British Dalmatian Club 2013 Judged by Mrs Chris Pickup & Dr John Stevenson

Judged by Mrs C. C. Pickup

I was honoured to be elected to judge this prestigious show and would like to thank all the exhibitors, from home and abroad, for their entry. I’d also like to thank the committee for their hospitality. I was absolutely delighted with my final line up with some lovely examples of the breed standard, both in their overall appearance and also in their movement. There were some promising youngsters, who did not achieve top honours today, but who will do so, given time.
There was a breadth of type and quality throughout the classes. The best dogs are well constructed, have good fronts, deep chests with good heart room, strong rears, good feet and so these dogs can move! However, some attention should be paid to type and also to poor movement: is your dog a carriage dog? Unfortunately some dogs were presented with poor coat conditions and had to pay the price. Sadly a couple of dogs were really dirty. There is no excuse for not cleaning a dog before exhibition.

MPD (1)

1 Stirling’s Winflash Dappled White.
Black spotted 7 month old and although he stood alone, he has a good make and shape, good cat feet, nice dark eye and moved well. Very promising.

PD (3)

1. Vockings & Smethurst’s Portunes Green Day.
Beautifully decorated liver spots on a clear white coat. Elegant outline and has plenty of bone and substance; good front and correct turn of stifle. Moved with good reach and drive. Attractive head and expression – definitely one to watch in the future. BPD and BPIS
2. Morgan’s’ Gynmore Gallaghar.
Very little difference in age to 1, but another very promising puppy. A different type with slightly heavier black spotting on a tight white coat, slightly longer in the loin and giving good rear movement. Overall a nice quality, well made puppy. Unlucky to meet 1, he will do well.
3. Bryant’s Theakstone Time Traveller

JD (12)

1. Wright’s Millebelle Lithium.
Impressive upstanding black spotted male with deepest pigmentation. Masculine head and good eye colour. Well off for bone; correct front and rear; he maintains a level topline standing and on the move and strode effortlessly around the ring. Should do very well in the future. RCC RBIS
2. Hobbs & Whiting’s Boutonnex Baby Buco Avec Rapanooey.
Longer in the body than 1 but much to like about him. Good head and overall makes a nice profile; moved with drive but preferred 1 overall.
3. Clarke’s Klarkeson One Vision

YD (5)

1.Dunnachie’s Dvojica Vendetta.
Flashy black spotting on whitest coat. He has a lovely outline, good front with round bone and nice depth of brisket. Side profile standing, and on the move, illustrates his excellent overall balance. Has a good length of stride. Very attractive head and expression. Expertly handled as was 2.
2. Whincup’s Tamilanda Panther Lily, another equally attractive male with excellent spotting, nice head and expression. Good front, rear and feet with a strong action. Just preferred 1 on the day. Both 1 & 2 will be successful in time.
3. Baker’s Klarkeson A Kind of Magic

ND (7)

1. Vockings & Smethurst’s Portunes Green Day
2. Scott-Allen & DavisTolutim Yaffle.
Nice black spotting, good bone and well muscled throughout. Nice profile with good turn of stifle. Needs to project himself more. Moved well but preferred overall confirmation of 1 overall.
3. Tillen’s Camargue Caughtout

GD (5)

1. Hobbs & Whiting’s Boutonnex Baby Buco Avec Rapanooey
2. Gardinor’s Dalmark the Pirate at Dakarta.
Liver colour spotting, taller than 1, but with good overall make and shape giving a good outline. Good rear angulation and moves with drive. Purely let down by his coat condition.
3. Clarke’s Klarkeson One Vision

PGD (5)

1. Bolt’s Fakenham Ferrera Rocha.
Liver decorated dog, who can drive around the ring with ease. His overall outline, with good shoulder placement, deep brisket and good topline are to the standard. In good muscular condition. Liked his head and expression, but had some coat issues.
2. De Rozario’s Dalleaf D’Accord Avec Jemblewood. Another good coloured liver who had a nice head and expression and could move with ease. Nice overall make and shape but did not cover the ground as efficiently as 1.
3. Clarke’s Klarkeson One Vision

