Windsor 2014 Judged by Linda Moore
VD/B 3/1

1 Smallwood, CH Mapplewell Dancing Queen of Lascelles
, l/s, attractive head and spotting, good ribbing happy girl moved with drive.
2 Lamb, CH Dalpetro Dettori also enjoying his day out, correct size classic outline.

MPD, 3/0

1 McCarthy, Domdallino Je Suis Kilndandy
, L/s nice size, well filled front, good rounded boned front legs, good ribbing.
2 Ellarby, Daedalus Alfie Boe, b/s good looking boy very immature needs more confidence.
3 Cooper, Charmindals Goldfinger.

PD, 7/1

1 Gardinor, Jamelsley Pyracantha at Dakata
, B/s, balanced head with good eye colour giving intelligent expression, good reach of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders, correct topline sping of rib strong loin, nicely angled rear, moved true with tail held correctly, RCC & BP
2 Cadden, Phadante Jambalaha
, B/s, A good looking boy with good angles and good bone moved with drive.
3, Page, Winflash Jimmy Choo.

JD, 2/0

1 with held
2 Ely, Wintermine Gaucho
, L/s Nice looking boy correct liver colour, good outline, unfortunately just did not want to be here and did not move out.
3, Brett, Stardally Prince Charming

YD 3/1

1 Bull, Alphadal Thatís Spooky
, B/s lightly spotted, well up on size, plenty of personality, moved with reach and drive.
2 Hajee & Tidcombe, Rainbeau of Hope, B/S correct head, attentive ears classic make & shape good size.

PGD, 5/2

1 Hobbs & Whiting, Boutonneux Baby Buco Avec Rapanooey
, B/S balanced head attentive ears, correct top line, deep chest, strong loin, moved with purpose.
2, Clarke, Klarkson One Vision JW, B/S, Appealing expression correct ear carriage, nice coat condition moved out well.
3, Tingey, Dallyador Aramis.

LD 9/1,

1 Sibson & Wincup, Tamilanda Vintage Pink
, L/S Balanced head with nice expression correct ear carriage, deep chest good spring of rib short coupled, correct width and turn of stifle moved out well.
2 Green & Sears, Tolutim Yves St Laurent At Judally, L/S, another quality male lovely outline and angles moves out true just wonít make the most of himself.
3 Baker, Dalleaf Devils Disciple JW.

OD 6/0

1 Whincup, Tamilander Panther Lilly (JW,ShCM)
, B/S All male in tip top condition, balanced head correct ear carriage good eye colour, nicely arched neck, defined wither, good topline, strong loin correct tail carriage, moved off with reach and drive and tracked true fore & aft CC
2 Hartley & Griffiths, CH Creaganbrec The Favourite at Miragua JW
, B/S an old favourite, correct size, gleaming coat, correct ear carriage, deep chest short coupled good topline and tail carriage moved with purpose.
3 Croft, Doubtwell Show Stopper

GCDS 1/1

MPB 1/0

1 Hobbs & Whiting, Rapanooey Rhona
, B/S very much a baby, pretty face, reach of neck, nice shapely underline, moved ok.

PB 4/2

1 Goodswen, Alphadal Attention Seaker
, B/S Balanced head nice expression, good reach of neck, level topline, good ribbing, happy, moved with drive.
2 Cross, Rapanooey Anakena with Briydeigano, B/s kind expression, unfortunate phantom spoiling her outline but moved out steady and true.

JB 7/2

1 Finlay, Dvojica Black Swan at Dalfin
, B/S substantial young lady classic make and shape, balanced head lovely expression, good angles front and rear sound on the move.
2 Neath-Duggan, Buffrey Hey Diddle Diddle, B/S another classic typy young lady attractive head, good underline shape, balanced on the move,
3 Philip, Dvojica Bubble Ní Chic at Nordalset.

YB 6/1

1 Morgan, Winflash Olympic Star
, B/S Full of quality one who has to be in the considerations for the top spots, fits the standard perfect for size, super topline and tail carriage balanced fore and aft effortless on the move
2 Finlay, Dvojica Black Swan at Dalfin
3, Suggett, Dalesbred GeebeeGold for Kintegus

PG 9/1

1 Moate, Leiahart Honolulu Honey at Sundowndal
, B/S Miss personality plus, lovely quality so happy to be here but hard work for her handler. Balanced head framed beautifully with correctly placed and held ears, long tapered neck completely free from throatiness giving her true elegance, Deep chest plenty of heart and lung room, ribbed well back, short strong loin, correct rear angulation, good reach and drive tracked true topped off with excellent coat condition and spotting, CC & BOB
2 Webb & Chrystal Heaven Sent Des Dalmats La Sacree (IMP)
B/S well put together young lady deep chest good tuck up correct topline sound on the move.
3 Fillingham, Tamilanda Blue Water Lily

L 5/1

1 Martlandís Kalokairies Lady Eleanor At Deefadal
, (handler Cobb-McGill), L/S Another that has to be in the considerations for the top spots, correct size, correct front straight front legs with rounded bone and good amount of fill between not over done, correct ears arched neck laid back shoulders level topline strong loin good reach on the move.
2 Aaberg & Bradford, Shulune Fantasy Unicorn B/S one to like, good head and ears elegant neck, classic make and shape moved out well shame handler had a bag of bait over the dogs nose all the time.
3 Gardinor, Dalspots Dubyana at Dakata

O 8/1

1 Bolt-Rowledge, Boutonneux Galathea at Gemmont
B/S An upstanding bitch with presence, intelligent expression correctly carried ears, standing on well boned legs good amount of fill at the front well angled at the rear, a pleasure to watch move with a long stride smooth and powerful, tracking totally true rear feet following the front no sign of pinning or platting. RCC
2 Haywood-Ridgway, Luccombe Strawberry Dream
B/S Out of the top drawer standard size, balanced head correctly held ears, level topline tail flows off correctly well angled front and rear good side gait.
3 Alexander, Offordale Amethyst.

Linda Moore