BUBA 2014 Judged by Paul Hipkiss
A huge thank you to all who entered at what was my first appointment awarding CCs. I felt honoured to have such a lovely entry, and will long remember the day. Thank you all.
The breed standard sets out a long list of requirements for the ideal Dalmatian, but of primary importance is that the conformation of the dog should be such that they would be capable of fulfilling the function for which the breed was originally developed. Dalmatians are a breed for trotting over considerable distances and must have the muscles, balance and strength to do so.
I was looking for exhibits that had the build for the job and was pleased to find many that would be very capable. It was pleasing to see some very promising youngsters in the ring, some with bright futures ahead of them and although bitches in the higher classes had greater depth of quality, there were many excellent dogs to choose from.
The disappointment of the day was finding a number of exhibits presented that were obviously not enjoying their time in the showring. Much has been said about not showing dogs that are physically unfit, but equally dogs that are mentally unfit for the showring should be left at home.
I was very pleased with my class and CC winners and delighted to see my Best of Breed go onto to win Best in Show. Congratulations also to the Best Puppy who was awarded Group 3.


1. Alexander’s Offordale Picasso.
What a promising puppy – lovely symmetrical outline, good length of stride and well held balance. Alert masculine nicely proportioned head, well set ears. Smooth well arched neck carried well forward and down to well defined withers and moderately oblique shoulders. In his youth already showing the desired body proportions.
2. Fort’s Shulune Dragons Breath. A little shorter coupled than 1 but moved out with purpose. Shared many of the attributes of 1 including good bone and spotting. Correct front, well sprung ribs, level topline into slightly arched loin.
3. Christie’s Kula Shaker The Astonishing Sophtspot (IMP NLD)

PUPPY DOG (9, 3abs)

1. McCarthy’s Domdallino Je Suis Kilndandy.
Striking bold liver spotted youngster who moved with drive and enthusiasm. Soundly constructed with strong muscle, deep chest, a level topline which was well held on the move. Good spring of pastern, neck flowing into well defined withers. Most appealing masculine head.
2. Christie’s Kula Shaker The Astonishing Sophtspot (IMP NLD). Well handled and moved freely with enthusiasm and drive. Well placed shoulders and deep well sprung chest. Front and rear balanced and moved in co-ordination.
3. Richardson’s Mapplewell Dynamite

JUNIOR DOG (5, 0abs)

1. Gardinor’s Jamelsley Pyracantha At Dakata.
Nicely finished outline when stood, matched by positive reach and drive on the move. Bold well defined spotting, dark eye. Tight feet and good bend of stifle.
2. Ellarby’s Daedalus Alfie Boe. Quality youngster with appealing head and dark eye. Moved well, with reach and drive positive and well co-ordinated. A little longer cast than 1 and a close decision, but just preferred the overall picture of 1
3. Cadden’s Phadante Jambalaha

YEARLING DOG (4, 0abs)

1. Quayle’s Cubalibre Shine On.
Nice size and shape, well proportioned overall with lovely spotting on clear white background.. Expertly handled, he moved out confidently with drive in balance with good reach at the front. Appealing head, neck going down to correct lay of shoulder and well defined withers.
2. Cadden’s Phadante Jambalaha. Still growing into his body, this youngster moved with enthusiasm and drive, but at the moment appears a little leggy compared to 1. This should change as he matures. A confident mover with strong topline, he held his shape on the move.
3. Addy’s Creganbrec Jacob Marley

NOVICE DOG (2, 0abs0

1. Quayle’s Cubalibre Shine On
2. Christie’s Kula Shaker The Astonishing Sophtspot


1. Clarke’s Klarkeson One Vision JW.
I liked the overall size and construction of this black dog – nothing is overdone. Well bodied and muscled, he has a lovely head and the darkest of eyes. On the move he held a good level topline and his drive was well matched to his reach.
2. Kembrey’s Dalmark The Pinot Grigio. Excellently proportioned , this super liver dog moved out well. I liked his overall balance, but just preferred 1 for size. Appealing friendly head, smooth well arched neck to well defined withers, good lay of shoulder in to excellent topline which he held well when moving.
3. Hurst’s Philcarthom Xcaliber At Finnidal