MLD (5)

1. Pratt’s Gwymore Finch Hatton at Solostar.
Very attractive black spotted dog, well constructed, with a good front leading into good feet. He has sound rear angulation. His overall balance and topline on the move are good, but did begin to flag and did not project himself in the challenge.
2. Todhunter & Robinson’s Millebelle Young Gun. Very well decorated liver male. Attractive head with good eye colour. Good front and rear, strong throughout and can cover the ground with ease. Well muscled and in good hard condition. Lost out to 1 purely on coat condition 1 & 2 could easily change place places on different days.
3.Whincup & Sibson’s Tamilanda Vintage Pink

LD (6)

1. Williams’ Phadante Brighton Rock.
Masculine liver dog with good front and deep chest. Nice head and kind expression. Covered the ground with a steady gait.
2. Alcocks’ Creaganbrec Face of Beau at Dalspartan. Lovely liver colour, upstanding dog with good overall outline. Good lay of shoulder on correct front. Moved with drive maintaining a good topline, but lost out to 1 on coat condition
3. Baker’s Dalleaf Devils Disciple

OD (6)

Three nice dogs.
1. Hartley& Griffiths Ch. Creaganbrec the Favourite at Miragua. A genial and happy dog with kind expression and lovely spotting, so well named! An outstanding dog who meets the standard. Well constructed with good brisket, plenty of heart room, good tight feet and appropriately muscled, best mover in the class keeping a firm topline throughout, but flagged in the challenge.
2. Croft’s Doubtwell the Showstopper. Taller than one, a very masculine dog, well boned but not over done. Dense black pigment and good markings. Steady action front and rear, covered the ground well but does not have the presence or same qualities as 1.
3. Goff-Leggett’s Ch. Washakie Nutcracker Prince

Special Memorial OD (3)

1. Alexander’s Ch. Offordale Chevalier.
An outstanding dog. He is a fine upstanding, stallion type with a huge ring presence that demands attention. His substance and quality are there for all to see and when combined with his strong reach and powerful drive, he strides round the ring and covers the ground with ease. He has a masculine head but with a very kind expression. Has good overall black spotting on the whitest of coats on a lovely profile. Correct in all aspects of the standard - absolutely delighted to award him DCC. ( BIS)
2. Tingey’s Holderness Hillbilly by Dallydor.
Liver spotted, another masculine example of the breed. Taller than 1, nice outline, moved well with his handler but not with the reach and drive of 1.
3. Hobbs & Whiting Int. Ch. Lacrima Christi Callargari

Special Junior Veteran (4)

Two dogs who can really move
1. Lewis’s Man About Town at Hunterswood. Clear black spotting on a very white coat. Pleasing head and expression. Good deep brisket and a good tuck up made for a pleasing outline. Very correct dog. Moved across the floor with excellent drive. BV and BVIS
2. Alcock’s Mapplewell Chocolate Box for Dalspartan.
Attractively spotted liver with good make and shape. Moved with drive but lost out to 1 on ring presence,
3. Gibbs’ Phadante Supatroupa

Special Senior Veteran Dog (1)

1. McVicar’s Dundarave Ambassador.
What a happy dog, so pleased to be in the ring. At 10 plus years old, he is an upstanding dog with deep black pigment, deepest of eye colour and maintained a very good outline. Good turn of stifle. Moved well, at one with his handler.



Judged by John Stevenson

I was most grateful to all exhibitors for allowing me the privilege to go over their bitches. I apply two guiding principles when judging. Firstly, a Dalmatian is a carriage dog, and must be able to perform that role efficiently and effortlessly. This requires a sound construction, configuration and conformation in order to enable the required fluid and economic movement to be achieved. ‘Showiness’ and/or a striking appearance should never be allowed to overshadow the Dalmatian’s fitness for purpose as a carriage dog. Secondly, it is the performance of each exhibit on the day which should determine places, and a dog’s past show record (good or bad) should have no influence on decisions – it certainly did not affect mine.
The early classes presented some difficulties in making placings. Many exhibits were let down by erratic wandering movement, which is extremely difficult to assess, and to which several handlers appeared quite oblivious. For this reason, many places could so easily change on another occasion.

