Dalmatian Club of Scotland Open 2015 Judged by John Moate

I thank the Committee of the Dalmatian Club of Scotland for giving me the honour of Judging their Breed Open Show at Kelso.
Thanks must also go to the exhibitors for giving me such a fabulous entry & staying on after the Border Union Championship Show, in spite of the strong wind & showers.
I am grateful to my very efficient stewards, Bill & Jane Gregory, who kept the ring running so smoothly.
I was very pleased with the overall quality of the entry, however some short upper arms were evident, causing straight fronts & short strides, & the windy conditions unsettled some exhibits.

BIS was Alexander’s Offordale Picasso.
RBIS, Alexander’s Offordale Larissa.
BP Whincup’s Rapanooey Miss Continental by Tamilanda.

(3) 1 Hartley & Griffiths’ Creaganbrec The Favourite at Miragua , b/w 8˝ years old, dense pigment, good head & topline, good rear angulation, active & outgoing, a shame he didn’t stay to challenge for BV;
2 McCarthy’s Kilndandy Old Copper, l/w. Good head & expression, shoulder well laid, level topline, moved well;
3 Alcock’s Mapplewell Chocolate Box for Dalspartan.


PD (2/2).

JD (4,1)

1 Alexander’s Offordale Picasso, masculine b/w young dog, muscular & balanced, symmetrical in outline, skull flat, muzzle powerful with good bite, ears well broken up, neck strong, tapering into powerful well angulated shoulders, elbows close, deep capacious chest with plenty of heart & lung room, loin firm & slightly arched, well rounded muscles on hindquarters, excellent bend of stifle, hocks well defined, excelled on the move with powerful action & long stride, a dog built for endurance. BD, BIS;
2 Richardson’s Mapplewell Dynamite
, young dog of good size & temperament, nice head with pleasing decoration, coat lightly decorated a rich liver colour, good topline & tailset, moved well;
3 Donnelly’s Tamilanda Berry Ice Lilly.


1 McCarthy’s Domdallino Je Suis Kildandy, young liver boy of good substance, kindly expression, good head & correct eye colour, rich liver spotting on clean white coat, spring of front pastern, tight cat feet, moderate angulation, moved well;
2 Richardson’s Mapplewell Dynamite;
3 Ellarby’s Daedalus Alfie Boe.


1 Addy’s Creaganbrec Jacob Marley, masculine boy in peak condition, lightly decorated, black spots of dollar size on clean white coat, correct head, dark eye, well set ears, well defined withers to good topline & tailset, excellent angulation throughout;
2 Smith’s Deipunti Double Trouble, b/w beautiful dark eye, good head, strong muzzle, good shoulder angulation, a little unsettled on the move in today’s strong wind;
3 Lindsay’s Culalibre Stride On at Appennine.


1 Tingey’s Dallyador Aramis, l/w of nice make & shape, with attractively spotted ears, good head with correct amber eye, good depth of rib carried back to tight loin, well muscled hindquarters used to good effect on the move;
2 Newton’s Chizzmic Chase Me, elegant l/w with gentle face framed by beautifully spotted ears, overall decoration very attractive, longer in body than first, moved with smooth rhythmic stride;
3 Talbot’s Rapanooey Moai at Leaveslake.


1 Munro’s Tanstar Sea The Stars, well decorated b/w, excellent topline, clean withers, nice lay of shoulder, ample bone, cat feet, good tailset, a little out of coat today, sound hindquarters helped him drive out at a good pace;
2 Creaganbrec Face Of Beau at Dalspartan, beautiful liver, correct head with very well spotted ears, excellent eyes, good front, strong bone to cat feet, deep chest, well sprung rib well carried back to tight loin, being a little unsettled on the move meant that he lost out to 1;
3 Hobbs’ Boutonneux Baby Buco avec Rapanooey.


1 Lamb’s Dalpetro Decaprio, beautiful well proportioned l/w, masculine head with strong muzzle, good eye colour, lovely coat pigmentation, elegant neck tapering into strong shoulders, well defined withers, excellent topline sweeping to good tailset, good angulation front & rear enabled him to move out with smooth rhythmic drive. RBD;
2 Millbelle Lithium, very masculine b/w, strong & muscular, deep black pigmentation on immaculate white coat, a little frisky on the move today;
3 Markey’s Heaven Sent Phreeman Calix with Dalissm.

(7,1) An excellent class of quality bitches.
1 Cuthbertson’s Ch Kalsidoni Garnet, an outstanding b/w, lovely head framed by spotty ears, elegant neck into strong shoulders, good depth of rib, tight elbows, good topline & tailset, good angulation front & rear, well developed first & second thigh, moved true out & back, powered round the ring with a smooth controlled gait, still in top condition it was hard to believe she was a veteran. RBB, BVB, BVIS;
2 Smith’s Tamilanda Pretty In Pink
, very feminine b/w, darkest of eye, with good shoulders, cat feet, very well decorated, good angulation & tailset;
3 Barrett’s Marricdale the Gold Digger of Dalamanti.