LIMIT DOG (11, 2abs)

1. Bolt’s Fakenham Ferrera Rocher
Striking liver dog very much fit for purpose. Solidly built with strong bones, firm muscle and rough tough pads, this boy should be able to trot for miles with ease. Strong front with shoulders well positioned, withers easily defined, level topline and strong over the loin. Overall firm condition, balance and easy going movement won him the class on the day and Res CC
2. Baker’s Klarkeson A Kind Of Magic.
Well made black dog, with good length of neck, a deep chest, and well defined bend of stifle. A little shorter coupled than 1 but still well co-ordinated.
3. Eden’s Dalens Hot Gossip JW ShCM

OPEN DOG (11, 1abs)

1. Hartley & Griffith’s CH Creaganbrec The Favourite At Miragua JW.
A veteran in how he goes about being shown, moving attentively with his owner, but certainly not looking veteran in age. Having watched him from ringside, but not having judged him before, he really was the dog that most pleased me on the day. For me he has everything that the standard requires – beautifully balanced and powerfully built, effortless movement – just standing he looks the perfect picture of a dog built to trot for miles. Going over him, he impressed with excellent muscle tone, strong round bone and cat like feet, well sprung ribs, deep brisket, powerful loin and good tailset. Good angulation – nothing overdone. A lovely sized Dalmatian of exceptional quality. Well deserved CC
2. Whincup’s CH Tamilanda Panther Lily JW Sh CM.
Another dog in tip top condition, and a worthy champion. A classy elegant dog of substance, so well shown - moved with great reach and strong drive. Soundly constructed with excellent lay of shoulder, balanced by level topline, correct rear angulation, good turn of stifle. An appealing head and well defined spotting complete the picture of a top quality example of the breed.
3. Erkelens Maaike’s Choice Emrys


1. Alexander’s Offordale Larissa.
What a lovely symmetrical outline this puppy presents from her friendly expressive head to the tip of her well set tail. Front and rear angulation in balance, smooth well arched neckline merging into well defined withers, a good level topline and slightly arched loin. Evenly distributed spotting, dark eyes. I really could not fault her on the move – I’m sure she is destined for great show success.
2. David & Saunders Dalticino Interlagos From Dallydyl. Very nicely decorated liver sharing many of the features of 1and gave her a run for her money. Soundly built with substance and symmetrical outline. Strong round bone, cat like feet, good chest and spring of rib. Much to look forward to.
3. Goodswen’s Alphadal Aint She Sweet

PUPPY BITCH (16, 3abs)

1. Holburn’s Dallyador The Spellbinder At Glenlion.
Well constructed black. Clean white coat with well defined spotting, feminine head with dark eyes and well set ears. Developing good muscle which helped in her positive controlled action on the move.
2. Tingey’s Dallyador The Enchantress. Most appealing liver evenly decorated and with excellent pigmentation. Lovely feminine head, ears well set , overall elegant and well balanced, she moved out strongly with positive driving motion. Close decision with her litter sister (1) but just shaded by her for bone at this stage in her development.
3. Carroll’s Dalmaigheo Love Me Do


1. Petersen’s Daedalus Cliff Angel.
Easy going flowing movement, this black bitch is so well put together with good bone and well developed quarters, well placed shoulders and good bend of stifle. Tight feet, firm topline and well set tail - nothing overdone.
2. Christie’s Jezebel The Astonishing Sophtspot JW. Well toned in body and limbs, well angled front and sound hindquarters. Sound mover who held her shape, but preferred the topline and tailset of 1
3. Carroll’s Dalmaigheo Love Me Do


1. Quayle’s Cubalibre Follow On JW.
Handled with perfection, this quality bitch is so well balanced and has an appealing head and dark eyes. Bold spotting on a clean coat. Good front and correct shoulder, in balance with well developed rear quarters and bend of stifle.Effortless driving movement showing that this girl could trot for miles with ease.
2. Neath-Duggans Buffrey Hey Diddle Diddle. A well put together bitch, moved well. A little longer cast than 1 but equally well balanced. Just preferred the substance of 1. Shoulder angulation as it should be, matched by bend of stifle. Sound topline and loin.
3. Finlay’s Dvojica Black Swan At Dalfin