MPB (4, 0 Absent)

1. Dunnachie’s Dvojica Black Swan.
Attractive b/w with correct length to height proportions. Dark eye contributes to expression. Level topline with gentle arch over loin & croup. Deep chest. Excellent bone. Good angulation of hindquarters, used to effect to produce a positive driving rear movement.
2. Baker’s Dalmaigheo My Baby Ruby. Feminine bitch with nice head and expression and presenting a pleasing outline and overall construction which will refine with maturity. Relaxed stride when viewed in profile, which should improve further as she as settles with time.
3. Moates’ Leihart Honolulu Honey at Sundowndal.

PB (5,3)

1. Goodman’s Theakston Twinkling Star.
B/w of some substance for her age, displaying pleasing profile and overall proportions. Good reach of neck, topline and spring of rib. Complementary angulation of fore- and hindquarters. Fluid on the move. Well schooled and well handled. BPB
2. Ford’s Kayjule Olympic Gold.
Happy & outgoing personality. Good reach of neck leading to well laid back shoulders and clean withers. Level topline and correct tailset. Balanced angulation.

JB (7,1)

1. Richardson’s Klarkeson Driven By You Via Mapplewell.
Well schooled feminine b/w with nice body proportions and substance. Good lay back of shoulder and return of upper arm leading to straight forelegs with good round bone. Well angulated rear quarters. Used her sound quarters to advantage and edged the class with her superior movement.
2. Knight’s Jabbawock The Time Turner. Liked this l/w when first saw her as a puppy, and was not disappointed today. Clean lines, elegant and alert. Nice decoration. Good reach of neck, well constructed forequarters. Balanced and steady on the move. Could easily change places on another day.
3. Morgan’s Winflash Olympic Star.

YB (8,2)

1. Hayward-Ridgway’s Luccombe Strawberry Dream JW.
I have admired this young b/w from a puppy. Her overall outline impresses and is complemented by substance. Correct size with everything in proportion and benefitting from an underlying sound conformation throughout. Not surprisingly this is reflected in her flowing movement which combines reach and drive. Close decision in the challenge. RCC.
2. Croft’s Doubtwell Ebony Night.
Intense pigment and dark eye. Good depth of chest and length and spring of rib provide a solid frame. Attractive angulation of hind quarters. Collected and controlled on the move with an effortless stride, hind feet tracking the fore.
3. Neal’s Tolkain Portobello Belle.

NB (14, 5)

1. T. Twinkling Star.
2. Batchelor & Emms’ Dallydyl Love In Idleness.
Presented in very good condition. Nice body proportions with chest to elbow and strong loin. Solid round bone to foreleg and correct spring of pastern. Use hindquarters to advantage on the move in a flowing action.
3. Jenkins’ Jewelruby Queen.

GB (3,2)

1. Hernandez’ Dalminshi Mystic Star.
Alert b/w with darkest of pigment. Attractive head and ear carriage. Good proportion of length of shoulder to upper arm. Well sprung ribs, firm loin and correct tail carriage. Well muscled throughout, but retaining feminine elegance. Flowing movement with drive.

PGB (10.3)

1. Stocks’ Kalokairie Lady Bollinger At Nospar JW.
Well presented b/w. Tight coat, Correct head proportions and ear carriage. Balanced in outline and well angulated quarters including good length of upper arm. Collected on the move to advantage, displaying good length of reach and stride.
2. Thorners’ Tolutim Evensong. B/w with alert expression. Good reach of neck leading to defined withers. Deep chest to elbow, good spring of rib, and correct length of loin. Used well constructed quarters to provide a smooth rhythmic action. An overall sound Dalmatian.
3. Baker’s Klarkeson Royal Mint.