1 Whincup’s Rapanooey Miss Continental by Tamilanda, distinctively spotted b/w puppy just 7 months old, presented in pristine condition, deep pigmentation on an immaculate white coat, gentle face framed by well broken ears, darkest of eye, good lay of shoulder, nice spring of front pastern, tight feet, good topline & tailset, she even had a spot on her happy tail, alert & attentive to her handler she showed her socks off, surely she must have a very bright future;
2 Talbot’s Rapanooey Vanishing World at Leaveslake, an excellent b/w puppy, friendly & outgoing, intelligent face framed by wonderfully spotty ears, good front & rear angulation, good topline & tailset, tail was down a little today probably because she was concentrating so earnestly on her handler, one to watch;
3 Hobbs’ Rapanooey Shimmerglisten.


1 Whincup’s Rapanooey Miss Continental by Tamilanda.


1 Alexander’s Offordale Larissa, stylish, very well presented b/w young bitch of correct size, symmetrical in outline, attractive head framed by well set & well broken ears, elegant neck tapering to correctly angulated shoulders, well defined withers, excellent topline & tailset, ribs carried well back, loin clean & slightly arched to well angulated hind quarters, nice turn of stifle, hocks well defined, moved freely with smooth rhythmic action. BB, BOS;
2 Tingey’s Dallyador The Enchantress
, l/w with lovely spotty ears & a gentle expression, a longer type than 1, elegant both standing & on the move, showed very well;
3 Goodswen’s Alphadal Aint She Sweet.


1 McKenzie’s Mapplewell Imaginary Diva, a balanced l/w of correct size, a pretty face, alert intelligent eyes of a perfect amber colour, coat a rich liver spotting on a pure white background, elegant neck tapering into muscular & well laid back shoulders, straight round bone to cat feet, good topline & tailset, excellent rear angulation, very feminine, moved well;
2 Barrett’s Dalamanti Ice Ruby, well put together b/w with good angulation, nice topline & tailset, award boards crashing down in the strong wind made her unsettled today;
3 Tingey’s Dallyador The Enchantress.


1 Hartley & Griffiths’ Creaganbrec Glory Boy at Miragua, excellently proportioned bitch, alert expression, dark eye, well broken ears, lightly decorated face, evenly decorated body with dollar size black spotting, good rear angulation, good topline & tailset, happy girl, tail never stopped wagging, moved well;
2 Markey’s Dalissm’s Love Witch, b/w girl, slightly larger than 1, lovely spotty ears, good shoulders, straight round bone to cat feet, good rear angulation, good tuckup, a little put off by the wind so tail down today;
3 Marley’s Dalissm’s Love Magic.


1 Finlay’s Dvojica Black Swan at Dalfin, happy & outgoing b/w bitch of right size, nice head framed by beautiful ears, graceful neck, balanced angulation fore & aft, good muscletone, even a spotty tail, moved well;
2 Connolly’s Tamilanda Summer Pink at Connomoor, feminine l/w bitch, nice spotty ears, good topline & tailset, good rear angulation, at one with handler.
LB (6,3)

1 Fillingham’s Tamilanda Blue Water Lilly at Dotsadaisy, immaculately presented b/w girl with excellent markings, very attractive head, bright & sparkling dark eyes enhanced by fine eye rims, good bone, tight cat feet front & rear, nice topline, good tailset, excellent rear angulation, showed really well in her class but after a rather long day she had become tired by the challenge, a strong contender who will have her day;
2 Christie’s Jezebel The Astonishing Sophtspot, striking b/w bitch, beautiful face, nicely spotted ears, excellent forequarters & topline, good bend of stifle, hocks well defined, would have preferred to have seen her shown on a loose lead;
3 Richardson’s Klarkeson Driven By You via Mapplewell.

(7,4) A closely contested class of quality bitches, any of whom could have come first on another day.

1 Lamb’s Dalpetro Diva, well presented b/w girl, beautifully spotted well set ears, nicely arched neck, shoulders well laid back, good depth of chest carried well back to slightly arched loin, good topline & tailset, tight feet, excellent rear angulation. Showed with animation & aplomb despite the distractions of the windy conditions;
2 Gardner’s Dvojica Black Again at Wrendragge, another well presented b/w girl, younger than 1 but with similar attributes, a bitch of quality who was unsettled today, perhaps a combination of a long day & the high winds;
3 Addy’s Creaganbrec Evie Rose.