, well let down hocks. Well muscled. Moved effortlessly round the ring. Pleased to award him Best Dog and with the agreement of my co judge, award him BIS.
2nd Whitings - Cibrith Captain Kirk JW ShCM
- Beautifully presented b. Attractive head, well laid shoulders. Well muscled.
3rd Alcocks - Creaganbrec Face Of Beau At Dalspartan ShCM.

Open Dog (6)
1st Crofts - Doubtwell Showstopper JW
- Powerfully built dog. Dense black spotting. Good topline and tailset. Strong hindquarters with good bend of stifle. Moved well.
2nd Tingeys - Holderness Hillbilly By Dallyador JW - Well constructed liver, correct colour. Well balanced throughout. Preferred movement of 1.
3rd Carmague Caughtout.

Special Junior Veteran Dog (4)
1st Stocks - Ch. Dalmark The Shaded Moon At Nospar JW
- Almost 8yrs old. Belies his age! Correct liver colour. Gorgeous head and expression. Beautifully constructed throughout. Showed with such enthusiasm, obviously really enjoying himself. Super boy, pleased to award him RBD and see him go BVIS.
2nd Gibbs - Phandante Supatroupa
- Another well balanced boy, showing like a youngster. Kind expression. Good overall outline. Moved beautifully round the ring.

Special Senior Veteran Dog (1) Abs

JUDGE - PAULINE BAKER -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

An enjoyable day, thank you all for voting for me to judge this show and accepting my decisions. There was a high quality and some placings could on another day quite easily change. I am pleased to say there was no shyness or aggression and all of the bitches being happy to be gone over. I was pleased with my overall winners.
Many thanks to Naomi Forrest and Maria Whiting for doing a great professional job of stewarding for me.

Minor Puppy Bitch 8 (2)
1 - Clement’s - Caldecacre’s Sweet Perdita
Well spotted liver. Compact , strong and well developed for one so young - be careful she doesn’t become over developed. Good round bone and nice tight cat feet. Lovely forechest , good lay of shoulder ,strong loin and level topline which was held on the move. Good rear angulation . Moved positively with plenty of drive.
2 - Goodman’s -Theakston Twinkling Star Black spotted. Lighter in spotting and build than 1. Very much a baby, pretty and more feminine than first. A bitch with an elegant neck, good front and rear angulation. Level topline which was kept on the move. Moved steadily around the ring. Would have liked a little more substance, but believe this should come with maturity.
3 - Ford’s - Kayjule Olympic gold

Puppy Bitch 10 (3)
1 - Morgan’s - Winflash Olympic Star
Black spotted. This young girl is very nicely put together having a feminine head with lovely expression. Nice reach of neck into a well laid shoulder having good forechest, round bone and nice tight feet. She has a good top line leading into correct tail set and nice bend of stifle. Steady and balanced movement. Hopefully should have a promising future. BPB and pleased she achieved overall BPIS
2 – Bauert and Saunders -Dallydyl Met My Moonlight
Liver spotted. There was a lot to like about this girl also , well developed forechest , good shoulder placement , well off for bone leading down to tight cat feet , good rear angulation,topline and tailset. Moved around the ring well. Another young girl that looks promising.
3 – Batchelor and Emms - Dallydyl Love in Idleness

  Junior Bitch 8 (0)
1 – Haywood and Ridgeway’s - Luccombe Strawberry Dream
This black spotted bitch is compact and solid yet very feminine. Nice head and expression with a good reach of neck into correct lay of shoulder . She has good bone leading into nice cat feet. The darkest of pigment on purest of white coats, a strong loin, holding a good top line with correct tail set standing and on the move and correct tailset . Good rear angulation and well developed second thigh. Overall a very nicely put together bitch which shows in her balanced movement, she covered the ground with ease. Very happy and outgoing, immaculately turned out and well handled. Didn’t put a foot wrong today, pleased to award her a well deserved BB ,RBIS and BOS
2 – Croft’s - Doubtwell Ebony Night
Black spotted similar in type to 1. Feminine head very dark eye and beautiful dense black pigment. She has an elegant neck, good front and rear angulation, holds a good top line and presented in good fit condition, moved around the ring with drive but needs to be a little more at one with the handler.
3 – Richardson’s - Klarkeson Driven by you via Mapplewell

Yearling Bitch 6 (1)
1 – Brindley’s - Dalmanti Black Pearl of Lightoka
This black spotted was another with dense black pigment and very dark eye, such a pretty girl of nice size with good front and rear angulations. Obviously enjoying her day out, showed well and moved with real purpose and drive around the ring. A very nice bitch that I think has been overlooked in the past.
2 – Moore’s - Fincham Dottie Lottie Liver spotted. Nice head with a soft expression. She has alovely reach of neck , level topline and good bend of stifle , moved around the ring balanced and steady, a nice bitch but just didn’t have the drive or ring presence of first place today.
3 – Neal’s - Tolkain Portobello Belle

  Maiden Bitch 6 (2)
1 – Jenkins - Jewelruby Queen
A very showy black spotted bitch giving her all today. Nice head with good dark pigment flowing into good reach of neck and good lay of shoulder and depth of chest having a good bend of stifle. She has sound steady movement, really showed to her advantage.
2 – Gurnsey’s - Blazinstunts Indian Sky At Kilmartin This black spotted is heavier in build than one . She has the darkest eye demonstrating excellent pigmentation. Good all round construction having movement that was balanced and steady. She really enjoyed her day out, just not quite the ring presence of one.
3 – Bennet and Tate’s - Dalmark the Sea Shanty