MidLB (8,1)

1. Pages’ Winflash Born To Be Wild JW.
Have always found the outline and proportions of this b/w appealing. Sound bone, capacious chest, level topline, correct tailset and carriage. Excellent angulation of quarters and good length of upper arm. Moved with drive and purpose. Pressed hard in the challenge.
2. Kembrey’s Dalmark The Sand Witch. Richly coloured l/w of standard size. Super ear carriage and expression. Feminine and elegant yet solid and well muscled. Soundly angulated quarters used to advantage to produce reach and drive and cover the ground economically.
3. Stanton & White’s Sophtspot Barley Sugar.

LB (10, 2)

1. Dores’ Daldior Ace Of Diamonds.
Alert and attentive b/w presented in top condition. Super outline with correct ratio of length to height. Toned to perfection with not an ounce of excess. Length of upper arm results in well angulated forequarters capable of producing the reach required of a carriage dog. Complemented by bend of stifle and well developed second thigh which combine to produce the required rear drive. Simply flowed round the ring without the slightest effort. 2nd last time I judged her, but could not deny her today not only the class but also her crowning CC.
2. Emmett & Simons’ Dalliviro Reba Mac At Ellemstra JW ShCM.
Superb pigmentation and markings and another presented in top condition. Firm muscle throughout. Correct angulation of quarters, defined withers, level topline held on the move. Drives out positively, moving freely and very collected.
3. Wright’s Boutonneux Artemis Of Milbelle JW ScCM.

OB (5,1)

1. Johnson’s Tynevale Takes Three To Tango JW ScCM.
Going over this attractive l/w, you realise how sound she is. Deep chest, level topline leading to gentle rise over the loin. Good length of rib and strong coupling. Balanced angulation fore and rear and steady smooth movement covering the ground well.
2. Rowledge’s Boutonneux Galathea At Gemmont. Well toned, upstanding b/w. Nicely arched neck, defined withers, level topline, correct tail carriage. Strong bone to forelegs and good angulation of shoulder and upper arm. Balanced in rear and producing a flowing long stride.
3. Morgan’s Int/Nl/Eur Ch. Gwynmor Chiquita

SpMemOB (4,0)

1. Kembrey’s Dalmark The Super Sleuth JW.
Very soundly constructed and feminine l/w. Balanced outline and proportions of a typical and true Dalmatian. Well toned muscle. Excellent conformation and uses her quarters to provide free-flowing movement with good reach and length of stride.
2. Pages’ Ch Winflash Elle’s Belle’s JW. B/w schooled and handled to advantage. Excellent head, ear carriage and expression. Firm in body, deep chest and correct size. Sound front angulation especially upper arm. Moved out with purpose.
3. Alexander’s Offordale Catalina.

SpJVB (5,2)

1. Adderley’s Phadante Follow That Dream ShCM.
Have described this b/w previously as an honest Dalmatian and nothing has changed. Sound in construction and proportions. Correct head and ear carriage. Level topline held on the move, powerful loin, good tail carriage. Still retains her smooth action and covers the ground well. BVB
2. Williams’ Phadante Bossanova Baby.
9 y/o litter sister to 1, and displaying many of her characteristics and attributes. Nice angles fore and rear. Good strong bone in foreleg. Firm throughout. Moved with purpose.
3. Palmers’ Cibrith Sweet Chestnut By Dakiluja.

SpSVB (4,2)

1. Bardet’s Int/Fr/Mc Ch. Cibrith Pepper ‘N’ Salt.
11 y/o b/w who displayed a remarkable lightness on her feet and a spring in her step. Appealing head and nicely arched neck. Attractive lines. Not at all troubled in moving around the ring and quite enjoying her day
2. Dores’ Dalkereve Dazzling Diamond. 10 y/o b/w and another enjoying her day in the limelight. Well boned, deep chest with nice spring of rib. Correct tailset and carriage. Well angulated hind quarters.

Brace (2,1)

1. Tingey’s liver brace.
A true brace pairing of dog and bitch. Moved well together round the ring