Leeds 2015 Judged by Mr K Nathan
LEEDS CH SHOW, 24/07/15


Where is this breed going? So many with short boxy muzzles, round prominent eyes, size is becoming a major issue, have we all forgotten the function of this breed? Tails, they more resembled beagles sterns that an elegant curved sabre.
Fronts in the main are still too forward placed on many exhibits giving an open angle & reducing the ability of the arm to reach, hind angulation follows on giving the rise to the expression “busy legs”. Lack of proper exercise was evident in so many dogs having little muscletone. Although the bitches were numerically stronger I felt that the dogs were better quality & more consistent on the day. Having said all of this I was very pleased with my winners.

MPD (3,1a)

1 Whiting’s Cragvallie Chance On Me, 8 months black up to size, handsome head with a beautiful eye & well placed ears, well-made throughout & has correct neck & topline, he is exciting on the move being both sound & fluid. BP;
2 Pawson’s Cragvallie Vinny’s Chance
, black, very immature & didn’t settle at all today, needs to develop in rib, but has a good topline & is well marked.
PD (3)

1 Stocks’ Nospar’s Shaded Lanson, liver, 11 months, good for size & well balanced in body, bit short in muzzle, moderate angles, sound body, good tail length & sound & stylish;
2 C Vinny’s Chance.


1 Alexander’s Offordale Picasso, well marked black, balanced just that little bit longer than high, good length of muzzle, dark eye & well marked well set ears, lengthy neck, good bone & well angled correct front, good feet, & topline reasonably set tail, where he does score is in his movement which is sound with the required reach & drive;
2 Goff-Leggett’s Washakie Shoshone Chief, black with an attractive head, just a little shorter in muzzle than 1, & although well enough built his shoulder angle is more open than I would like. He is well marked with good rib & topline & is sound enough but without any real reach & drive;
3 Richardson’s Mapplewell Dynamite.


1 W Shoshone Chief;
2 Richardson’s Mapplewell Dynamite, liver just 15 months, quite a bit of style, grand eye colour, lengthy muzzle, nice arched neck, needs to develop in rib & body, but well set tail, & correct rear angulation sound & well marked;
3 Wallington’s Rovinjdal Dare To Dream.


1 Smith’s Deipunti Double Trouble, black, correct for size & substance, well balanced, with a great front & forechest, good bone, feet could be tighter, loved his expression, lengthy muzzle, well placed ears, correct in rib & topline, well angulated rear, sound with some reach & drive;
2 Vockings & Smethurst’s Portunes Green Day, liver, overall a good sound dog, with correct front & rear angles, deep rib & strong level back, he is well muscled all through, good dark eye, but for me his head shape lets him down;
3 Brand’s Kalsidoni Carnelian.


1 Kembrey’s Dalmark The Pinot Grigio, love this dog’s conformation, so well angulated front & rear, correct forechest, good round bone & beautiful tight cat feet, his head is well balance between skull & muzzle, well-shaped dark expressive eye & correct ear placement. Scored in rib & topline, well-marked & very sound & stylish moving with plenty of reach & drive;
2 McCarthy’s Domdallino Je Suis Kilndandy, lovely liver, good for size & proportions, attractive head with a well-shaped eye, correctly angulated front with good forechest, bone & feet, level topline. Bit proud of his tail today, but sound & stylish on the move;
3 Williams’ Dalesbred Wish Granted.


1 Dunnachie’s Ch Dvojica Vendetta, black, balanced & strong, beautifully angulated front & rear, correct size, super round bone & the best tight well arched cat feet. Good head shape, lovely eye & expression, correct lengthy rib, well placed & carried tail, well bodied & muscled all through, & well marked. He is so sound with plenty of reach & drive, was a delight to watch, I so wish there were more Dalmatians who moved like this dog, so if you want to see proper Dalmatian movement you know where to look. CC & BOB;
2 Whincup’s Ch Tamilanda Panther Lilly
, black, lovely size & all quality, correctly balanced with a reachy neck & level topline, well angulated rear with a well set tail. Really lovely head, eye & ear. In hard condition, good lengthy rib & strong short loin. Sound when he settled. RCC;
3 Baker’s Dalleaf Devils Disciple.