Novice Bitch 9 (3)
1 - Bauert and Saunders - Dallydyl Met My Moonlight
2 - Jenkins - Jewelruby Queen
3 - Clement’s - Caldecacre’s Sweet Perdita

Graduate Bitch 9 (4)
1 – Stock’s - Kalokairie’s Lady Bollinger at Nospar
This is a lighter classically spotted black who has a nice head with dark eye, elegant neck leading to good lay of shoulder and good top line on the stand leading to correct tail set. She has good round bone with tight cat feet. A strong second thigh with good bend of stifle. Moved true away and back that was steady and balanced.
2 – Thorner’s - Tolutim Evensong Black spotted taller and a different type to first but none the less of sufficient quality. Nice reach of neck with good shoulder placement. She carries a level top line both stood and on the move. Having good rear angulation, well developed and muscled with good second thigh, moved around the ring well.
3 – Connolly’s - Tamilanda Summer Pink At Connomoor

  Post Graduate Bitch 10 (3)
1 – Beeston’s Olbero One Copper Charm For Sanadal
Feminine liver spotted of good colour. She has a lovely head and elegant neck going into well laid shoulder and level top line, good turn of stifle and well developed strong second thigh. Overall a nice balanced bitch who moved around well but didn’t seem to be at one with the handler today. To be overly critical would like to see a bit more weight on her but you cannot take the quality away from her.
2 – Lamb’s - Dalpetro Diva Another good quality bitch. Black spotted having good feminine head. Well developed forechest and lay of shoulder. She is well off for bone and displays good spring of rib, strong hocks good bend of stifle helping her to cover the ground well on the move.
3 – Townson and Pardoe’s - Shacarlu Bumblebee At Daymadals

Limit Bitch 8 (4)
1 – Gardinor’s - Dalispots Dubyana At Dakata
Very nice liver spotted. Nice head and expression, good reach of neck. She has a well developed forechest and good lay of shoulder leading to a good level topline which was also nicely held on the move. A bitch with correct tailset and good bend of stifle, balanced and moved with good reach and extension around the ring. Much to like about this bitch and think she will have a good future – I will watch her with interest.
2 – Whiting’s - Cibrith China Aster Lighter in build and decoration than first. Very feminine head with nice reach of neck, topline good and well put together front and rear. Moved with balance and steadily around the ring and typically very well handled but unfortunately did not cover the ground as well as first.
3 – Kembrey’s - Dalmark The Sandwich

Open Bitch 6 (0)
1 – Hobbs and Whiting’s Winflash Loopy Loo
Very nice black spotted bitch that always seems to give her all and one that has great ring presence A bitch that has substance and well muscled, yet still maintains her femininity. Overall, of good balanced proportion with nice head. This bitch has a well developed deep forechest with plenty of heart and lung room. She has a good lay of shoulder and topline with flowing tail set. Appeared to be carrying a little weight today, but this was overlooked as I could not ignore how well this bitch moved around the ring with plenty of drive, covered the ground really well with purpose,. This bitch didn’t stop showing and again was handled well. Pleased to award her RBB.
2 – Alexander’s - Offordale Catalina
Another nice black spotted bitch with good substance. One who is well off for bone with good feet and another that has a well developed forechest with good shoulder placement and rear angulation As with most bitches today she has a well developed and substantial second thigh highlighting condition. Moved with drive and covered the ground well, just wasn’t showing as well as first place today.
3 – Kembrey’s - Dalmark The Super Sleuth

Special Junior Veteran Bitch 8 (1)
1 – William’s - Phadante Bossanova Baby
This 9 yrs black spotted girl full of life and attitude today giving her handler a tough time. In hardest fit condition and of nice make and shape. This bitch has a nice feminine head with good reach of neck leading into good shoulder and levelest of top lines following onto good strong rear angulation which made this bitch really cover the ground well. Really enjoying her day out. Pleased to award her BVB.
2 – Cuthbertson’s Ch Kalsidoni Garnet
Another quality bitch of 7 yrs who always does everything right. Densest of black pigment with good dark eye and a nice feminine head. A bitch with excellent reach of neck and lay of shoulder. Another with good turn of stifle and overall a lovely make and shape. One who moved very well around the ring but was unfortunate to meet first place who had it over – just - on drive today.
3 – Adderly’s Phadante Follow That Dream

Special Senior Veteran Bitch 6 (2)
1 - Garton’s Jabbawock The Ringleader ShCM (IKC)
An 11 year old liver spotted with a lovely feminine head and dark eye, nice size, good shoulder and rear angulation. In very good condition and looking great for her age. Really enjoying her day out and making her presence known and never put a paw wrong. Handled well and moved around steady and well balanced.
2 – Neath-Duggan’s Ch Buffrey Maybee JW A nice I0 year old black spotted having nice head and dark eye, good angulations and with plenty of substance. Another who enjoyed her day out which was demonstrated when moving around the ring well, just not on the form of first place today.
3 – Wallington’s Diamond Dally

Brace 4 (2)
1 – Thorner’s
2 – Kembrey’s

Judge Ms L Sheldon