1. Kembrey’s Dalmark The Floozie. Nicely
decorated liver with correct pigment. Well schooled, she showed well, moving with good drive and enthusiasm. Nothing overdone and so nicely balanced. Neck and shoulders clean, flowing into well defined wither, firm topline & good tailset. Hindquarters well developed. Well boned with tight feet.
2. Yates’s Trapeze Grace. Not on the best of form appearing a little hesitant, but when she was moved her obvious qualities shone through. Nice head and neck, strong front with deep brisket and well balanced with hindquarters.
3. Hobbs & Whiting’s Rapanooey Rhapsody


1. Gardener’s Dvojica Black Again At Wrendragge.
Such an appealing well proportioned bitch, with great balance and poise, moved with a strong positive action with excellent reach and drive. Well proportioned, typical appealing feminine head, neck held well forward when on the move and flowing into clearly defined withers, correct layback of shoulder. Good depth of brisket and well sprung ribs. Level topline, firm loin and good tailset. Rounded bone with good feet. On the move her shape held well and she showed a good stride and tracking. Strong contender in the challenge.
2. Connolly’s Tamilanda Summer Pink At Connomoor. An appealing well made liver showing good coat and pigment. Lovely outline and angulation. Well coordinated, she strode out with positive driving action once settled. Close up with 1 – a little finer in bone.
3. Jenkins’s Jewelruby Queen.

LIMIT BITCH (18, 4abs)

1. Pratt & Norgrove’s Caldecacre Sea The Stars With Shydally.
Such a lovely bitch to look at and did not disappoint when moved. She caught my eye from the start of the class and did not put a foot wrong. Handled with real ability, her virtues shone through. I loved her overall balance and great angulation. Excellent round bone, spring of pastern and bend of stifle just right, chest deep with good depth of brisket. Well muscled, she held her outline on the move – level back, well defined withers and loin slightly arched. Nothing about her is overdone, everything in her make up just flows together. A good honest carriage dog, very much fit for purpose. I was pleased to be able to award her the RBCC.
2. Fillingam & Whincup’s Tamilanda Blue Water Lily At Dotsadaisy.
This bitch’s make and shape cannot be ignored – the quality is there when stood, and when moved she does not disappoint. I liked her easy and purposeful movement which showed impressive reach and drive. Such a feminine head and distinct well spaced spotting. I shall watch this youngster with interest as I feel that she has yet to reach her full potential.
3. Morgan’s Winflash Olympic Star JW

OPEN BITCH (12, 2abs)

1. Emmett & Simons CH Dalliviro Reba Mac At Ellemstra JW ShCM.
It was such a pleasure to go over this lovely bitch. In prime muscular condition this bitch epitomises the carriage dog requirements of build for endurance - for a dog that can trot easily over many miles without strain. I loved everything about her – appealing head with dark eyes, well set on ears, neck held well forward on the move and flowing onto well defined withers, deep brisket, ribs well sprung, level back, lean and strong muscular loins, her lay of shoulder and angle of pelvis evenly matched. Hocks well defined, stifle well bent, and spring of pastern not overdone. Strong round bone, and tight cat like feet completed the picture of a stunning 3 year old in absolutely peak condition. Coordinated movement around the ring with grace and pace, and accurate tracking. BEST OF BREED and delighted to see her go BEST IN SHOW.
2. Tingey’s Phaeland Pheonix Phorever By Dallyador.
A lot to like in this quality elegant liver bitch. Beautifully decorated, head with friendly expression and well set ears, neck elegant and flowing to well defined withers, level topline and well balanced angulation. Firmly muscled, she moved out strongly with a long easy flowing stride, elbows held close to her body. I liked the overall balance and outline of this bitch.
3. Thorner’s CH Tolutim Drambuie ShCM

Judge:- Paul Hipkiss (Dalkiss)