1 Whincup’s Rapanooey Miss Continental by Tamilanda, 7 months black with a very lovely head, good proportions of skull & muzzle, super forechest, good lengthy rib, level topline, good angles front & rear, good round bone & neat tight cat feet. Very sound, most promising puppy;
2 Kembrey’s Dalmark Fliss - Oo La La, liver, just 6 months, in age she could be really lovely, but lack confidence presently, well made all through, good deep & lengthy rib, well off for bone & neat cat feet, very pretty head with lovely eye. Sound when she settled;
3 Hobbs & Whiting’s Rapanooey Shimmerglisten.


1 Whiting’s Cragvallie Star Chance, black, just 9 months, very pretty in head, with a well-shaped eye, right for size, round bone lovely tight cat feet, grand front with correct angulation & correct length of upper arm, proper forechest, level topline, really liked her but she needs time.

JB (6,1)

1 Alexander’s Offordale Larissa, black, beautifully balanced, height to length proportions, OK for size, good reachy neck, level topline & good tail carriage. Very feminine in head, lovely dark well shaped eye. Well angulated front with forechest, tight neat feet, she is so sound & stylish, quite the little beauty. Pushed hard in the challenge, but she is still immature yet;
2 David & Saunders’ Dalticino Interlagos from Dallydyl, liver, just right for size & balance, attractive in head if a bit wide in skull, she is well made with a depth & spring of rib, strong level topline, well-muscled all through, sound on the move;
3 Holburn’s Dallyador The Spellbinder at Glenlion.


1 Munro’s Kalsidoni Celtic Star by Tanstar, black, good for size & balance, she has the most lovely head, balanced between skull & muzzle, super dark well shaped eye & such a sweet expression, good front & rear angulation, sound body all through & she really scores on the move, so light & fluid, not lacking in reach & drive, lovely bitch;
2 Neath-Duggan’s Buffrey Hey Diddle Diddle, again a balanced & correct bitch, right for size & substance, reachy neck, level back, strong loin, & correct tail, her head is balanced & feminine with good dark eye, very sound all through & with her good construction she can move, another lovely bitch;
3 D Interlagos from D.


1 Dawson’s Washakie Endless Summer, black, correct for size, correct for proportions, scored in neck & topline, correct tail & grand rear angulation. Deep lengthy rib with forechest, well off for bone & neat feet, very precise on the move. Quality bitch;
2 Newton & Newton O’Brien’s Cubalibre Polkadot, liver, well up for size, & soundly built, with an attractive head, good rib & forechest, correct tail, pretty well shaped head, on the move she has plenty of reach & drive, however she is just a touch wide in front;
3 Connolly’s Tamilanda Summer Pink at Connomoor.


1 Quayle’s Cubalibre Follow On, black, perfect for size, correct in rib & topline, grand tail carriage, very typical in head, balanced, with well-shaped dark eye & sweet expression, well-made front, forechest, bone & feet. Very sound on the move, fluid & light however would have liked more animation, nevertheless a very lovely quality bitch. RCC;
2 Petersen’s Daedalus Cliff Angel
, this bitch has the most beautiful head, & eye & expression, grand body, good bone & tight neat cat feet, so well balanced all through, excelled on the move & really pushed 1 hard in this class, 2 bitches I imagine will change places often;
3rd Dunnachie’s Dvojica Volition.


1 Emmett & Simons’ Ch Dalliviro Reba Mac at Ellemstra, evenly marked black, what a picture she is, never puts a foot wrong, always so animated & happy, her temperament is so outgoing, lengthy neck into correct shoulder, strong level back, short loin, correctly placed & carried tail, good bone & well arched cat feet, lovely dark well shaped eye & beautiful well placed ears. She is so sound, light & fluid, plenty of reach & drive here, a really lovely quality bitch. CC;
2 Gardner’s Dvojica Black Again at Wrendragge
, very pretty & typical black, so well made all through, good bone & feet, correct in rib & topline, very sound & stylish, with a lovely head & eye shape;
3 Pickup’s Roadcoach Reine Des Roses.


1 Smallwood’s Ch Mapplewell Dancing Queen of Lascelles, quite outstanding in her movement, could see many of the younger ones off, very pretty & typical in head, grand body all through, deep rib, strong topline, she has no idea that she is a veteran, quite a beauty;
2 Pearson’s Ir Ch Chandhally Chantilly Cream from Cannabee, grand size with a really balanced head, dark eye, well-made overall & very stylish on the move;
3 Barrett’s Marricdale The Gold Digger of Dalamanti.